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Katherine Heigl is So Sari

Katherine Heigl is So Sari

Katherine Heigl dons a brightly-colored South Asian bridesmaid outfit, in this case a sari, on Tuesday in New York City for the upcoming film 27 Dresses.

27 Dresses tells the story of a young woman (Heigl) who, after serving as a bridesmaid 27 times, wrestles with the idea of standing by her sister’s side as her sibling marries the man she’s secretly in love with. The film co-stars James Marsden and Edward Burns and is set for a January 11, 2008 release.

10+ pictures inside of Heigl looking so sari

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katherine heigl sari 01
katherine heigl sari 02
katherine heigl sari 03
katherine heigl sari 04
katherine heigl sari 05
katherine heigl sari 06
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katherine heigl sari 10
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Photos: Steve Sands/Bauer-Griffin
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  • a

    seeing as how i’m indian and we wear saris, she’s looking pretty good! can’t wait to see the movie, the behind the scenes shots you’re posting look great. and love kat.

  • [~Famous~]

    ugly arrogant biish. she needs to learn how to act.

  • Anonymous

    I’m really getting tired of seeing her, even though I love her character on Grey’s Anatomy.

  • Anonymous

    2 [~Famous~] : 07/11/2007 at 7:12 pm
    ugly arrogant biish. she needs to learn how to act.
    How exactly is she arrogant? She was outspoken when she defended T.R. Knight, her best friend. She was just saying that what Washington said was wrong. What’s so arrogant about that? Why is it that confident and outspoken women are always called bitches?

  • Sarah

    Don’t worry #4, every article *must* have a pointless negative comment about someone.

  • Anonymous

    5 Sarah : 07/11/2007 at 7:22 pm
    Don’t worry #4, every article *must* have a pointless negative comment about someone.
    I guess its therapy for people to make fun of accomplished people to make themselves feel better.

  • Mrs. Fugly

    This at least looks better on her then, that dreaful bridesmaid gown!

  • Olivia

    I don’t know what to make of Katherine. I know she’s popular and all that, but at times it really seemed like she was milking the whole Washington thing for her own benefit. T.R. made a few public statements, but Katherine would not stop talking about it.

  • [marie]

    She’s sorry alright…

  • Bliss

    She looks cute!

  • Timbo

    She is considered arrogant because she cried about her contract when she should be thanking abc for giving her a job. She was nowhere b4 Grey’s. Plus people got tired of her yapping about TR. He is her friend but STFU! Let him talk. If he does not want to you STFU. In no way did she help anyone by ranting.

  • Ava

    what did she say to defend t.r.? i never heard her rant about it….. so can someone fill me in? what exactly did she say?

  • Mel

    Katherine wasn’t milking anything from Washington. Washington has been the one milking it for the past month and half lmao. All Katherine has said is that she doesn’t regret standing up for friend, pre-dismissial forgave Isaiah, and said that Isaiah even thanked her. Those are the three things she has said. She doesn’t close herself off with “no comment” like some actors. She’s very candid and honest. She says it how it is.

    Contracts are about principles. What she is asking I would be asking as well. The only difference was it got in the public fodder which is something she never wanted. It’s called re-negotations. Look it up. Furthermore, all actors are arrogant and into themselves. It’s not that hard to understand.

  • Rae

    She looks really pretty in these.

  • Angelina

    hhmmm….the character which katherine plays is not meant to be that attractive right? because she hasn’t been looking very attractive in any of those 27 dresses outfits. anyhow, i still love this girl but pleassee tell me she’s not meant to look nice in the movie.

  • Mel

    Angelina you are right :). The character is not suppose to be that attractive in the movie. See Katherine’s character’s sister is the the supermodel-type person in the film. So all the clothes, hairstyles, and etc. match perfectly with her character. She not meant to look too nice in the film.

  • black

    She couldn´t act her way out of MC’Donalds even if her life depended on it.

  • Nika

    Good Lord! They couldn’t get somebody who knows how to properly tie a sari? It’s supposed to cover your feet completely, not skim the ankles; the pallu (drape) goes over the left shoulder (tied saris with right-shouldered drapes look different than left-shouldered ones); and the way it’s been tied is wrong — it’s not supposed to cinch around the knees. Aargh! I hate it when they get so much wrong. There are only a few million Indians who know how to properly wear a sari, and the costume designers couldn’t consult even one of them?!

  • Natasha

    Yeah, she’s got the sari on backwards. That’s pretty unfortunate. If culture is going to be appropriated, at least get it right. Almost any Indian female over the age of 18 could have done a better job dressing her. Too bad for the movie.

  • Len

    There’s something about her that I just don’t like. She seems like one of those people who’ll go around calling people communist or something. She just gives off a bad vibe.

  • sam

    must of you trolls need to get a life , she is the best actrest and is the best in that doctor show too so for real must of yall really are fucked in the hear but it does npt matter cause katie seems like a cool person and is not fake like paris she is a ugly bitch who needs to eat more. katie is by far more pretty too.

  • Al

    Wow. Sad that you can’t find any post about Katherine without people ranting about the whole T.R./Isaiah debacle… Hmm, but it’s Katherine who’s milking it and keeping it going on and on, huh? Riiight.

    She made a comment, which people asked her about endlessly yet Isaiah flaps his trap, constantly changing the story, to anyone who’ll listen and it’s Katherine who needs to shut up? People are so funked up.

    And regardless of what you think of her personally [though disliking someone for speaking her mind to defend a friend instead of playing the PR game and keeping quiet makes you kind of a moron], bitch can ACT! You’re really just grasping at straws by saying she can’t.

  • Wasoda

    Her Sari pictures had turned into IW issue? Off topic I say so who was it that wouldn’t let the issue go? who keep bring this up if not you people and the press. At least KH didn’t volunteer but was asked to give comment, reporters/journalist kept asking her for her comment even when she was promoting her blockbuster summer movie Knocked-Up so she was entitle to open her mouth. I’m really puzzled with all those negative remarks thrown at Katherine were these people really that misinformed or intentionally seek to make Katherine look as the evil person so that the person they favour and idolised would come-off as God-like then they’re delusional. About her acting, for the record, from last year Emmy, many critics said she was snubbed or robbed from nomination then came her nomination at the Golden Globe award in Best Supporting Actress category. Her talent as an actress has been knowledge hence the nominations, this happen even before the IW’s drama that happen right after GG. IW put himself in a hot soup in the pressroom when he voluntarily make comment when question was directed at Shonda. If he would just let Shonda aswer the question then all this could have been avoided. Blaming anyone else when he only have himself to blame was like beating a dead horse. I repect Katherine and admire her more, she is a strong woman and a good friend who still persevere even with all the crap people make up about her or the nasties words they throw at her (& her mother!!)she still hang in there, go Katherine Heigl. She being acknowledged AGAIN for her work as best supporting actess is really good enough and if she won that would just be a cherry on a cake.

  • Aspi

    Yikes, her saree looks a tad too high because of those heels and she needs to wear a petticoat. Not that I’ve ever worn a sari, but I’ve participated in several coming off so I do know what I’m talking about.

  • TK

    she looks awkward in a sari

  • :)


  • annu

    whoever dressed her up did a bad job,the sari looks ridiculous