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Welcome the Beckhams to America!

Welcome the Beckhams to America!

David and a semi-smiling Victoria Beckham arrive at LAX airport on Thursday night, garnering an estimated 300 members of the media and adoring fans.

LAX security escorted the pair (what happened to the kids?) to their car, where they were driven to their multi-million-dollar mansion in Beverly Hills.

Welcome to America, Posh & Becks!

David will be formally introduced to The LA Galaxy soccer team on Friday at the Home Depot Center in Carson. He’s expected to play his first game on the on July 21st against London club Chelsea.

According to the LA Times, if Becks can help to sell 200,000 Galaxy jerseys at $80 a pop, that would represent $16 million at retail and give business partner Adidas a powerful edge in its battle with Nike.

Coming soon to a web browser near you…!

10+ pictures inside of the Beckhams arriving at LAX…

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david victoria beckham lax airport 01
david victoria beckham lax airport 02
david victoria beckham lax airport 03
david victoria beckham lax airport 04
david victoria beckham lax airport 05
david victoria beckham lax airport 06
david victoria beckham lax airport 07
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  • Yily

    YaY! They’re here! Welcome to America, Beckhams!

  • Beth

    Welcome to the Become family! Its great to have them here- I love both og them! They look fabulous!

  • Beth

    Beckham!** lol oops

  • Babysis

    Welcome posh and David!

  • Fresh Raggedy Anne

    Good luck America!


  • LoL

    It looks like she’s trying to smile.

    he’s gorgeous .

  • Krung Krung

    the bakedhams, yummy y’all…

  • Lala

    The grin on David Beckhams’ face says it all — fame is the only thing he and his partner seem to live for, and without it, life be would be utter hell. It’s such a pity that they have a large following to feed their larger-than-life egos.

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    WHY why why why why why is he with her ??? He is GORGEOUS!

  • Celeb_Star

    The Beckhams rock!!!

  • cara

    God she is a fugly anorexic sour faced hag. And he is so freaking full of himself. What publicity whores! And then she bitches that the press follows her.

    NO ONE cares but the press. NBC had to reduce her stupid reality show about moving to a special.

    She is a has been ex freaking spice girl! She holds onto somc conceited jerk who cheated on her and pops out babies! What a woman to look up to!

    And to make it worse they are friends with the other most annoying asshole couple – Tom and Katie!

    Blech – go back to London!

  • lala

    The grin on David Beckhams’ face says it all — fame is the only thing he and his partner seem to live for, and without it, life be would be utter hell. I cannot believe people worship these two self-absorbed, disgustingly materialistic nobodies, whose only contribution to the world is kicking a ball and singing backup in a girl-band.

  • MIMI

    Beckhams rocks ,Victoria sucks.

  • lala

    Ugh! Sorry about the double post. I decided to add some more thing in the second one.

  • Yily

    America love the Beckhams!

  • terry

    What next???

  • luv becks

    D&V did not want to expose the boys to the chaos of their arrival. i’m sure they’re security team escorted the boys home. very thoughtful

  • Amber

    beckhams is looking much better with buzz cut.

  • vicky

    welcome welcome welcome !! I love youuuuu !

  • Stella

    Posh is smiling…sort of. They look really good for such a long flight. I can’t wait to see Beckham play.

  • natalie

    Why are Posh & Becks making such a big deal of it? You’d think they were Jesus and Oprah the way they are carrying on. Hahaha. I don’t think they will ever “hit it big” here the way they did the UK but I’ve been wrong before, so we’ll see.

    Davids jacket is nice, and I like Victoria’s heels. Her dress would be cute but she is too tiny. The girl needs some curves so clothes will look sexy on her.

  • Krung Krung

    push i mean posh will have a reality show on bnc? not gonna watch it, not worth my time y’all, nah ah…

  • Lou

    Here come the celebrity obsessed couple. Their desperation is for all to see.

    God help us all.

  • Lulu

    #8, he just arrived in a new country to play for another team, starting a new life with his family, he’s welcomed at the airport by hundreds of photographers and hundreds of fan, do you want him to cry?

  • Dieter

    she has a nice pooper!!! Wonderful !!!!

  • cara

    Lulu I get he’s a great player but these two are here to be celebrities, they crave it and then she walks around all sour acting like the press is bothering her boring life, that had to be cut down to a special froma reality show.

    Is it necessary to take sexual pics for a cover of a magazine when you are a soccer player? Or to do some ridiculous reality show if you are the wife?

    they are gagworthy and NO ONE CARES but the press.

    I guess Tommy the nut and Katie the zombie are giving them lessons on how to be irritating and put your personal life all over and then whine that you have no privacy.

    he is not going to make soccer a national hot game. Pele who didn’t go around acting like this didn’t do it.

    He and his anorexic fugly wife need to go back to Europe so he can chase and do more nannies and she can be around a public who cares about her sad washed up self, and his conceited bixsexual self.

  • vegala

    wow talk about publicity hungry. Taking pics of yourself doing sexual positions for a magazine shows how much they want privacy! God get over yourselves! David is a pretty boy who cheats on his fugly wife. She is a stupid looking boney woman with no personality and does nothing but live for the spotlight and stay with her full of himself hubby.

    Oh that’s right, the press is bothering them! That is why she did a sad reality show that NBC could not even get anyone to care about! lol

  • Fashion Critic

    The kids were escorted out earlier and driven to their home under police guard to avoid the media madness.

  • a jolie-pitt fan

    Yay!!! The Beckhams!!!

  • Julz

    cant wait for fresh paparazzi pix everyday!


  • Lulu

    And by the way Jared more than 250 000 of beckham’s Galaxy jersey, were already bought even before the launch the new kit on wednesday ;)

  • Lulu

    Beckham sells 250,000 Galaxy shirts before he gets to LA

    MIAMI (Reuters) – David Beckham’s move to L.A Galaxy has already set the cash tills ringing at the Major League Soccer club with a quarter of a million replica team shirts ordered before they were even unveiled.

    Beckham is due to arrive in Los Angeles later on Thursday and will be officially presented by the Galaxy on Friday.

    “We’re already well over a quarter of a million units that were ordered … without knowledge of what they were going to look like,” Galaxy president Alexi Lalas told the club’s website (

    “We will look to do significant numbers and historic numbers not just with an MLS context but with an international jersey context,” he added.

    Galaxy have changed from a yellow and green outfit to an all-white home kit very similar to the one Beckham wore with Spanish club Real Madrid.

    During his first six months in Madrid the club sold more than one million Beckham shirts.

    After he left Spain on a high midway through last month with Real celebrating its first Primera Liga title success for four years, the club’s director of marketing Jose Angel Sanchez said Beckham had been worth in excess of $600 million in marketing revenue.

    As well as the shirt-buying frenzy, Beckham has appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated, a rare honor for a soccer player.

    He is due to make his debut for L.A in a friendly against Chelsea on July 21.

  • Lucy

    8 Lala : 07/13/2007 at 2:20 am
    The grin on David Beckhams’ face says it all — fame is the only thing he and his partner seem to live for, and without it, life be would be utter hell. It’s such a pity that they have a large following to feed their larger-than-life egos.
    What do you expect him to be all grumpy and not smile and then the media will say ‘oh no looks like Posh has turned Becks into a clone of herself by not smiling at all’ really you shouldn’t jump to conclusions which are as idiotic as yours

  • yara

    the boy cant just smile and his obsessed with fame!!? people are just there for theme is a good way to be nice. People judge them all the time if they smile, if they spent money, leave them alone. Posh and Becks rocks

  • elle

    they both look great.
    Im just worndering she wore make up during flight.

  • nina

    LALA, David Beckham is an examplary athlete both on and off pitch. Bet you haven’t seen any of his game, have you?? He has a great career in soccer and still give his best. He served his country and his former club amazingly. Apparently, He had brought soccer into a new athmospher. Search for more Lala then come back and tell that he has done many things except of kicking a ball..

  • Jill

    Look at all those people. It’s kind of sad……when you think it’s all those people that build up one’s ego and then when you make a mistake it’s all those people that turn on you. It’s crazy. Hope all goes well for the Beckhams

  • [~Famous~]


    Now we got TICKS and the Beckhams, everyone else can just stay in a 3rd world country.

  • anlee

    What a waste of money for LA. No way will soccer be a big deal in this country and no one is going to care about Tom and Katie’s buddy that much. The media is more excited about this than anyone. They are gross publicity hounds like Tom and Katie.

  • lilflowa

    Love the beckhams!! ppl will always hate so screw u! hahaha i cant believe ppl r dissing him for smiling YOU HATERS R PATHETIC! u couldnt find n e thing else to say…so its like “oh look he’s smilin! What a hore” get over urselves ppl! they are here to stay so EMBRACE IT N RUB IT UR FACES COS DEY ENT GOING NO WHERE BITCHES!!! hahahahhahahahhahaha

  • Paupau

    why everybody treats them like the biggest sh*t??? leave it to Americans… he is hot, ok… must be good in sports… what about her? and one thing… DO THEY F*CKING EVER SMILE????

  • Mmmmm

    Why is she wearing glasses at night?

  • h

    david looks REALLY handsome in these. i love posh’s dress… anyway welcome beckhams! i’m looking forward to victoria’s show on monday.

  • sexybeasts

    Welcome Beckhams..#24 LOL, seriously its the same person (aka hater) posting over and over.

  • Randy

    the most famous couple in the world now. They really know who to play it don’t they.

  • sexybeasts


  • Mrs. Fugly

    Ready or not here they come! They will bring some hotness to America. They, will be also be the most wealthy power couple in the USA too.
    Dieter, you are so funny about poopers! Glad U-like ‘em! That is the one’s with the small poopers! lol!

  • Sinéad

    Victoria looks really pretty here. She should smile more often!

  • Rachael

    Tom’s happy now. He’ll have his ass availalbe all the time now that Beck has moved into the block. Katie and Vic doesn’t have to use that strap on anymore.

  • Hulla

    I love his style.