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Rachel McAdams: The Time Traveler's Wife

Rachel McAdams: The Time Traveler's Wife

Rachel McAdams shows how environmentally conscious she can be, bicycling to and from a meeting at Avenue Bar at The Four Seasons hotel in Toronto, Canada on Wednesday. A ring was spotted on her left hand but it definitely doesn’t look like an engagement ring!

The Ontario-bred star is in town prepping for her next film, The Time Traveler’s Wife. She will play the role of Clare Abshire, the wife of Henry DeTamble (Eric Bana).

Is Rachel still dating Ryan Gosling? We hope so but Ryan’s recently been in Tel Aviv recording music with his music buddy, Rachel‘s sister’s boyfriend Zach. A few songs from the band (Dean Man’s Bones) will be heard in Lars and the Real Girl, a new movie Ryan signed up for.

It was also reported earlier this year that Rachel is 28 according to her mom and not 30 as IMDB reports.

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  • Sarah

    Why doesn’t that stupid IMDb change her DOB. They think they know Rachel more than her own mother. Stupid idiots.


    She has definitely gained alot of weight on her posterior….if I were her I sure as hell wouldn’t be riding and flaunting that big ass in town…girl go to the gym.

  • Mmmmm

    I think she is beautiful and has perfect and lovely lips. That bike is really old, I cannot believe she does even have a new mountain bike, that is a good ole fashion 10 speed. Good for her ..

  • MovieLover85

    WONDERFUL actress!!

    Can’t wait for The Time Travellers Wife, she is perfect for the role of Claire.

    Honestly we need more people like Rachel who actually know how to act to do movies instead of the usual garbage you see in cinemas.

  • santeezy

    OMG!! the time travelers wife! i love the book, i can’t wait to see it adapted.

  • Bliss

    YAY, Rachel news!! I was wondering what she was up to. She’s too cute for words.

  • angelah

    Cool, I cant wait for the movie.

  • Camilla

    Brad Pitt’s Plan B is producing this picture too. Dude’s on a roll!!!

  • you has the nude Heidi Klum pics. HOT!

  • Mary

    She’s short and ugly. She can act?

  • Ronnie

    Hot Chick,Red Eye,Notebook,Mean Girls were garbage!!!!!!!!

  • Ivens

    She never had a hot body since she is flat chested. Rachel is not looking good these days. She looked awful with that punk look of hers.

  • Fila

    I moved on to other talented real beautiful actresses.

  • http://! Let them just be

    Big butt~Ha! Rachel looks SO unhappy

  • Dirty Cougar

    Whoo Hoo! Look at that huge ass! OMG! I cannot believe that is the same pretty skinny itty bitty thing that, was in the Notebook?! She’s gained wieght big time. I feel for her! It’s gotta be tough. It’s weird. All of the weight went to the ass. I mean the camera does add 10 pounds but, not 40-50 pounds! She’s still pretty in the face. Wake up girl! Lose the weight and you won’t look and be sad no more! I hope she can take it off. Hollywood is not kind to chunks especially, when you were skinny before.

  • emma

    Those jeans are unflattering because she’s still skinny! She’s not pin thin, but still quite skinny. I live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada by the way and I saw her. These pictures do her no justice! Rachel is petite.

  • DeniseL

    She is not fat at all! I’ve seen her in Toronto because she comes into the restaurant I work at for breakfast sometimes. She is tiny, not rail thin, but built very little. She does have a little “bubble booty” as one of my coworkers pointed out one time though but he seemed to like that lol!!

  • cobb

    Why is Bana paired up with ugly boring actresses like Drew Barrymore,Portman,Scarlett and now this McAdams.

  • Cynthia

    She’s quite overrated, she made 30 this year according to imdb. I believe imdb, why is she lying about her age, what’s wrong with being 30?

  • Colbert ROCKS!

    I like her

  • Dieter

    Hot bun´s !!

  • Rita

    she looks old and now glowing.

  • Rita

    I mean she’s got NO GLOW.

  • Larry


    0 talent

  • kevin

    how dumb are some of you people! she looks unhappy because she’s pissed off that she’s being followed by paparazzi. most of you are probably just jealous old fat hags. it probably pains you to see someone that normal, yet so gorgeous and talented.

  • JJaddict

    I think she’s beautiful and a really good actress, one of my faves actually. I saw her for the first time in Mean Girls and to me, she was the star of the show. I would really have liked for her to be Lois Lane in Superman Returns (my second choice would be Anne Hathaway) but it was a most unfortunate casting choice to have given that role to Kate Bosworth.

    Love Rachel’s smile and the way she speaks, charming lady. Hope to see a lot more of her in future movies to come.

  • DJ

    She’s ugly these days.

  • grace

    The Time Travellers Wife:i can´t wait for the movie!I loved the book!
    the bike is cool!

  • Angelina

    she looks nice, i like her. i think she’ll become like nicole kidman or cate blanchett when she grows up.

  • jq

    She ‘s good and one of the young actress with great potential. she can do drama and comedy. Among the twenty something actress in HW right now. I think She and Nathalie Portman were the best. other’s such as the three Jessica’s, Scarlet ? blah.

  • Yoyo

    pls.dont compare her to Cate Blanchett. She can be like Kidman the Botox Queen esp she is so adamant being known as a 30 year old.

  • the flow

    You guys who find her ugly are as gay as Boy George. Get a life you repressed faggots. Rachel is gorgeous.

  • none

    Those are bad angles. I saw other pictures from the same time and she is very pretty and not fat. I wonder what some of you jerks look like?

  • Rae

    I think she’s a very pretty woman and very talented. Is having a Hollywood ‘perfect’ skin and bones body really more important than actually having talent now? God forbid she actually be able to fill out her jeans rather than have them hang off of her.

  • elisa

    heard Audrey Niffenegger (author of Time Traveller’s Wife) speak in Santa Monica, and she said that so far the script is…not so hot. Nothing against Rachel or Eric, but the script could use some rewrites. Hopefully it turns out well!

  • Missblue

    Big ass? I’d love to have an ass like that. I bet the posters who are putting her down couldn’t fit a leg into the ass of her “fat” jeans!

  • beth

    Rachel is talented & pretty.Great to see pics of her.

  • Becka

    How can you guys be so mean, She is beautiful and an amazing actress and she is “normal” which is so rare in celebrities these days she is a fine actress one of my faourites!
    No wonder celebrities end up the way they do, with people like some of you guys who are that jealous they have to say awful things!

  • http://deleted Becka

    Oh and how can you say she is “fat” she is tiny she has an amazing figure I wish I had a figure like hers I mean I am not much bigger but she is amazingly “naturally” gorgeous!

  • The swedish girl

    How on earht can anyone say that this girl is fat???? Well, that´s really, really sad. And sick!!!! I am sure that she still would be, compared to any “normal girl”, very petite and it´s nothing wrong with female forms.

    She is a very beautiful girl with or without some “extra” pounds.

  • http://deleted Becka

    She had to gain weight for here role in the lucky ones, she isnt ugly she is beautiful, i understand people may not find her attractive or not there type, like in anyone. but you cant say she is ugly

  • amelia

    Firstly, she doesn’t look like she’s gained weight at all, this is an unflattering angle – she is tiny. Secondly, who cares if she did? Seriously, why do you people give a shit? Third, why would IMDB know her birth date better than her mom? You’d think she’d remember the day she pushed Rachel out of her UTERUS. Rachel is a great actress and does justice to all the characters she portrays, and that’s all that really matters. Let the poor girl ride her damn bike in peace.

  • claire

    @Sarah: why what is her real DOB