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Katie Middleton Refuses to Row

Katie Middleton Refuses to Row

Kate Middleton enjoys a night with her friends on Thursday night at a restaurant in West London, and then head off to Boujis partying up until the early hours.

Kate recently pulled out of a charity fund raising race to France because of “safety” concerns. She was supposed to be part of the all-female crew of the Sisterhood, which will race against the Brotherhood, crewed by men. The Sisterhood will be using a traditional Chinese dragon boat to row across the 21-mile English Channel.

A spokeswoman for the women’s team, Sisterhood, said: “Kate Middleton has withdrawn from the race due to security issues surrounding the recent media circus.”

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Credit: Just Jesse (Guest Blogger); Photos: Bauer-Griffin
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  • sss

    first i think

  • Francophile

    She looks nice

  • Kira

    Kate Middleton….

    A classy lady for Diana’s first born, William!!

  • N

    she’s not wearing the boots.



  • 2985

    Kate has nice legs, I just noticed. :) Nicely shaped.

  • Lillianne

    There’s a much bigger story about this race. Kate was actually the the helmsman at the tiller of the dragon boat. This famous race has never been won by women and this year they had a good chance of winning (I hope they still do.) When they asked Kate to join it gave the race worldwide recognition. It seems unfair that just because of her association with the prince she is unable to go about her life normally and participate in an historical race.

  • Gina Barnes

    KATE SEEMS A LITTLE FAT?? Are you KIDDING ME??? And we wonder why Celebrities have eating disorders….

  • Walter

    WOW! She’s stunning! Thanks JJ

  • kallie

    are they wearing the same shoes in pic #9? looks like it…

  • gross

    Kate looks as if she has done a little trimming on those unibrows of hers., but still as fug as ever,, and i mean fug. If I hate to guess I’d think she was 35-40. And not a hot 40 year old. RUN fast Will OLD LADY KATE is still stalking you!

  • Dirty Cougar

    WTF?!! Kate FAT? No way!! She’s gorgeous. Yep. No wonder girls get eating disorders from, stupid comments like from #5 above. I think that anyone who calls her FAT is, probably that FAT one and is jealous because, they couldn’t get one arm into Kate’s dress. Nuff said!

    BTW~Adrobale dress. Kate has fabulous long legs!

  • Lillianne

    I’m betting gross is some homely troll who sits in the bedroom with food crumbs dribbling down while spending all it’s life on the internet. Kate broke up with Will because she didn’t want all the grief of being a royal and now she’s losing out on the chance to break a record and make history all because she knows him.


    her face looks so old

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    prettiest english girl i have ever seen.

    may diana rest in peace but kate is more beautiful than diana and she would make a perfect bride for wills.

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    actually, not prettiest english girl: julie christie is probably prettiest. and marianne faithful. and thandie newton. kate is up there though. oh and sade is stunning.

  • [~Famous~]

    It’s not safe for her to row a boat, but its safe for her to hang out with her friends at restaurants and play model for the cameras? LOL

  • Varya

    Oh Poor Kate Middleton she couldn’t do the CHARITY race because of Paparazzi attention but she can go CLUBBING at one of the most paparazzi-infested clubs in london. Hypocrite!

    Also if you look at her body proportionate wise her torso is longer in relation to her legs. And the reason her legs look so long here is because she is wearing such a short dress.

    And if you look at the facts Kate was only “rowing” for a span of about two weeks… all for publicity. It is pretty obvious by her actions that she never intended to actually go through with the race. Otherwise why was she immediately so media hungry and made up for a photoshoot for Hello Magazine and then as soon as that was over and some negative publicity came out she quite?


  • pam

    She has on old lady face. you kow that she won’t be aging well.

  • Sandbitch

    Cancelling public events???


  • Teresa

    Kate seems desperate for media coverage, as the Queen has supposedly already noticed (and disapproved of). Does she really have to go the clubs where the paparazzi hang out? Aren’t there other clubs in London she could visit with her friends?

    Same as with the dragon boat race – Kate would have known quite well that this event HAD to get publicity, otherwise how could they have raised money for the charities? As all the newspapers have pointed out, Kate’s appearance in full make-up and flowing hair contrasted sharply from her team-mates and made it look like publicity for HER was her aim. It’s interesting that she pulled out when negative comments about her ‘posing and preening’ turned up in the papers after the earlier, more positive comments. If Kate wanted to get involved in real charity work there are plenty of charities out there who would welcome real sustained help, but she would have to be prepared to give up her search for constant media attention.

    IMO Kate is nowhere near as beautiful as Diana was, and I say that as someone who was not a Diana fan. But Diana had that something extra, that charisma that came through even in photos or on tv. Kate doesn’t seem to have anything of this charisma and while she is pretty she is no prettier than a lot of other young girls. I have to agree with those who think she looks older than 25, but that may be because she is usually tanned which may not be good for the skin. I wish she would occasionally change her hairstyle as I think long hair worn loose like that only emphasises her long face.

    And no, I’m not some reclusive ugly witch in a garret or whatever someone accused another poster of! I just find Kate’s fame-chasing rather off-putting, especially as she sometimes poses for the paparazzi but at other times reports them to the PCC.

  • michele-south africa

    True, she has a sour mouth, and will be a force to be reckoned with. ‘Read’ her face Wills. You need a strong women, but not an ‘old’ woman. Chelsy is just perfect for Harry, now be patient, and wait for your perfect lady to come along, but Kate is NOT it.
    She is a grumpy gertie, its written all over her. Too intense. No No No.
    Perhaps someone like Ivanka Trump would be more suited.

  • Ace Tomato

    Safety issues with security doesn’t mean they think she will be unsafe rowing the boat, FYI.

    Sure, she knows cameras will follow her. Hello, they DO. She doensn’t pay them. Why not look nice?

    I wouldn’t rush in to assign a sinister motive to her joining this event. She doesn’t need to join this to get attention. More likely, she thought her media attention would help the event.

    Sounds like it got out of hand with a media circus, and they all decided it would help more if she backed out again. Now that is the real shame. She looks like she would enjoy the event, and her teammates all seem to like her.

  • sherry

    I love her, I think she’s classy and cool. I was so happy to hear that they were back together again because Kate and William are so cute together.

    The fact that people are calling her FAT of all things makes me worry about the world my daughters are being brought up in. And then people wonder why so many girls develop eating disorders and why it’s happening at younger ages every year.

  • C

    I used to like Kate while they were dating but now I don’t really. Shes kind of dissapointed me with how she acted after the break up.

    And I don’t really understand how too much media can be bad for a charity event. Charity is supposed to raise awareness or money about issues which the media is doing. So I don’t understand why it would be a bad thing and why they wouldn’t rather just increase security to handle it.

    I also don’t think she would be a very good future queen. She doesn’t do anything that I know of other than go to nightclubs and on vacation. She seems like a spoiled little rich girl who doesn’t like to get her hands dirty. Case and point, her lack luster choice of “charity”. Sit in a boat for a couple of hours rowing. How hard is that? Lots of people do that for fun! Wheres the orphans, homeless and the sick?

    I just don’t think she can bring anything to the royal family other than beauty and I wish the world would stray away from thinking thats the only thing that important.



  • mummy

    Uglyiest English old woman I’ve seen in a while..If she ages anymore she’d look mummified. Kate’s @ss is fuggy. This many wrinkles at this age.

  • angelina_mmm

    pwetty grl

  • boho

    Kate has mastered PR if people can’t see through the veneer.

    This is a VERY manipulative and ambitious women, who waits for William and has been acting as his booty call for the past few months.

    I hope she fades into the background soon she is so OVER

  • Varya

    As far as her not inviting the publicity well what the heck does having an “exclusive” HELLO magazine photoshoot not inviting the tabloid press and paparazzi to take pictures?

    Also she is not stupid, she should know by now that places like Boujis is infested with paparazzi so if she wanted to avoid them than she is going to the wrong place.
    But obviously looking at those pictures she LOVES the attention.

  • cmoo

    Leave the girl alone. Where do rich girls hang out? At some lonely pub in an unlit street? Give me a break. Boujis. She looses either way. If she smiles, she enjoys the media attention. If she doesn’t smile, she is arrogant. If she rows, she enjoys the media attention. If she doesn’t row, she is a hypocrit. If she is with William, she is ambitious. If she is not, she is pining.

    I feel for her.

  • Sandbitch

    If she was still with us *sobs* Diana and Kate Middleton could’ve had some fun at Buckingham Palace – imagine the dress ups. Damn!

  • michele-south africa

    This is NOT a match. Mark this down, and heed my words. This is NOT a good match.William needs to find a woman with charisma and a sense of humour. Wills does not have the confidence and the joie d’vivre that his younger brother Harry has. He knows he is the future King, and has to be more ‘disciplined’, but deep down inside he is the product of two quite different people, and from his Father Prince Charles he has inherited that zany sense of humour that needs to be nurtured and accepted. He needs a WARM loving funny WOMAN…all WOMAN.
    One could see by his body language at the Diana Concert recently, that Harry was far more relaxed on stage when they were reading their notes.
    William cannot ‘let loose’ as easily, and he needs a partner to support him. A female clone of Harry would be perfect for him. That’s my silly little opinion for what it is worth.

  • Walter

    The HATE-KATE Club is up again ;-)

    #32 – Agree with you.

  • Bea

    michele-south Africa – I understand and respect your point de vu, but I have to disagree that Kate is not good for William. I think that she is perfect for him. She seems to be one very strong woman with charisma and very high sense of humour, all with class. In fact, I don’t think that William will be at ease with someone like Harry’s girlfriend and how she conducts herself in public.

  • Mike

    She is a whore! She should be standing on a street corner.

  • Jekka

    #32 I agree with you to an extent.

    But I think the arguement would be why is she a rich girl? She only goes to work 4 days a week and she’s only a couple years out of university. So where does this rich girl get all her money? Her parents probably. Maybe it’s different in England but I’m of the North American attitude that each person earns their wealth and now that she’s out on her own she should make her way on her own. And I can tell you that is not a girl making her way on her own which makes me lose alot of respect for her.

    And just because your a “rich girl” doesn’t mean you can’t hang out in the same places as everyone else. I wasn’t aware there were such distinct class separations that when your rich you can only hang out at Boujis. She seems to not mind going to clubs where theres media but she says she hates it other times. Which is it?

    And its not the fact that she was rowing, its the fact that she was posing while she was rowing. Have you seen the pictures of her standing on the back of the boat?? Shes doesn’t look like shes there to row but there to look good. She was definitely modelling.

    Although I do agree with you that she can’t win whether she smiles or not.

  • Girlfriend

    I LOVE Kate…I am sure all of everything has really stressed this girl out!

  • sheila dhimar

    leave her alone
    let wills find out 4 himself if she is good 4 him or not

  • allie

    Anyone who thinks she’s fat isn’t looking or listening. Go look at PEOPLE mag, she’s wearing a bikini and there isn’t an ounce of fat on this beyond-gorgeous lady! I hope more people will go back to brown hair after seeing how gorgeous she is.