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Zanessa @ HMV Oxford Street

Zanessa @ HMV Oxford Street

Sickingly sweet couple Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens work the crowd for a meet-and-greet at London music store HMV Oxford St. on Wednesday.

Zanessa joined High School Musical 2 castmates Monique Coleman, Lucas Grabeel and Olesya Rulin for the CD & DVD signing.

Zac brought back the bangs! Loving Vanessa‘s tunic!! And the rings seem to be in tact!!!

And if you haven’t already, check out Time magazine’s article on “How Zac Efron Became the Cutest Guy Ever.” He’s a good-looking theater geek!

And here’s another tidbit about Vanessa from the Teen Choice Awards: “Vanessa was totally psyched about getting a new pink CHI hair flat iron. She already had the CHI iron in black and blue. And she loved seeing her face on the Mattel Games’ High School Musical edition Uno cards saying: ‘You know you’ve made it big when you’re an Uno card!’ But she was squealed with delight when she overheard her song played on a nearby foot-tapping iDog: ‘That’s me! That’s me!’” BABY V!

20+ pictures inside of Zanessa working the London fans…

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Photos: Jonathan Hordle/Rex USA, Eamonn McCormack/Wireimage/Getty, Steve Wake/Raymond Field/Splash News Online
Posted to: Lucas Grabeel, Monique Coleman, Vanessa Hudgens, Zac Efron

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  • Christine

    i like his hair better this way

  • wis

    first! yey! thx for everythg, Jared.

  • angel

    You’re the best jared!!!!

  • melli

    î love zanessa

  • Sabrina

    Vanessa Hudgens is beautiful !

  • LIndalis

    yay.. they are sooo cute to gether:P… älskar diig zac efron (L)


    Sickeningly sweet young ones, cute.

  • Stacy

    OMG Zacs hair looks so much better then yesterday. Thanks for posting Jared… I was worried that since they are in London we would have to go a while with some new pics. I think Monique looked really great in those pics as well, and of course Vanessa always looks great.





  • Sally

    cuteness!!Zanessa foreverrr!they’re both gorgeous,and i luv dem together and also as individualss. thanx for pix jared

  • zanessa

    zanessa forever they are so cute

  • jenny

    very cute tunic
    where did she get that and she added the leggings
    very chic love her style
    zanessa sooo cute
    love zacs hair now
    thay all looked great

  • Em and Jess


  • bettybaby

    as always jj, thanks for posting. they all look great and happy!

  • jen

    how much make up does this guy wear

  • Michelle

    Wow thanks for posting jj!!! Zac and V are just SOOOOO cute together!!! Love them!!!

  • gigi

    i like the tunic, some what

    but it’s just vanessa FACE that is so…stunning
    defintally a gift from god, plus it’s not bad that she is super HOT!

  • suzy

    too bad i missed them.

  • tzy

    OMG hw can ppl like the tunic it looks like a potato sack it wouldve looked better with a belt!

  • vicky

    omg vanessa looked soo pretty as she always does, in that pic!!
    n zac looked really cute :P buh i think they all looked good!
    you guys all rock!-vicky

  • vancouver

    You know, not everything vanessa wears has to be body hugging! We all know she’s got a tiny frame – she doesn’t have to show it all the time. I think every single one of them looks great. Each has their own style. Good on them.



  • zdaeloverforeva

    omggg. i love this site, they always have updated new and always the best pictures ofcourse of the lovely zachary david alexander efron.

  • Anna

    yes! thank you zac for putting ur hair that way again!

    zanessa= SO CUTE

  • Corinna

    I Love V’s Style its soo uniwue and pretty! And her face is Always stunning! All Toghether she’s gorgeous! Shes always pretty!!!
    And Zac looks hot like always!!
    Love them!

  • Nessa

    yeyyyyyyyyyyyy!! =)))

  • georgia

    OMG i went here today and got there sigs we left the house at 5 in the morning and still wasnt at the fround of the que but still it was worth the 5 1/2 hour wait.

  • Silvia

    Don’t like nessa’s tunic,

  • cb

    i have finally figured it out! zac effron is lindsay lohan in drag. obviously trying to salvage *any* vestige of a career, she cut her hair and tucked the boobs, voila fem-y mediocre manboy starlet!

  • oj

    who cares if vanessa wearing a tunic she beautiful in whatever she wears anyway she can wear a ,,rag top in all i care and still look great by the way zac i looks really happy in those pics with her

  • Yvie

    Haha Jared @ your “sickingly sweet” opening remark. I use a similar variant of that sometimes as well — “Zanessa is so cute together it’s sickening!” My reference to “sickening” translates to “I wish I had that myself”. Zanessa, Lucas, Monique and Olesya all look fabulous. I love the tunic “Baby V” is wearing too. Thanks Jared for keeping us USA fans updated on what’s happening with Zanessa and the rest of the HSM cast over there in London. You’re the best dude! *snaps*

  • zanessa obssesed xx

    zanessa is adorable. it seems like they cant keep awayy. especially when they were right next to each other. with their hands touching… lol
    but i love v and all, just not a fan with her hair…sorry i had to share that

  • Sean

    Hey Jared,
    do you know any more appearances
    the cast will be making in London.

  • duh

    Ah, Zac’s hair’s back and so is his smile. The tweens can feel all is safe and right with the world again.

    And for all you zanessa fans, you needn’t even worry about the rings or them breaking up until after HSM 3.

  • Daniel

    As a Disney Stockholder i wish these two the best. Zac is the first big name guy from generation Y to become a real movie star. Hopefully he’ll get to do some more masculine roles soon but it’s good to know that there is some testaterone is in young hollywood. and while a lot of guys give him smack for being a prettyboy, He’s got Vanessa Hudgens! she’s a babe so he’s doing somthing right.

  • Mikaela

    Love it, but where’s Ashley and Corbin???

  • Livy

    Hey, does anyone know if they are doing another one of these in the next couple of days??


  • marisol

    I love Zanessa

  • kim

    Mikaela corbin’s on tour in america and ashley’s filming a new movie.

    zanessa is adorable!

  • The Straight Poop

    Zac Efron has a very distinctive look – love it or hate it, his look definitely sets him apart from most other males in his bgeneral age group.

    Vanessa Hudgens, on the other hand, is very ordinary looking. I don;t mean to say that she’s ugly – she’s not – but her look is in no way “special”. Walk through any regional shopping mall and you won’t see too many Zacs, but you will encounter dozens and dozens of Vanessas.

    That is all – you may go now.

  • vanessahotttttt

    im french and i LOVE VANESSAAAAAAAAAAAAAA she’s very hot ^^ and son beautiful i love her body and ehr face is so stunning , she’s a very beautiful girl !! zac is hot too , zanessa for ever , in france everybdoy love zanessa too lol ,

  • karine

    im french and i LOVE VANESSAAAAAAAAAAAAAA she’s very hot ^^ and son beautiful i love her body and ehr face is so stunning , she’s a very beautiful girl !! zac is hot too , zanessa for ever , in france everybdoy love zanessa too lol ,

  • lauren

    i dont like ashlee i think that she’s not beautiful cuz she’s blonde and sometimes her hair is very yellow and a big noise ^^

    sorry for the english im spanish i dont speak good english lol

  • annette

    yes i agree with post saying that zak has that distinctive look…he looks more like a very stylish european guy and actually reminds me of those gorgeous Israeli boys when I visited the holy land 2 years ago…his features are very distinct and his profile has that very middle eatern look (if you look at his father he may have descended from that lineage).his last name efron is very jewish so that alone is so telling of ancestry from eastern europe or the holyland…
    zak has a very strong sense of self and does not want to look like any tom, dick and harry around…and he certainly isn’t.. he is a very competitive and smart guy who excelled in high school, attained grades that are ivy league worthy and was actually about to start his freshman year in USC, oneofthe finest elite colleges in California…he actually rose above being an underdog in school as he was the shortest in his class..this kid knows where he’s good at and they way I see him he’s willing to work hard to attain his goals and dreams..I can only hope that he continues to get the support of his family and friends and willbe able to survive all the negativity around him..

  • kat

    thanks jared. love your zanessa post. zac always looks good, he can seriously pass for a model. if he wasn’t an actor i would’ve thought he was a model.

  • Gusu

    Is Vanessa a woman of color? That first picture the make up look too white and cakey and the neck area toned and borwn (that are very healthy looking). Why is she putting on too much make up that makes her face look white and different from the rest of her body?

  • Gusu

    I meant it very nicely. Women of color are normally very very beautiful. But she make-up her face to look white and there is a difference in color with the rest of the body. Just wondering what is the reason.

  • Santa Fay

    I don’t think that Zac is tall enough to be a fashion model. He would need to be about 3 or 4 inches taller. But h e does look very good when he ears his Prada suits – I only wish he’d wear them more often.

  • Anny

    OMG…Zac looks so hot and he is the cutest guy in the world!!!
    And Vanessa is so pretty….They look so sweet together…
    ZaNeSsA 4-eVa AnD eVa!!!
    And thanks to “jared” for the great pictures
    Big greets from Germany!!!