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Jude Law: Cookie Cookie Cookie Starts With C

Jude Law: Cookie Cookie Cookie Starts With C

Dressed in a long gray sweater, a disheveled Jude Law gets his coffee and cookies fix at a local Tesco store in North London on Sunday.

Jude, 34, recently hit up The Venice Film Festival to premiere his twisty two-character thriller Sleuth.

Sleuth is set for an October 12 limited release. Mark your calendars!

More Jude cookie pictures inside…

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jude law cookies 01
jude law cookies 02
jude law cookies 03
jude law cookies 04
jude law cookies 05
jude law cookies 06
jude law cookies 07
jude law cookies 08

Photos: Big Pictures/Bauer-Griffin
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    First. Jude is hawt, I would rock his world. Thanks for the pictures

  • Brin


  • deb


  • [~Famous~]

    someone put some change in his cup.

  • Jaxon

    Man! He looks rode hard and put away wet!



  • Yily

    He probably just woke up and decided to get some coffee and cookies. He looks great even looking disheveled and tired.

  • Daphne

    He is adorably disheveled; just asking to be pushed back to bed and be cuddled (plus some other things :D).

    BTW Jude, at the risk of sounding like a naggy grandma, that’s not a healthy breakfast.

  • sharyllee

    Jude needs a wife to feed him or make a cup of coffee for him every morning. I love him forever!!!

  • KarenA

    He does. He looks amazing; and when a person is that good-looking still when not thinking about he looks, that’s real! Also, I love his sweater. It looks warm and totally good on him. Thanks, Jared.

  • Bagpiper

    he looks only half awake. Cute. Love the jacket.

  • PurpleWorm

    God love him…he’s not all there, you can see it in his eyes. And he’s ‘rearranging’ something in his pocket in one of those pics. know what I’m sayin’??

  • sheryl

    Yes, he needs someone to take care of him…real good care of him…really, really good care of him…I have some ideas…he wouldn’t need a sweater…

    BTW, why not his gorgeous red carpet pictures?????

  • angie

    Oh Jude, you little sleepy-eyed hottie, you. Want me to come and make it all better? And then you can go back to sleep if you want…I promise…

    …well, maybe…

  • mimi

    May I just say but i laughed so hard reading all the replies! LOL! And I quite agree, I wouldn’t mind “taking care” of him. All day long..

  • dulcemirita

    Jude, I will start doing you on friday night and will finish on monday morning. That man always inspires me the more luxurious thoughts. I absolutely love the sleepy eyes, I can even smell the taste of his rumpled sheets….I’m straight to a cold shower¡

  • a

    i hope he brushed his teeth, at least

  • annushka

    I think he looks funny!!!hehe!

  • violin

    god..Jude if i were your wife i would serve you real breakfast..he looks totally hot even wearing those pants

  • Iris

    Gorgeous. And this is him on a BAD day!

  • Nadia Likes Sienna :D

    Jude,Jude,Jude….the most beautiful man in the world…so sexy..but he is a bastard cause he chated on Sienna

  • erica

    Jude, I love you!

  • erica

    Oh yeah, and I agree with #13, where are his red carpet pics?

  • Sandy

    thanx again as always Jared for feeding our Jude fix. He looks lost
    in thought or is he contemplating his dream of last night? i know just how you feel Jude about that first cup of coffee -0 I’m sure he can get a machine to work easy and make the coffee for him but I think he likes that early morning walk to clear his which he has obviously not yet taken a brush – but it doesn’t matter with Jude none of it matters, awake, asleep, half awake, the magnetism is
    turned on and he smolders and we burn .l agree with all your ideas girls this is why women don’t need Viagra or anything.I love you to
    pieces Jude!

  • gini

    still sexy

  • A person who eats food

    He needs a bath.

  • Get over it

    He needs me!

  • Ria

    Must suck when you only want to get coffee early in the morning and the paps are already around to get a picture of you in your just got out of bed look. I really don’t think it is fair to the celebs when they can’t even do anything without being papped.

    That said, he looks cute early in the morning. How many people can say that about themselves? I don;t even look in the mirror in the morning because I don;t want to get a shock.

  • dolorescraeg

    i want to run over to him, envelop him in my arms, never letting go ’til we get to house…i’ll allow him to finish his coffee….maybe let him have one cookie then drag him into his bedroom and give him everything i’ve been dreaming about all these years. by the time he comes to, not only will he need more coffee he’ll need a respirator, jude how can you be so beautiful on the red carpet and at testa’s early in the morning….thank you jared. jude you’re killing me…how long can this go on?

  • La

    C is for cookie that’s good enough for me, oh c is for cookie that’s good enough for me oh cookie cookie cookie starts with c. That’s awesome Jared, ha ha. Dude Cookie Monster’s song rocks. Love this pic too.

  • sheryl

    #29, I know, I loved that cookie monster song!!!! In fact, I almost posted it like you did!

  • Stu

    I have that exact sweater – it’s from Banana Republic Fall ’06

  • Fouf

    he always looks sleepy.why?bcuz he is always in bed and trying to suck his dick and fuck himself.asshole.horney DOG!

  • Fouf

    he always looks sleepy.why?bcuz he is always in bed and trying to suck his D.I.C.K and F.U.C.K himself.A.S.S hole.horney DOG!

  • Pole

    I think he looks cute. I wouldn’t mind waking up to that sight in the morning :)

  • angie

    Whoa, I think #33Fouf sounds like the horny dog…must be fantasizing…simmer down, Fouf, don’t hurt yourself!

  • brenda

    Oooohh Jude, you’re killin’ me! I want to be your sweater!

    To #35: I agree, it sounds like Fouf knows what he’s talking about, speaking from experience, no doubt, while dreaming about Jude. LOL.

  • Sandy

    My earlier note about Jude appears to have gotten lost in the shuffle – no problem I love what you do for me with these picture
    posts Jared and I forgive you.THis is a lovely one and shows you
    what a bachelor will do for a cuppa and a cookie!. Jude all of these
    ladies are very sincere in how we would gladly and happily take care
    of ‘morning matters’ for you! After the joyous moments in Venice,
    we can see that you’ve come back down to earth and are ptobably
    getting ready for the next one in TOronto at TIFF. I think this
    year will be a lot better than last year was but toRONTO is lively
    and should be fun.I’ve used up most of the adjectives I can find
    on you Jude but I promise to get to work and find some new ones for
    not only the sexiest but the most beautiful man on earth.

  • dolorescraeg

    jude do you need a housekeeper? in my home i won’t even do windows….but for you baby anything you need. name it…i’ll get on my little french maid outfit and we’ll take it from there…..oooh la la.

  • trilby


    i used to have a big thing for Jude Law when I was young n impressionable (Gattaca, Existenz, Talented Mr Ripley, Enemy at the Gates …even that robot in AI for gawd’s sake!)

    BUT he has aged really horribly, the irresistably suave youngster has turned into a sleazy middle-aged coaster … that receding hairline and predilection for skinny blondes over a decade his junior … undeniably tacky! so over this loser.

  • Britboy

    Be quiet, stupid one. Jude would spit on you anyway, so get over your ugly, badly aged self!

  • Liz

    Uhhh, some of you people are scaring me! Some wanting to dress up like maids and put him on a respirator and on the others are alledged haters that have nothing better to do…
    LOL, Jude, run! Run quickly from the crazy people and close the door behind you!!! I love ya, Jude – you rock and your movie looks great! I, too, loved your red carpet pictures.

  • PurpleWorm

    yeah, Liz. If you think this stuff is scary, just imagine what crazed fans say to his face!! Fame & celebrity ain’t all it’s cracked up to be. He’s such a good sport, though. You gotta love him for pulling on any old thing to pick up his coffee at Tesco’s. Venice is soooo yesterday and Tesco’s is a far cry from Starbucks, that’s for sure …but then again, he looks a little desperate for his morning fix so anything’ll do I guess.

    Love him to bits. That tousled hair and sleepy head expression. Mm. Mm. Mm.

  • Liz

    Yeah, purpleworm, I can’t imagine what a nightmare he goes through. I saw a picture recently where a photog was taking a picture of him where, in the pic, another photog was like running at him and in his face, snapping pictures…how can anybody keep from being nothing but pissed off by that? Only in this pic, he was going along like it was nothing. Paps must love it when celebs get pissed off…

    I really do feel bad for celebs in that, not only do paps practically have their way with them, but the posters get to rag on them when they don’t look their “best”…as if anybody looks like a “movie star” 24/7…I think it was Cindy Crawford who said, in response to a comment about some of her magazine pictures, “I wish I looked like Cindy Crawford, too.”

  • Liz

    Forgot to add, I love his tousled hair and sleepy head expression, too!!

  • Sandy

    Unfortunately we see what happens to someone when they face this treatment from the paps day in and day out and one day when you’ve had it it erupts as it did with Jude in London yeterday, I feel
    so bad becaue this guy must have said some terrible things and
    probably ab9out the cfhildren but what happened is the alleged
    ‘assault’ could be a put up job.Anonymity has it’s charms over
    celebrity – there’s glory but the happiness is fleeting.

  • Pole

    I wonder if these photos was taken the day he was arrested? I feel bad for him – it seems the paparazzi are so agressive at some time – I can understand if he’d snap at some point :(

  • Fouf

    F.u.c.k u angie and brenda!

  • Fouf

    hahaha what a fucking sentence u killin me i want to be ur sweater!!!!!
    Brenda he is a celeb oh u r soooooo u want he F.U.C.K u tooo????hahahaha

  • iheartjude

    will he ever get to Indonesia one day?he really is a world-wide hottie…even me in such far away country can feel so crazy like this…’s annoying to feel this way…annoying!!!