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Zac Efron @ Hairspray Premiere Australia

Zac Efron @ Hairspray Premiere Australia

Zac Efron and co-star Nikki Blonsky strike red carpet gold at the Australian premiere of Hairspray at the Greater Union George Street Cinema on Wednesday in Sydney, Australia.

Hairspray hits Australian theaters on Sept. 13!

Zac wore a “STOP HATING” bracelet to Australian morning show Sunrise to discuss Hairspray (he also wore it to the premiere). Watch the video below!

Zac and Nikki will be in Melbourne for the Hairspray premiere on Friday, Sept 7. at Village Cinemas Jam Factory, South Yarra! Festivities begin at 6pm. Don’t miss it if you’re in town!

Zefron said stop the hate, ya heard?

Zac Efron & Nikki Blonsky – Australia TV’s Sunrise, 9/5
To view this video in higher quality, click here.

15+ pictures inside of Zac looking fine down under…

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zac efron hairspray premiere australia 01
zac efron hairspray premiere australia 02
zac efron hairspray premiere australia 03
zac efron hairspray premiere australia 04
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Photos: Mike Flokis/Getty
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  • Sarah

    I know it’s none of my business and she seems like a nice person but don’t you think Nikki Blonsky’s health could be in danger?

  • angel

    Hottie! ^_^
    Vanessa was there too Jared! ^_^
    Thanks for posting!

  • jessi

    nikki looks gorgeous and zac looks hot and by the way vanessa was there

  • Regina

    I’m sure she’s a nice girl and it’s none of my business but Nikki Blonsky does look overweight and it can be a serious thing and we wouldn’t want this talented actress to die before she’s just rocketed!

  • jessi

    nikki and zac both look really good and yeah vanessa was there aswell which i thought wsa really sweet

  • jessi

    i agree with regina

  • ??

    Zaiken and Clay could be twins. Zanessa is for publicity only. Nikki -diet no one this young should be this ob.ese.

  • cor

    jared! vanessa went too!

    search Vanessa Hudgens in and you’ll see pics of her at the premiere. She cancelled her Jimmy Kimmel Live appearance apparently to go to Australia with her beau. How cute is that? She looked really hot in a little black sequin dress.

  • jessi

    zanessa isnt for publicity only

  • Georgie


  • Angelina


  • Charli

    omg. you used my video! yay. i feel spesh.

    anyways. love your work. and i cant believe vanessa came with zac!! ahhh sooo cute.

    oh and zac will appear on Rove Live this Sunday.. i’ll try and record it.. with my trusty camera phone. lol

  • Andrea

    My teenage daughter loves the High School Musical shows and she wants to see the move Hairspray as well.

    It seems Zac has quite the teenage following.

    Want to work from home:

  • katie

    zac is so cute

  • LIndalis

    i love zac so much:D(L)(L)

  • bettybaby

    thanks as always for the news. just wish you had some pics of zanessa, love them!!!!!!!! i’m still trying to decide on zacs hair. the fact that you can see his beautiful face more clearly is always a plus. glad vanessa was there as well, don’t want them to have to miss each other too much!

  • lola

    nikki es peor q una patada por e culo!!!….madre guama…zanessa forever!!!! y punto!

  • Florencia

    Q guapo estaba ZAC ………………. !!!

    Zanessa 4 ever

  • Flisbeth

    As much as it is wonderfull to see someone who does not look like a walking corpse, she does need to consider the strain she is putting on her body. Very talented girl..want to see her do well for a long time to come!
    Cute that Vanessa is there too…her and Zac make one good looking couple and they do seem happy with eachother…nice to see some happiness in the world.

  • Eathan

    He’s so ugly, he looks scary!

  • Mily

    Esta página es buenisima debería tener una parte dedicada también a las personas de habla española, ya que esta es lejos la mejor fuente de información de todos los artistas. Y con mi pobre inglés entiendo re poco. Sería interesante que Jared nos contara algo del rumor que anda circulando por la web sobre las fotos desnudas de Vanessa Hudgens, dicen que de ser subidas a internet Disney la eliminaría de el cast de High School Musical.


  • [~Famous~]

    he really is the 19 year old brad pitt.

  • Regina

    Except that Brad Pitt is actually a good actor.

  • Flisbeth

    Pitts just as bad as Zac

  • vivi

    Jared what about Vanessa?!? she was there, you know!!! supporting him.

  • erica

    I can’t believe how somepeople would start this thread as haters and negative remarks about these young talented people…if you can’t say anything nice it wouldbe much better tojust shut up…
    these are gorgeous shots of zak and nikki and nikki looks happy to be with zak again and is obviously one happy chubbylady…cheers to all of them..
    Zak looks happy to be with Nikki too…they look socute together and so inspired…

  • ya

    of course vanessa should come along or else who would zac spend the long night with…………
    zanessa 4 ever

  • Amy

    Why are people telling Nikki to diet?
    She looks fine the way she is, and its none of anyones business how much she weighs anyway, so back off.
    Im not a big fan of Zacs hair here O_O

  • duh

    LOLOL! I LOVE all the Zanessa/Vanessa fans feigning “concern” here over Nikki’s health just to subtly dig at Nikki’s weight!!! LOLOLOLOL! Y’all are about as good at acting as Vanessa is! LOLOLOL!

  • Amy

    omg, leave the girl alone, so what if she is heavier some other female celebrities. You wouldn’t make comments on someone’s health if they were to just walk past you on the street. It’s none of your business, unless you are somehow attached to that person, and yet even then, it may not even be your business. Leave her alone, let her be in the spotlight, and let her enjoy it, without having to read about what ignorant people think of her weight, and how she looks. If she is happy, then let her be. Making rude comments about someone’s weight isn’t going to make them change, or make them feel any better about themselves.

  • veronique

    ZAK EFRON is absolutely beautiful, seductive and so sexy…
    No wonder Vanessa is following him like crazy…
    HAven’t seen a 19 year old with his incredible charm and sex appeal…
    And to think that just a few years back he stilllooked like a littleboy with a somewhat grown young man body…now he is sprouting into a grown man of real physical beauty…

  • shannan

    you can so tell nikki likes zac if you seen hairspray already that kiss they had was soo long and she was totally into it but she is pretty and nice though and zac is hot

  • Jane

    Anyone recognize the logo on Zac’s “Stop Hating” bracelet? I want to get one.

  • Nana

    Aww! He makes me smile (:

  • clara

    Ha really hate this girl.

  • Jbo

    BIG girls should NOT wear bold metallic maternity dresses to premiers. Remember honey – the camera adds 10 pounds and it looks like you have 100 cameras on you. I’m not against overweight stars, but she’s lookin’ obese to me – NOT healthy at ALL for such a young girl! Get a private trainer girlfriend and put down the donuts!

  • el

    i agree nikki I think nikki has a thing for zac..she seems sweet but too bad he is with vanessa! I just saw the zac/nikki kiss the other day (so late but I didnt really want to see it at first) oh gosh I would be mad if I was vanessa. Also I saw his extra interview where he said it was like kissing his sister and he made that face putting his hands over his mouth like “yuck!”–so anyways, I am glad Vanessa went to Australia with him..

  • el

    I meant shannan sorry not nikki! lol

  • Daniel

    Would it kill Zac to get a haircut? I only know one celebrity man who can get away with hair like Zac’s, and thats Jim Carrey.

  • em

    Everytime i scroll down, i keep seeing this, ugh i cannot get over how much I hate that fat bitch. Zac’s hair isn’t too bad, but i do miss the short black hair.

  • caramel

    all i have to say is that zac can pose !!

  • raider814

    Jared you rock! Loving his “Stop Hating” bracelet!

  • Kae

    very intresting hair stlye for zac.

  • mylabs

    Zac’s hair looks horrible! Nikki is a beautiful girl but that dress does not flatter her at all.

  • aubri

    i agree with Amy!..LEAVE THE GIRL ALONE..GOOD LORD!! she’s happy!!
    and EEEWWWWWWWWWWW @ zac..he looks fucked up!!

  • taashiee.x


  • http://- Joanna [Poland]


  • Kay

    Coming from a bigger girl like myself, yes it can be dangerous to be overweight but you can have perfectly fine health and be active and be overweight, its just long term where you can have problems, and I’m sure shes working on it, its harder then you think to lose weight! I love Nikki, we need more girls like her in showbiz!

  • http://justjared clare

    i hate nikki blonsky sooo much and her dress looks like a gpld potato sack and zac efron looks sooo hot and soo does vanessa cutest couple ever zanessa foreva and she obviously ditched jimmy kimmel for her boyfriend how sweet

  • http://justjared clare

    i hate nikki blonsky sooo much and her dress looks like a gold potato sack and zac efron looks sooo hot