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Joaquin Phoenix Has Bed Head

Joaquin Phoenix Has Bed Head

Joaquin Phoenix lets his bed head hair free at the premiere of Reservation Road at the Varisty 8 theatre during the Toronto International Film Festival on Thursday.

Joaquin, 32, was accompanied to the premiere by older sister Rain, 34. Reservation Road opens in theaters nationwide on Oct. 19.

Read this funny tidbit about Joaquin looking like a hot mess on Wednesday via Reuters: “Joaquin Phoenix wins my prize for being the most disheveled looking star at the Toronto International Film Festival news conferences, showing up for the Reservation Road presser looking like a man in desperate need of a shave and a comb. He made attention-getting jokes, even when reporters addressed co-star Jennifer Connelly, fiddled with co-star Mark Ruffalo‘s ear and sometimes looked like he was falling asleep. Phoenix also removed the microphone minutes before the news conference was over and grumbled at the technician who came to help him put it back.”

15+ pictures inside of Joaquin‘s bed head…

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joaquin phoenix bed head 01
joaquin phoenix bed head 02
joaquin phoenix bed head 03
joaquin phoenix bed head 04
joaquin phoenix bed head 05
joaquin phoenix bed head 06
joaquin phoenix bed head 07
joaquin phoenix bed head 08
joaquin phoenix bed head 09
joaquin phoenix bed head 10
joaquin phoenix bed head 11
joaquin phoenix bed head 12
joaquin phoenix bed head 13
joaquin phoenix bed head 14
joaquin phoenix bed head 15
joaquin phoenix bed head 16
joaquin phoenix bed head 17

Credit: Reuters; Photos: Malcolm Taylor/Getty, Carolyn Kaster/AP
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  • ze

    Sound like our Joaquin is back to drinking again!

  • Selene

    Reports on him from TIFF are not good, in terms of bizarre behavior. He’s acting mighty weird from what I hear. Shame b/c he’s a great actor.



  • bulsara

    I thought he looked hot in GLADIATOR. But people change, i can see.

  • Jade

    Love Joaquin,don’t care if his hair is a mess or not.The man is a terrific actor.Pictures 16 and 17,he sure looks like Johnny Cash!! He
    should have won the Academy Award for “Walk The Line”!!!

  • Tuta

    i like him, he is a great actor!

  • Xpressive Soul

    omg he looks so good here!! i can’t stop looking! i think he looks good with a little messy hair, clean shaved, and dressed like justin timberlake..damn he looks good! i love that he found a new pair of shoes too lol

  • Phuzzie

    Looks like he got over Wednesday’s hangover, or whatever that little aberration was.. welcome back to planet Earth Joaquin!

    He’s back to his classic “rough diamond” look… very very sexy…

  • angelina_mmm

    it’s cool that he brought his sister to the event

  • Realistic

    What a superficial people! So according to you, person has to be only good looking to be good. Jesus! Leave him alone.

  • bliss

    I like joaquin a LOT … and , i think he has never really been one of those , very well-dressed-metrosexual kind of guys ..
    Thats his originality .. and hes a TERRIFIC ACTOR and A Great Human being …

    Love you joaquin

  • Michaela

    He has sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much talent on screen, yet seems very unstable in real life… he is very much like Johhny Cash, with the brother who died and the dependancy probs and inner-turmoil. He has a LOT going for him. I hope he is finding happiness and peace…and a new barber.

  • sandra

    love him.

  • Jazz

    I wouldn’t be surprised if henis having “trouble” with some substance abuse. I saw him in a talk show once and he lokked and acted stoned the whole time. And was so weird the host did nto know what to do or how to deal with him. I hope he does not go the way of River.

  • Jazz

    Geez my typing sucks. He looked and acted stoned.

  • kiki

    LOVE this man, scruffy or non scruffy.

    FANTASTIC actor and a wonderful human being.

  • Cristina

    aww I love him. Ok, the hair looks weird but he’s sooo hot

  • laila

    ho totally should have gotten the academy award for walk the line….he’s so hot usually but he needs to lose a few, brush his hair and act a little more “normal”. that said, i love him.

  • Giselle

    Messy hair or not, shaved or not shaved, drunk or sober …when it comes to the big screen this man delivers like no one else.

    He is probably one of the best actors of his generation, and that is all that matters in the end.

    What he does with his personal life, that’s his problem. As long as he continues to do good movies and working brilliantly like he always does, all is good.

  • BBperfume

    OMG! Joaquin looks soo old for 32??

  • megi

    this thing on his head must die!!!!!!! but good actor indeed

  • Patmycrotch

    He is a great actor. he rocked Johnny Cash

  • bab2010

    Joaquin still looks like a goddamn mess! Where’s the Fab 5 when you need ‘em?

    Get it together, man!

  • anon

    We Own The Night is supposed to be THE movie of the Fall to see in addition to American Gangster. I can waith to see Joaquin & Mark Wahlberg in We Own The Night.

  • Ha!

    There is something so sexy about someone with this much talent. But when did his eyebrows start using Miraclegro?

  • pope-rah

    he’s a brilliant actor
    but he hates himself and is trying to punish himself with substance abuse (alcolhol, smack, etc.) because he was with River when he OD’d. He won’t talk about it EVER, and now it has festered into something verging on suicidal.

  • evie

    I like him, like him, like him whether he is dressed up or wants to look casual and comfortable….There are only a few really good actors out there nowadays and he is one of the very few that is very good and has amazing presence on screen. It seems like Mark Ruffalo and Terry George have spoken highly of him as well while filming this movie. He is drinking again, it is his own life and he can do damn well what he wants…. I don’t care if he is getting grey hair etc… it gets so boring, this judging of him… I love it that he is a bit wacky… He would be the kind of guy I would be attracted to at a party if he was just a regular guy. Goofy and adorable….



  • crumpet

    what a fat fug!



  • audrey

    he’s so talented and sooo sexy…this is a beautiful blog thank you!i’m italian and i read u evenry day!sorry for my bad english!

  • Roxy

    He is one of my favorite actors – super talented! I love the “crazy, artistic” look on him. Wow – you can really tell that him and his sister are related – a lot of facial similarities.

  • vitoria

    he’s amazing…an amazing person and an amazing actor.
    he looks hot to me :P

  • Jules

    Boy, he cleans up good! But I would not have minded if he kept the scruffy face. And I loved what he said back in 2005 on Jay Leno. “My hair is a catastrophe on the best of days.” It’s thick and wavy and he is not the kind to spend an hour and fancy product styling his do. I think he looks great and has more talent than more than half of Hollywood put together. Can’t wait to see his two new movies and see him rock it like no one else.

  • An

    AW! He’s such a cutie…. Muah!

  • http://- Joanna [Poland]


  • Amanda

    I still miss River.

  • Linda

    I agree with Becky all the way! All you sniffling guys out there are just jealous!! Joaquin is one beautiful man inside and out!
    He isn’t trying to empress anyone, he doesn’t have to. He has established his claim to fame with his magnificent acting and humantarian acts of kindness. Don’t ever put him down, he is his own man!!! I love him very much!!!


  • Linda

    I agree with Becky all the way!! He doesn’t have to impress anyone on how he looks or what he wears, he is his own man! And that is what I love about him, no pretense. He is just a regular guy with allot of love in his heart for life and the things in it! Very compationate and loving. Just look at the way he treats his beautiful sister! He is a real man!! Not you cry baby wimps out there that are just jealous, wish it was you out there, don’t you???
    I love that man and always will!! Leave him alone!!

  • evie

    Exactly Linda, we all should let him be his own person!!!

  • http://justjared fee

    He looks very hot however his hair is.

  • Kayleigh

    Whoa some people are just horrible. He really suits the messy hair look, i wouldn’t have it any other way. And why does everybody assume just because he’s weird, it means he’s on some sort of drug? He’s always been weird and he admits that he’s weird. It’s nice to see somebody who doesn’t care about the superficiality of Hollywood. And i think he is GORGEOUS! Does anybody know when Reservation Road is being released in UK?

  • fiona

    he put on weight purposely, and probably went with messy hair on purpose because he doesn’t want to be seen as nice looking.
    Since when did messy hair mean you are drunk or on drugs? I’m not saying he’s not. It’s a possibility but I don’t think so.
    He’s a crazy mofo without them.