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Joaquin Phoenix @ Toronto Film Festival

Joaquin Phoenix @ Toronto Film Festival

Color-coordinated co-stars Joaquin Phoenix and Jennifer Connelly attend the Reservation Road press conference during the Toronto International Film Festival 2007 held at the Sutton Place Hotel on Wednesday.

Thankfully Jen‘s natural beauty balanced out the hot mess Joaquin looked at TIFF! He looked good a year ago while shooting the film

10+ pictures inside of Joaquin & Jennifer at the Toronto Film Festival…

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Photos: Evan Agostini/Getty
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  • Poobear

    Joaquin, what happened to you baby? Come to momma, I’ll make you feel better.

  • Emilie

    WOW… He’s ugly! I didn’t even recognize him! =[

  • You don’t know me

    Ugh, What the hell happened to Joaquin?? He is looking fat and nasty these days. Rather reminiscent of John Belushi before he crashed and burned.

  • KittKatt

    The wackier he gets the hotter he is!

  • Patmycrotch

    WOW he does look a lil rough around the edges. Loved them together in “Inventing the Abotts” Great movie!

  • Me

    I love Joaquin. Hopefully he won’t get jipped winning an Oscar this year.

  • Aline

    I love him anyways :)
    He’s always a good actor.

  • Liz

    Oooh, wonder if he smells?

  • Regina

    I really hope Joaquin doesn’t go the way poor River did. I saw some of the coverage on the internet and Jennifer Connelly looked really uncomfortable.
    Let’s not forget Cannes, either. Co-stars which included Eva Mendes and director looked uncomfortable, too.

  • Liz

    Kinda reminds me a little of John Belushi…




  • Stacey

    Regina, can you post a link to the coverage you saw? I’d love to check it out. Joaquin looks scruffy, and Mark does too actually. This press conference was done in the morning and they may have flown in and gone straight there. It’s just a press conference, they should be all cleaned up for the premiere.

  • Kira

    Love Joaquin! You have deserved many Oscars and one day will get your well-deserved opportunity! Great actor….

  • Ashley

    Jared, I totally remember when you posted on this movie’s filming. And now here it is! It looks good.

  • bab2010

    I was laughing hysterically because he looks a goddamn mess. It’s like his appearance — his hair is messy and his unshaven face is fucked. I think it needs to be fixed by Queer Eye.

    Doesn’t Joaquin checks himself BEFORE going out?

  • cindy

    Are you guys nuts or what? Do you know Joaquin? You certainly act like you do with your comments but something tells me you know nothing about him. Anyway, he doesn’t care what people think about his looks or his actions…he would never read this crap.

  • ZZ

    Ok what a mess here!Anyway love joaquin, he is a terrific actor. I’m still not over the fact he didn’t get that oscar.Can’t wait to see the movie.I would watch anything he is in.I saw him in many interviews he was always so sweet and adorable.SO **17 Regina**, I don’t see where you coming from.

  • Seb

    OMG, J, what’s up with you? I AM SO SORRY I ROBBED YOU OF ALL THE CUTE GENE IN OUR FAMILY…. That’s what River would have said from his grave!

  • j

    Joaquin wtf happened to you? :(

  • suspicious package

    We don’t need to personally know him to know he looks like sh*t. God, and to think I used to covet his ass.

    I don’t know Britney Spears either, but I can still tell she’s batsh*t insane.

  • cindy

    What idiots; bashing people is all you know how.

  • aok

    Cindy, it is our opinion what we think here…I like Joaquin too but right here I don’t think he looks good at all…infact, he looks worse everytime there is a new photo taken of him…

  • crack

    The orange thing… Is it normal? What is it???

  • the_original_nika

    looks like a bum lol.

  • Liz

    Seriously, he looks like he might smell….

  • Jules

    So what, he’s unshaven and has messy hair? Tis’ Joaquin! He is beyond brilliant and isn’t obsessed with his appearance–what novelty in the vomit-inducing vanity of Hollywood. You see him cutting it fine at premieres, he cleans up good! But I always smile when I see him like this, about the farthest from metrosexual as you can get. He is still sexy, regardless if he primps himself to the satisfaction of some people. Like he could care less. And I couldn’t either.

  • edie

    Joaquin is normally hot as hell but DAMN! He really needs to shave!

  • Ruth

    He doesn’t give a shit and I think that’s marvellous! Good for you Joaquin, he looks hot anyway. Have any of you thought that he might be in preparation/making another movie – hence the look! Fine actor, one of the best working today.

  • spooky

    Oh my god, he looks terrible

  • Tomcat2510

    Joaquin stays Joaquin… He’s charismatic and he’s awesome…equal to himself…

    it’s what makes his charm, too

  • Dani

    Jennifer’s sooo gorgeous! That pic where she’s waving… oh my God, that’s the sweetest little sexy smile ever. And her eyes always amaze me… So stunning. Paul Bettany is one lucky bastard, lol.

  • Charly03

    I don’t care his appearance. I still love him and think is a beautiful actor !! You’re the best Joaquin !

  • Me

    All the participants wear this orange plastic band, perhaps something like an entry card.
    And even if Joaquin looks like he hasn’t seen a comb or a shaver in weeks, let alone used them, and abandoned any diet, he still looks hotter than most male human beings! Maybe he is preparing for that new movie where Gwyneth Paltrow will be attached to him – poor guy, maybe the only way to fight her off??
    Well, and not to forget – he is a terrifict actor!! And he could plunder my fridge any time he feels like ….

  • Giselle

    Both Mark and Joaquin look like they just rolled out of bed. Only Mira and Jennifer saved the day.

    But that’s Joaquin, he couldn’t care less.

  • Liz

    But I wonder how Jennifer is standing it, because he really, really looks like he smells….

  • dumdddddy

    get a clue
    real actors have to look like real people!

  • Whatever

    Wow, he gained a lot of weight!

  • Julie

    he he Mark and Joaquin have the same hairdresser. Anyway Joaquin is still hot as hell and I love both of them.

  • The Best Policy

    This guy is FUGLY. Always has been, always will be.

    He’s a FAT, BALDING, smoking, drug addict.


  • Marina

    Oh, honey, what happened to you? (happened? is that right? sorry, horrible english)

    Even looking like that, I still love Joaquin.

  • cindy

    Finally! Some people who really know Joaquin. Thank you Jules, Edie and Ruth! He is HOT no matter what and I like the “scruffy” look but he does clean up good too. I’m sure the beard is simply for the premiere or maybe it is for Two Lovers that he is to start shooting in November. And I know everyone is entitled to their opinion but you don’t have to be nasty about it.

  • john

    Sorry, but there’s a fine line between some stubble and fly-away hair, and just plain needing to get a shower.

    You can look scruffy and still be clean. Dignity, people.

  • john

    There’s a fine line between being a bit scruffy with fly-away hair, and just needing to take a shower!

  • Caitlin

    Jennifer Connelly is really beautiful.

  • sasssey38

    Ahhh, Joaquin . . . I still think you are F-I-N-E ! ! ! Love to watch anything he is in, and will continue to do so. I think he looks yummy when he is scruffy, and drop dead gorgeous when he gussies himself up. I don’t know him, but I would certainly like to!

  • angelina_mmm

    Mark and Joaquin yummy :)

  • Nele

    Wish he had won that oscar for walk the line :|. Such a great actor and very yummy (well, most of the time: not this time :))

  • April

    Joaquin is so hot! Even when he doesn’t shower or shave. He doesn’t give a **** and I LOVE it! I like these actors that don’t take themselves too seriously. He’s said it before, he likes acting, hates promoting.