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Milo Ventimiglia @ Emmys 2007

Heroes hottie Milo Ventimiglia arrives for the 59th Primetime Emmy Awards Sunday, Sept. 16, 2007, at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles.

FYI: Milo and co-star Hayden Panettiere sat together during the Emmys ceremony.

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  • MMM

    What a hunk, but I would not like him and Hayden together at all if the rumors are true.

  • MMM

    No Hayden. Please Milo!

  • Carly

    Oh lord, enough with the Hayden/Milo stuff. They don’t pick their seats people! My friend attended (and is still partying last i heard via her sidekick) and she confirmed that seats are all pre planned. Hayden was on the aisle due to being a presenter…I’m tired of people like oh they so sat together. No…they were put that way and yes, he was sat between her and her mother basically for “the look” they are marketable together so of course, they are sat together.

  • maya

    He’s oozing sex appeal.

  • Nelly

    Yeah and all those pictures of them holding hands, touching each other and her sitting on his lap are NOTHING. They are so not together….

  • duh




  • Sara-Anne

    I don’t think they’re together personally. Hayden hugs on every guy on the cast, I’m not saying that in a bad way but I’ve seen her hugging on Noah Gray Cabey too, oh NO they MUST be together. What about Jack Coleman? Oh yeah they are SO together. Its just because Milo is single and Hayden is now single that people are speculating. I mean I’ve seen pictures of Milo kissing Ali Larter…never seen thsoe of he and Hayden but because Hayden is single people are automatically labeling them together? How about Hayden is young and SINGLE and wanting to stay that way? Why must she be thrown with Milo? Geez it drives me insane. They are clsoe, I’m not denying that…but if I took everything I saw in pictures literally…I’d think Hayden was a bit skanky because how she is up on everyone. But see, I dont take things literally so…there we go. Just saying…I mean if you wanna take it even further I’m gonna start shipping Hayden and Kristen cuz they were SOOO hugging. Oh no, not I saw Hayden and Ali holding hands and cheek kissing…THEY are together. *rolls eyes*

    As for Milo, he’s handsome as always.

  • ally

    They just interviewed Greg Grunberg on E! and they asked him about Milo and Hayden. He said that it is not true.

  • cl

    I don’t think they are together. Milo says that she is like a little sister to them. Watch all the guys in the cast with her. All the guys like Adrian, Greg, Jack, Masi and even Milo are very protective of her. Milo knows that he is to old for her. Just b/c he has lunch with her doesn’t mean anything. She had dinner with the guy that plays D.L. does that make them dating? She goes out and has lunch with a single guy and boom their dating. I think their just friends.

  • Val

    Amen to that! Hayden is becoming the next young IT girl. Of COURSE people are going to assume she’s screwing anyone she touches now that she’s single. You know what? Because we’re all celebrity obsessed. It’s not a bad thing but when it starts creating ridiculous rumors out something so trival and small as a hug or smiling at each other? Please.

    I saw the Ali and Milo pics as well at the Golden Globe. And if I didn’t know Ali had a boyfriend, I’d think they were going out. Looks are deceiving.

    Plus, doesn’t anyone take into consideration that they’re ALL conscious of their actions? Their agents and PR peeps know that the grown-up gilmore girl fans are going to stick by Milo and all the tweenie fangirls love Hayden because she’s cute. It makes sense to sell the image of them together.

    Personally, I think all this Hayden/Milo is stupid. Now that Peter/Claire fans have been told NO it won’t happen, it’s shifted over to Milo and Hayden? Talk about ridiculous. There is so much overexposure for Hayden that I hope she doesn’t fall into the trappings of other celebutantes…because the whirlwind of her career is JUST starting…

  • Heather

    As much as I *heart* Hayden. I dun think they are 2gether. I agree w/everyone else who has posted. Hayden herself said the cast is like a bunch of fathers, brothers and sisters 2 her. That’s like…incest to her and Milo. He’s protective of her. Look at the pictures, Hayden is usually the instigator and if it’s Milo its more of a protective thing. Cute as their babies would be I’m gonna have to say no way on those two being 2gether. Ali and Milo would be cute 2 not gonna lie, lol.

  • coolgirl

    I think Hayden is sooo into Milo (cant blame her anyway).You can see how she always leans towards Milo in most pics we’ve seen them. Milo however acts like he just treats her as a friend/sister, nothng more than that.

  • http://d brit

    wow he is a hottie, i love him.

  • http://d brit

    wow he is a hottie, i love him.

  • the_original_nika

    Hayden is like a leech, she grabs on any guy that appears in front of hear. Or so it seems =|.

  • Talia


    I agree totally. I’ve always thought hayden had a big crush on milo and always looked at him that way, but milo never saw her or never would see her that way. He’s definitely not into her like she’s into him. He knows he can do better than some little girl with an alien head and horendous eyebrows.

  • mossy

    he’s soo freaking dreamy!

  • BeJealous

    lol @ Milo’s fangirls being all “zomg!!111 tei re nut toghetaaaarr111!!”
    It’s obvious..seriously people,and what did you expect Greg to say?LOL

  • henry


  • cat


  • Jennie

    he’s definitely good looking.

  • irrelevant

    Isn’t she 12? Seriously, that’s just wishful thinking on the part of all those teenage girls out there, hoping that someone like him wouldn’t be out of their league. She’s too young. What would they talk about, besides the show? He seems a quiet, reserved person who doesn’t go out much; she seems just the opposite. She’s a stereotypical teenager in a lot of respects (not knocking that), and he’s so past that.

    I agree with those that say she appears to have a crush on him, though. Who wouldn’t?

  • Gambita

    She just turned 18. I think they’re together and it shouldn’t be long before it’s official.

  • nina

    They are NOT together, and they never will be, so GET OVER IT you horny little 12 yr old girls (including hayden). He’s way out of your league in more ways than one.

  • Nicole

    Hot Milo Hot Milo Hot Milo

  • suzy

    love me some milo. hope he told hayden her dress made her look knocked up.

  • A Person

    Milo is a male and what male would not want to boink that 18yo especially if said 18yo has a crazy crush like she has on Milo. I really hope Milo can rise above that typical male thing.

  • =)

    milo/hayden= the new zac/vanessa

  • marisol

    he luke so hot.y ellos se miran como borreguitos en matadero no se
    pero como hermanos no se miran haci hay algo mas y solo el tiempo
    lo dira.

  • Patmycrotch

    Gosh he is really hot. Does anyone know if he is still dating Alexis from Gilmore Girls?

  • Jamie

    Deny, deny, deny. We know you two are dating. There’s no fooling us.

  • Lalagrl

    Milo and Hayden r definitely together either u want to believe it or not they r just too many pictures that say they r and i think they a very cute cpl Go Team Halo! And Milo looked awesome at the Emmys and so did Hayden! :)

  • V

    “FYI: Milo and co-star Hayden Panettiere sat together during the Emmys ceremony.” Why does that even matter! They don’t necessarily choose their seatings they’re arranged for the most part during these ceremonies. Oh so tones of pictures means they’re together? They’re not kissing or making out.”

    I know it’s pointless to even try to rationalize this because clearly everyone is so played by the presses’ attempt to throw them in our faces.

    It’s total hype Hayden is a rising star and Milo is cute and single. People will play these two off because a good chunk of fangirls/fanboys like to eat this slop like candy. Because it feeds the empty reality that PAIRE won’t it’s reared is ugly head into this student to exploit her IT girl status.

    Honestly perpetuating gossip and hype over something a trivial as seating placement? seating placement…you all realize how ridiculous it is to declare their supposed secret love over being “public” photographed by the stalkerazzi because they need to make a living.
    Today milo and hayden “sitting” next to each other…the next she’ll be doin’ britnesque crotch shots from these photographers. It’s their job to create rumor and manipulate context.

    It’s just sad. I love coming here to see the great photos and styles.
    Since all this anyone HALO crap? I don’t think I’ll even bother. There has been NOTHING SOLID.No kissing, no making out or clear sexual/romantic affection exchange. IMO, I think Hayden is smitten like half the girls in the world with Milo. Nothing wrong with that but for there to be this constant “forced” pitch of them together?
    it’s cliche, pathetic, and degrades both actors involved! Let them have fun. And if they flirt for the cameras it’s just for show. It is Hollywood after all.

  • Lindsay

    everyone’s reading into this whole age gap thing! please! give them a break! i’m glad they’re keeping it private. the media will pick up on it soon but it’s too late.

  • Anne



  • Anne



  • Nde

    All I know is I saw the clip when the paparazzi caught them arm in arm hahaha then when the Pap greet them, Hayden got her hand off from milo’s arm sooo fast hahaha so funny
    they look soooo shy and if Im not wrong I read that Hayden went back home with Milo and No Sign of Mom and her Agent hmmmmm

    GO HALO!!!!

  • Getoverit

    Dating rumors denied by both of their reps here:

  • Brittany

    that gorgeous piece of man…wow…did i mention he is gorgeous. i’ve been a fan of his for like….4 years.
    maybe 5 ?

    we love you.

    DSC — represent.

  • dew

    It always looks like Hayden is trying to appear like shes older/sophisticated/sexier and it also seems like she tries to flirt with Milo. I don’t what he’ll do as she always so avaliable around him. i dont know what kind of person she but thats what the photos always seem to indicate.

    I don’t like her poses and dressing, it seems pompous and too mature for a just turned 18 yr old. I would not think a good role model.

  • Lalagrl

    Halo is together DEAL WIT IT!