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Rihanna Struts Down Dsquared2 Runway

Rihanna Struts Down Dsquared2 Runway

Rihanna gets sandwiched between Canadian identical-twin designers Dean and Dan Caten during fashion house Dsquared2 show of the Milan ready-to-wear fashion shows on Thursday in Milan, Italy.

The Umbrella singer recently expressed how horrifying falling victim to the type of wardrobe malfunction that famously afflicted Jackson.

“That’s the worst thing!” Rihanna said. “You have to go for fittings to make sure the stuff is pretty secure!”

The purple Dsquared2 dress sure looks pretty, um, secure!

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Photos: Christophe Simon/AFP/Getty
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  • Kevin

    she’s looking hot as ever!!
    though I think she should let models do their job and she should do hers ;) LOL

  • Lolly

    Rhianna is a gorgeous woman, but that dress is awful!!! Her “stuff” is definitely being squeezed, tortured and left out to dry. Not flattering AT ALL.

  • Amy

    she get her boobs done

  • Jennie

    wow, her boobs looks massive. i always thought she had nice boobs. haha. love her though, she’s a great performer.

  • Regina

    I never thought it would be possible. Something is bigger than Rihanna’s forehead! Her hair!

  • blah

    bood job she should learn to sing

  • dionne waricks child

    showing off her new parts with a bandage–when she gets her nose done then i might be impressed..always selling & over exposed to the maxxxxxxxxxx!

  • skinnygurl

    she looks great

  • luvmebabe

    she looks like a giant in these picture. maybe the twins are just midgets

  • http://kedal Margaux

    On dirais un monstre sur cette photo…
    avec ses vieux nichons tout refaits elle parais encore plus superficielle qu’avant:)

    Poor rihanna:)

  • passion fruit

    Actually the reason why her boobs look nice is because they are fake. Just a couple of months ago she was flat as a board. Remember her “ankle injury”. Well it was shady that she happened to mess up her ankle by hitting it on a table??? thats what the reports said. The real reason is because she got a boob job and put a fake bandage on her ankle to explain why she was MIA for a while. Good PR.

  • It’s Britney, b*tch

    Someone got a boob-job

  • Rainman



  • Julz

    big boobs lately…

  • Just me…

    Ha ha ha…(Margaux)
    Tu as tout à fait raison c’est vraiment pathétique!!!
    On dirait une vrai pouff!!
    She looks like a man…
    Can somebody explain to me why all the girls is trying to be a woman so so quickly?!!!

  • gi

    look who “adopted Twinz” as well:))))))))))))))))

    new celeb fashion???

  • http://MYSPACE.COM/BOBMARLEY Mary jane

    I guess that she just copied the whole Beyonce catalog!

    She sux!

  • Ana

    why is it that every time an artist gets successful they are assumed to have gotten a boob job? she wasnt exactly flat chested before ppl Im not the biggest fan of Rihanna but I do give props when they are due…she is absolutely gorgeous so stop hatin

  • lisa

    This is her element. She’s more of a model than singer.



  • Pitchajarun

    God I hate Rhianna. Have never really been that fussed over her, but then i saw footage of her on tv snickering at Britney’s live performance!!! Who the Fck is she to snicker? what has Rhianna done? 2 songs? 3 max? (that are memorable) you never know its her singing her songs because they mess with her voice so much in every song, there is nothing outstanding or special about Rhianna – what is the dancing equivalent of lip syncing? she better shut up about Britney’s lip syncing – coz there’s no way those legs are hers in that umberella video!!… It dont matter tho, just gotta wait it out she’ll be long forgotten by th end of next year & then i wont have to see her or her stupid tits any longer! Thank god fame is fleeting for some.

  • pelon1

    she looks great i love this girl, i’m confused who is she dating chris brown or shia labeouf? i just heard chris brown saying he had a crush on her and that he has been flirting with her but that there just friends, that he hasn’t taken it to the next level yet

  • resimler

    she is great..

  • ruserious?

    Maybe if she could sing, she would’ve made the remix with Justin’s “Until The End of Time”. He went and got who he knew had the total package – BEYONCE!!! She KILLED that remix. Sorry RiRi, but stay on the runway and out of the music world.

  • kat

    haha she looks like a giant between these two…
    and i really dont like that dress on her :S

  • Krung Krung

    she’s so stuck up y’all.

  • zzzzzzzz

    11 passion fruit : 09/27/2007 at 2:53 pm
    Actually the reason why her boobs look nice is because they are fake. Just a couple of months ago she was flat as a board. Remember her “ankle injury”. Well it was shady that she happened to mess up her ankle by hitting it on a table??? thats what the reports said. The real reason is because she got a boob job and put a fake bandage on her ankle to explain why she was MIA for a while. Good PR.

    true that. fake tatas..

  • Love the jolie-pitts

    Good gawd, she’s stunning.

  • the baddest bitch!

    she never got a boob job, idiots. her boobs are squished to make them apper bigger. try it, it really works. by the way that justin timberlake remix is absolutely awful and im glad he got beyonce to sing it instad of rihanna. rihanna doesnt need to be on a wackass remix!

  • slut much??

    wtf is she tryn 2 pose as..
    a ho..

  • susan


  • NJS06

    She is growing on me. She is so pretty

  • Anthony

    She looks Horrible! She is not a model..what is it with celebs sometimes

  • bataglio

    are they like 3 ft. 1 in.!! she is not all that tall, is she?!

  • hello

    no one thinks her boobs are fake due to how famous she is or how “big” they look. they don’t look big, just fake! you can still like her and admit that she has fakin’s

  • Brian

    They’re not fake, they have just been squeezed to the max…hers look nice as opposed to Miss Robotic Victoria Beckhams who’s are stiff as rocks.

    she looks so tall compared to the twins…oh and…RIHANNA CAN SHIT ON BEYONCE ANYDAY…love you rihanna!!

  • Rage

    dem boobies gunna pop out!

  • StraNGeLaD

    Who? And wtf is she wearing? Face like a smacked arse and an arse like the Hindenberg.

  • (‘@’)

    Wow, I am wondering how high her heels were and how tall are those two guys really are???

  • Srdjan

    Rihanna is the most beautiful girl!She is not copieing Beyonce!She is gorgeus!I adore her!

  • Srdjan

    U haters stop hate her!!!If u dont know her please dont judge her!I think she is the greatest!And sings better than Beyonce!
    U just need 2 listen 2 her voice.thats all,if u do,u will see that she sings very good!And her songs r real!Beyonce is now older,Rihanna is fresh!Love u RiRi!Always did and Always will

    with love SRDJAN
    K I S S!

  • missy

    FINALLY!! sum1 saw that…#21..i saw her lauhging 2…i woudent dare be laughing if i were her

  • Gia Jolie

    How tall is Rhianna? Some say she’s about 5’6, and then some say she’s 5’9. That, or the designers are really short. And her boobs do look fake.

  • Earth2zoe

    Okay I’m not a Rhianna hater but i will say that she can never touch Beyonce… i will admit that she’s hot right now and she’s certaintly not ugly but what people fail to realize is that Rhianna and Beyonce have two different styles of music and dress so stop compairing! Her boobs dont look fake they just look pushed up and even though i dont really like the hair in this pic it is a fashion show and they sometimes have to wear dramatic styles like she’s wearing… as far as height i have no idea how tall she is but she looks about my sister’s height which is 5’7 but i could be wrong…

  • Chloroform DX

    She looks like a drag queen in the headline photo… Also, her legs are huge. What nice legs are people talking about? I must be blind or something because I do NOT see this chick’s ‘sexiness’ at all.

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