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Donald Trump to Rosie: Your Book is Boring!!!

Donald Trump to Rosie: Your Book is Boring!!!

Former talk show host Rosie O’Donnell signs copies of her autobiography Celebrity Detox: The Fame Game at Barnes and Noble book store (555 Fifth Avenue) on Tuesday in New York City. All net profits from the book will support her Rosie‘s Broadway Kids program.

When Donald Trump was asked about asked Rosie‘s new book, he told Extra that, “The book is boring and has no educational value. Rosie is very unkind to Barbara Walters who saved her dying career. She is a very disloyal person.”

The art of Rosie will also be on display at The Gallery at New World Stages starting today. The collection of art works is titled “Solace” and features paintings created during 2003-2005. The exhibition will run through Dec. 2.

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  • Lala

    Trump dissing on Rosie? Shocking. I’m sure whatever she retaliates with will be equally as enthralling.

  • ginny

    could I be first???????

  • ginny

    oh well congratulations to you Lala!

  • Lee

    I just read Rosie’s book and it was interesting, not boring. But then this from a man who thinks putting his name on everydamnthing makes him important – please Donald – just go away!

  • C


  • eddie

    very important:

    All net profits from the book will support her Rosie’s Broadway Kids program.

  • Diane

    Hey first! yippee!
    Nasty and a very angry woman is she………

  • seb

    She BORES me too… glad to hear that even the Donald is bored by her. She’s nothing but a fat Lezzi, i’m just not a fan of her. She should have shown her fat ass and got out of the closet when she had the chance, coming out now is JUST NOT ACCEPTABLE in my eyes. It’s a bit TOO LATE!

  • Diane

    what???? IT said no comments left….huh? ( as said in the Britney voice)

  • troy

    Aren’t we done with either of these two idiots yet? I’ve never liked “The Donald” and I didn’t mind Rosie until she spouting those insane 911 theories as shrilly as possible on “The View.” I say drop them both on a desert island, let them fight it out and be done with them.

  • PinkRose

    WHY did Donald even read it? Doesn’t he have some mulit-million dollar deal someehere to be taking care of??!!

  • Tealeaf

    Are those 2 signed to a public feuding deal?

  • Nanana

    Snake oil salesman…………………..hahaha……..I agree with Rosie on this one!


    While I’m not a fan of Rosie, Trump must be looking for some attention and picking a fight with Rosie is the most explosive way to get it.

  • April

    I have to say Troys idea is the best one yet. Rosies not just a huge list of things I don’t like or agree with, but she is also just really scary. I mean a sick scary kind of scary. I mean watching the view was much more scary than anything Alfred Hitchcock could come up with.

  • eddie

    hey seb:

    do you live in a barn? rosie came out publicly over 5 years ago. and why do YOU care if she’s fat? do you think that’s news to her? fat people know. i think calling her a fat lezzi is an easy way for you to imply that she’s worthless but really just shows us what a bigot you are.

  • Saywhat??

    I thought Rosie never signed autographs for adults??

    Oh wait, that is IF she isn’t getting anything back that is.

    She’ll more than happy to endorse her book, for the buying public at large..

    Funny thing though, those pictures don’t show her “adoring public”…where are they??? She sure has time at a book signing to pose for pictures for the tabloids though.

  • eddie

    again, she’s autographing her books. and the profits for the books are going to charity, so it’s not really about her making any money for herself. it’s about her making money for kids and the arts.

  • love rosie

    the book is good,donald is a loser,he hates strong women

  • seb

    How are you calling me a biggot, Eddie… as i was saying, that she hid in the closet for more then a decade, she had the chance to come out but she chose fame over coming as Lezzi that she really is. Most gays don’t like her and i’m gay and i can’t stand her! She’s just LOUD and really HAVE NOTHING TO SAY.

  • eddie

    well, first there’s your bigotry against the people who are fat. you must be a svelte gay, not the ugly loud fat kind. oh, ouch. maybe i should say you’re misogynistic. hate much?

    actually, she wasn’t in the closet to her family and friends, just wasn’t public about it. if you’re gay, you might thank her and ellen for making it easier for you.

    what bugs you most? that she’s against the war? that she doesn’t trust this gov’t? that she knows more show tunes than you? that she’s a working class woman who made it and puts her money where her mouth is?

  • e

    Rosie? she is a big fat cow…and loud too…Even real men are scared by her(? or she is a he)

  • bonna

    Rosie is a piece of trash, talk, act, look like a trash. No class at all and to think she think she’s all that, ewwww.

  • RA

    Thanks to The Donald’s comments, now I will for sure be buying and reading Rosie’s book. Yes, Rosie can be a loudmouth, but I appreciate her hard work on behalf of children, and I love her support of Broadway. I don’t agree with most of her political views, but she has a right to her opinion as much as I have a right to mine. I enjoyed her year on The View, and this season I have removed it from my TiVo because I’m sick of Elizabeth H-whatever having something to say about EVERYTHING. SHE should have been the one to leave The View, not Rosie.

  • Jan

    Donald Trump is a SELF centered bigot. Rosie really pissed him off when she talked about him and he knows dishing her gets his mouth and face in the news.
    Rosie has freedom of speech and is sharing from her heart. She doesn’t hold back and that is a problem with people that have been in her life that are phonies. Rosie exposes them for what they really are.
    I hope her books sells well and her charity is helped a great deal from it. All the profits to Donald’s books go to Donald.

  • george

    hmm, Donald is a classless rich douche who is obcessed with Rosie. One thing Rosie has over him, she is much more sucessful in Entertainment Industry than Donald Trump. And speaking of disloyal = how bout when he cheated on his ex wives during their marriages and walked out on his children and their mother. That’s disloyal.

  • Hannah

    Donald Trump is proof that money doesn’t buy class. What a tiny,pathetic little man.

  • i love angie

    i really don`t like him…..bah

  • fez

    I hate big fat rosie. I can’t stand her. She is so uuggghhh…

    Whatever happened to her girlfriend/wife? Has rosie swallowed her yet???

  • karen

    To all the people who have nothing nice to say…keep hiding behind your computers because you wouldn’t be able to say it to her face. Didn’t your mothers teach if you didn’t have anything nice to say about someone then don’t say anything at all? Guess you were all raised by jerks and bigots.