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Posh & Becks Giggle With Glee

Posh & Becks Giggle With Glee

David and Victoria Beckham share a laugh as they leave Mastro’s Steakhouse in Beverly Hills in their personalized Lincoln Navigator.

The couple dined with Posh‘s sister, Louise Adams and her kids, Liberty and Tallulah.

Wow, there is so much family resemblance between Louise and Victoria! Can you spot the similarities?

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posh becks giggle 02
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Photos: David Tonnessen/
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  • Bite me

    the pig nose

  • It’s Britney, b*tch

    That was mean…

  • oink-oink


  • fuglyx2

    the similarities: YES! They are both extremely FUG,FUG,FUG!

  • Mediterranean

    They resemble so much but the younger one is the one who EATS!

  • Mediterranean

    They resemble so much but the younger one is the one who EATS!

  • Simone

    Posh,sister,are stupid,enough is enough for those people,why those woman don’t smile??? maybe they should go to the dentist!!!!

  • 2 little piggies

    Two piglets. One starving, the other one eating hers and Vics plate.

  • Zzzzz

    Is the UK on holiday or something? Do these rich-brats not believe in school for their children? Those kids should be in school- NOT being un-duly influenced by their narcissistic, over-rated Auntie and Uncle!

  • Mieka

    Posh’s nieces are cute! Looks like they visited American Girl Place by what the little girl is carrying!

  • Natalie

    Nice to see them smiling

  • lops723

    I cannot believe how similiar their pig noses are!!!

  • Jessica

    9 Zzzzz : 10/17/2007 at 12:53 pm
    Is the UK on holiday or something? Do these rich-brats not believe in school for their children? Those kids should be in school- NOT being un-duly influenced by their narcissistic, over-rated Auntie and Uncle!


    er…yes actually the schools are on holiday in the uk! bet you feel stupid really now!lol!

  • justme

    I think it’s the first time I see her smile…

  • Zzzzz

    Why would I feel *stupid*? I asked the question, didn’t I?… I don’t live there- I live here, so why would I be privy to the school shcedule(s) in the UK? Geeezz!

  • to zzzzzz

    Busted – ha ha – why not admit you were trying to sound all pompous and you were wrong.

  • Zzzzz

    I can admit that I was WRONG, so I was WRONG about the children being on “holiday”, good for them!

  • jesse fan

    She had a really good smile and looks nice when she does – don’t get her rationale behind always having a pruned face in public.

  • Eathan

    I bet this will shut all the haters saying she never smiles, she always smiles when those bloody paparazzis are not in her face!

  • to zzzzzz

    How come you use the term “holiday” — here in the USA we say vacation. Are you sure you are not British.


    These two pathetic losers are out for dinner again! didn’t these dim wits go out for dinner yesterday FFS. With all the money they have you would have thought that they could afford a cook, or could it be there constant need for who*ing themselves out to the media that drives them to go and eat out every night.

    Why should that overrated soccer player actually play for the LA Galaxy when he can get paid mega bucks for pretending to be injured, and still go out for dinner every night.

    Not surprised she doesn’t smile,coz looking at these pics you can clearly see that her nose widens even more than usual.

  • whatever

    Both are mean and ugly robots

  • Zzzzz

    To # 20: It was a play on words… this couple/and her sister are obviously British, so I was using the word “holiday” because that’s how the British say “vacation”… just trying to be funny, guess I wasn’t too successful :)

  • kira

    With all the money they are making due to the following of foolish and averge people, they should be smiling all the time!

  • Katrina

    Very cute. I love them. And if you knew David, you’d know that he’s an extremely hardworking and dedicated footballer. The cr*p he had to go through at Real just to prove that he still had it in him, and all without a word against anyone.

  • Hannah

    Stop, go care about your lives and leave them alone. they have the right to go out. You ppl are just silly.

  • Tealeaf

    OKay the weird kids names didn’t start or stop with Victoria

  • Crazy

    oink oink oink

  • Tim

    no, one totally went Barbie.

  • Ella

    Why is Tallulah or Liberty a weird name???
    I’ve seem quite a few people with those names…
    but i guess that in the USA people find names weird if they aren’t Britney, Jenny, Jessy! I mean those pretty much seem to be the only names the Americans know the rest are all weird to them.

    I think its great that they seem like having a good time, they all look lovely.

  • smooth

    Nice to see them happy.
    But I’m sure David is very sad right now,as Englamd just lost to Russia…
    Tomorrow is very important game and he should be back,big luck to him.

  • http://justjared paula abdul

    I didn’t know she could smile.

  • Billie

    HEY Zzzzz: STFU!

  • Starbucks fanatic

    Posh is so beautiful when she smiles – I wish she did more of it! Gorgeous, gorgeous couple.

  • Jbo

    Her sister is actually prettier than Posh(it)… It’s funny how natural beauty wins over fake plastic beauty ANY DAY! She MUST be the younger sister :P


    Yeah cause only Americans found names like Liberty, Talluah weird WHATEVER! not a common name, Talluah…not common name has Nothing to do with AMERICANS

    Want to generalize..

    Only Britain can put out people like Peter Doherty and Amy Winehouse, Victoria boney Beckham


    ALSO Nobody in may family is name Jenny, Britney

  • Ellie

    Aww how cute are the laughing pictures!!!

  • bataglio

    are we sure they aren’t twins?!

  • ab

    You guys are just jealous! this woman looks gorgeous MOST of the time.

  • Malin

    It’s not often we see Victoria laughing, but it’s nice. Keep up with that woman!
    And by the way she and her sister are much alike.
    I really like the Beckahms..

  • lalalal

    Liberty looks just like victoria! Dark hair & olive skin, thats so cute!

  • Marta

    How good to see Victoria smiling!!!
    I like them!!!

  • nina

    Now we know she smiles.

    Actually, I personally think she looks a lot better when she smiles.

  • Ryan

    Yey there having a good time :D , good to se them getting some time after their long separation :D :D. And I like how all you girls get jealous so easy, saying she has a pig nose. Shes pretty and you know it, just admit it.