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Posh is Pregnant With Fourth Child

Posh is Pregnant With Fourth Child

Is Victoria Beckham pregnant with her fourth child??!!

The Spice Girls performed live in concert at the Staples Center in Los Angeles Friday night.

While performing their smash hit “Wannabe,” Geri Halliwell (Ginger Spice) says, “Easy V doesn’t come for free. (points to Posh‘s stomach) SHE’S PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!”

Watch the video clip below!!! Fast forward to timestamp 1:45 to watch Posh‘s pregnant announcement!! Well, at least that’s what it sounds like!!

Thanks, Miss_nyc! Congrats to Victoria if it’s true and let’s hope she gets the baby girl she’s always dreamed of!! Posh already has three sons with soccer star husband David BeckhamBrooklyn, 8, Romeo, 5, and Cruz, 2.

UPDATE 1: Spice fans say Geri said, “Cuz she’s Victoria Beckham!” Hmm…

UPDATE 2: Here’s another video, which has better sound quality. Judge for yourself!

Posh is Pregnant With Fourth Child??!!!
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  • lipscious

    hopefully, she’ll eat

  • *nialah*

    nah dont think so, she says something about her being a beckham.

  • the-girl-in-denmark

    I really hope´is true!
    It will so nice if was a girl!

  • TheLostGirl

    Um, a TAD presumptuous stating that as fact, that could mean anything?!?

  • Derek

    I think that’s a bit of stretch there!

  • Regina

    Geri and Victoria have always said to have a feud! Maybe Victoria told them as a group and Geri decided to be a bitch and announce it live. LOL.

  • frak

    okay? she’s just pointing at her.

  • beatrice

    Great for her!
    I hope she gets a girl not a boy again!

  • Eathan

    LMAO. People need to CLEAN their ears.

    She’s singing “Cause she’s Victoria Beckham” NOT “Cause she’s having a baby”. LOL.

    Some idiot on Denden came with that, like the whole Staples Center and the media wouldn’t hear that. Hilarious that one idiot can draw such a fake attention.

  • the_original_nika

    LOOl, still acting like 20 y.o and look at melanie C that oufit.. my god lol

  • WTF?

    there are pics of Posh drinking champange the night before.
    She wouldn’t do that.

  • carly

    While I would LOVE for this to be true. There is a picture of her drinking the other night at Mel C’s club show. So, no she’s not pregnant.

  • the_original_nika

    all their outfits, geezz.. maybe back then, just maybe I´d pay to see them, but, now you wouldn´t caught me there no way haha.

  • Hey

    You can’t hear anything from this video, i’ve heard a better quality and she’s singing “Cos she’s Victoria Beckham”.

    And a real Spice fan would know that they always point at her during that part as it’s about her.

  • melly

    I hope she is! you should look at other pics of her! there is DEF. a little tummy! for me geri says”she´s pregnaaaant” (you have to listen to it very closely!!!)

  • debora

    She is not pregnant , is just the music , if you pay attention you can hear that she says nothing like she’s pregnant …

  • miss_nyc

    you are welcome.

    I am sure they are saying she is pregnant.

    We will just have to wait and see.

  • Eathan

    Here’s the link where you can hear properly “Cause she’s Victoria Beckham”.

    No way she said “Cause she’s pregnant” or “Cause she’s having a baby”. LOL.

  • Kecha

    Rubbish..c’mon she’s a FASHION Icon & a Singer & wife of BECkham….u idiotic.

  • Nathaly

    She says “She’s Victoria Beckham” she is not pregnant, please no more children for now :P

  • male

    Yes, Emma and Geri shout “Coz she’s Victoria Beckham”, they always point like that at her since they started performing that annoying song over 10 years ago.

  • Ariana

    what the hell jared are you on crack that means nothing she pointed to her!!

  • Zara

    Geri definietly says:She is pregnant in that clip!Well good for her,i wish her all the best.

  • Ellie

    It really does look like she’s saying that Victoria is pregnant. But there are pictures of her drinking recently which make me wonder if she really is. Hmmm. She does have a little tummy as well:

  • van

    I think I heard “She’s Victoria Beckham”, but i hope it’s “She’s pregnant”.

  • Eathan

    Zara you’re so fucking stupid. I posted the new link. You’re such an ignorant fuck. You too “van”.

  • Eathan

    Oh look another prick who doesn’t read the comments, thank you Ellie you’re a fucking ignorant retard!

  • jenelle

    geri says ‘coz shes a beckham’. nothing about pregnancy what so ever!

  • jenelle

    geri says ‘coz shes a beckham’. nothing about pregnancy what so ever!

  • kathy

    how old are these british has beens again? give me a break!!!!!!

  • jane

    Looks like Posh is not nearly as energetic as the others. She walks up & down the steps while the others are dancing on them.

  • liz

    it seems like Geri says “she’s a Beckham”.
    But I saw some pictures of her with that Golden outfit she wore on the show and she looks pregnant.

  • karlie

    she says “cos she’s a Beckham”
    and what if she’s pregnant…it’s none of our business.
    If she is sooner or later we’ll find out

  • Puhleaze!

    Why would ANYONE CARE if this self-indulged VILE SNOB has ANOTHER BRATTY, SPOILED KID??? As if this world needs ANOTHER Beckham offspring! PUHLLEAAZE! It would be much MORE EXCITING if Geri pushed this vapid, vile, fugly-looking woman clear off the stage! Now that would be MAJJAY!!

  • Julie

    I don’t understand why people who doesn’t like Spice Girls read news (and comment) about them!

    Ethan’s video clarifies things! They don’t say anything about pregnancy or baby!
    And I don’t see where you guys saw a tummy over there.

  • megan

    like you can hear shit off of that! i don’t think she’s pregant though…

  • moviemadness

    I don’t think she is, and for those saying they hope she is, WHY?

  • Dieter

    that´s so wonderful Vicky Becks filled with Davids delecious cu´m for the fourth time. I have the strange fantasy of being spanked and needled by Vicky !!!!

  • Anna

    Geri says, “‘cuz she’s Vicky Beckham!”. Listen carefully.

  • msgudidedmama

    Ok everyone has cleared it up Jared, so let’s take the rumor down??! :)

  • sylvain6823

    venez voir une video d’un rai fan de rihanna sur ce lien:

  • CathY

    It says because she’s Victoria Beckham u gerks lmao
    Im not surprised Geri said tht she sponges of David Beckham she’d b nothin without him.

    She wouldn’t b in L.A 4 a start
    mwah x x x mwah

  • sanam

    i think its cause shes Victoria beckham but awwww it would be awesome if she was pregnant with a girl!

  • baby

    C’mooooooooon, I’m gonna tell fake news on Denden, sure you will write here lol

  • GAbriella

    she says “She’s Mrs. Beckham!” I didnt hear the word pregnant at all.

  • J

    definitely “cause she’s ms. beckham”… not even close!

  • Ellie

    Oh look another prick who doesn’t read the comments, thank you Ellie you’re a ******* ignorant ******!

    I apologise for not reading your comment, and appreciate the link, but I think you’re being a bit harsh with all of that.

  • Jennifer

    I definitly heard “because she’s Victoria Beckham”

  • liz

    It’s clear she said “She’s Victoria Beckham”! But I hope they do try for another kid, hopefully a girl.