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Tennyson Crowe's Perfect Pout

Tennyson Crowe's Perfect Pout

Russell Crowe has a ball (literally) during a family outing at the Sydney Botanical Garden in Australia with wife, Danielle Spencer, and their two sons, Charles, who just turned 4 this past Friday, and Tennyson, almost 18 months.

Both kids look like they’re having loads of fun and how cute is tiny Tennyson!?

It was reported last week that Ben Affleck will be replacing Edward Norton in the film version of UK’s BBC TV drama State of Play. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Affleck will take on the role of a US congressman embroiled in a conspiracy after Norton asked to leave the political thriller. Brad Pitt pulled out of the project in November, to be replaced by Russell Crowe.

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Photos: INCO/Fame Pictures
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  • cybergurl

    Russell Ira Crowe (born7 April 1964) is an Academy Award-winning New Zealand-Australian actor. His acting career began in the early 1990s with roles in Australian TV series such as Police Rescue and films such as Romper Stomper. In the late 1990s, he began appearing in US films such as the 1997 movie L.A. Confidential. In the 2000s, he was nominated for three Oscars, and in 2001, he won the Academy Award as Best Actor for his starring role in the film Gladiator.

  • silvia

    cute, cute

  • sarah

    3rd =]

  • You Know Me

    They all look happy.Good for them.

  • Sunny

    Christmas down under with the Crowes

    The kids are so full of glee… it’s wonderful to see.

  • a fan

    Which kid is which – they look like the same kid.

  • a fan

    Okay I see it – #5 has them both on – very cute little boys.

  • Raichill

    Cute boys. They look so similar.

  • gabterzzz

    him and isabella damon would make a picture perfect couple

  • OLD

    In Pictures: The Most Overpaid Celebrities:

    Russell Crowe

    Crowe once ruled the arena with Gladiator, which cost $100 million to make and has earned $460 million in box office sales alone. But the past few year his fortunes have fallen with duds like Cinderella Man and A Good Year. Look for things to turn around for Crowe with the success of American Gangster, especially if he gets an Oscar nod.

    For each dollar he got paid, Russell Crowe ‘s movies averaged $5 of gross income.



  • smiley

    cute kid though :):)

  • smiley

    Goodnight. Thanks Jared. :)

  • aj

    This family>>>>>>>>Brangelina clan

    Cute. Adorable. NORMAL.

    Thnx JJ

  • Marty

    Very cute boys. Too bad they have him as a father though. The Brangelina clan is way cuter.

    Is Russell’s wife much older than he is?

  • http://blacktennispros.blogspo

    Those are the cutest kids!!

  • Libraesque

    that is probably the cutest kid I’ve ever seen……hopefully he won’t grow up and throw phones at people

  • anon

    Wish I was in Oz, but the only thing I can say is hair conditioner for her.


    very cute!

  • aj

    These boys are lucky they have him as a FATHER as he’s a really hands-on dad and a good provider at that. They are happy kids that are having normal childhood. I can’t say the same thing about some other Hollywood kids. So stfu haterz!



    French actress MARION COTILLARD was surprised by how well-behaved RUSSELL CROWE was on the set of their 2006 movie A GOOD YEAR – because she’d been warned of his volatile reputation.
    Cotillard found the Australian superstar, who was infamously placed on probation after throwing a telephone at a hotel employee in 2005, to be extremely easy-going.
    She says, “I’d been told of Russell Crowe’s reputation, but he’s really the nicest guy.
    “And I’m not doing an American-type promotion. He really wanted people to be happy on the set, and he would do anything to make you at ease.”

  • Helena

    LMAO, him and Isabella Damon would make a perfect couple for the future!

  • http://yahoo Yes

    Learn to love everybody!

  • teenonline
  • Kamir

    Meow marty.

    The Crowe boys are lucky to have, from all evidence, a father and mother who go out of their way to provide a stable family home life instead of hauling the kids around the world, parading them in front of the press endlessly to enhance their fame.


    Jared, you did it again, man! Thx a lot! OMG indeed… Those kids are so very very cute!! Russell and Dani must’ve been over the moon to have ‘em. I’m touched to see how Crowe is so dedicated to become a good father. He’s a doting dad for sure. Hope he gets a baby girl soon, he’d love that. Two boys would mean “smackdown” when they both grow up. LOL!

  • nw

    hope he loses the ponytail soon

  • Hillary
  • Shango_Hispanico

    I love Russell Crowe. His wife looks like something from a TRAILER PARK in Memphis.

    What the hell is up with the greasy looking stringy hair? She looks like a hot mess!

    Cute kids, but the wife surely can afford a trip to the hair dressers to get her ends clipped as well as a good washing and a decent color. Lord, she looks horrid!

  • visa fan

    Russell said to his family you’ll enjoy Christmas or I’ll beat the living wrap out of each and every one of you. Because the Santa doesn’t mess around. :) Ho, Ho, ho?!

  • micah claire

    LOL. The pony tail is for “Nottingham” role. The wife has no excuse for her continued bad hair look from the honeymoon on. She is rather old to do the little barettes and small braid look, however by all accounts she is impressed with herself and controlling in nature so it is doubtful she would take advice. But then, if Rusty didn’t like it…. he isn’t shy, he would say something. The boys are so cute and it is nice to see there is no Nanny around. You can tell the difference between the boys by the front of their T-shirts and the style of their shoes.

    Except for Madame Spencer’s natted tresses, this looks like a healthy family having fun inspite of celebrity.

  • micah claire

    Also, hasn’t the phone incident been over played yet? Old news, boring news, get over it.

  • lily

    Wow, both of his kids are cute. I just wouldn’t have thought.

  • Nisha

    yes, the kids are cute. no need to compare them with other kids/families. everyone is different.

  • musicisourhigh

    Simply adorable little ones

  • micah claire

    I agree. Comparing families, or even the celebrities is unfair when all of the publics info comes from Papppppppaaaaarrrrraaazzzzi. It is however the photographer and writer want to slant the story. It would be fun if the celeb’s could take pics and write stories as inaccurately as the paparrazzi and printed them in 20 languages as truth lol.

  • Gethelp

    I don’t think the phone incident CAN be overplayed. The man threw objects at a human being’s head because he was annoyed. He just got off probation last year – that’s not so long ago to bury under the rug.

    I know his fans always make excuses and tkeep blaming the victim but that is just sick. I hope he has gotten therapy and continues to get it or we will see a repeat. No matter how much he may love his children, people with that kind of anger often end up abusive toward their own families. Constantly apologizing but abusive nonetheless. Sadly this man is very insecure and self-destructive.

  • LoriLori

    The children are adorable, but somebody has got to beat RC back into shape! He looks like a fat old man they tried to hide his big body in A Good Year…tsk tsk

  • Liz


  • Mediterranean

    I used to like him very much. But after reading an article of an Australian journalist about him, I say no thanks for sometime.

  • a realist

    Libraesque @ 12/24/2007 at 4:56 am

    Oh Please let it go will ya. Thats the past.

  • micah claire

    “Get Help” I hope you do get some.

    Halle Berry still drives the streets drunk (3 times, no jail for her), Britney avoids drugs tests, most are in and out of rehab, and our sportsmen take steroids.

    Use your disdain on them, its happening now and young kids see it. For everyone else, let them live down their mistakes when obviously the incidents are not being repeated. Geeez

  • Gethelp

    Why should I get help? Because I call some one a bully when I see one? How does anyone else’s bad behavior excuse Crowe? You’re not even making sense.

    That is typical Crowe fan behavior. Distract with irrelevant references to others. I find it amazing that his “fans” can’t see how wrong he was and fail to understand that without the appropriate counseling he will more than likely repeat himself. It is how he got arrested in the first place. He got away with it too many times in his past.

    He seemed to be quietly on his way back when I saw him once he was off probation on a late night show. It was as if his contrition was all an act for the court because he was backtracking and blaming the victim and talking like the real crime was that he had been arrested and prosecuted. Typical abuser talk. If he had any brains he would realize that he has lost all right to criticize his victim and just be contrite about it.

    Taking drugs may be harmful and undesirable but it is nowhere near as serious as assaulting another human being.

    Michah honey, if you are one of his blind fans who make excuses for everything in his life then you are the one who needs help.

  • aj

    Gethelp ur pathetic and u need to get a LIFE! Russell is doing fine, why keep bringing the same old sh!t which happen eons ago? Get over it already. Geez.

  • micah claire

    Get Help – You make the incident bigger than what it truly was.

    My sons are police officers, they have said $145 fine is nothing. Traffic violations fees are usually higher. You think throwing something at a human being is the worst thing ever. I think driving a car, being drunk, crashing into other drivers, and NOT EVEN ADMITTING IT, APOLOGIZING, OR GETTING COUNSELING and not serving a day in jail is so much worse. It is called “perspective” not being a blind fan. Nester was fired for insubordination – the joy of security cameras of the incident was there for the employers to see. Russell took his medicine for his bad temper, he has done his time and it has nothing to do with his acting profession.

    Get Help, I hope you are able to live down mistakes in your past without suffering fools who constantly bring it back up into your face.

  • Ally

    the long hair needs to go, but i uess its for his movie! lol! his son looks just like him!!!!! :D

  • its me

    Adorable kids, adorable Dad, Mom needs a makeover. I had that hair when I was 16. An updated look and age appropriate clothes, she would look great. I think she is older than Russell, or maybe she just looks it. I’m not sure

  • isabellatrue

    Russell’s obsessed fans have arrived, let’s hate the wife now because after all she got him and they didn’t. ROTFLMAO

    He’s older than her, but you knew that already. Your just jellus grannies.

  • isabellatrue

    “An updated look and age appropriate clothes, she would look great”

    Nicole Kidman, Naomi Watts and all celebrities older than Mrs Crowe can wear all that stuff but don’t let Mrs Crowe. Older celebrities like Elle McPherson who is 42 wear minis and barettes. See a pattern here?

  • its me

    Actually, I enjoy wearing jeans, teeshirts, sneakers myself, and I do not think there is anything wrong with it. I am not a granny, I am the same age as the above mentioned women. But you have to admit there is something juvenile about the way she looks.I also am not an obsessed Crowe fan, but I;m sure you are. Why else you you feel you have to defend someone you dont know

  • Deed

    I have to say, I agree about Mrs. Crowe’s look. Surely RC can afford some decent deep-conditioner for his wife!! And please, pay for her to fix that botched nose job she obviously had!! The ruffled sundress would look adorable on my 7 year old granddaughter!! LOL
    But I have to say, there must be a wonderful woman inside there, because RC sure does love and adore her, and that is none of our business!!