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Jessica Alba: Look at That Baby Bump Grow!

Jessica Alba: Look at That Baby Bump Grow!

Jessica Alba‘s baby bump gets bigger by the day! The mom-to-be kept fit with another workout at Emerson Hall Fitness in Los Angeles on Wednesday. Video footage here!

Alba, 26, and fiance Cash Warren, 28, first met on the set of 2004′s Fantastic Four, where the son of Hill Street Blues star Michael Warren was working as a director’s assistant. Jessica, of course, played Sue Storm/Invisible Woman.

Nice upgrade for Cash, eh?

10+ pictures inside of Jessica Alba‘s growing baby bump

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jessica alba baby bump grow 00
jessica alba baby bump grow 01
jessica alba baby bump grow 02
jessica alba baby bump grow 03
jessica alba baby bump grow 04
jessica alba baby bump grow 05
jessica alba baby bump grow 06
jessica alba baby bump grow 07
jessica alba baby bump grow 08
jessica alba baby bump grow 09
jessica alba baby bump grow 10
jessica alba baby bump grow 11
jessica alba baby bump grow 12
jessica alba baby bump grow 13

Photos: JRI/Matei/Bauer-Griffin
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  • Haylie

    stop working out.

  • Danni

    Wooo 2nd =]

  • The Shiznack

    i really hate this woman

    she is so up her own ass and she cant even act


  • melly

    i’m not a doctor, so i will sound uniformed when i ask this but…

    is it healthy for a pregnant woman to workout this much?

    thank you to who ever answers :)

  • The Shiznack

    C * * T

  • The Shiznack

    if a woman keeps exercising while pregnant she will probably lose the pounds faster after birth – i think

  • peppy

    There is nothing wrong with working out it actually helps keep you and the baby healthy (just dont over do it) If you dont like her dont post!

  • The Shiznack

    she isnt glowing cus she is pregnant with pure evil

    she always has a pissy look on her face

    i dont think cash-cow will survive once jessica’s raging hormones kick in

  • The Shiznack

    well at least her ‘career’ will be over after this so that means no more crappy movies – yay

  • stupid

    I hate this girl she can’t act and you are right she is so far up her own asr she is sickening! I never liked her… and check the score moron, a baby does not keep a man and you can’t turn a ho’ into a husband!!! stupid! he is just not that into you gurl wake up! LOSER!!!

  • stupid

    I will be glad when she’s gone!

  • haylie

    I think JA is a great person, i dont mean anything bad by my first comment which is #1.

  • haylie

    Jessica Alba is awesome, better than “zanessa” by a land mark…they will never get to her level.

  • The Shiznack

    zac and vanessa are so overrated its absurd

    only teenyboppers like them

  • Lola

    I think that although she’s a crap actress, she seems like a really nice person. And guess what? She actually hides from the paparazzi! Imagine that! It’s not a “pissy” look, it’s a “get away from me because it’s none of your business” look. I’m excited for her and the baby and wish nothing but the best for her.

    —see my blog at

  • The Shiznack

    Lola i believe you are talking out ur ass

  • The Shiznack

    ah well tamato tomato – u wish her the best, i wish to punch her

    crack a smile u bint

  • heather

    I wish her the best, the pap’s need to leave her alone.

  • Helena

    God, it’s only been a few days since you just posted her. It’s hardly grown that much since!

  • Regina

    God, if this stupid girl thinks by going to the gym daily, she’s not going to put on baby weight, then she’s an IDIOT!

  • The Shiznack

    cant celebs afford gyms in their homes

    i thought she just bought a new house

  • bataglio

    regina, no, she’s not an idiot at all. using the preggo months as an excuse to ‘eat for two’ and not going to the gym is a surefire way to gain 50-70 lbs. keeping it in check is important.

  • ****

    She’s has no talent whatsoever. Her enitre career is based off of her body. Probably why she’s trying so hard to make sure no baby will ruin that for her, all the working out will probably be good for her later.

  • Wedding Photographers

    You guys are really hard on Jessica.

    I just want to know what kind of car that is!


    love her.

  • lucky

    That ring looks fake!!!

  • duh

    krung krung your’e coming across as a hypocrite. ,anyways everyone knows Jess did what she had to keep her man.. go Jess,haha,,I like Cash.

  • Mystique

    Does anyone know what brand her cap is? I

  • b*tch slap

    +++++++ Ugly little troll fingers she has. She is a B!tCh! SAw her @ venice beach, my friend is, I mean WAS a huge fan and said hi to the *****, and she rolled her eyes and told everyone “Dont you have someone else to follow like Lindsay Lohan?!?” So backin up my friend… I told her “FKC U B!tCH!”

  • ya ya

    she looks like every other knocked up beaner i’ve seen. so much for her being one of the hottest bitches ever…though i never thought she was anything more than just a normal looking messican.

  • It’s dullba

    Ha, Ha! She bought her own ring! Pathetic!

  • cybergurl

    I can’t stand this ungrateful surly bitch. Send her back to the barrio.

  • looks

    She looks like the average girl…she does not look like a movie star. She said she comes from a house of hefers, that is why she is going to the gym.

  • Madonna

    What a bore.

  • Didi

    I don’t know why my husband likes this cow. I can’t stand her. She never smiles and shes always giving advice in the media thinking shes patron saint of all teenage-wh*res around America. So she uses the media when she wants but turns into a grumpy she-devil when the paps photograph her walking out of the gym trying to spot her baby bump. Total bloody hypocrite since you’re the one who announced the pregnancy when you could have kept quiet.

    Be thankful that you’re famous on the back of good-looks alone, and actually get offered parts even though you’re a terrible actress. Grin and bear the paps until you’re too fat or old to get parts. It comes with the territory

  • http://WWW.IHATETOMCRUISE.COM Miapocca

    I youhusband probaly admire her pre prubescent slimness…make sure you dont see him being questioned by chris hansen on to catch a predator:)

    Overrated, got a tv series because she married a an OLD producer , series over, marriage over,,

    Little miss latina here like her the rest of her race that she hates so much will be more likely to spead out of her closet..thats why she keeps working out endlessly..hahaha…she wants to pop out and remain the same wieight..meaning that so extra fat and any weight gain is stricly that from the baby…

    It can be healthy but in her case I dount its for all hollywierd actress, she needs a job afterwards, so its about marketability!!

  • Sophie

    she is so beautiful and simple !! why are you so hard with her ??!! i hope the best for her & cash !! jess you’re HOT !!

  • J

    wow..she REALLLYYYYYYYY is scared to gain weight, EH??
    That said…it is OK to excersise ( to an EXTENT). Most doctor’s dont want you to speed run or sprint. A light jog is fine…and lifting light weights is almost recommended. She will be back to her HOT bod in NO time!!!!!!!

  • blame

    So Jessica Alba fantastic – Ashley Tisdale

  • Astrid

    At least she’s gaining weight. It looks like pregnancy is the new cure for anorexia (see Nicole Richie).

  • b*itchy depp fan

    ITA,Nicole looks fab..Jess doesn’r bother me. Cash is kinda cute.

  • Ruby slippers

    It’s good to exercise when you’re pregnant, BUT you can overdo it. Jessica needs to step back and realize she is gonna lose her figure for a while, it happens when you’re pregnant. She has to understand she cannot keep the same figure throughout her pregnancy. I wish her well.

  • Ruby slippers

    I have nothing against Jessica. But, I think somebody needs to tell her, she does not have to exercise so much during pregnancy, her body is gonna pop back into shape. I had four children and I never had a problem getting my figure back, and I didn’t over-exercise during my pregnancies.

  • Ruby slippers

    I know some people are saying she can’t act, but she never has any problem finding work does she.

  • leave the girl lone

    Jessica is a natually pretty girl. Unlike those botoxed b*tchs Nicole Kidman and Jennifer Aniston you guys are always raving over.

  • macy

    her bumps really is growing! wish her all the best of being a mother.

  • J


  • jason

    i would still do her if she was 50 years old !!! talking about being pregnant she is the hottest thing ever

  • syl c.

    She’s a stuck up b….! Ms. “Don’t call me Latina” should be grateful at least one photographer is taking her picture. Working out and pregnant? Maybe motherhood will make her less hateful. She looks like a cross between mexican and black too bad she doesn’t think so, she thinks she’s pure royalty white bred. Hey, b…. look in the mirror you are definitely Mexican with some Black in your ancestery.

  • missisefron

    our parents are exactly from the same origins!! love her! she is awesome and sooooo beautiful.can’t wait to see little baby!!