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Jake Loves Reese... and Joan

Jake Loves Reese... and Joan

Jake Gyllenhaal has a lunch meeting on Wednesday with one of his PR reps at one of his favorite West Hollywood eateries, the trendy Joan’s On Third.

When Jake spotted paparazzi inside the restaurant, he got up and told them all to leave. SHOO, FLY! DON’T BOTHER ME.

After finishing their meal together, Jake and his rep left in a black Mercedes.

Jake was last spotted with Reese Witherspoon and her kids, Deacon and Ava, over the holidays during a family hike in Malibu.

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Photos: Splash News Online, FUB/Fame Pictures
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  • tony the tiger

    lord he is losing his hair….hard to be a leading man when you are bald

  • C A

    Oh Jake….always so cute! I like him and Reese together.

  • Jonas

    FIRST!!! :-)

  • Lola

    I love the agent’s shoes- does anybody know where to find them?

    –read my blog at

  • Nando

    Jake looks like Ryan Gosling in those pictures.

  • [~Famous~]

    i’m starting to think this guy has some serious issues.


    love him.

  • hef

    I love how Jake’s always with dumpy girls.

    Celebs – they’re just like us!

  • talula

    Hey Jakey, if you don’t want your pictures taken, how about not eating at a trendy place like Joan’s on Third? You’re just an attention-starved celeb like all the others. I used to like Jakey but he seems so weird lately with the fake Reese thing.

  • its good to be me

    # 1,

    You forgot Jack Nicholas is bald AND a leading man!!

    #6 and # 9,

    While I think the relationship between Jake and Reese is real, I do fing him annoying. Why go to a place where celebs hang out to get their pics taken? Everyone knows Joan’s on 3rd is a magnet for celebs and the prazzi. Jake is losing it and his actions makes no sense to me!!

  • me

    LMAO @ poster no 1. Jake’s not losing his hair.

  • me

    Jake doesn’t seem pissed off at all. But it’s really too much when the papz get into a restaurant to take pics, that’s a bit too much i think!

  • Sammy

    SHOO, FLY! DON’T BOTHER ME.???? how rude. anyone can eat there and i am assuming they haven’t even started taking pics yet when jake approached them…….

  • ya ya

    losing his hair??? can’t see that!
    He doesn’t look as hot as he normally does though.

    Attention seeking? because he wants to go eat somewhere he likes?? haters really need need to come up with some new insults!!

  • Helena

    That beard has made me gone off him looks-wise, but he if he shaved it, he’d look good again. Other than that, he’s still a good actor.

  • me

    # 15, the beard is for a movie! :)

  • flowergirl

    Reese is slowly sucking the hotness out of Jake. Every since the beginning of 2007 that they’ve been together, he suddenly is camera shy. I’m sure that’s one of Reese’s orders. As actors, I hope they realize that once no one wants to take their pictures, the career is kinda over.

  • Sam

    WTF, how is Jake acting weird? Because, as ya ya said, he wants to have lunch. It is not like Joan’s is The Ivy. The paps go to far when they enter a restaurant and start stalking and taking pictures. Jake has every right to want them to leave. And please he is not losing his hair! The facial hair is for his movie he is filming, Brothers. Give the guy a break.

  • me

    There are actors who are even more camera shy, like Leo DiCaprio and it doesn’t hurt his career at all.
    The papz went INTO the restaurant to take pics, i think that’s really very intrusive and it seems Jake told them politely to leave. He doesn’t look pissed off or as if he shouted.

  • Cynthia

    Jake is uh, UGLY AND OVERRATED!

  • remember da truth

    Agree he looks like Gosling! But losing hair? Can’t see it. Also, what does that mean you can’t be a leading man? Burt Reynolds, Jack Nicholson, Ed Harris, Vin Diesel, Ted Danson, etc. Any of them ring a bell?

    And anyone ever hear of hair pieces in movies? Jeez, you all must be teenagers who think 30 is old.

  • AC

    Jake is hot and talented always!!

  • Hi jake!

    Jake looks so much happier WITHOUT Reese around!

    But who could blame him? lol

  • chris

    If he wants privacy, let him invite her to his house for a confab. He could do the cooking too, since he is supposedly a whiz in the cocina. He whines a lot. In addition it is very odd that he is spending all his female time with a 31 year old mother of two instead of getting a woman his age or younger to make babies together. Maybe he can’t make babies for some reason and has to mooch on somebody else’s.

  • Kate

    “Jake looks like Ryan Gosling in those pictures.”


    Don’t say that! (sorry Ryan)

  • David b.

    No part of 3rd street is in West Hollywood. That’s Los Angeles. Always has been, always will be.

  • Joan

    lmao, my name is joan. way to confuse me.

  • Nono

    Chris, you are at it once again. What a surprise. Jake doesn’t whine compared to a lot of other celebs. He seems pretty down to earth which I love. He is allowed to go out to eat without paps going into the restaurant he is eating at. He shouldn’t have to hide in his house. And there are lots of ways Jake could have kids so I don’t see why he has to hook up with Reese for that. Do you say the same thing about Austin Kutcher or other actors who date women with kids?

    Jake seems like a good guy and a good actor. I like him a lot.

  • virginia

    loved the faces, hahaha

  • Roux

    Reese is better off without him..

  • Sebastian

    he’s not losing hair,he just got his hair cut shorter plus he’s hot and talented.

  • John

    Please loose The Beard Jake!

  • mika

    Not sure what Reese does to men but she can certainly suck the hotness out of them. Ditch the beard pronto Jake, the fugness is beginning to look terminal.

  • Cynthia

    Jake looks nothing like Ryan Gosling. Ryan is HOTTER!

  • Cynthia

    Ryan Gosling>>>>>>>>>Jake Gyllenfag. Need I say more?

  • Madonna


  • Vic

    “Need I say more?”

    Yes, you do. ARE YOU BLIND?!? LOL!

  • chris

    Nono: I didn’t suggest he “hide out” in his house. I merely said that if he really didn’t want to run into papas meeting his PR woman at home would be a good way to avoid them. Yeah there are lots of ways he could have kids (adoption, making them, etc., ) but he hasn’t made any moves in that direction and that makes me wonder if maybe he finds getting them already made is easier. Anyway few normal guys of 27 would be dating a woman at least four years older with kids. Although one reason could be that she is super rich and he is not. A normal guy would have found a woman his own age or younger, probably unmarried, and go with that. Jake is an oddball, for sure. Being dumped by Dunst, if he was, might have “queered” him. LOL.

  • anom.

    23 – You are absolutely right. Jake is always smiling when Reese isn´t around! Reese is boring!

    1 – No problem If he would be losing his hair. Bruce Willis is bald and a great lead man! But it´s not the case. Jake has got a short hair to Brothers! Remember Jarhead, he is bald too! For while, Jake´s hair is the best of Hollywood!

    34 – Jake and Ryan are good and talented actors but Jake is hotter at all.

    For the others – Leave him eating where he wants. By the way, he seemed nice to paps (maybe cause Reese was far away…). He is hot and seems nice guy to me.

  • icha

    Ohh my god !!! Jake…what’s wrong w/ u
    u can get more beautiful girl than the stupid blonde..
    I can’t imagine u must take care her child
    It’s not fair for u !!!
    and i’m so sad,why u must make ure hair like that !!
    U lose ure shine Jakey
    But i love u always darl

  • icha

    REESE is nothing

  • Lori kundrat

    too bad we missed :)

  • cybergurl

    Jake and Reese are not dating. Jake is a raving homosexual named ‘toothy tile’. Reese is merely his beard.

  • Anon

    ^^^ wondered who would be the first A***hole to say that.

  • me

    “Ryan Gosling>>>>>>>>>Jake Gyllenfag. Need I say more? ”

    No Cynthia, you already said enough cr*p!

  • me

    “Jake and Reese are not dating. Jake is a raving homosexual named ‘toothy tile’. Reese is merely his beard. ”

    LMAO cybergurl, you wish!

  • tina

    Jake and Reese are so fake it’s not even funny.

    Worst showmance in years!

  • Meme

    Tina, yawn that that lame comment. You’re boring.

    I love Jake and I like Reese. Leave them alone already.

  • chris

    Two stars whose careers are interesting to compare are Jake and Dan Radcliffe. Jake is nine years older of course. But the parallels are striking. Both have Jewish mothers; both have parents related to the business but not actors themselves. Both began at an early age: Dan at 9 and Jake at 11. But Dan landed a plum role at age 11 and it has made his fortune ($40 million or more) while Jake was kept by his parents from acting again until he was 20. Since then Jake has had a variety of roles and become a quite well rounded actor. Dan did only one role for six years or so and then decided to branch out to avoid becoming a child actor unable to be seen doing other roles besides Potter. Jake has never had that problem. Jake has a sister who acts also and is perhaps both rival and friend. Dan is an only child with no sibling competition. Both seem unusually normal for movie stars, probably because both have well-off, loving parents who gave them a decent childhood and good guidance growing up. Neither seems to be into drugs or drink or wild nights on the town. There is a lot of gossip about Jake’s sexuality, which he ignores, while there is less about Dan who makes no bones about liking girls…a lot. Both are charming almost to a fault in interviews, and both are reasonably intellectual. Jake likes to cook; Dan likes to listen to bands and read. Both have appeared on the London stage to wide acclaim. How things will play out in the future for each will be interesting to watch. Dan at least is rich enough to survive even if his career tanks. I doubt Jake has that much stashed away. But if he marries Reese and stays married, his money worries will be over even if he never acts again. LOL

  • chris

    I should have added that there was a photo on the net some time ago of Jake dressed up as Harry Potter when he was attending the opening of one of the Potter movies. He had on the Potter-type glasses and a mark on his forehead, a red tie, etc., etc. It suggested to me that he is quite aware of Radcliffe and perhaps, unconsciously, wishes he were Radcliffe. Radcliffe’s parents allowed him to act when he was a teen ager, while Jake’s prevented him from doing so, and as a result Radcliffe has 40 million in the bank, and Jake doesn’t. A bit of envy perhaps.