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Lindsay Lohan: I Really Love My Marc Jacobs

Lindsay Lohan: I Really Love My Marc Jacobs

Lindsay Lohan makes her presence known at Marc Jacobs on Melrose during an all-out shopping spree in Los Angeles on Tuesday.

The 21-year-old actress bought a few items with her assistant and guy friend in tow. Linds carried around a LeSportsac pouch and her Blackberry Curve.

Lohan is currently in a legal battle with the the woman she allegedly chased during the infamous DUI arrest last July. Tracie Rice is seeking unspecified damages, says the incident caused emotional trauma and cost her thousands of dollars in doctors’ bills ($7,000 on medical bills, including a therapist who charges $175 per visit) and her a well-paying $60K/year job.

30+ pictures inside of Lindsay Lohan loving her Marc Jacobs…

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lindsay lohan marc jacobs 01
lindsay lohan marc jacobs 02
lindsay lohan marc jacobs 03
lindsay lohan marc jacobs 04
lindsay lohan marc jacobs 05
lindsay lohan marc jacobs 06
lindsay lohan marc jacobs 07
lindsay lohan marc jacobs 08
lindsay lohan marc jacobs 09
lindsay lohan marc jacobs 10
lindsay lohan marc jacobs 11
lindsay lohan marc jacobs 12
lindsay lohan marc jacobs 13
lindsay lohan marc jacobs 14
lindsay lohan marc jacobs 15
lindsay lohan marc jacobs 16
lindsay lohan marc jacobs 17
lindsay lohan marc jacobs 18
lindsay lohan marc jacobs 19
lindsay lohan marc jacobs 20
lindsay lohan marc jacobs 21
lindsay lohan marc jacobs 22
lindsay lohan marc jacobs 23
lindsay lohan marc jacobs 24
lindsay lohan marc jacobs 25
lindsay lohan marc jacobs 26
lindsay lohan marc jacobs 27
lindsay lohan marc jacobs 28
lindsay lohan marc jacobs 29
lindsay lohan marc jacobs 30

Photos: Danielle/Austin/Bauer-Griffin
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  • yfw


  • elle

    I love Marc Jacobs but not her so much anymore she looks like a white trash ewwwwwwww.

  • apple


  • remy

    gross…does she even realize that she is morphing into her trashy mother??? look at her posing for the camera. what an attention wh*re. p.s. how does she even have money to spend at marc jacobs??? this is one of several things….1.a paid for photo op by the brand (why they would want her hawking there stuff is beyond me), 2.she received some play money for her “services” in italy, 3.she an out of control shopaholic with huge credit card bills, 4.she called the photogs to take the pix and she’s going back to the store tomorrow to return everything, 5.??????
    she just grosses me out

  • sweeeet

    she looks much better than Vanessa Hudgens at least she doesn’t look so plain

  • asia
  • Hailey

    I was just thinking she must’ve gotten some pocket money from her time in Italy #4.. along with what else you said. I doubt Marc Jacobs would pay her for the photo-op or comp her stuff. It’s a well known brand and surely they don’t need Lindsay drunkard Lohan promoting them.

  • sue

    asia #6.. keep your propaganda to yourself. this topic has nothing to do with peta :/

  • CG

    I really hate Lindsay Lohan



  • josephine

    if she is, in fact, spending that money…she’d be better off saving it up. i think we, the public, have better gauged her potential for continued success better then she has. that plus, the pending law suits….she better be saving those pennies for the rainy days ahead.

  • mike

    I agree with #5, I don’t really like Lohan but that Vanessa chick is boring looking. Linds better start managing her money wisely instead of being a spend thrift.. it does run out eventually if you don’t keep taking it in.

  • Daisy

    she used to be so pretty and stylish, now shes absolutely disgusting. she looks exactly like her trash bag mother. gross

  • carrie

    vanessa has a mustache and have you seen her parents???? better cash in before she starts to look like them…barf.

  • Daisy

    and please stop wearing leggings/tights EVERYDAY. enoughh!

  • haha

    #14 made me laugh, vanessa does have a mustache! i haven’t seen the ‘rents, i’m sure they’re a giggle to behold.

  • carrie

    they are ABSOLUTELY HORRIFYING….no giggling…more like a little vomit in the mouth….AND they act like totally crude animals

  • haha

    now i have to check them out! i love hollywood parents, they make me appreciate mine so much more.. seriously.

  • carrie

    well, be brave and try to do it on an empty stomach….good luck! LOL

  • Ha!

    Does she have someone professionally spray paint an orange mustache on her face every day before she leaves the house? She looks so gross, which is sad because she has the potential to be beautiful.

  • flowerpot

    she looks like a broken down whore – what’s with the orange face??

  • Lobo

    She looks old and worn out at 21. Very sad.

  • what ever clever

    !!!! LINDSEY ONLY 3 WORDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    !!!!!!!!!!! WASH YOUR FACE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • alex p

    she kinda looks better in these pics… but still disgusting. too sad, because she does have potential to be beautiful

  • nEV

    love you Lindsay

  • nessa 1#fan

    vanesa hudgens does NOT have mustache. wot the hell people? are u guys blind or sunfing.

  • Yuck

    white trash…..

  • Yuck

    Sorry, but Vanessa is not all that attractive. Her and her gay makeup wearing boyfriend’s 15 minutes of fame are going to be up soon. Unless she releases more nudie pics of herself again or p0rn so she can be famous again.

  • mossy

    she WAS so sweet and promising before. and then when her star started to rise and she got blonde and skinny you should see her interviews and how full of herself she became. she’s just such a sad case.

  • The Arab Aquarius

    start paying linds. you have to pay up for acting crazy and breaking the law. The Arab Aquarius

  • me

    how can anyone even compare vanessa hudgens to her? vanessa has her own style (that doesn’t only consist of the color black) and she does not have a moustache. even if she did, she’s latina, and it would just show her heritage, which is nothing to be ashamed of. at least she doesn’t look trashy and fake like lindsay.
    not to mention vanessa hasn’t been to rehab at all, compared to the… how many times… that lindsay’s been there? i think we all lost count by now.
    if a moustache is the only thing that makes vanessa look bad (which she doesn’t have, i still say), then i think she’s doing pretty well.

  • ( . Y . )

    she look like a 2 dolla crack whore

  • Denise Richards

    Disgusting trash, just like Vanessa Hugens and Pregnant teenage prostitute Miley Cyrus.

    Deuteronomy 7:1-2 When the Lord your God brings you into the land you are entering to possess and drives out before you many nations . . . then you must destroy them totally. Make no treaty with them, and show them no mercy.