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Pierce Brosnan is Shirtless, Wife in Bikini

Pierce Brosnan is Shirtless, Wife in Bikini

Former James Bond Pierce Brosnan and his wife Keely Shaye Smith go for a dip in the ocean in Kauai, Hawaii on Wednesday.

Pierce, 54, was seen shirtless on the beach horsing around with a little boy (not his son Dylan or Paris). Keely, 44, was seen frolicking in the ocean with a mystery male (brother?) in a two-toned bikini.

30+ pictures inside of shirtless Pierce Brosnan and bikini-clad Keely Shaye Smith

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  • food

    gross- moo.

  • http://JUSTJARED CJ

    Wow could not believe this was her went to getty images just to compare the face only photos there were dated 2004 and yes the face does resemble the photos here. What a change. Can’t believe she has gotten that heavy.

  • mrsmeanie

    Why are all the comments about her? She’s not a hollywood starlet, she’s a private person….funny no comments about him – he’s on his way to looking like Jack Nicholson, but I guess that’s okay since he’s not a woman…so it’s allowed, right?

  • so Disappointed…

    I seriously can’t believe you people! Are you all THAT bored that you feel the need to criticize a woman’s weight? You all seem to believe that you are criticizing her weight on the basis of her health, but we all know that’s bulls**t. You are obviously insecure about your own appearance that you feel it is your duty to tell someone that they are not good enough. But you don’t have that right.

    It’s her life, he loves her and nothing else should matter. Get over yourselves and find a life that doesn’t involve telling a confident and beautiful that she is too fat to be worthy of anyone’s love.

    There is more to life than appearance if anyone actually cares…

  • Musicisourhigh

    She is living and enjoying her life so more power to her. Yes, I’m use to her being thinner but you know what I’m sure the extra pounds don’t change who she is inside. I’m glad her and Pierce and a happy and in love couple.

  • MonkeyShines

    I believe Keely is ill. She has some disorder and Pierce has spoken of it only in passing saying something like “she’s beautiful at any size and she’s got an ill so f -off”. And he’s right. She’s beautiful, she obviously loves her body and feel comfortable enough to sport that bikini.

    I say GO KEELY with your hot self.

    And you know who else has a normal sized wife and loves her and her curves? Delicious Clive Owen. He has a plus sized wife that he’s crazy for – thinks she’s a goddess.

  • Lili von Shtupp

    People, admit it — She is a cow. Moooooo!!!

    OMG, now she is skinny dipping:

  • babyray

    There is NOTHING wrong with being FAT (other than health, and if the person is happy that is fine)

    BUT ————— there is something VERY WRONG about using a two piece bikini being THAT size!


  • rp

    #204..this woman is not normal sized..she is fat….she let herself go big time…the only excuse for this is a gland disorder….being fat is not normal…

  • Maria

    what happened to Keely Shaye-Smith?????? she used to be thin and gorgeous! it’s as if she became obese!

  • that bitch

    Thar she blows!!!!
    Hey I know it ain’t PC but I couldn’t resist. LOL.

  • angel hair

    okay, so keely doesn’t fit the contemporary definition of beauty, but i love that she’s comfortable enough to enjoy herself in a bikini.

  • MovieMAdness

    You aLL may not be FAT, but I bet you’re UGLY as hell. Inside and Out. Lets see your pictures so we can pick apart your looks…

  • Tug

    My god, she used to be in shape and a real beauty…wtf happened?! Nothing against putting on a couple of pounds, but she has seriously let herself go.

  • monikka

    SHE IS FAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Those who say she isn’t are insane idiotic moronic blind dumb a$$e$!

  • rae

    Pierce has gained a little but that face is still hot. He’s still the hottest Bond. I admire Keely’s self confidence. So many women are so insecure. I think it probably says a lot about their relationship too that she has that kind of self confidence in her looks and body. Having someone you love think you’re beautiful can go a long way.

  • Maureen

    clapping @ 01/17/2008 at 8:12 pm # 157 Maureen @ 01/17/2008 at 7:15 pm lula29 @ 01/17/2008 at 7:04 pm Well, unfortunately for his wife she has a medical condition that causes her to gain weight, that’s why she’s bigger than she used to be.

    You can tell she works out because she’s toned, so she’s doing the best she can.

    I think she looks great and I’m glad her and Pierce are happy together.


    Well said. There are a number of medical condtions that occur in women that can cause weight gain. Adult hypothyroidism is one and rheumatoid arthritis (the medication is known to cause weight gain in a lot of women). I’ve read that she’s had to battle with weight gain. To stay thin she would have to essentially starve herself. Metabolism isn’t equal in everyone. She’s still a beautiful, compassionate and intelligent woman.

    It’s better than seeing the lipo sucted, botoxed, over madeup women so prevalent in Hollywood.

    She has a medical condition that made her gain weight. More woman should be proud of her than Jennifer Aniston who goes under the knife and then lies about it.

    Keely is a true cute classy woman . No wonder she can keep her man.

    So I showed this to my DH and another gentlemen at his work. As superficial and chauvinistic it may sound……………they both thought she was beautiful and didn’t notice any weight gain other than her chest, they claim noticing other weight just isn’t necessary. Men, I tell ya.

  • Dank moe

    It’s great to see a real woman on one of these celebrity blogs for a change. I’m not necessarily a chubby chaser, but Keely is pretty damn sexy.

  • duckie

    God Bless You Pierce and Keeley! I have no confindence in myself at 144 lbs, 5’8” and usually wear a one piece, but I’m going right out and buy a bikini. Yay for confidence in one’s figure!!!! Mayercraft Carrier here comes a new, confident woman.

  • Save the Whales
  • go sox

    I thought I remember reading something way back about her being diagnosed with something…..not sure though.

  • ElenaBelle

    well I do give her credit for having the balls to be in a two piece bikini and looking like that,really I do!

  • anonymous

    i don’t understand what happen to her she used to be a gorgeous woman, some women take advantage of a man’s love and they let themselves go and it is very bad she looks huge.

  • liza

    Keeley definitely could stand to take some weight off, if for no other reason than for health benefits. I’m not sure that if I was her I would be wearing a bikini. A nice one piece can be both very pretty and slimming.
    Miss America, although you think she is “absolutely disgusting and a disgrace to the Bond man” and others may agree; in the final analysis it doesn’t matter . The only person whose opinion matters is Pearce Brosnan’s. I think it’s pretty obvious that he loves her. Keeley is the mother of two of his sons and the woman he goes home to every day. Nobody puts a gun to his head and says he has to.
    You have to know that if he wanted to, and was so inclined, Pearce could go out and find a much thinner woman. They are all over Hollywood. Pearce has said before that Keeley’s weight is not an issue for him. Personally, I think that says a great deal about the man’s character.

  • discipline

    real woman -you people must be porkers yourself..
    I’m a real woman whatever that means.
    I would never want to be this over weight.
    Of course, give her an excuse -she was sick..well if that’s the case it was long ago.
    The woman likes to eat -get real. and her body shows it.
    Iwouldn’t want to be as thin as Jennifer C. or as fat as Keely.,
    like that poster said there is a middle ground. It’s called SLIM.

  • Rachel

    to anyone that said that she looks like a normal healthy woman, it’s quite clear that she’s not. sure, you can get all upset at the stick skinny women in Hollywood if you want to, maybe if you’re just just healthy but overweight. but her body type looks unhealthy, like she gets NO exercise and overeats.

  • Michaile

    FAT is NOT normal!! Thin is actually normal and natural!
    FAT is unhealthy and it also shows who you are on the inside!
    On the inside you obviously do not care enough about your health or the people closest to you because you allow your body to carry an extra 50 pounds.
    Our country, the USA, needs to stop with the Fat is normal and natural and beautiful bull-crap and start talking about health. FAT does not equal health. Have y’all been to Europe? No fat people. I didn’t see one walking sofa in the 6 months that I lived abroad. When I returned to the US ’tis all I see are gigantic,plaid, mis-matched walking sofa’s.
    BTW, I heard that Pierce’s wife has a horrible thyroid condition that she is trying to find the right medicine for. Alas, she isn’t fat and lazy like pretty much all of the USA.

  • Caroline

    Man, some of you are extremely, extremely rude. You should be ashamed of yourselves for thinking it’s okay to insult his wife so blatantly. Asking “What the hell happened to her!?” or “THAT’S his wife?” is very inconsiderate and appalling. You obviously don’t believe it’s possible for someone as great and handsome as Pierce Brosnan to be with someone like her. I, in fact, think she’s very pretty and, from little I know, a very nice person. You should stop being so unbelievably shallow.

  • ezekiel

    As a young man I’m quite impressed by Pierce Brosnan. I mean, he’s a big star and he could be dating some young skinny hot chick (Hello, Bruce Willis ?) but he sticks with his wife, who I find quite lovely even though she’s clearly overweight. SO what ? Maybe he’s not as shallow as other men, and that’s quite impressive, because you could expect a guy who once had Denise Richards or Famke Janssen in his arms to appreciate only thin/skinny/athletic girls and obviously that’s not the case. They seem to be happy.
    I suspect some of the girls on this board are somewhat jealous because they wish they had a man who loves them for who they are, not because they look Kournikova-thin in a bikini

  • ANN

    DAMMM, how the hell did she go from hot to FAT, what happened. did she eat an elephant or what

  • em

    It’s cruel to call someone names, especially if you don’t know them. However, when did obesity become “normal”? Just because obesity is prevalent in the U.S. doesn’t mean that it’s representative of what is normal. People should be less focused on how she looks, and more focused on her health and how/why she has gained so much weight.

    P.S.~ JustJared rocks.

  • rock n’roll, hey!

    Reading these comments make me feel like I should do workout 3 hours a day starting right now. I’ve gained like 10 lbs or so within last year… and I feel terribly guilty. I have to get in shape! I wanna feel skinny again.

  • remember da truth

    So true – this weight is not a “normal” weight, just what so many fat Americans are used to seeing, which is why anyone without fat over their muscles they call “anorexic”.

    She was thinner, but like most people not in the public eye, she gained weight with kids and getting older, Pierce has stayed with her because he loves HER, and the shallow people here only caring about looks ought to learn from that. He looks pretty happy to me.

    That said, for a fat woman, she looks pretty darned good! The bikini is not an affront as it is on so many women, even thin women. She is overweight, but looking good nonetheless.

  • Alexanderina

    I am sure he has no problem with his wife weigh and good for him. Thanks Jared

  • remember da truth

    #30 you are so right. There is great beauty in the hearts of both Pierce and his wife.

  • #93, actually theres quite a few VERY overweight British people as well. (Not meaning to pick on British people but they’re just the only ones I’ve seen alot of)

  • gwen

    pretty sure he picked up this woman back when she was a TV host and something other then a candidate for the richard simmon’s slim-down. f*ckin’ h*ell, she is HUGE! she struts it like it’s not going to make people wannna lost their lunch. One peice STAT or swim in your own d*mn pool.
    Isn’t Peirce supposed to be some Hollywood sex symbol?? Maybe he’s afraid of the money she’d take with her if there was a divorce so he stays with her.
    Not to be mean, but people this big are usually just due to laziness in their lifestyle and constant eating of bad food. Would I enjoy foie gras or milkshakes everyday? Yeah! Do I indulge like that everyday? No! I want to have a quality life, I want my health, and I care about how I present myself to the world.

  • [~F a m o u s~]

    wow! a fat girl got 235 plus comments. hilarious!

  • Carlie

    maybe she’s pregnant?

  • holly

    i’m pretty sure this woman doesn’t work out.. she’s all lumps and bumps. pretty sure she also doesn’t have a thyroid issue, and if she did they have pills for it and a doctor would tell you to alter your diet in order to deal with the weight issues that come with thyroid probs.
    i have a girl across the street from me, who’s also the size a VW and she struts around in mini skirts and 2-peices all of the time. I guess she figures you have to show skin to get any attention since her bloated face and fatty non-curves aren’t enough to pull it.
    i love all the people that have called this woman “curvy” or “real” btw. chubby may be how lots of women end up, but this lady isn’t chubby. she’s unhealthy obese. and there aren’t any curves to speak of, she’s just a big blob.
    i wonder if peirce ever feels disgusted with her while he’s eating right or working out. i know i would. and i’d leave this chick in a heartbeat if i were him. when someone lets themselves go this far, they obivously don’t care enough to mantain their health. if that’s their character then it probably translates thru the rest of their life, i don’t need to know that type of person.

  • Jason Ortega

    Danm how in the hell is a guy supposed to get it up looken at somthin like that???

  • fyi

    just from the looks of these pics….pierce needs to run quickly from this soo called wife….his first wife was probably his ideal….but this keely is not a good influence on him nor herself…..what a whale!

  • jess

    wow i dont remeber he looking like that…



  • Jason Ortega

    How in the hell is a guy supposed to get it up looken at that???

  • M

    I love Pierce. He is one sexy man! And I admire him even more b/c he loves his wife and isn’t some shallow hal!!

  • parv

    god, u guys r mean.
    y is the focus always on the body shape…maybe u should ask urself if pierce likes his wife this way? tht says a lot for him.
    hats off to her for having the confidence to wear a bikini…
    get a new topic to discuss!

  • jimm johnson


  • Carlie

    Maybe she’s testing his love. To see how genuine his love really is…..

  • Jason Ortega

    All these chicks are saying guys are shallow lmao. Women are shallow cause they wont even look at a guy unless hes got $. All were asken for is somthin we can look at without having to throw up !