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Miranda: It's Getting Hot in Kerr

Miranda: It's Getting Hot in Kerr

Victoria’s Secret angel Miranda Kerr takes advantage of her celebrity model status, posing right before the Rock & Republic Show during Mercedes Benz Fall 2008 Fashion Week at NYC’s Bryant Park on Saturday. (She and Jessica Stam walked in the show.)

The 24-year-old Aussie recently said it was nice that all the Australians could come together and “honor Heath‘s life. It’s obviously a shock to everyone and everyone is still trying to deal with it the best way they can.”

Dimple-faced cutie!

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Photos: Demis Maryannakis/Splash News Online, DK-CV/
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  • Ingrid

    1st ^_^

  • CG

    2nd ^_^

  • PA

    Jared – have you become a fashion show blog ?

    Where are all the other pics ?

  • Stepho metho

    4th ^.^, she is pretty

  • Princess
  • and….

    #3 I agree, boringgggg that blog is geting boring. Why are you even talking about her? Anyway that is your blog……..

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    cute eyes and dimples, but that round mush-head isn’t doing it for me.

  • hmmm

    she is so average looking and I hate her dimples

  • The Arab Aquarius

    She looks so much like Natalia Vodianova, my favorite model

  • http://d johhnythecarzymothafucka

    i bet people are now gonna complain she is wearing too much makeup..

  • Lillianne

    Jared, whoever is taking your place on this blog is LAME LAME LAME.

    It’s the same old thing over and over. Calista Flockhart is Toy Crazy – I see one toy. And It’s Getting Hot in Kerr???? Come on.

    If you sold your blog to someone I hope you made a h*ll of a lot of $$$ because it’s not worth much anymore.

  • lola

    Love her! She’s so cute.

    -read my blog at

  • arabian girl


  • GoGiants!

    She looks gorgeous!

  • yaya

    shes gorgeous

  • Blair

    She looks stunning!

  • Fashionweek

    she was actually in the show…i was there, i dressed her.

  • Miranda fan

    She was on the runway, not in the front row. There are pics of her on the runway at
    The pics of her with her hair down and less makeup are before the show, and the ones where both her hair, and her makeup are done up, are post show.
    She looks fabulous.

  • LOL

    She has a teenage mutant ninja turtle head.

  • less greasy

    Well at least her face looks as though it coudn’t be used to lube a car. Less grease is by far the better look. She is such a nobody, and yet she has been in three posts this week. Someone is sure tyring to push this very average looking, fame whore of a second string model wanna be celebrithy down the public’s throat. The smile is so fake and she works so hard to make sure everyone sees the dimples. I get the feeling that she thinks she is really something very special, and she is so not.

  • Miranda fan

    Ah, the haters are starting to show up.
    What took y’all so long?

  • less greasy

    I see it is hating to have a different opinon then your own. When there are people whose actions you don’t like are you then the hater? I have seen her interviewed and she sounds like a ten year old girl, who is still worrying about if her dress is the bestest. I have reasons for my dislike of her, she is a user and a snotty little git.. I live in NY and have actually seen her treat people at a resturant like crap.

  • boring

    When those chubby cheeks drop from gravity she is going to look like a hound dog.
    A hound dog with big rabbit teeth.

    Anyway, where is Orli, Miranda? He still hasn’t shown up any where near you since you started your name dropping campaign in the press.

  • working it

    Think it is funny about how she managed to work Heath’s name into the conversation. She is really using anything she can to work it and get the publicity even the death of someone she probably didn’t even know that well. Just because they came from the same country , and a pretty large country at that she really had to use his name. That is like someone thinking that if someone in the US died I would be qualified to comment since we came from the same country. She is a user of any kind of publicity she can beg, borrow or steal.

  • OMG!

    I can’t believe she is soo full of herself to say that about Heath. She is not friends with him and if she had an ounce of class she would say nothing.
    That is a perfect example of her thinking she is someone when she is no one. How cheesy!
    “Dealing with it the best we can”??? As if he was in your circle of friends. How low do you have to be to use someones dealth to put yourself forward? Well Miranda just showed us she will do anything.

  • phone hand

    She has her phone in her hand in one picture, maybe she just got off of it after talking to her baby Orlando, who is gonna fly there and be with her any minute. Then her PR people can wet themselves with excitment as they feed off of his fame. Pathetic, funny looking girl. Gravity isn’t gonna be her friend.

  • Dieter

    does anyone know the boots of hers ???

  • zzzzzz

    I think she’s going out with Jared he’s the only blog to talk about that Nobody “Miracabbage face”. Please don’t talk about Orly. Don’t play Jared’s game. OTHERWISE is going to post 5 more posts about her since he’ s got nothing else to post.

  • Superbowl!!!!!

    The Superbowl is starting soon. Be sure to watch for the VS Commercial that will features the angles. Opps, Miranda won’t be in it!!!

    Wonder how long until that contract is dropped also.

  • @28

    Your right, her only claim to fame besides strutting around in her undies is that for a brief few weeks she was Orlando’s maybe girlfriend. It is time for her to go away. Maybe we should all start ignoring the Jared posts about her. Except is is painful to see all of the people on her payroll show up and talk about how beautiful, cute and wonderful she is. Sad to have to have your PR firm say nice things, cuz no one else will. Miranda your 15 minutes is more than up. You are done babe.

  • funny ears

    does anyone think her ears are freaky looking. along with the knob on the end of her nose.

  • sillybilly

    Anyone else notice that’s she’s cute standing alone, but when she’s standing next to the other Angels she looks like a freak?

  • poor girl

    She is trying so hard to be something…”the next big thing” and she just isn’t. She doesn’t have what it takes.

    I agree about the dimples. It’s kind of like pigtails and they’r only cute when you are six years old. After that? Not so much.

  • LT

    She looks just like John Mayer’s type. I bet he’ll be tapping her soon!

  • jamie

    Miranda Kerr is so dam* unattractive. And dimples are really, really ugly.

  • Soooo

    Her face is funny looking. She doesn’t seem like the top model type, more like those in-for-one-season girls.

  • Anon

    Y’know, if you don’t like a particular celeb that Jared features, that’s understandable. People have different tastes. But don’t rag on Jared, jeez. No one is forcing you to come here.



    she seems so friendly ‘n she has a luvly babyface ^^

    just like me haha

  • haters

    Hater: someone whose own life is so shallow and empty, that they waste time insulting people that they will never meet, and then accuse Jared (and others) of cramming said person down their throats. If you don’t like someone, why waste time on them? The more you post here, the more popular she seems, thereby increasing the chances that she will be featured even more often.
    I don’t like Kirsten Dunst, so I don’t look at threads that talk about her. It’s just that simple.

  • sillybilly

    @ LT:

    Yeah, then maybe he can pee on her too! Lol

  • @ LT

    I doubt John Mayer will go for it now-or any other famous person in their right mind. I’m sure word has got out about this girl and how she tried to sell Orlando out. Its’s funny how her ‘fans’ come here to say she is pretty or whatever and get mad at the ‘haters’ but they can’t defend what she did!
    In the celebrity world talking to the press is like being a narc. You will never be in the ‘in crowd’ once they know about you.
    I highly doubt Ms. Kerr will be able to land another famous boyfriend after her antics.

  • LOL @ #26

    You have to love the irony. She is caught posing with her phone for the DT after they hear her talking ‘baby talk’ to Orlando at the Sydney airport. Then he never shows up. Then just last week HE is now caught having a phone conversation and he is YELLING at someone. Ha. Wonder who that could have been.

  • lauren

    She’s not as innocent as she looks, and as someone who associates with her circle of “friends” let’s jut say that her nickname should be Puff the Magic Dragon, if you catch my drift.

    She’ll start showing her true colours – fucking Brandon Davis and cheating on her boyfriend with Orlando Bloom – who was obviously never interested at all (besides wanting her to be yet another notch on his bedpost) is just a few examples of the drama that Miranda deliberately allows in her life.

    Adrian Camilleri, Facundo Pieres, Brandon Davis, Stavros Niarchos III, Orlando Bloom, Stephen Dorff, Brent Tuhtan, Josh Hartnett, Russell Simmons, Vladimir Roitfeld, and the list goes on. (This is just a handful of people she has been with and DOESN’T include the many boyfriends she had in her earlier days, the middle aged and older corporate businessmen, Australian designers, male models etc she has been in casual relationships/ had flings with.

  • Oh look it’s cabbage patch!

    It’s always the same with the cabbage patch girl. She’s always got the same fake poses and smile. She’s going to have to give her PR people a raise. I wonder if it’s true about VS dropping her from the lineup. Maybe that’s why she’s desperately putting herself out there this week. You really don’t see other VS models doing this PR stuff. The other VS models did a Superbowl party last night. We’ll know tonight if she’s in the commercial. She won’t be able to use that to get herself on these sites. She’ll just be another model whose shelf life is about to expire.

  • @ #43

    LOL. Then there must be someone at the DT that she is “very friendly” with who lies for her and gives her free press. Do you know what the link there is?

  • bird

    victoria’s secret D E V İ L

  • lauren

    Oh, and I forgot to mention: when she first moved to NYC in 2004 she became engaged to a high-profile and respected fashion photographer (a google search will probably reveal who he is as she made sure it was listed on her Wikipedia page for several months – YES, SHE AND HER PEOPLE EDIT HER OWN WIKIPEDIA PAGE) but she forgot to mention to the photographer that she was still with her longterm Australian boyfriend (who eventually faced criminal charges on fraud) and THEN she ended up dating to a new boy she met without telling either of them. That’s the kind of lovely woman she is. Oh, and she’s was born in 1983, not 1985.

  • @44

    So, doing runway for Rock and Republuc is PR?? Silly me, I thought that is was her job. DOH!
    Yeah, she was working instead of being at the VS party.

    At least she is working in real fashion still, and not just for VS.

  • girlfriend has been busy

    wow, 47 &43. Some how I can believe every bit of it.
    I know Orlando isn’t completely innocent since he did mess around with her since April and heaped this drama in his own lap, but I do wonder how much she lied to him about the situation with Brent.
    It sounds like she was just doing anyone famous she could to land a high profile boyfriend. Orlando never looked all that interested. It seems like they would hook up when she was in town but he never went out of his way for her or acted like she was his girlfriend.

  • Jughed

    A very good looking lady, skinny jeans and all.