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Miley Cyrus Juices Up

Miley Cyrus Juices Up

Miley Cyrus and her friend Mandy Jiroux, get smoothies at juice bar Robek’s in Los Angeles on Tuesday as an employee chats up Miley.

Smiley will be joining Bono, Brad Pitt, Fergie, Chris Daughtry and Carrie Underwood on April 9th for the second American Idol charity event.

Last year the Idol Gives Back show raised $76 million to benefit underprivileged children.

Miley also recently came out and said that she’s recently been crushing on Ryan Cabrera.

15+ pictures of Miley Cyrus juicing up…

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miley cyrus juices up 01
miley cyrus juices up 02
miley cyrus juices up 03
miley cyrus juices up 04
miley cyrus juices up 05
miley cyrus juices up 06
miley cyrus juices up 07
miley cyrus juices up 08
miley cyrus juices up 09
miley cyrus juices up 10
miley cyrus juices up 11
miley cyrus juices up 12
miley cyrus juices up 13
miley cyrus juices up 14
miley cyrus juices up 15

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  • Sofia

    Sh is very ugly WOW.

  • Vanessa

    first! Why the obsession to be first??

  • Orange Clockwork

    GO AWAY you untalented skank. How anyone finds her music decent is beyond me.

  • me

    aw shes totally cute

  • adsfaefa

    I CANT STAND HER! MY SISTER has an entire wall of her. I have a wall of CODY LINLEY!!! yea man! :]]

  • Tiffany


  • Marcella.

    Thats her best friend Mandy Jiroux.

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]


    she needs a dentist.

  • heyheyhey

    isnt that mandy from the miley and mandy show??

  • mae78543


    miley and mandy look so pretty :)

    that guy they are flirting with is HOT

  • me

    she’s adorable! cute and casual!

    she always seems so bubbly and friendly =)

  • courtneey

    she’s looks pretty!

  • julia

    that worker is good looking haha

  • jobaby

    aww miley looks cute and so does mandy.
    love their show.

  • Jonas Fan

    Yes first!
    (i think)

    You’d think with all the money she has she could at least get more than a white t-shirt

    even her friend Mandy (in the picture) doesnt have as much $$ as her and she manages to look more dressed up than her

    And Miley please buy a brush b4 you have Amy Whinehouse’s hair

  • Abby

    Miley looks pretty in that picture

  • adfdasfads

    ahah, the guy looks kinda like brad pitt from the side.

  • lauren


  • agirlnamedjerry

    Um… Who cares?

  • me

    i don’t understand why people comment these archives just to say that they think the person is ugly. obviously someone doesn’t think she’s so ugly if they’re taking pictures of her and putting them on websites like this. so her teeth aren’t perfect, big deal.
    i think a lot of people on here are ugly but you don’t see me saying so through comments on every update about them. i like to spend my life doing things that actually matter to someone.

  • suzyq

    What’s up with her grills?

  • Charlotte

    SO, how many times do you think she’s called the press saying where shes going to be?

    SHe’s a pathetic little dumbass.

    Hello, new Britney!

  • oh Angelina!

    What a doll!

  • i hate miley&ashley tisdale

    i can’t stand this little bitch, wannabe superstar! i bet she loves the attention and actually we dont care about her everyday life

  • Amy

    28th!!!!!!! LUV HER!!!!!!!! MY FRIENDS SAY I LOOK LIKE A BLONDE VERSION OF HER!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Christina

    haha i wonder why she hangs out a lot of time with MANDY? isn’t Lesley her best friends. ooh never mind. You can have more than one best friend. but it’s weird how she is hanging out with her now than Lesley. does she hang out with her because she can drive??

    that guy she’s talking to looks like brad pitt if you squinch your eyes a little. (haha)

    umm i like her but not a big fan of her. its weird i know. Its like something about her that makes me want to punch her in the face. i really don’t know what but ughh. i can’t put my finger on it.

    WHERES LESLEY? her bestfriend whose name is in one of her songs “Can’t Wait to See You Again?” something like that.


  • Amy

    29th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHE’S THE BEST!!!!!!!!!! I LOOK LIKE HER!!!!!!! MY NICK-NAME IS HANNAH MONTANA!!!!!!!!

  • Amy

    Um… Christina? The song’s called “See You Again”. Not “Can’t Wait To See You Again.”

  • popcorn

    hahha miley iss soo pretty and toa all haters fuk u :)

  • kylie

    baha thats the same place zac and vanessa go to get smoothies.

  • alexa

    lesley lives in tenesse .. that’s why miley doesn’t hang out with her as much as with mandy who is her dancer and is with her all the time … like practicing and stuff so they are really close

  • Claire

    uuugg.. she bugs.

  • Amanda

    I think she looks raelly cute, I like her shirt, I know it’s just a plain white T-Shirt, but I love the whole triangle thing going on. I like her, she hasn’t done anything wrong. And whoever said they look like her and their nickname is Hannah Montana I highly doubt that because she has a face that nobody else looks like. No offence. Her mouth, her nose, her eyes, her everything is different than anyone’s I have EVER seen before so I doubt you look just lke her or anything close to her. I think you’re just saying that because you’re probably some little 11 or 12 year old who is obsessed with her and would do anything to look like her, but let me tell ya, it doesn’t pay off to pretend to look like someone else. Again no offence. I love Miley she’s is a good role model, not great but good, the Jonas Brothers are much better in my opinion but they are a completely different story.

  • Kiki

    she looks a bit orange but she looks really good.


    Stop hating! gosh some people have no class.

  • babysis

    She looks really good and that guy looks kinda cute!

  • G

    i’m not hating on her or anything..but seriously what the hell is wrong with her lips? and her teeth? they are hideous.

  • Brea

    I love Miley! She’s so awesome and seems like one of the most funnest people. Mandy’s pretty sweet to. =)

  • zephi

    What’s wrong with what she’s wearing? Not everybody has to dress in the latest fashions with designer duds. She’s wearing what she wants, admire that.

  • livelaughinl0ve

    Her friend looks a bit like Zac Efron.

  • kelli

    what happened to her big, fake teeth that she had at the hannah montana movie premiere? did she have to take her dentures out to go get some juice?

    and she should seriously consider brushing her hair once in a while.
    and maybe trying some NATURAL MAKE UP?

  • Deni


  • Michelle

    Miley looks so pretty!!! She’s such a great actress and singer. and, I love Hannah Montana!

  • Amber


  • legs

    where will be the venue of that event?

  • jes

    It’s funny. Everyone’s like oh she should fix her teeth. Then if she does, everyone goes crazy saying she shouldn’t have done it. They’ll all say that she’s conforming herself and teaching little girls everywhere that they need to be perfect…the usual bull everyone likes to complain about stars. It’s ridiculous.

    I highly doubt she’s calling the press. If she wanted attention, she would go do something crazy in front of the cameras. And if she was calling the press, don’t you think you would see her more?

    As for the make up thing, she’s 15. At the age of 15 every girl, well maybe not every girl, but most girls like to experiment with make up. I think people are forgetting that she’s an actual teenager. She didn’t just wake up one morning being thrity years old because she got famous.

    And her clothing is perfectly fine. She doesn’t say, “Oh I need to wear a Valentino gown because I’m going to going to go hang out with my friend.” I’ve gone out in shorts and a t-shirt to go to the Chinese place.

    I get the whole, everyone has their own opinion. But sometimes people just don’t think about things before they say it, which they should.

    My last not: CELEBRITIES ARE REAL PEOPLE. They are allowed to have faults. It’s what everyone secretly loves about them, knowing they are normal people. She’s a teenager. At least she isn’t getting pregnant or shaving her hair off. (let’s cross our fingers this doesn’t happen to her. I think enough tween hearts have gotten crushed.)

  • me

    AMEN TO JES!! #48, Totally and completely agree!

  • trish

    she suck cant sing boo woohh!!! you think your cool because your famous butt head



    i hope he doesn’t get sick because of hER!!

  • Cyd

    she is soooooo flirting with him!!!! ewwwwwww! He’s the juice guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • LINA

    i love miley she rocks