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Miranda Kerr's LAX Lift-Off

Miranda Kerr's LAX Lift-Off

Victoria’s Secret angel Miranda Kerr (sans boyfriend Orlando Bloom) departs from LAX airport in Los Angeles on Monday.

Kerr, 24, recently landed the UK cover for Harper’s Bazaar. During her interview, the Harper’s reporter noticed the photo background on her BlackBerry showed her and Orlando kissing—and not in a “just friends” sort of way.

“It’s nothing, it’s just a phone,” she insisted. “That’s always my problem. I wear my heart on my sleeve.”

20+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr‘s LAX lift-off…

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miranda kerr lax airport 01
miranda kerr lax airport 02
miranda kerr lax airport 03
miranda kerr lax airport 04
miranda kerr lax airport 05
miranda kerr lax airport 06
miranda kerr lax airport 07
miranda kerr lax airport 08
miranda kerr lax airport 09
miranda kerr lax airport 10
miranda kerr lax airport 11
miranda kerr lax airport 12
miranda kerr lax airport 13
miranda kerr lax airport 14
miranda kerr lax airport 15
miranda kerr lax airport 16
miranda kerr lax airport 17
miranda kerr lax airport 18
miranda kerr lax airport 19
miranda kerr lax airport 20
miranda kerr lax airport 21
miranda kerr lax airport 22
miranda kerr lax airport 23

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  • Jaded

    No male pregnancy pls, that comes with man b00bs! I’m definitely not ready for that one! (too late, I have visualized it already, dang…)

  • @301

    He already has man boobs. Remember those X17 pics of dinner with Leo?

  • Jaded

    Any non-skeleton guy has boobs if leaning forward. If he kept his back straight it wouldn’t look like that.

  • bueno

    OMG A glorified page 3 girl>>

    Is it just me or does she look like a man laid down? lmao

  • sillybilly

    OMG! Where the fuccc are her tits?

  • josh

    ugly girl

  • anyone

    Wow you can see her ribs, she statng to look like Orlando’s ex bones.

  • scary

    That is scary looking, and not sexy at all. Orlando has always said he wouldn’t do total nudity in a film I wonder how he feels seeing her displayed for all to see. 2003 she was just 20, sometimes descions made at that age are not always the best ones.

  • Hi Sophie!!!!

    Or do you like to be called Tantara??


    Ding Dong the witch is dead! It’s time to sing….it really really is.


    Mia, you’re amazing. Thank you. Whoohoooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh, and about the DT…yea, they were silent last week for a reason. A very good reason.

    Ooh, happy day…it was a happy day…

    awe, don’t you hate when guys say: “ifonly the circumstances were different”…”sometimes the right people come into your life at the wrong time”. It’s all code for he just isn’t into you and by ‘if the circumstances were different”…they really mean if the circumstance was that you were someone else.

    Oh, how I wonder what Orlando thought when he saw that HB article. Bet there was no more hiding behind the lies and he knew she really did play the press. Wonder how Miranda felt about those Rumer pictures going to an aussie tabloid?

  • Wasp

    #309. What is going on? They have split? Where is this news?

  • josh

    ugly unhealthy messy stupid mean not nice person

  • silly

    When people talked about Miranda and her friends posting here I thought it was a bunch of hogwash. I mean the girl is almost 25 although she doesn’t want to admit it. She has a life and why would she want to read this crap. But after reading that interview with her, I think she and her friends and enemies might post here after all. Her interview was so very high school, that I think that is where she is stuck emotionally and mentally so I can see her not being able to resist reading all her press even if it is crappy press. She seems the type that would make scrap books of every mention or picture that has every appeared about her. And mommy and daddy probably do too. I wonder if they are proud of her even though she acts like a slut. They are her parents and they ushered her into the world where there are drugs, meaninless sex and few morals other than do what you have to. to ever you have to, to get ahead. It is not a world most parents would want for their daugther I believe. It makes them believe that the only thing of value they have to offer is their body and their looks. Not a very healthy outlook on life.

  • Wasp

    BTW doesn’t Miranda look like Brendan Fraser? The resemblence is uncanny!! Urgh Orlando you have been having sex with a boy/man! lmao

  • hey miranda

    Just wondering what you will do next? You won’t get another famous boyfriend, unless you go to the level of a brody jenner. Word spreads fast. No one a-list is gonna want to take on your reputaion especially knowing how you have used people in the past.
    Oh dear, you might have to make it on your own talent. Your 25 year old talent ! Bahahahaha.

    I wonder if E online will write a headline “she USE to f Orlando Bloom”.
    You should hope so since you probably won’t get much more press than that so take what you can get girl.

    Did your parents keep that E online article in the family scrapbook with the Daily Telegraph “you are a sl++” article? They’ve got a real collection now don’t they?

  • @312

    yes, the have posted here.

    hey sophie, sup?


    Why is y’all going on as if they have split when I can’t find anything saying that. I doubt they have!


    Girls- girls-girls-
    If you are thinking they have split because of people saying it because they “know” her then be careful… It may backfire, I’m not saying you are wrong, because hellfire they MAY have split, I’m just saying caution ladies- if more pics/quotes come out you will look fools falling for “insider” stories hook, line and sinker.

    I want them to split as I cannot stand her squidgy face around him! But I don’t want to be premature.

  • irish lassie

    #309 couldnt agree more!! ;) ;) ;)

  • bataglio

    @241 – yes, big t-its turn me off, too cow-like. whatever in the he-ll made you think i’m a guy… so quick to jump to conclusions

    @the ‘join us’ genius – one doesnt need to READ, merely paging down reveals your obsession w/this chick, your insecurities vis-a-vis her, and the fact that you very likely know her somewhat well but know you will never shine as brightly as her. just so amusing to see a no-name like kerr garner this number of posts solely due to a hater, such a reverse effect. lilo’s only got 15 or so posts, kerr is obviously hotter than lilo, wow! good thing you’ll run out of aliases w/your limited processing power, otherwise miranda would be on par with brangelina’s posts, and that’s no mean feat on jj…

  • @319

    lol. if you didnt read them how would you know they weren’t post all in her favor? Duh!

  • @319

    And you call others venomus. You seem to have a touch of the snake in you my dear. I can think and reason and act my age instead of like someone permantly stuck in the role of high school mean girl. I think an advanced degree from a good college may make for a longer career arc than hers will be. And as far as looks go, I would match mine against hers anyday. The thing is that is not all there is to me, I can also add, subtract and put more than two sentences without giggling like a 16 year old. In 2 years or less people will be saying Miranda who, but I will have the makings of a life long career that depends on brains and not using my body as a sex object. I am feeling pretty good about that.

  • irish lassie

    It makes perfect sense to me why a lot of girls seem to like her- they arent threatened by her non curves and average looks.
    If she was blonde, drop dead gorgeous and had a “usual” curvy figure with breasts, I think they would be singing a different tune..
    As for feeling jealous of her, why should I? Her face is a bit yuk,her body is nothing special, I look great in a bikini and my underwear as Ive often been told.
    I wasmore jealous of Kate Bosworth’s face, at least she has a classic beauty look and really good bone structure!

  • eric


  • Take it to the bridge


  • abc is as easy as 123

    You lot are pathetic, she’s absolutely gorgeous and any body saying other wise is dong so out of jealousy because i bet she pisses all over you lot in every department and that obviously must grate on you like hell haha PATHETIC

  • errrrrrrrrrm

    I can’t believe that people actually go out of their way to log on to this site in order to just bitch about people they’ve never met before. You can say what you like about Miranda but i bet she would never be sad enough to stoop so low. I hear there’s a LIFE on sale on ebay maybe some of you should pop along and put in a bid if you catch my drift

  • deeply Dibbly

    I love her, she’s as HOT AS HELL

  • Jaded

    OH, the PR section logged in. :)

  • ~k

    Seems we are all talked out concerning this topic. *shrugs* Just the usual “She is hot”, “No she’s not”, “yes, she is”, “Go, get a life…” etc. She is boring when she is not with OB.

  • 8675309

    You assume all have not met her?
    That isn’t the case.

  • mariah

    She’s sweet and has great personality.Considering Orly, they are beautiful together.

  • @325

    love love love your response. anyone who doesn’t think the cabbage is pretty is a fat jealous hater? you keep telling yourself that honey, I’m sure it makes you feel better.
    let me be specific for you. the dimples look like dents. her face is greasy. her boobs are flat, her face looks squished,she has no real stand out features, her nose has a weird point, her lips are not full-especially on top. she does not have the making of a great model.
    yes, she did some underwear work, (pushup bras are great)but she will never be a classic.
    in fact, the clock is ticking…tick tock, tick tock….it’s almost her 25th birthday. time to celebrate the end of her career.

    and to the person that said randa would never ‘stoop so low’ to post on a board about people she didn’t know, your really the best comedian of them all. she has done worse many times.
    i also would consider long term cheating(with more then one person possibly) on a boyfriend who gave the world for her a lot worse.

    but please keep us laughing anyway.

  • @328

    That is funny, it is odd how all the good stuff comes in clumps, makes me wonder if she is doing it. Look at the times, sounds like she and her friends have an coordinated effort going on. Maybe if she gets enough people to log and praise her she can tell herself that the rest are crazy jealous haters. That way she can pretend she is still the super model on the cusp of a huge career with the Hollywood hottie on her arm.

  • hmmmm

    This is interesting ml?in_article_id=533669&in_page_id=1794

    How does he get out of a contract at the last minute like this. And maybe he did make a flying trip to Asia around the Oscar’s time or right after, and Miranda thought she could use it as an excuse. Or maybe he really was in Asia and those pictures that were so oddly put out by Demi were to make everyone think he was in the States. They could have staged those pictures anytime. Some people thought the pic with him and Jen at the before Oscar party looked odd. I can’t believe he would turn down a role in a great British film to do Kung Fu, maybe he thinks the stuff he did as Legolas is what made him popular so he is gonna go back and do some more of it. Reclaming glory. I think for him it is all about the money, and they love him in Asia so they probably were willing to pay him a lot more than the British indi film wanted to, especially since his was a supporting role.

  • wow

    When it shows up on MSNBC it kind of makes you wonder

    I am beginning to think maybe the stinky story wasn’t a plant after all, and didn’t his old girlfriend complain that he wasn’t the cleanest person in the world

  • @334

    the oscars pics had P-diddy and CD and Rumer..all in the same clothes from oscar night. Doubt they were going that far for the silly joke.

    Also, there were several reports of people seeing him there-not just one or even two,

    there was also the blog sighting from the night before of someone who is a friend of an olove member so she wouldnt lie.

    btw: I think you are the same person who started that rehab rumor here and possibily the other fansite you frequent. You always jump to the wildest conclusions with no evidence at all. At least try and think it through a bit. Speculation is one thing but dauym, you take the cake. Think first.

    If he went to asia again, it might have even been after the oscars, its been a few weeks almost or perhaps a day or two before.

  • @334

    also, he was seen in LA with real picture proof just a day or two after the oscars so no need to assume he had to go to Asia oscar weekend and pictures were doctored just because you read something that suggest he might be in a movie.

    the picture with him and JA was in Variety. They are not a sleaze rag that doctors pictures and what would be a motive for them to say he was at some night before party? Gee wiz, calm down. Or give Carmen a call.

  • Jaded

    I think I’ll wait for confirmation for more reliable sources about his pull out from this movie. I like to get news from different places before I give them credit. Might just be me.

    @335 – too bad Heath Ledger died, they used to include him in these lists too. Now it would be tasteless. And Keanu was a favourite to be mentioned in articles like this. Even Brad Pitt in his younger years. Remember? Guess it doesn’t mean a thing. And even if it would, how many of us would be close to these guys on a daily basis to smell them? So as long as they do a good job, I just don’t give a damn.

  • @335

    Why does that mean it couldn’t have been a plant by randa or her people?
    That article just means they are all picking up on the old story. Just like how fox news just ran yesterday something about the HB story. They are just late to the game with the stuff that has been floating out there for a while.
    MSM gossip is not much better then any other gossip blog.

  • @336

    for someone who doesn’t like to jump to conclusions you sure jumped to a lot of them here. I have no knowledge about him other that what I read, so how would I know anything about rehab, so WRONG, I didn’t start any rumors. I gossip and speculate based on what is published like every one else does. And cue the werid twilight zone music, now you have knowledge of what sites I visit. Spooky, and again WRONG. And do you believe the aliens actually landed at Roswell too?
    Tell me what site am i supposed to be hanging out at, maybe I am missing some good stuff out there?

  • @336

    I think the poster was just commenting that since he was gonna be invloved with this movie, and Miranda’s people put out a message that the reason she didn’t go to any oscar parties is because he was in Asia, that maybe he really was in Asia, if not on Oscar nite maybe some time round then. that sounds like it could happen

  • pnk

    He might have gone again but I doubt he would be concerned about photoshopping pictures to make it seem he was in LA.
    What about this is that serious that he would need to do that?
    But yeah, he might even have lied to her and then came back early and went to the oscars. If so then he would know she does talk to the press for sure.

  • Booyaks

    My guess is that in NY the HB info came out as she did not look happy when he left. Granted it could have also been b/c the paps were there or she was just sad he was leaving. Who knows… just my thought.

    I hope his next role is astounding and helps resurrects him. The UNO commercial was hot but a play off his carefully constructed image, which is now in question. He is a hot commodity but whats underneath is less and less appealing.

  • @334

    I thought in NY she loooked kinda desperate. Like she had followed him to the car even when he didn’t want her too, hoping he would relent and they could work out something. Like that sick feeling in the pit of your stomach when your boyfriend and you have had a fight and he has to go and you want it resolved before he does. He didn’t even hardly look at her or speak to her and she was standing there looking like her dog had died.

  • lol

    I thought people who visited his other fan boards didn’t come here to hang out with the crazies. seems I was wrong. Wonder why those who have sainted him would show up here to read all this crap about he and his chicklet.

  • hmmmm

    Hmmm. The DM site about the possible new movie says the article is no longer available. I didn’t get to read it;what did it say specifically?
    I’d be disappointed if he backed out of the Indie to do this. I think he needs to repair his reputation and mend some bridges in the UK and its industry. I thought taking the “An Education” role kind of signaled he was willing to come back and be a team player so to speak.
    Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

  • hmmmm

    Should have added: plus, I think the ‘education” movie itself sounds interesting.
    I really don’t want to see him attempt another action hero/star role. Enough already!

  • dm post-to 347

    This was on imdb. I think its a cut and paste of the dm post

    Orlando Bloom gives his bit-part the chop
    Not sure if this is true or not but Daily Mail reports that Orlando has given up his role in An Education to star in Johnny To’s movie The Red Circle. The rumour about this Hong Kong kung-fu flick has been around for quite some time but there hasn’t been any confirmation or official press release about it and Angie wrote to the Event manager of the Cafe de Paris and was told that Orlando has pulled out of An Education production.

    Orlando Bloom is doing full on martial arts training for a Hong Kong kung-fu movie. It means Bloom has had to drop out of the small role he was going to take in An Education, which has just started production, with Carey Mulligan playing a teenager in Sixties London who comes under the spell of a charismatic – and totally unsuitable – older man played by Peter Sarsgaard, who introduces the girl to a high-living lifestyle. Bloom was to have played a friend of Sarsgaard’s character. Instead, the fastrising Dominic Cooper will play Bloom’s role.
    Mr Cooper will be seen this year in the screen version of the hit musical Mamma Mia! (still in the West End), and opposite Keira Knightley, Ralph Fiennes and Hayley Atwell in The Duchess. Meanwhile, Bloom is limbering up and getting fit to be in Johnny To’s movie The Red Circle, which will film in Hong Kong. By the way, An Education is based on a memoir Lynn Barber wrote for Granta – it was adapted for the movies by Nick Hornby.

  • link
  • Jaded

    Some fans are hyperactive; they have already added this to his Wikipedia entry:

    In 2008 he signed on to play a small role in the British film An Education[16] but dropped out to take the lead in Johnny To’s film Red Circle[2].