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Miranda Kerr's LAX Lift-Off

Miranda Kerr's LAX Lift-Off

Victoria’s Secret angel Miranda Kerr (sans boyfriend Orlando Bloom) departs from LAX airport in Los Angeles on Monday.

Kerr, 24, recently landed the UK cover for Harper’s Bazaar. During her interview, the Harper’s reporter noticed the photo background on her BlackBerry showed her and Orlando kissing—and not in a “just friends” sort of way.

“It’s nothing, it’s just a phone,” she insisted. “That’s always my problem. I wear my heart on my sleeve.”

20+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr‘s LAX lift-off…

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398 Responses to “Miranda Kerr's LAX Lift-Off”

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  1. 151
    It's there people Says:

    It appears that Bubbly and Gloomy are together indeed. Notice the ring, notice the watch and notice the same clothes, just as he does. Makes it hard to tell when events happen when the clothes are the same. More to come on these two…

  2. 152
    Elle Says:

    the DT said it was a shoot for a major mag with Randa and Delta.
    That could have been the Elle one then.

    The Herald says she was in LA the next time for work with VS around 10 days later after a stint in Morocco. Even with her getting there on Thursday fits with that HS piece.

    It really does add up that both articles were correct.

  3. 153
    eric Says:


  4. 154
    ~k Says:

    @#148: No, I can follow your point. The only problem is WHY THE F+++ DOES IT MATTER WHERE SHE WAS??? I don’t care if she was in Morocco, LA or Taka-tuka-land at this point…so why still talking about spilled milk?

    And I don’t know Tantara but she comes across like either one of MK’s friends, MK herself or one of her pr-people. We will see if she was right with the Elle-issue, the homepage-announcement, etc… This all sounds a little bit like planted marketing to me. I could be wrong but it sounds strange.

  5. 155
    Asia Says:

    Maybe he did go to Asia at some point -like right before that when he left NY,so they through that in as in excuse not thinking there would be pictures.

  6. 156
    @154 Says:

    because people were assuming she had ben in LA for 2 weeks hanging out with Orlando just because she was seen at the LA airport and that obvious wasn’t the case.

    And it does make a difference if she was in LA working oscar weekend since that would place her there and still not going.

    still following along?

  7. 157
    @154 Says:

    I hope someone who calls themeselves Tan-Tara is not her pr person, although it might explain a lot of things.

  8. 158
    ~k Says:

    @#156: The same I said before. If she was there with him the last two weeks, they obviously hid pretty well. So, bottom line is that we meant the same. If she has been in LA seen with him I would care. If she has been in LA not seen with him I don’t. If I did the second thing I would have to care about every **** she makes.
    I would like to see if she goes to London with him while shooting that film?

  9. 159
    @145 Says:

    Can’t find a link for that aricle in the Sun. Can someome post it if you find it.

    Also, I think that is a tabloid(ish) type paper also. I think it was being confused with the Sydney Herald that is the respectable paper there.
    Not the Herald sun.

  10. 160
    Jaded Says:

    @148, no English is not my first language, but I don’t see a contradiction. I never said I knew where she was at a certain date. I just said she disappeared for awhile, which is no big deal, she’s not (yet) famous enough to be followed around by paps, but he was gone too, and we usually get a few pap pics of him walking his dog or at least some sightings. I thought, regarding the relationship of these two, disappearing would mean one of two things: break up or make up. To me, her appearance at LA hints at the latter, but as said, I know nothing, I never claimed to have any insider knowledge. I just gossip about theories for the fun of it.

  11. 161
    Interesting! Says:

    @151, the ring hmm… interesting! Well problem solved no need to debate it, they’re together and all the best to them. I’m out, the way they handled it was weird, really weird. Good luck in the future Orlando, I am not buying the “image” anymore.

  12. 162
    @37 Says:

    Yeah, apart from the sad, sad, hateful etc. etc…

    what makes you think Orlando is about to sign on to a new movie (besides An Education)? I do hope you are right.

    I really like that Miranda doesn’t use lots of makeup, spend hours on her hair and which clothes to wear when she is on her own time – makes her more natural.

  13. 163
    @161 Says:

    that ring isn’t on her ring finger.
    What’s the big deal?

  14. 164
    @159 Says:

    This is the full article. The MK bit is buried midway through:

    Songbirds’ musical about themselves
    5 March 2008

    NEW besties Rachael Beck and Kate Ceberano are pooling their talents to write a musical together.

    The pair hardly knew each other before starring on It Takes Two, but they hit it off and are using their downtime on the singing quest to write the stage show.

    The duo found that they had a lot in common, including the stress of trying to balance a hectic workload with motherhood.

    They decided to make the similarities in their lives the subject of a musical.

    “We just met and clicked,” Beck said.

    “The musical is about birds in a cage, which is like a metaphor for our lives and other women facing the same pressures.

    “We’re having a lot of fun writing it — and it is great, we can give ourselves all of the good parts.”

    The pair expect to take the two-hander on the road this year.

    Miranda has Britain covered

    DEMAND for hot Aussie model Miranda Kerr just gets stronger.

    The latest addition to the stunner’s rapidly growing resume is a cover shot of the April edition of Harper’s Bazaar in Britain.

    The magazine goes out to 250,000 British readers and is highly respected in fashion circles.

    Kerr has gone from strength to strength since she was selected as a Victoria’s Secret model, but she isn’t letting success go to her head.

    “I do not think you ever get used to seeing yourself on the cover of a magazine,” she said. “It is exciting and daunting all at once.”

    The squeeze of Hollywood A-lister Orlando Bloom, Kerr is in Morocco for a shoot before heading to Los Angeles this week to work with Victoria’s Secret, and then to her home base in New York to finish her book, a healthy guide for young girls called Treasure Yourself, with her editor.

    Keanu in town

    HOLLYWOOD heavyweight Keanu Reeves is heading to Melbourne next month.

    He will be in town on April 14 to promote his flick, Street Kings.

    Reeves, who made The Matrix films in Sydney, is expected to be the guest of honour at a red carpet premiere of the thriller that night.

  15. 165
    derick Says:

    there is nothing wrong with looking free and natural but SHE IS SO MEAN, VAIN, AND 100%NOT PRETTY

  16. 166
    l.a. times Says:

    the daily telegraph put out that delta/miranda piece 2/26 oz time but that is really Monday AM 2/25. That was before all the rumer rumors were making the rounds so they didn’t know what was coming next.

    then two days later 2/27 the l.a. times also referrs to a shoot-but says she stayed home to get her sleep. They probably couldn’t deny the shoot at that point since there would be documentation of it. Still never said her being in ny was a factor.If she was in ny why not the ny-post page 6.

  17. 167
    6 Says:

    She is only about 5’7″ and it is easy to tell it. Orlando is almost 5″11′ and when she stands next to him in four inch heels they are about the same heigth, If she was 5’9″ she would tower over him in heels that tall. I have read other places that she is not as tall as her bio says, and they have tried to lie and say she is only 22 when she will turn 25 next month. For models it is all about shelf life. She has been modeling for 10 years and she doesn’t have much to show for it. A lesser known VS model and one they don’t use very often.

  18. 168
    pale patty Says:

    Yes, if you look at the bottom of her butt cheek to the bottom of her legs you can tell she isn’t that tall.Those are not long legs.
    She is standing on her tiptoes for a reason. She is afraid someone will see her flatfooted.

  19. 169
    My Sharona Says:

    @163 I think they are referencing the ring b/c it looks like a ring Bloom was seen wearing recently but that’s my guess.

    As for her height, if they can’t get her age straight then why the height? She’s probably 5’4 and 28 years old. Orlando is probably 5’8 and 36 years old. Who knows?!

    Still cannot believe the book Treasure Yourself, WTF??????????????

  20. 170
    @169 Says:

    no kidding.
    why doesn’t she just write a sex manual for young girls and teach them how to please their older men.
    At least it would be more honest.

  21. 171
    Jaded Says:

    I always laugh when twenty-something people write an autobiography or a manual on life. How much do they know? Whatever.

  22. 172
    My Sharona Says:

    OMG I googled the book and there are people wanting to know when it comes out so they can buy it b/c she is a VS model. Again I say WTF, I knew nothing of this girl until the Orlando connection and with all that has been said as of late, is Treasure Yourself, a guide to striking poses in panties, f-king Orlando Bloom or whipping?
    What is the world coming to…geez!

  23. 173
    nah Says:

    #151-???. Oh stop messin’ with ‘em.
    Rings ain’t the same and not even on the correct finger, and as for the watch and clothes-wtf? So she wears clothes, a ring and a watch and that’s proof they are together?
    And yes of course it doesn’t mean their not together either so…..?

    Of course we’re going to be hearing more about these 2, that’s what Hollywood Golden Couple PR is; she likes bragging and Mr. Privacy really doesn’t mind it. He wouldn’t choose to be with her if he truly did.

    So she’s been working the past 2 wks and he’s been????. Just like the last weeks they “disappeared” and everyone started doing the celebration conga. Too soon.

    Face it. Everyone’s just going to have to wait and see if the txt message post was accurate. No offense anyone, but I ain’t holding my breath.

  24. 174
    nah Says:

    #151- forgot to add. I like your nicknames for them.
    I can see the play on his name, but is it also short for Gloomy Gus?
    Soooooooo long ago; oh the memories……

  25. 175
    Jaded Says:,2933,337011,00.html

    Victoria’s Secret Model Miranda Kerr, Orlando Bloom Caught in Lip-Lock

    Australian native Miranda Kerr, the newest “Angel” on the Victoria’s Secret team, may still be acting coyly about her blossoming bond with Orlando Bloom, but all was exposed in her recent interview with the U.K. version of Harper’s Bazaar magazine.

    After insisting that she and the “Pirates of the Caribbean” actor were “just really good friends,” the reporter apparently noticed a very interesting photo on the supermodel’s BlackBerry wallpaper. The snap reportedly showed the genetically blessed pair in a, well, pretty passionate lip-lock. Whoops!

    We can’t help but question the communication in the rumbling romance: New York-based Kerr was in Los Angeles for a photo shoot over Academy Awards weekend, but according to her home-grown publication The Courier Mail, she was “fending for herself” as Orlando “was in Asia for work-related commitments.”

    Hmm — so how did he end up Kerr-less (and instead getting super-friendly with Rumer Willis) at the Oscar soirees for both Madonna and Prince ?

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