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Sarah Larson Hits the Runway

Sarah Larson Hits the Runway

Sarah Larson, aka George Clooney‘s girlfriend, models one-piece bathing suits on the runway for LA Fashion Week at Smashbox Studios on Thursday for the Ashley Paige Fall 2008 fashion show.

Larson, 29, began dating Clooney, 46, while she was still working as a cocktail waitress in Las Vegas’s Palms Casino Resort. Lucky for her, she received a major upgrade!

Sarah seems to be carving out her own career as a runway model now!

25+ pictures inside of Sarah Larson hitting the runway at LA Fashion Week…

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Photos: Michael Buckner/Frazer Harrison/Katy Winn/Getty Images for IMG
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97 Responses to “Sarah Larson Hits the Runway”

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  1. 51
    legs Says:

    i used to like her before because she never really cared for the fame but now seeing her doing the runway – i changed my mind.

  2. 52
    pookey Says:

    I agree nothing special! She must be a nice person or something else LOL…

  3. 53
    Shannon Says:

    Whoa have you guys even watched a fashion show or seen pictures of them? Models always have that much make up on. I think she is really pretty! I dont care if she has alot on and is super skinny. Shes gorgeous. She does not look like a man.

  4. 54
    pOINT Says:

    Why do we promote these people? Who is she, but some desperate and stupid girl who’s dating hollywood emotional midget George Clooney? She’s like generic girlfriend number 101 or something. George Clooney will move one to a 20-yr-old son. Even when he’s 72 he’ll be dating 20 year olds. Why? Because he can! He won’t marry any of them and doesn’t want kids. He has made that clear. Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?

  5. 55
    JunoFirst Says:

    Well, she definitely have a runway model bod, plus seems she’s able to pull it off. No offense, but am sure a number of us have that and able to do that, so knock of with the envy criticism. :roll:

    But back to Sarah – I have to say the eyebrows are waaay tooo fierce. Let’s hope for the purpose of just the modeling gig.

  6. 56
    Jan Says:

    I don’t think she is very pretty, and she is way too skinny, but hey, whatever floats your boat.

  7. 57
    zoe Says:

    those bathing suits did not flatter her. there is too much make- up on her…she looked ten times better on the oscars red carpet! she’s got a very exotic, tall and good figure. i wouldve believed she’s actually a model if i didnt see the name sarah larson

  8. 58
    t cup Says:

    Clooney gets alot of inspiration from the people he works with and his friends, than he likes to go home to a bimbo!!!

  9. 59
    Starrynite Says:

    George’s latest young thing is not particularly pretty but she is slender and looks like she takes good care of her body. You know the old saying “she has a good personality”. Bet she is having fun and can’t believe her luck at landing George Clooney. George has a record of not keeping them around to long but this little (not so attractive) waitress might be just the one that snags the aging playboy and starts cranking out kids like Annette Bening did for Warren Beatty

  10. 60
    Don'tbecruel Says:

    George Clooney’s latest girlfriend, Sarah Larson, worked at the Palms Casino hotel, first as a cocktail waitress then as a VIP hostess at a club in the same hotel making $200,000.00 a year!!!


  11. 61
    not attractive Says:

    the girl is not pretty at all. she gets away with being ok looking because she is really skinny but she has no figure. what does he see in her. i think it is weird that a man like george, or any accomplished man would want to date a 29 year old cocktail waitress. that just screams that she has no ambition or intellect. but i guess the less intelligent the more she will be enamored with him and the more he controls the relationship. i guess she can also travel around with him since she doesn’t have a real job. also, that ashley paige chick is a ******. she is nappy. the girl was so rude to the kardashians when the modeled for her & she was on the hills & was so rude to lc.

  12. 62
    Callthefashionpolice Says:

    One word… HEINOUS

  13. 63
    John Says:

    Geez go eat a CREAM CAKE! Skinny ***** with no tits.

  14. 64
    ace tomato Says:

    The makeup for the Ashley Paige runway show was hideous on all the models. It’s not really fair to judge Sarah Larson’s looks by how she looks in this show – seriously, have a peek at the models:

    They all look like a mortician did their makeup.

    Larson did rock the runway though – she looks professional. God knows she is built for it. Good for her – if being George Clooney’s girlfriend got her noticed, well, it should. HE noticed her. She has a certain something.

  15. 65
    katy Says:

    Well, the girl certainly shows no intelligence when she opens her mouth. Her ability to carry on a converstion is stinted at best. No wonder he tells her to keep her mouth shut! Suppose he doesn’t want the whole world to know he’s sleeping with a complete idiot!

  16. 66
    ? Says:

    “Sarah seems to be carving out her own career as a runway model now”

    CARVING is good, seem the only way to get her through.

    She is not beautiful at all. She has more makeup on than a geisha, and still ugly.

  17. 67
    Orchid Says:

    27 Buttercup @ 03/14/2008 at 12:17 pm

    George has a thing for waitresses. Doesn’t anyone remember his long-time girlfriend, Celine Balitran??
    Wha happened to her?

  18. 68
    lola Says:

    I absolutely love George Clooney but I have to say, the fact that he is dating this “waitress” is somewhat bothersome to me. I remember when he was dating Krista Allen, he didn’t want her to do this erotic tv show called Emanuelle because he thought she was better than that but she did it anyways. So it is weird to me that he would be okay dating this girl. we have all seen the pictures of this girl with cooch hanging out and she does have the smell of trash on her. I do think she is pretty but I find it so weird that George is so smart and has so many smart friends and he dates this tartlet? It kind of makes me have less respect for him. At least that French waitress he dated was actually studying law when her met her and at least she had class.

    And what VIP hostess makes $200,000 a year? Clearly she was a high -paid hooker. I am very disappointed in George and unfortunately have a feeling he may actually hold on to this one. It makes me like him much less. At least Matt Damon’s wife doesn’t look trashy.

  19. 69
    Terraprana Says:

    Yuck, Yuck, Yuck
    He is almost old enough to be her father
    He looks old enough to be her father
    She has her body and youth and not much else
    She worked in a place where rich men pay for and use
    young women that are willing to trade on their looks and bodies
    George Clooney should be ashamed he’s nothing but a dirty yucky old man preying on a young piece of *** for his sexual gratification –because he can – Yuck As for her, well if it walks like a duck and sounds like a duck. . . .must be duck

  20. 70
    katy Says:

    As far as the pictures go…..I think George is in a race to get them off the internet. First you hear about them on a website, then you go to it and BOOM…..they’re gone. Must be costing him a fortune to save her dignity even though she herself had no value for it until she “hooked” up with him. Also, I too have lost all respect for him. Makes you wonder about all these causes he goes on and on about. Is he really interested or is it just to make him look good? He’s obviously such a pansy in every other aspect. I think he is a fraud. The way he talked about it on the red carpet made it seem as if it was just an afterthought for him.

  21. 71
    GusanoDeLuz Says:

    Clooney must have some big emotional issues that keeps him from finding an accomplished woman closer to his age that shares his philanthropic ideals and would work with him on his many humanitarian projects.

    Instead he picks the baby bimbo of the year to haul around and show off like a proud sugar daddy. How can anyone continue to respect or listen to him concerning his many views if he appears so superficial and shallow in his personal life

    He’s starting to creep me out big time

  22. 72
    Alison Says:

    I certainly don’t see model material in her…. I guess it is not what you know… it is who you know (or who you sleep with).

  23. 73
    vegas vamp Says:

    Here are her Vegas “modeling” photos:

    and =sarah+larson

  24. 74
    Rawmix Says:

    Wonder how she’s enjoying the anal sex with George. Give’m 2 years.

  25. 75
    JD Says:

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