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Hayden & Rachel: New York, We Love You!

Hayden & Rachel: New York, We Love You!

Hayden Christensen and Rachel Bilson take in a few moments on the set of New York, I Love You filming on location in Greenwich Village, New York City on Wednesday.

Previously we caught Hayden trying to get his game on while Rachel was rocking her new blond ‘do during a scene.

Hayden celebrates his birthday on Saturday and turns 27! Rachel turns 27 in August.

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Photos: Asadorian-Mejia, Splash News Online
Posted to: Hayden Christensen, Rachel Bilson

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  • Daniela♥

    Say it with me guys “AAWWWWW”♥

  • kroq

    Who’s directing them?

  • thanh.


  • Laura

    Gorgeous girl.
    Nasty man.
    Nasty couple.

  • dan

    they are so cute together ! i’m happy she’s not with adam anymore, even if they made a cute couple too. i just prefer hayden and i think they are the best !

  • Oh no

    Oh Jesus, look at all the paps surrounding them. It’s no surprise they look harassed.

  • Irishdreams


  • pathi!

    Cool ..n_n — but i love NY but i hate Hayden u_u ..

  • Megan

    i rekon she looks good blonde

  • marina

    I love Rachel Blonde or brunette

  • Katie

    Gorgeous couple.

  • oh snap!


  • luna

    She’s beautiful

  • Jessica



  • Isis9

    Ack. I’m so tired of this celeb couple I could just puke, and they haven’t even admitted being a couple yet! Of course, maybe that’s the point. Once they actually do come out with it and admit it, everyone will be so tired of them that they’ll be left alone…Boredom is a good strategy for keeping the papparazzi away, since they both say they hate it so much. If indeed they’re just friends, good friends, then one could wonder how healthy the relationship is (like maybe seriously co-dependent) since they seem to be glued together. Hayden said in a recently interview that he was in a better space emotionally, but it sure is hard to tell.

  • voice of reason

    So is anyone left thinking they are not a couple?

  • e

    well there are a lot of “couple” signs.. but only in the spending copious amounts of time together department..still NO touching, hugging, or any affection shown towards one another in the entire YEAR since they started being photographed together.

    so if they are in fact, a couple.. it is some kind of strange ass relationship.

  • Katie

    Rache and Hayden are cute

  • Marley

    They are dating :)

  • karmakey

    I’ve been a huge fan of his for a long time, but honestly, I am sick to death of seeing these two constantly everywhere together. I get it, they’re together. Good for them, but do they have to do EVERYTHING together? Take a break already. It’s okay to have your own life and be your own person.

  • lissa

    Rachel is so cute!!!

  • Lauren

    # 20 karmakey

    Is the love :)

  • ugh


    No you are wrong. They are BEST friends,but yet playing a couple again….ugh annoying as f**k!

  • reba
  • Clarice

    she’s wearing a Sarah Jessica Parker BITTEN jacket! woo woo!

  • emma-australia

    Hehe I wouldn’t like it if she really did have a blonde bob but she looks adorable for the role. Hayden looks even hotter with the facial hair and his shoes are cool.
    Them together, in another role again, is kinda annoying but nonetheless I can’t wait for its release. Yay!

  • jasmine

    It’s been that long since Star Wars, wow!

  • csxyz

    I can’t fathom the director/producer wanting them to be in a short together. Why, after they just did a movie together? It makes no sense at all.

  • motherearth

    I think this was prearranged during the time Jumper was #1 and some dumb fool thought it would be good to put them together..Friends maybe lovers definatly not he lacks a sense of emotion around her that men in love have and he doenst have that look.. and that wig GOD can we say a bad julia roberts..

  • emma

    Man the blonde wig was a BAD idea, hope it looks better on screen she looks ridiculous

  • purplehearts

    Their friends & they were filming as a couple so therefore yes they will be pictured close together like that

  • purplehearts

    This photo

    Her hand is in her pocket as well as the other photo of them close….still not proof to me of more than friends sorry

  • Kim

    “I can’t fathom the director/producer wanting them to be in a short together. Why, after they just did a movie together? It makes no sense at all.”


  • kroq

    I swear, you that keep denying are starting to sound a little crazy.

    That’s it.

    Hayden Christensen has the most irrational fans I have ever encountered.

  • Kim

    “I can’t fathom the director/producer wanting them to be in a short together. Why, after they just did a movie together? It makes no sense at all.”

    A real couple staring as a ‘couple’ in movies back is just the cousin of a reality t.v. show like Keven and Brittany. It’s just another way of doing the very same thing: exploiting your romantic life for publicity and as a turn-on for them.

    They can disguise it as “just doing an art house film together” but the bottom line is that starring together as a couple in this manner when they are dating is real life is just another version of a couple reality t.v. (she’s even wearing the sames type of clothes she always wears but is trying to look like Natalie in that blond Closer wig…) and they think because it’s a movie, and and ARTHOUSE movie, that it somehow makes it less tacky. It does not.

  • csxyz

    What do you guys make of this picture? You have to admit they look cute!
    Look at the other pictures on that page too. There are a bunch.

  • Kim

    I actually have more respect for the couples who do reality t.v. over this – this is just ego overkill, who do they think they are? Using there coupledom to get choice parts in movies? That is not playing fair and it’s tacky!
    Especially for Rachel as nothing can convince me that she would have got the part if it was not for Hayden.

  • csxyz

    Didn’t Natalie have a pink wig in Closer?

    Come on, you can’t seriously blame Rachel for how she’s styled, although I admit that the both of them look like they’re wearing their usual style of clothes, minus the blond wig.

  • Claire

    hmm.. she kinda looks like kate bosworth with blonde hair! pretty! but i will always prefer her as a brunette. it suits her.

  • beats_me

    HC is dressing up as a SLOB again yet you could really distiguished it if hes filming or not coz thats the way he is even in real life…

  • LOL

    Im a fan of Rachel but she looks like an IDIOT!




  • kikilove

    WOW Many her fans are chatting this on my favorite community called M y i n T e r r a c i A l m a t c h DOT C o M where I met many cute, black, WhIte boys.

  • Steph

    Leaving their looks and relationship aside, THEY ARE TERRIBLE ACTORS. They shouldn’t have been paired together! And I’m being honest here. They are gonna ruin this movie.

  • voice of reason

    So many people need a reply:

    @beats me: For the role in the movie on a basketball court, you think hayden should wear a suit?

    @kim: you prefer watching 2 people in a sham marriage on reality TV?

    @Kroq: at least you seem reasonable.

    @PH: At least you are honest in your thoughts without bad mouthing, I’ll give you respect for that.

    Most here seem like 14 year olds, that have a problem with Hayden being a typical almost 27 year old. The man wears designer clothing for most of his life, and because he dresses down to relax you think he is a bum/slob/trailer park trash?

    I hope those that have a problem with how he dresses remembers that next time you go shopping, make sure you put on a outfit worth between $3000—$5000. Because you would not want to look like a slob right?

    And for the record-Hayden wears design casual clothing that most here could NEVER afford. As for being unshaven, could someone give the E-Mail addy for his Manager/Agent so I can inform them that a bunch of 14 year olds don’t like it, because Hayden is growing up and does not have that boyish quality anymore.

    Sorry for the rant-just can’t believe how stupid some people can be. Can’t wait for the replies :-)

  • FINN

    They’re really getting so much DISSING these days.. DESERVINGLY SO!

  • km

    Rachel looks like a nasty Phillipino prostitute in that wig getup!

  • shannon

    aww i think thier cute together but i would always like her with adam brody but if thier happy more power to them

  • hues

    @ # 41 – but she looks like an IDIOT!

    She doesnt just looks like an IDIOT coz she REALLY is like that in reality!

  • voice of reason

    @ #45
    Let me guess you submitted half those post’s and wanted people to read it which is why you typed the link. Congrats it worked, only thing is most of them are full of hate for no reason.

    Fangirls for both people please try to understand these 2 points:
    1: Rachel and Adam are over, not going to get back together. Get over it.
    2: Hayden and Natalie no proof it ever went on, they are not going to get together, get over it.

    I’m having fun now, bring it on.

  • ugh

    @Voice of reason

    do you think they’re dating?
    -since you put your input into every damn thing someone else have to say! :lol: