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Destiny Hope Cyrus No Longer

Destiny Hope Cyrus No Longer

While Miley Cyrus‘ legal name has been Destiny Hope Cyrus, she officially got her name changed last week at a Santa Monica Courthouse.

Miley‘s dad Billy Ray told Oprah he had a very special reason for giving her that name. “I had this vision that it was her destiny to bring hope to the world,” Billy Ray says. “And as a baby, she just kept smiling all the time. So her name was Destiny Hope, but I started calling her Smiley. Then as you start talking to a baby, you start dropping the S’s off the front end, and pretty soon Smiley became Miley.”

Lawyer William R. Sobel represented the Hannah Montana star at the Santa Monica Courthouse on Thursday morning, and the change was made official by Supervising Judge Gerald Rosenberg, reported Fox News.

“She was never referred to as Destiny Hope, ever since childhood she has been Miley Ray and the family wanted her common name to be her legal name,” Sobel told the court.

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  • imhotyourenot


  • cc

    I like that miley better destiny hope reminds me of a stripper name

  • tannia

    Yea i like miley ray better!!

  • jonas fan

    i like miley it’s a unique name. i like the bangs on her ( not nessceraly in this pic) but now she sort of changed it into a side fringe.

  • pwee


  • hennaa

    Miley’s awesome =D

  • shaza

    i like the name Miley more than Destiny Hope, this is gr8

  • Jen

    If you take her “bad” picture and put it next to the picture of a back shot of Vanessa Hodgeson (sp) dress she wore to the premeire for Disney,
    there is little difference and Disney is being a hipocrite

  • Jen
  • kim

    what a dumb as* i never heard of a 15 year old changing their name couldnt she at least wait shes worser than lindsay lohan

  • Jen


  • http://hsm-rocks daniel

    vanessa is better

  • Jan

    She brought MILLIONS of $ to DADDY DEAREST. Now he has dropped his daughter for her brand. The jerk cares more about MONEY than his child. His posing with her and allowing her to pose topless with the satin sheet around her proves he has NO LOVE for his child only for her BRAND. I HOPE her DESTINY is to find someone in her ADULT life that loves her for just being herself. Her father needs a big kick in his rear end.

  • rolling eyes

    She gave hope to the world alright, no actually she gave hope to girls her age that posing sexy is alrighties as long as its “artistic”

    especially if madonna backs you up….

    Disney is a huge hypocrite but would they care, thats like expecting paris hilton disappear… unfortunately both wont happen =(

  • Sharon

    Miley is on her way to being the next
    Lindsey Lohan
    Britney Spears
    Jamie Spears
    Paris Hilton
    Nicole Richie e.t.c…..
    Her parent seems to care to much about money thats why they really changed her name. Wait untill she gets 18 we will see her really cut loose. This is how Lindsey Lohan got started, I can’t believe Dina Lohan is starting her daughter Ali on the same route. These parents are so into getting the money untill they will not know when they lost control. Soon it will be Madonna’s kid Lourdes, then Becks boys, Britney’s boys, Suri Cruis, Apple & Mose Martin and Angie Jolie’s bunch of kids. You would think these parents would learn but greed steps in. Some how this world of show business is not good for kids to grow up in.


    well thats good cuz destiny is a ugly name and miley is very cute


  • becca

    old news..

  • Maria

    I think this name change has alot more to do with money than anything else. Their parents are shamefull but I guess it’s the nature of the beast to sell your kids.

  • booyay

    Her dad has a cheesy ass excuse for giving her a goddamn awful name

  • Dundee

    Her “destiny” is to bring hope to all of the horny young guys that she’ll be flashing her kitty by the time she’s 18. The next Lohan for sure.

  • LINA

    ilove miley

  • Nicole

    Jared not only is this old news, it’s boring as hell. What has happened to this place?

  • clem

    i swear this happened ages ago

  • Vanessa


  • Sassy

    When I read that she wanted to change her name. I was really disappointed that she was given a beautiful and meaningful name!!! I have been a Billy Ray fan since 92 and remember when she was born. I am sorry people take the Lord’s name in vain to express a view. I am sure deep in her father’s heart he is sad. I believe later in life she will regret this. Thank You.

  • j

    frikkin old news. wtf?

  • 007

    Wasn’t this from a year ago =S.?

  • *me*

    yeah she’ll regret it!

  • !@#%!#&%#^(*$^(

    She’s a terrible rolemodel for kids! I don’t understand why parents say.. Oh I rather have my kid looking up to this sk4nk than Paris, Lindsay, Britney’s sister (whatever her name is) etc… They are all the same…
    The media is just waiting for this one to slip… which won’t be too late… I mean those leaked pic online! Were awful…
    But the picture with Annie Leboivitz was AMAZING!! she should not regret that one EVER…
    she should regret the bad decision she makes to expose her green bra… etc
    I can’t believe she apologized for the Vanity Fair pictures and not for her all those pictures of her antics…

  • Peter

    Who really cares about this girl ?!

  • Chris

    The name sounds like a back woods hillbilly name. Miley is way better and a little more professional.

  • jayme

    does anyone know her realy myspace page. you know the one with all the picturess

  • http://FLODEO Miley

    miley is more better!! i like very much

  • ilovejustjared.

    i agree with number 22 for sure.

  • ilovejustjared.

    who even cares about miley?
    ‘im soo sick of seeing her everywhere.

  • natiii

    stop saying stop dissapointing miley
    miley is a beutiful name
    also destiny hope is
    miley is a popular singer all her fans love her
    and they will always
    i love supporting her no matter what if you dont like her k but you dont have to say bad stuffs about her she is just a popstar she is not another lindsey lochan lindsey lochan is worse then miley.vanessa hudgens took worser pics of herself naked.and you still like her why dont you like miley leats miley wore something on her like a bra and vanessa didnt oki
    so stop

  • miley cyrus tickets

    I thought this happened awhile ago.. I guess it was officially legalized.

  • Linda

    This is just the tip of the iceberg. Stardom mess with your head. Young girls can’t hand it. You can see it in her interviews.

  • wow

    destiny is such a white trash name! miley is so much better

  • wow

    destiny is such a white trash name! miley is so much better

  • anonym

    i think miley ray’s also cute
    but i prefer miley!

  • haha

    haha yeah she is a slut…..haha the next messed up disney girl

  • Miley Lovers

    own, I love this name, Miley :)
    She’s so nice, I love SO MUCH Miley and she’s a good girl
    People think she’s a slut, she’s going to be like Britney and blahblah
    nope, cause she has head, that was just a photoshop artistic and you americans are all like “OH GOD SHE SHOWED HER BACK! WE’RE GONNA DIE”
    OMG, some famous ppl take pictures SO MUCH HORRIBLE than these

  • vhiel

    i think i like her old name better.. although there are some people that would rather be called not by their real name.. like me.. so i guess thats alright..

  • vhiel

    good for her

  • Chanel


    I love the name Miley!

    Miley is awesome

  • ashley

    i thought she said she legaly changed her name like 3 months ago

  • eddie jones

    she’s finished. This is a clear example of the abuse of our courts. If your little girl just wanted to up and change her name I can assure you it wouldn’t be granted. She’s a washed up childstar and hopefully she’ll disappear instead of corrupting todays youth with her twisted lifestyle.

    I blame the parents just like I do for all the nonsense involved with the spears girls. It’s the parents that want in the limelight. It’s mileys parents that are doing all this. Miley should be taken into protective custody or given to another family member better suited to raise a young girl.

  • katie

    no one cares, god