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Tom & Katie are a Baldi Bunch

Tom & Katie are a Baldi Bunch

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes dine at e. baldi restaurant in Beverly Hills on Friday night.

The couple was accompanied by their daughter, Suri, 2, and Katie‘s parents — Kathleen A. Stothers, a homemaker and a philanthropist, and Martin Joseph Holmes, Sr., an attorney specializing in divorces.

e. baldi is a pizzeria, trattoria, & wine Bar that serves traditional Tuscan cuisine.

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes and E.Baldi

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tom cruise katie holmes e baldi 01
tom cruise katie holmes e baldi 02
tom cruise katie holmes e baldi 03
tom cruise katie holmes e baldi 04

Photos: GHOST/Fame Pictures
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  • seyer


  • Ceci

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww!! Suri cutie after such a LONG time…I love this little girl most> Mwaaaaah Suri.

  • zoe

    its good that they look happy but katie’s hair is still like crap. suri looks adorable but those green shoes do not match!

  • it’s me!

    Why is Tom such a dork?

  • Ceci

    Suri is a daddy’s little girl. Such a cutie adorable. Probably she wanted to wear the green shoes.

  • Sheri

    I’ve noticed that Katie is starting to smile more again for the cameras; I wonder if she’s been seeing/hearing the bad comments about how miserable she looks. For her sake, I truly do hope that they are a happy family.

  • Helena

    Suri is adorable, Katie looks washed out. I don’t see anything in her eyes anymore like I used to. Especially in Pieces of April. She was great in that.

  • holy shiznits katie looks like shes special… a not in a good way

  • hgsoieu


  • sarah

    suri is adorable. she’s probably just growing her fringe. they should clip it back though.

  • me

    I feel bad for the older kids. They are living in Suri world, it has to s@ck always being second fiddle to the new wife and spawn.

  • The Boy Next Door

    they need to go away

  • anustin

    kitkat feels like an A- LIST

  • cheche

    In the video you can see that Connor and Bella were there as well.
    I don’t like Katie’s hair, but I think she looks cute here. Suri looks adorable as always.

  • hsfueoi

    Suri is cute.

  • barbie

    Gawd, it’s a crazy world they live in. It would drive me crazy to be followed everywhere by mad Papps and to have these incredibly bright flashing lights thrust upon my face each time I appear outdoors. I know Celebs expect it now, but still I think it is tragic that they have to deal with this madness. No-one, even Celebs with their multi-million salaries really should have to live with this kind of utter intrusiveness. A few choice photos once in a while in a decent newspaper or blog like this would really be enough.

  • zoe

    #15, thanks for pointing that out. i never noticed!

  • pr person

    It is very interesting to watch Cruisazy waving to the paps while holding Suri. How very ……friendly …of him. He obviously wasn’t concerned about having his daughters picture taken. How pathetic!

  • Mike

    love them suri is so adorable…

  • bejeebus

    when did katie’s parents get divorced? maybe the strain from having a robot replace their daughter finally got to them.

  • Lindze

    suri is such a cutie!
    im no fan of her green shoes but i think her dress is adorable!

  • Ceci

    Suri is cutie!

  • bejeebus

    just watched the tape…..
    you would think that tom would help his mother-in-law get into the vehical. my husband always helps not only my mom but sometimes even my dad into cars….
    tom cruisazy: 0 points / my amazing husband: 1,000,000+ points

  • click

    Suri is going to be model for sure or a very successful actress :D

  • http://someonefromPoland kate

    Why is Suri always sucking her thumb? Shes 2-year-old girl now, not a baby anymore.
    And shes not as cute as she used to be, Shiloh looks way better now

  • ME

    #24 – If they had a good relationship, he would help her in the car. There is alot of friction in that relationship. Basically, if Katie’s parents don’t play by Tom’s rules, they are cut off!

  • Jessica

    Awwwwwwwwww thanks Jared for these pictures. Truly truly cute. I was having a bad day but this has made it all better.

  • maria

    Tom looks so young, and they look so happy. My fa vourites. Thanks Jared

  • jenna

    Suri has to be the cutest baby that I have ever seen. Just look at her. I noticed too that Katie seems happier and more content.

  • click

    Tom will be on MTV awards tomorrow dont forget to watch it :D

  • hmmm

    So they are letting Rosemary’s baby’s hair grow and hang in her face so everyone can’t see what?

    Katie looks creepy as usual. She actually looks possessed in the photo. Scary! That vehicle they drive around in looks like a hearse on the outside and the interior looks like a coffin. Go figure!

  • concerned mom

    Tommygirl looks so effeminate, I can’t believe it, his Hitler haircut, his smile, his pancake make-up, I think he’s really coming out.
    Maybe that’s good, he’s being honest about his gender identity.
    He looks like a girl, his GF looks boyish. OMG what a pair.
    Her parents must be cringing.

  • me

    I totally agree with #33. I think this is definitely the most feminine I have ever seen Tommy look. Maybe he’s wearing too much makeup. It looks like he is wearing a woman’s blouse…….Katie is looking like a man. Maybe their into role playing

    I think it is very weird that her parents would even be around him. Could they be looking for a little fame themselves? Maybe they would like someone to buy them a new house? I really hope that Katie’s parents are not like her.

  • Blackworm

    Katie does look kind of creepy. I hope she is happy but just by looking at her face and her the way she doesn’t seem to care about her hair and makeup and clothes anymore it seems that she may be depressed. Didn’t I see that she was in New York rehearsing for a play? What is she doing back in Beverly Hills?

  • passingby

    The fact that TC’s official website is splashing on every gossip blogs about him and Katie points to his following these blogs closely. This makes every move he’s made a PR move. Can’t say I like a person whose every move is calculated to enhance his image so to enhance his career and the bottom line his bank account. I also find his celebrating his movie career arrogant. It’d be more respectable if he let the academy does it when they feel his time has come, as they have done with all actors/actresses they deemed great so far.

    I hope in following these blogs closely he come to realize that his fan base has shrunk significantly as the number of comments shows.

  • maria



    Suri is the most beautiful baby I have ever seen. Seriously. Tom never ages. How does he do that?

  • dahlia

    Are Katie’s parents divorced? When did Kathleen get a different last name from her husband?

    Oh, yeah, and nice of you, Tom, to help your wife and daughter into the limo but then turn your back on your mother-in-law!

  • to kate

    you’re right suri is always sucking her thumb. if she were my daughter i’d try to break her of the habit. but she’s their daughter; not yours and not mine.

  • dedaas

    lol some of u need to get a life. posting negative comments using different names. it’s really easy to figure out. seriously, if u hate him/them so much, skip reading news about them… hard?

  • dedaas

    I totally agree with #41.
    LOL, *mocking #33.#34 hahaha

  • Emma

    wonderful family

  • yuck

    Tommmy girl is all botox and too much make up.

  • God Bless TomKat

    I love
    the shoes of Suri.

  • chef

    They all look so good and happy. Maybe the housewarming intel. is for real today?

  • emm

    It looks like Tom wears more make up than Katie.

  • emm

    Tom is so GAY.

  • jan

    Katie looks just like her mother. lol!

  • jan

    Katie needs to get her hammer toes fixed OR quit wearing sandals. Good gosh almighty, her feet are gross enough to justify a divorce.

  • concerned mom

    On the videtape, you can hear the paps call out “rude, rude” when he gets into the hearse and ignores his GF’s Mom. TC is nasty.