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John Mayer Has Jennifer Aniston Fever

John Mayer Has Jennifer Aniston Fever

Jennifer Aniston leaves the Sunset Tower Hotel in Los Angeles on Wednesday night.

Earlier in the day, Aniston‘s musician boyfriend, John Mayer, and his Fall Out Boy pal Pete Wentz played paparazzi. The twosome took pictures from a window from Mayer‘s house in West Hollywood (pictured below).

And even earlier in the day, Mayer arrived at his home driving Aniston‘s Range Rover. One hour later, Pete, who is expecting his first child with wife Ashlee Simpson, arrived at Mayer‘s house.

“I’m excited to be a dad,” Pete recently told E! News. “I’m a genuinely nervous person. The first time I ever went to the doctor’s office and heard the heartbeat, I felt totally content and at peace with everything. It feels good.”

Last week, Mayer blogged about Wentz, saying, “You’re one of the best eggs in the music industry, hands down.”

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Credit: Andrade, Symons; Photos: INFdaily, PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • Any J.

    I just can’t believe it. I looove john mayer!! but he does seem to be totally in love with aniston! they’re everywhere!
    what a bummer!….

  • Maize

    Pete’s hot! <3

  • pp

    click here!!thanks:))

  • pp

    click here!thanks:))

  • aja

    PLease stop talking about those nobody, I can´t stand those four!, they only live by publicity! (jen, john, ashley, pete).

  • BETH

    I wonder how Jessica Simpson feels about Pete hanging out with her ex. Seems like Ashley would tell Pete to stay away from him.

  • veisner

    I totally forgot how those two are friends! Man, it’s such a small town… They were trashing John Mayer at too.

  • kelly

    here we goooo, I am sensing the haters feeding frenzy in 3, 2, 1….

    stfu with all the hate! u don’t even know these ppl!

  • tort

    it sounds like “guy love”

  • wendie

    omg, what has Jennifer done to her face?


    she looks so pretty and in love they make a cute couple!


  • gie

    seems that jen is john’s flavor of the month…let’s see how this one lasts…until the next one comes…haha…

  • viewers

    One more lover better than one more enemy ! Just wish them all the best.

  • [~I n F a m o u s~]

    jared, you know damn well every time you post about her (and him) around the world 48 loonies die. these nuts cant handle Fug Face Man!ston being happy.

  • ugly maniston

    Another one of these getting uglier looks…what a pity..

  • Dancer

    #10 Wendie
    I have to agree with you. Her face looks awful and not just in this set of pictures. She has definitely done something. And the results are not good.

  • fatcow

    she’s hanging around kids way too young for her.

  • Shaaira

    Don’t know much about her personal life, but I want to know why does she look like that, Her face looks like straight Sh-it,! But with all that fug, she still not as bad as Wonky McValtrex & Speidi’s fake fugly ass!!!!

  • janice k

    She is soo not attractive ..and I thought she stopped smoking?

  • ira

    Somewhere, Vince is laughing his a s s off.

  • besane

    Oh no, she really did the same what Nicole Kidman did–pulling something so her eye brows look so severe. I’m not a fan but this is sad that she cannot age gracefully.

  • bonnie

    I think Jennifer is ok, but I don’t understand her choice in men lately. If she really wants to start a family(and no, she doesnt have to, but has said she does) why date Vince Vaughn who has said he and jen never even talked about kids !!! Or Paul the aging model who seems to be only interested in ;publicity.. and NOW young mr douche..John Mayer? And she is smoking again!

    Maybe we have all been duped by her.

  • ted

    um, she looks scary but…if mayer likes be it. She sure looks better than Perez .

  • Mahmuda

    I wonder what has been going on with Jennifer. I didn’t know she had a musician boyfirend.


  • jenjen

    Aniston de ведьма

  • pinkydoo

    What in the world did she do to herself? She’s probably going to the same person that screwed her best friend Courtney. Why the hell can’t people grow old gracefully? It doesn’t even look like her anymore. So sad.

  • edie

    john seems to be going from one tranny to the next.

  • K

    I could never understand why these people stay in hotels when they have a couple of mansions right around the corner.

  • pooraniston

    Aniston is looks horrible in those pic! I pity her of having an enfantile for a BF! She is a 40 yr old woman who is now hanging out with childish 30 yr old men like Mayer and Wentz. Look at them peeking out of their window with their cameras, they act like stupid 12 yr olds. Thats not how you deal with paps, you dont stoop to their level, idiots.

  • pooraniston

    # 29 pooraniston @ 06/05/2008 at 1:37 pm

    Aniston looks horrible
    (sorry for the typos)

  • pooraniston

    # 29 pooraniston @ 06/05/2008 at 1:37 pm

    Aniston looks horrible
    (sorry for the typos)

  • fifi




    What no Brangelina stories yet? No ugly over priced table to look at? I have never blogged on a Jole/Pitt thread but I really am tempted to go over there and ruining every story you get. I have had it with you idiots. Quit coming here!

  • mellony

    I still can’t believe what a almost 40 year old ( who looks forty) is hanging out with infantile John Mayer. His antics with the press are childish as is his apparent need for attention. Plus, she really is looking old in thiese pix…too old for his baby face . IMO, this relationship is really demeaning for her.

  • mellony

    When will Jennifer wise up to his infantile, attention seeking behavior ? She looks quite old in these pix…definitely 40ish. I hope she finds someone more mature or I fear that she will botox herself to unrecognizability in orer to stay “young”. She is demeaning herself in this relationship.


    From Celebrity

    Jennifer Aniston may have been hiding her relationship with John Mayer for months. So not only is she kind of annoying, she’s sneaky too.
    Poor Jennifer Aniston gets a bad rap but sometimes you just can’t help but want to smack her a good one. Personally, I don’t have anything against the former Friends star but to be quite honest I don’t have any fondness for her either. She’s like that cousin you see at a wedding that you haven’t seen in awhile who wants to sit and catch up and all you want is a good stiff martini so you can fain the slightest bit of interest in what she has to say. I digress. So, according to sources close to Jennifer, which would be the person she pays to slip stories to the press so they can sip their stiff martini and fain the slightest bit of interest, she may have been dating John Mayer for months before going public. Snore. Anyway, it’s like a pregnant lady waiting ‘till the third month before telling people she’s pregnant. Don’t want any surprises, right? Who cares. My hangover is more interesting. Let’s pray she goes back to hiding her relationship soon because there are only so many martinis one can drink before slipping into a boredom coma. Wow…I need Advil…stat.


    From Celebrity

    An open prayer to Jennifer Aniston. What the hell are you thinking? Amen.

    Dear sweet baby angels we had no idea you were serious. When we saw the pictures of you and Johnny boy making out at the pool we thought…wow, ok, Jenny’s getting her groove back. When you started showing up with him in public we thought…wow, ok, perhaps she’s drunk. But now…introducing him to friends and rumors of moving in together…what in heaven’s name are you doing. Slow down there sweetie you’re starting to scare us. We know you have a new boyfriend and we know you’re happy that someone is finally paying attention to you but let’s not look crazy or desperate quite yet. Remember this is John Mayer we are talking about here so it’s not like you landed a prize philly or something…it’s John Mayer. Let’s also remember that he’s played tonsil hockey and bed-polo with Jessica Simpson. Is any of this sinking in? Do I have to get on a plane and hunt you down and smack the crap out of you with my ruler? Do I? Cause I have American Airlines miles and I will use them if I have to.

  • gayle

    if she was dating mayer for months, then she was cheating on that grip guy… or maybe doing em both? who knows, who cares?

  • conspiracytheory

    pooraniston @ 06/05/2008 at 1:37 pm Aniston is looks horrible in those pic! I pity her of having an enfantile for a BF! She is a 40 yr old woman who is now hanging out with childish 30 yr old men like Mayer and Wentz. Look at them peeking out of their window with their cameras, they act like stupid 12 yr olds. Thats not how you deal with paps, you dont stoop to their level, idiots.

    I agree

    Aniston should take note of what Dennis Quaid said recently:

    “As I grow older, I put all life’s bulls**t aside. I think the process of the laying off of the bulls**t starts around 40. Before that, most men have their heads stuck in their ass. After 40, you see things differently. You’ve found yourself. You’re accepting yourself and what you got from life.” Actor DENNIS QUAID is happy with life at the age of 54″

    John Mayer for all his talent can’t be blamed for his behavior -he is only 30 years old, most men have not reached full maturity. He has alot of growing to do and I guess Aniston is attracted to these types. Her ex husband was correct when he said keep going as long as you keep growing….it seems obvious Jennifer did not grow and can’t or does not want to handle a grown man her own age. Like Courtney she has gone for a immature man/child. I guess if it works then good luck. She might need a nanny for Mr. Mayer as he seems to be like a litlle boy who has discovered something new these days. And when he gets upset he blogs about the internet haters. John Mayer is a kid. If it makes Jen happy , then best of luck.

  • pinkrose

    Jen so deserves better than John Mayer. But it’s hard to trade up from Brad Pitt. If this is really a plan to divert her attention from the end of the second pregnancy (and the media’s obsession with it) then he is NOT a good choice. John Mayer is just about as low as she can go and maintain any kind of cache in Hollywood. He is everyone’s left over.


    Not hard to trade up from Pitt, all she needs is a guy who won’t cheat!

  • bet

    I love them. they are the best. go for it, they look very happy with each other. let the hater burn in jealousyt. If they are happy all the lover wish them the best. She got a man, who smarter than most old age man i hollywood.

  • isabella

    oh man, the Hate and the Jealousy is so thick here whenever Jen Aniston has a thread. It’s sickening. Why Jared allows it, yet won’t allow it when Brangelina is up is disgusting too.

    I say good on Jen and John, let their good times roll.

    Nothing you idiots in here say will affect them in the teeniest tiniest way. They don’t care what you think, they don’t know what you say, and it will only boomerang back to you and cause YOU misery.

  • sue

    Wow seems like this is love at 1st sight good for you jen and john. You 2 so hot together!!!!!

  • sue

    Aja oh please i don’t think so your other couple love publicity. Jen is very quiet , we know the 2 thats outspoken don’t we and very embaressed for them to.

  • sue

    Jen don’t look horrible, just tired for sexing it up. Don’t we just love it!!

  • SAd but true

    I feel sorry for her…..hanging out with these kids john and pete.
    I hope its just as a pastime and she dont take this serious with john.
    Shes a grown up woman, she should know it better.
    And its sad what she did with her face, especially with her new “allamerican” Nose. Theres no more Greek-Girl in her Face.
    I never liked her too much cause of her pity behave and hating on her ex cause he left her…….theres always a reason when a relationship has broken and we all see the reason now…….look at his new life (a life he always dreamed of) and then look at hers…..she dont want a family and kids, thats why she starts hangin out with john mayer a 30 year old child! Just read his Blog and you know his lack of education and childish behave! If she dont want a family then its ok, everybody choose his life but you cant expect that everybody wants the same, so sometimes the way of life seperate in a realationship.

  • emma lee

    I think they are the oddest match up ever. I don’t get her attraction to him at all but maybe she sees a sensitive side to him since she claimed Brad was missing a “sensitivity chip”. I think Mayer is sensitive to the point of being a complete mental case! LOL. Jen is getting stranger and stranger these days in her choices of male companions. I thinks she needs rehab for “Poor choiceaholics”.

  • isabella

    awww LOVE them together! Jennifer deserves some happiness after the way Pitt screwed her over. Have fun Jen. I hear he’s carrying the Whole package, if you know what I mean.

  • isabella

    I wonder if he plays his guitar for her! What a lucky girl to be with someone sooooooooooo talented. He’s good looking too! She must be having the time of her life!