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Kate Hudson's Hair-Brained Idea

Kate Hudson's Hair-Brained Idea

Kate Hudson holds hands with her son Ryder as they go with his friends for a play date in New York City on Wednesday.

Kate Hudson and her stylist, David Babaii are launching a line of hair products that are not tested on animals. The proceeds of which will benefit the wildlife conservation organization, WildAid.

The 29-year-old actress hopes the venture will eventually expand into a skin care and color cosmetics.

Kate recently went to Africa to film commercials for the new line and said that seeing the animals up-close only reaffirmed her interest in developing the cruelty-free, environmentally friendly hair care products.

“We’re trying to come up with a way to make a product that everybody could get and afford – and actually make it a conscious product,” Kate said. “I’m not preaching about the environment, I’m just trying to educate people.”

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  • jami

    I like long hair on children, but this kids hair is so stringy I don’t think it is complimentary on him at all. But to each their own.

  • Helena

    I like her and it’s nice that she’s trying to do her bit for the environment.

  • KK

    Kate always looks great!

  • regina

    Lord, he looks so unhappy!! And she Kate should cut his hair, he´s nNOT a girl, besides i see some nail polish on his fingers!???
    Can´t beleive this the kid is only 4!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sistahc

    I hope she doesn’t use her kid to promote her hair products or that line will go belly up. The kid needs a shave and a haircut.

  • zoe

    her son looks miserable but its pro coz of the paps. kate looks cute here and she’s cute as a person in general. i know everyone says this but ryder really needs a haricut, i thought he was a girl.

  • Tina

    wow… 1st?

  • Tina

    peeps comment fast.. hehehe

  • Eva

    Actually those other kids are Lance Armstrongs kids Luke,Grace and Isabelle….

  • clary

    someone can explain me whay they put nail polish to kids….specially in boys…….i know his father is a rock star……please let them to be kids …al least for a while…..!!!!

  • susi

    ugly kid

  • Kat


    How uneducated are you posters? Don’t answer that.

    The products are formulated for health reasons. Chemicals cause cancer and Kate’s friend has cancer and is unable to use products that contain many dangerous chemicals.

    The products are for health reasons.

  • Cecilia

    How could she be so fine??

  • sarah

    that is one ugly kid. his hair needs to be cut, it’s too thin to be that long.

  • http://msn lips,tits and angie’s angels.

    She’s turning that boy into a girl.

  • Just wondering

    Are those Lance’s twin girls with them?

  • Eva

    yes those are lances kids in one of the pics is his son

  • jaqs

    she is a used by dated has been so why not let it be ……lets face it she is no Angeline Jolie!!!!!!!!

  • Lynda

    The kid would look so much better with a haircut!
    Not a good look for him at all……….doesn’t work for his dad…

  • madonna


  • dancer

    The kid needs a hair cut. Not because of the long hair, but because of the stringy mess it is in. If the kid is going to have long hair, the least the parents can do is do some upkeep on it!

  • Singer

    #14 Sarah –

    This kid looks way BETTER THAN Shiloh Pitt. As a child Shiloh is not ugly but as she will grow up her face is gonna look ugly.

  • Singer

    Kate is a very nice lady.

  • sunnykidstyle

    Great idea, I think the reason why people don’t buy animal- and environment-friendly products is either because they are uneducated about the effect on animals and nature, or don’t know any trendy alternatives, and I think a cosmetics line by Kate could really change that. People tend to buy celebrity branded products simply because they think they are stylish, so if the product is not only trendy, but also doing some good, great!

    If you have a second to spare, I’d like to invite you to my new blog about stylish design for kids :):) Today I am blogging about Danish design for children (toys, clothes and more) Sunny greetings :):)

  • Jessica

    Somebody please give this kid a haircut!

  • no

    Her son looks like a little girl. I think she really wanted a girl but had a boy instead so now she’s trying to turn her son into a girl.

  • princess

    IRONICALLY, THIS DUMMY WEARS FUR!!!! She has the nerve to talk about consciousness when she is a nasty fur hag???? FUCK YOU, KATE! Maybe you should take the dead animals out of your closet first!

  • Allie

    ryder is a very cute boy but in these pics his hair is in his face and he looks so unhappy

  • rocker

    i don’t see the problem with his hair i mean his dad has long hair rite?

  • remember da truth

    Four-year-olds just think painting nails is fun, and don’t have the gender phobias we do that they get later.

    Yes, yes, his hair is a mess, but if he’s happy with it and his parents are fine with it, it’s none of our business. He’s a loved, cared for child and that’s what matters. I truly doubt his unhappy demeanor here is because of his hair. It looks like he might have gotten in trouble for something, maybe not playing nice, or he didn’t like having to leave, or something like that.

    #12 is right (and #27 is a bit rabid, so who cares what she/it says!) about the chemicals. The scalp absorbs more than skin elsewhere and what we take in is important. My hair was at its best when on a botanical organic shampoo, but I can’t find the brand anymore.

    It’s very possible to care about animal testing and needless killing of animals and look at mink farms the same way you would a cattle ranch. It’s killing wild animals, and doing so in cruel ways, or testing products on them, that is a cruelty issue. Also, taking care of animals is taking care of the environment. And be sure that Kate isn’t wearing fake fur before you start foaming at the mouth.

  • veshizzzz

    Kate needs to educate? Please…why does Hollywood go to Africa and feel they need to educate us…I work in education and WE NEED HELP IN THE USA!!!!!!!!!! It annoys me.

  • Jillian

    Kate wanted a daughter, that’s why her “son’” has girlie hair and painted fingernails. He-she looks like a little girl, who desperately needs a ponytail.

  • lisa

    Great – Maybe now she will stop wearing FUR.

  • katy

    who cares if the kid likes long hair? he’s a child! kids aren’t superficial and don’t care about what other people think of them..if he wants long hair just let him. my sister looked like a boy growing up, notttt a big deal.

  • lee

    She could try out her hair care line on her kid and see if it accomplishes anything for his locks. Bet he has never had a hair cut. Lance’s children look like healthy, normal children and Kate’s kid looks like a hippie.

  • hmmm

    who tests hair products on zebras giraffes and elephants?wtf does going to africa have to do with it?

  • mico

    she looks like……………. madonna…
    and madonna looks like kate


    Ryder is so unhappy… poor kid! He’s gorgeous but… he really looks like a girl! Maybe he’s so unhappy because the others consider him a little girl. Certainly Kate wanted a daughter if she doesn’t cut her boy’s hair. When Ryder was 2 years old he had more long hair!

  • Garry

    Oh Ryder! You’re so cute! He’s my favorite celeb baby!

  • max

    we see that her dad was drugged when he conceived her! really ugly!

  • Grecen

    Ryder isn’t ugly! He’s gorgeous!!!

  • Clara

    Secondo me, Ryder è bello proprio perché ha i capelli lunghi. Sinceramente non riuscirei a vederlo con i capelli corti… ma la sapete l’ultima a proposito dei “celeberrimi” capelli di Ryder? Fino a poco tempo fa Kate Hudson stava con il mito del ciclismo Lance Armstrong, ora però si sono lasciati, e voi sapete che Ryder ha sempre voluto i capelli lunghi per assomigliare al suo papà, Chris Robinson, be’, durante il periodo in cui la madre è stata con Armstrong, lui ha desiderato un taglio come quello del nuovo fidanzato della mamma, per assomigliare a quello che forse sarebbe potuto essere il suo patrigno… ora però non so cosa passi per la testa di Ryder, dopotutto ha solo quattro anni!

  • Giordana

    Concordo con te, Clara, hai perfettamente ragione. Non bisogna dimenticare che Kate e Chris sono separati, ed è naturale che Ryder veda il padre come un punto di riferimento, e che cerchi quindi di imitarlo… basta con le critiche, Ryder è speciale proprio perché è così!

  • Berenice

    Clara, Giordana, sante parole le vostre… non potete trovarmi più d’accordo di così!
    Però è strano, tre italiane che scrivono commenti su un sito statunitense al 101%. E’ un’occasione per far conoscere la nostra splendida lingua…! ^__^

  • nicole

    I think the boy should have a hair cut. he looks like a girl. lets face it.
    celbs think its cool, give the kid an identiy. your going to be selling hair products and your kids hair is horrible? starts at home!
    cut on a baby but come on see barber