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Gisele and Tom Brady's Father's Day

Gisele and Tom Brady's Father's Day

Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady spend father’s day with Tom‘s son John Edward in Los Angeles on Sunday.

Gisele and Tom say goodbye to John as the nanny takes him back to mother Bridget Moynahan.

“I’m not sure anyone – and I could be wrong in this – grows up thinking, ‘I want to be a single mom,’ ” Bridget told Harper’s Bazaar magazine.

“When you’re suddenly pregnant and no one is standing by your side, even if you’re in your 30s, it’s a hard conversation,” she continues. “I’m a traditional girl, and I believe in marriage, and I just always thought that’s the way I’d be doing this. For a moment, it was hard for me to accept that this was the way I was going to have a family. I’ve had to recognize that there are just so many different options today.”

15+ more pics of Gisele and Tom after spending time with John Edward on Father’s Day…

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Photos: Flynetonline
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  • Simone

    Love the white ballet flat!

  • I hate you all

    To me she is kinda ugly. He is hot but he is a jerk leaving his pregnant girlfriend. That is so degrading and animalistic to me.

  • Hello

    lets see gisele and gabriel aubry together please

  • yeahhh

    poor kid.

  • kathy
  • bobo

    When he left Bridget he didn`t know she was pregnant…

  • dd

    how come you never see him holding his son i half to give it to gisele she makes sure their is always a picture of her and the baby she has a good pr person

  • Madonna

    Haters get over yourselves!! It looks like they have a good relationship with the nanny and they both look sad about leaving the baby. The baby is such a little doll!!

  • dd

    i dont see any sad on their faces hey they half to make it look good when the paps are looking

  • Erin

    Poor Baby John.

  • Erin

    I have yet to see a picture of Tom carrying his own baby. It is alway Gisele with the baby. I hope that Bridget give that baby a bath when he gets home to get all the STDs off him.

  • Miapocca

    the jerk makes me wanna puke..and I dont tink anyone has any business marrying someone just because they are pregnant..obviously that has been settled, whats meakes me wanna puke is the amout of secs he devotes to his son…he will wake up 20 years from now and realise what an arse he made of himself


    WELL, BEFORE WE START TAKING SIDES, WE HAVE NO IDEA WHAT REALLY WENT DOWN. they broke up and she found out she was prego, it’s not like he abandoned her or left her for gisele….give me a break. i feel tom is the “victim” here, bridgette seems like she is spinning everything because she is bitter and couldn’ keep her man, even when she tried trapping him by getting pregnant…i am not a gisele fan, but she seems to embrace and love that baby becasue it’s tom’s. that’s MY take on the situation lol

  • Esme

    Gisele outfit is adorable!! And its always nice to see pics of Tom & Gi with little John.

  • http://JUSTJARED.BUZZNET.COM That’s not a nanny

    That’s not a nanny and that’s not Jack – he doesn’t have that much hair.

  • sofia

    I don’t like Gisele!

  • Tatum

    wake the hell up people they had dated for however long they did and never had a pregnancy heres what happened:

    she can tell things are not working out and wants to stay together
    oh yea i’ll stop taking my birth control
    they break up
    surely when i tell him we are pregnant he will come back
    oops he didn’t want her back
    ok now i will drag his name trough the mud and make his life hell

  • dd

    goston girl do you really think tom is a victim you must be crazy how can he be a victim when he played the game ” sleeping with some one without protection ” and i dont think bridget is bitter she has moved on and is happy without brady and gisele sure does inbrace the baby when the paps are around boston girls that what we call a good pr move she half to make sure her name stay out there


    Yep – there were many options. Nowadays, woman could have use contraceptive, if she wanted to. If women are to take their rightful place, equal to the male counterpart. She has to take responsibility. Afterall, Brady was a swinger and they were not married. She could opted for the day after pill, or other measures. She did not.

    What happen happened. The child, regardless of the circumstances, is still a blessing for both. Brady is taking responsibility as a father.

    Not all is loss !

  • joe

    Can he not spend the day with his son by himself? Does she have to go everywhere with him? Sounds like a control freak to me. How about some father/son bonding time ALONE. Without the homewrecker along????

  • randy

    What would you expect from Boston Girl. Please – Yes Tom is the victim. The baby is the victim – he only has a part time father. That makes him the victim – NOT Tom. Let me guess you MUST be a patriots fan. Tom cheats on and off the field.

  • dd

    joe remember gisele has to come 1st in brady life she cant let the baby get all his attention LOL i have lost all respcet for this chick

  • suE


  • Realiry

    How come Giselle looks so much like Steffi Graf? God that gives anyone hope that they can model… Maybe she’s the poster girl for that.

  • yobo

    it is sad to see how this fox takes advantage of even one innocent to be publicized

    and Tom Brady is foolish for both departing from this Baby

    Bridget does not let gisele contaminate their entire porqueria your adorable child

  • janie

    does this guy ever hold his own kid? she’s the one that’s doing the holding and you know how she loves all the attention “look at me, I’m holding baby John”…wrap it up tom, this woman is getting some ideas. all i see is her big nose and no matter what they say, these two make me puke…now they are all concerned about the baby but last year when B was pregnant, they didn’t spare her feelings and paraded around the world with their nonstop PDAS

  • Esme

    That is definitely Toms son John..and that is the nanny….and it makes all the sense in the world that Tom and Gisele see the baby together. If they are a couple and live together,or plan on a ny sort of future together..naturally he would want her to be a part of his sons life. Some of you posters seem to be really out of touch with reality… I’m guessing you don’t have kids or are not in relationships from your comments. Many of the above posts sound like they are from individuals who are slightly unstable…

  • Sad

    Tatum @ 06/16/2008 at 10:20 am wake the hell up people they had dated for however long they did and never had a pregnancy heres what happened:

    she can tell things are not working out and wants to stay together
    oh yea i’ll stop taking my birth control
    they break up
    surely when i tell him we are pregnant he will come back
    oops he didn’t want her back
    ok now i will drag his name trough the mud and make his life hell

    I agree with you.
    I think bitterness has set in for Bridget and the mean posting is a result of that bitterness because things did not turn out her way.
    With that bitterness she will not movie on with her life.
    Hidi Klum moved on and now have a beautiful family as a result.

  • Sad

    I believe all the negative posts are from the same person. They seem to have lost all reality.

  • Paul

    Totally agree with Esme. People here seem to be crazy. What’s the problem with Gisele seeing the baby with Tom? They are a couple! They live together! It’s nothing but natural that they do things TOGETHER! That’s what couples do. And here’s one thing: do you really thin that the paps took only these photos? NO! They only show the photos they want! Of course Tom holds his son. Wake up!!!
    Tom is not a bad guy at all, Gisele is a great person. They don’t need to call the paps to take those photos. Tom is the biggest QB in the world. Gisele is the best supermodel and the richest in the world! Why do you think they need to call the paps for that? I feel sorry for people who thinks that. Let them be happy alone.

  • Kate

    Every time Tom and Gisele picture come up this same person start poster their comments over and over under different names. It’s getting very old. Each post says the samething. You really need to get some help for your self.

  • Bonitto

    Could not agree with you more Esme, these stupid posters are lunatics, the nonsense they chat make my skin crawl, leave Tom Brady and Gisele alone and let them live their lives the way they see fit, you are all acting like this child is yours. bridget moynahan is not a saint are a victim – some of you need to start thinking before posting here. You must all live perfect lives.

  • Amy

    A baby is a good way to try and trap a rich younger man into a marraige.

  • groundcontrol

    I just think he could have made himself more available for her during her pregnancy. That would have been the honorable and decent thing to do. Even if in her hormonal state she was mad at him, he could have relocated to LA for the duration and made it clear that he was there to take her to the doctor’s, help with whatever – he didn’t have to be in training camp until right before the baby was born.

    While I don’t think anyone should go into a marriage or stay in an intimate relationship just because of pregnancy I do think he could have put the ratcheting up of his new relationship on hold -or at least put it second after his baby – to help her get through the pregnancy. I don’t think that would have been asking too much. And it might have gone a long way to healing any hard feelings with the mother of his child. That is a relationship that needs to be healthy for the sake of their son. Can you imagine what his son will think of Brady when he’s old enough to understand that while his mom was pregnant with him and alone, his dad was publicly cavorting with his latest girlfriend?

    Brady could have handled this better for the sake of his son. If he and Giselle were meant to be, waiting to move in together could have waited a bit. When you really love someone you make those kind of sacrifices and let your partner do the right thing.

    In any event I hope the sporadic visiting isn’t just confusing for the kid.

  • bobo

    The annoying thing is that when Tom is not photographed with his son most people have a problem with that. When it turns out that he spends time with him than – probably the same people – have problem with that. No matter what he does he is being criticized. Unbelievable! I think it is great that Tom, the baby and Giselle spend time together and apparently Tom and Giselle has a great relationship.

  • Paula

    That’s not the nanny. I hope Bridget disinfected Jack when he got home.

  • Bonitto

    This baby was born in August, training camp start in July tell us how the hell he was suppose to move to LA, and why the hell did Bridget have to move to California in the first place, she was living in New York, you are chatting crap groundcontrol, you dont what this baby will think when he is older – or didn’t you read the paper – they broke up before she found out that she was pregnant.

  • joe

    yeah bobo, these 2 have a great relationships because they are both self-absorbed people… I like #34′s commnet that they shouldn’t have let their relationship out so publicly while B was pregnant. In the end, all the negative press they have been getting was brought on by themselves. No one is saying that Tom should have married B but him and Gi could have still carried on a relationship without being so open. Basically it all comes down to class and I know one day, KARMA will bite these 2 in the arse. And Jack, as B fondly calls him, will find out that his dad wasn’t there for his mom while pregnant.

  • Giselle is so…

    freaking ugly!!!!!!!!!!!!! nice bod but that face….

  • Bonitto

    You are chatting nonsense groundcontrol, this baby was born in August, NFL training camp start in July, and why the hell should he move to LA, Bridget was living in New York, she is the one who move to CA in the first place. They broke up before she even knew she was pregnant and who say she was alone during her pregnancy, didn’t you read in her interview that she dated during that pregnancy. You are acting like bridget moynahan is a victim – she knew Tom Brady wasn’t going to marry her.


    That’s not Jack and that is not a nanny.

  • Brady will be gone soon

    Mr. Bundchen spends a little time with John every few weeks, in between doing errands for Ms. Bundchen and some people find that acceptable – what a crock. Now, Brady spent some time with John on Sunday – Gisele is due in Brazil this week and errand boy will be carrying the bags and the dog rather than staying behind visiting his son. Yep, “Father of the Year”. NOT.

  • Killer

    What sound does horses make again? Damn, that “dude” is nothing but horse, fugs and bones.

  • You don’t hug a nanny

    It would be highly inappropriate for Mr. and Mrs. Bundchen to hug a nanny – as they are doing in these pictures. This woman is not a nanny – maybe one of Brady’s sisters.

  • suE

    Hey sad, I think all the positive posts are by the same person – YOU!

  • yobo

    Babis name is Moynahan not brady

    Tom don like father thie cutie Baby

  • ybgolbgllr

    The names the Baby is John ….Moynahan
    not Brady

    Tom Brady no like his names to his Baby

  • bridget

    Duh..of course its Toms son.If you’ve seen recent pics of him out with his Mother,yes he has that much hair, it is definitely John. The woman looks like the same person who was in the pics with Tom, Gisele and John a few months back,if not “the” nanny, a friend or care-taker of some sort. ( And if screeching starts about it being a different vehicle,flynet had pics of Bridget out and about on this same date..and she was in the BMW suv that was in the 04-08 pics,so I’m guessing this time the nanny was in her own personal car) All these crazy posters!!

  • bobo

    joe, both Brady and Giselle are famous. Whether you like it or not Giselle is the highest paid model on earth ( doesn`t matter whether you think she has a pretty face or not ) and she had a high profile relationship with a Hollywood A-lister and she is/was definitely in the public eye. Brady is a famous quarterback so they are both paparazzi magnets. I don`t really see how they could have been their relationship out of the media.
    joe, do you know them? since you seem to be so sure that they are self-absorbed I assume you must know them well. You guys act like you know everything and everybody based on what you read in the media but you don`t have a clue.

  • larry

    You can tell all the rabid patriot fans are out in full force today. Just criticize their precious god tom brady, and they will say nasty things about you. They just can’t understand why people think tb is the second coming. I think the baby’s name should be Eli after the superbowl MVP.