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Shia LaBeouf Shoots Transformers 2

Shia LaBeouf Shoots Transformers 2

Shia LaBeouf and costar Megan Fox shoot scenes on the set of Transformers 2 on Tuesday afternoon on the campus of Princeton University in Princeton, NJ.

In this scene, Shia‘s character, Sam Witwicky, fumbles with some school books while on the phone.

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen will be released in 3-D tentatively on June 26, 2009. Michael Bay is at the helm once again.

15+ pictures inside of Shia LaBeouf shooting Transformers 2

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shia labeouf transformers 2 01
shia labeouf transformers 2 02
shia labeouf transformers 2 03
shia labeouf transformers 2 04
shia labeouf transformers 2 05
shia labeouf transformers 2 06
shia labeouf transformers 2 07
shia labeouf transformers 2 08
shia labeouf transformers 2 09
shia labeouf transformers 2 10
shia labeouf transformers 2 11
shia labeouf transformers 2 12
shia labeouf transformers 2 13
shia labeouf transformers 2 14
shia labeouf transformers 2 15

Photos: Flynetonline, Bobby Bank/WireImage
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  • first

    shia love. love shia.


    cool first

  • fared

    Megan Fox is doing what she does best. Looking pretty!
    Because she certainly can’t do anything else. :D:D:D:D

  • nikkita

    ah yes some shia pics. Not that I haven´t seen before.

  • ?

    can’t wait.

  • nora

    Is it just me or does Megan Fox look a lot older than her 21 years?

    I’m pretty sure she is that young but the makeup she wears makes her look older (and trahy).

  • shandra


  • Nicolette

    And Shia’s doing what he does best, fared. Look homicidal. Yikes. He’s still hot though.

  • go sox

    Megan Fox may be hot to guys, but she gives me a cold vibe. Cool, self-centered, and arrogant. Makes her very unappealing to me. Nothing warm and sexy about her, but that’s just me…….

  • Rogana

    Nice :)

  • http://? Maggie

    YESSSSS:D i love shiaaaa&TRANSFORMERS!!!!!!:)

  • http://? Maggie

    yesssss:) i love shia & transformers! preetee:]

  • da

    Shia is not a good actor at all..with his constipated and doubt face. ..He needs to be back to school…

  • Porsche

    Megan look weird! She was much prettier before all her plastic surgery!

  • bla blah

    Angelina Jolie wannabe!!!

  • jon

    i’d go princeton right now…but it’s probably packed

  • Jamie Spears Insider

    Wow a sequel. I can’t wait!

  • oh snap!

    <b.i love SHIA hes my man! sometimes megan can look like a hooker but a pretty one, i love the first transformer, so i can’t wait for this one

  • Halli

    Megan is not ugly my any means. But pretty isn’t the right word. She looks like a males fantasy. Like a blow-up doll or a mail-order bride from Slovenia.

  • lanolin…like sheep’s wool

    Megan Fox looks like trash as always, but Shia is so cute!! I can’t get enough of him!! I can’t wait for Transformers 2!!!

  • shannon

    caint wait to see this movie megan fox and shia r both hot!

  • Mike

    Loved the first one! Can’t wait for this one!

  • Megan fox rocks

    can’t wait to see this movie , megan looks so hot

  • Jaye

    I love the first transformer movie because of the effects. They were awesome. Shia’s part could have been played by anyone and the movie still would have been good because of the effects. I don’t get why he’s popular, he seems to be a jerk. Could be he’s just young, but i doubt it. I think his fame has gone to his head. I’m not looking to the next transformer as much. They should have allowed a generation to past from the defeat of the Decepticons to the Revenge of the Fallen and featured Sam’s SON as the main character. Son of Sam? oh, my.

  • n.o.l.a

    While Shia seems to be playing the same role to me in ANY movie that he is in – I LOVED TRANSFORMERS. Kick ass movie so I am SOOOOOOO stoked for the next one.

  • n.o.l.a

    Oh and Megan Fox will forever be compared to La Jolie and found lacking.

  • n.o.l.a

    Oh and Megan Fox will forever be compared to La Jolie and found lacking.

  • sara

    shia is so cute!

  • Kada

    Shia is hot.

    I believe Meagan Fox is much older than 21 or 22.

  • Kada

    Shia is hot

  • sara

    Shia Acting Cool on the set of Transformers 2:

  • emma lee

    I am so glad to see others are just not getting the “Megan Fox is so hot” vibe.

    I agree with those who feel she looks older than 21.

    I agree with those who feel she gives off a cold vibe.

    I agree with those who think she is a AJ wannabe and falling way short of that dream.

    She always looks overly made up and posed. Yes, blow up doll comes to mind, especially the way her lips are always painted red and slightly parted. She only has a few poses.

    One day a director will have to ask more of her other than to “stand there and look pretty”. IMO she can’t even pull that one off.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    summer of shia.

  • sjer

    does he have a new tattoo on his forearm? looks like it, 1st and 14th pic.

  • ☆Shonathan Hilton☆

    Im actually going to be an extra for this movie.

  • please

    Megan Fox looks like trailer park trash.

  • Kay

    I used to really love Shia before Transformers. I used to be a huge “Even Stevens” fan and he was always so hilarious in the sitcom. One of the things that I loved about him was how he was always willing to do anything….even if it was really stupid to make the audience laugh. But ever since he’s started to make these “big” movies, he’s starting to get really conceited. Its as if all this fame had gotten to his head and thats really sad because I thought he would have been the last person to turn into that. Now he’s basically turned into this bad boy and getting into trouble with the law and stuff like that.

    As for Megan…..I TOTALLY agree with the people who said that she used to look much prettier before she got all of that plastic surgery done. She used to be so pretty on “Hope and Faith”. But now she just looks like a big plastic barbie doll……with black hair…..which is also fake. There’s nothing warm about…..instead she gives off a completely self-centered and egotistical vibe……and thats REALLY unattractive. Most of the time, she actually looks like a hooker.
    And no one should even bother comparing her to Angelina Jolie because Angie is just way too beautiful. And Angie’s assets are actually REAL and NATURAL unlike Megans……who is all FAKE.

  • Troy

    I have say that I’m big Shia LaBeauf fan but I worry that he’s facing overexposure and burnout. He’s got “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” out in theaters now, then in September he has “Eagle Eye” coming out in September-which I am definitely going to see. Then he filmed segment of an anthology film about New York (I believe it’s called “I Love New York” but I’m not sure). Now he’s filming “Transformers 2″ and this fall he’s supposed to start filming a film called “Dark Falls.” That’s a lot of work in a very short time. There’s something to be said for strking while the iron is hot but the trouble is that iron can also burn you. He;’s running a serious risk of people getting tired of him. It would be a good idea for him to slow down in my opinion.

    As far as Meagan Fox goes if she says she’s 21 I’ll take her word for it and I don’t know anything about plastic surgery. But while I think she is definitely attractive she also leaves me cold. She just gives off this “high maintence” vibe now I have no idea if she really is that way, but she does give off that vibe and as others have said it’s a turn-off.
    Give me Keira Knightley or a certain “High School Musical” cutie anyday.

  • gabsterzzz


  • just stopping by

    I watch the Ttransformer and never even noticed Meagan Fox. It wasn’t until I read somewhere that some woman was upset because she was being compared to Jolie. I Googled and was shock to find out she was in the movie with Shia. So personally she did nothing for me, I sat and watch an almost two hour movie and I didn’t even notice who she was, I just saw her as a new and up coming actress but she definitly didn’t leave an impression on me.

  • parisgirl

    While I’m not exactly overwhelmed with joy that Megan will be in the sequel, it’s not necessarily a bad thing continuity wise. At least, they’re keeping the same girl to be the love interest.
    Now Shia… I just don’t get the appeal, a cute boy (at best) yes but damn lol



  • sara

    I love them both!

  • sally

    i think its really hot that he has tatoos, but the tats dont fit his character as Sam Witwicky. Well, he was amazing for that part. He has an innocent face and a nerdy kinda face aswell. He’s like the sweet-hearted boy next door. He’s not a jerk, he’s just young and at his rebelious age. He has to stop smoking, thats just getting him in more trouble. Well, atleast, he owns up to his mistakes. Honestly, i never thought that Louis Stevens with the puffy hair could become one of the sexiest young actors alive. He’s also hilarious. I watched him on Letterman.. he’s really funny. He’s also a good actor and I think that he’s more that what meets the eye.
    Don’t you guys agree?
    Shia is amazing and deserves more than what he gets. I know he’s extremely famous and popular, but not in the best way poosible or in the way he deserves.
    Well, Shia is an amazing actor and I love him

  • sally

    As for Megan. Before her plastic surgery, she looked like a simple sweet girl. Now, no offense to her, she looks like a hooker. She’s a pretty good actor. (not nearly as good as Shia) Part of the reason she is famous is that she is hot, and people love other hot people. I still like her. I mean she’s not bad or anything. I just think that she should know that she was gorgeous even before the surgery. She is still gorgeous, but she used to be naturally gorgeous. Well, i can’t wait until Transformers 2

    BTW: the other movies Shia is gonna be in is..
    ~Transformers 2
    ~Eagle Eye
    ~New York, I Love You
    ~Dark Fields
    ~(and possibly) the lead of Indiana Jones 5

  • come again

    ok… why is there 15 pictures of Shia when it’s Megan people want to see?!

  • shiaisanangel

    I cant wait! shia rocks my effin world! and no other person guy, or girl for that matter will ever take his place in my heart! love ya shia

  • sally

    the reason theres more pics of shia is cuz shia is hott

  • sally

    just look at this amazing wallpaper of shia!!