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Ryan Gosling Has a New Girlfriend

Ryan Gosling Has a New Girlfriend

Ryan Gosling heads to Blueprint furniture store in West Hollywood after leaving a hair salon on Robertson Blvd. in Los Angeles on Saturday.

The 27-year-old Notebook actor was seen holding hands with a mystery brunette babe (inset) in New York City’s SoHo neighborhood. It’s obviously not his ex, Rachel McAdams. So who is it?!

Gosling has been busy filming his new movie, All Good Things, in the Big Apple.

WHO DO YOU THINK is Ryan Gosling’s new girl?

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99 Responses to “Ryan Gosling Has a New Girlfriend”

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  1. 26
    Anne Says:

    I don’t think it’s Odette, this girl has more striking cheekbones.

  2. 27
    g Says:
    on this site that holds the same candids says this:

    Ryan Gosling looking fit in LA on 7/5/08. (Splash News claims to have an exclusive of Gosling out holding hands with a “mystery woman” in NY on Friday. In case you see those photos elsewhere, I’m pretty sure that’s not him.)

    so why can’t those pictures be posted with his “mystery” girl. is this true that it doesn’t look like him at all and once again the press identify the wrong celeb?

  3. 28
    P Says:

    First off, kudos to JJ readers who posted about their sightings on the last RG post.

    The girl is a little ****** looking, but I’m kind of glad he isn’t dating another actress.

  4. 29
    susie Says:

    have no idea. can’t tell. she looks really attractive, and possibly non-american. Spanish maybe?

  5. 30
    Jenny bo benny Says:

    HAHAHA he is SO gesturing at his crotch

  6. 31
    Kellie Says:

    Jodi Lynn O’Keefe?

  7. 32
    vany Says:

    So why aren’t there any pics of them together?

  8. 33
    nina Says:

    it’s me, duh

  9. 34
    hollywood1hugefan Says:

    I think Rachel was better =[

  10. 35
    _str_ Says:

    it’s obviously the long lost secret twin sister of angelina jolie

  11. 36
    Vanessa Says:

    I’ve seen Ryan around NYC with a brunette, but can’t tell if that’s her or not! I need to see a bigger picture, but it certainly could be her.

  12. 37
    sam Says:

    Where are the bigger pics?? I saw him at Starbucks a few weeks back with a beautiful girl, but she had a hat on at the time. If I saw a full length picture of her next to him I would for sure be able to tell.

  13. 38
    Leslie Says:

    Who ever he’s with, it’s definitely not Rachel McAdams, so get over it.

  14. 39
    LuckyL Says:

    I really love his body, even if he is an a**, and the girl is pretty

  15. 40
    Anlgsp Says:

    She definetely looks like Anastacia, one of the girls who took part of the MTV program Pussycat dolls the next doll! Perhaps she changed hair colour, at the time she had brown curly hair. But anyway it could be her!

  16. 41
    Mariah Says:

    I agree Leslie.

    Everybody who wants them back together should think twice – their relationship was horrible towards the end to the point where it was uncomfortable to be around them. Believe me – that relationship should have ended one of the 20 times that they said they were done before they actually were done.

    And they are never getting back together again -so everybody should just move on.

  17. 42
    Mariah Says:

    And I should add – Ryan Gosling is a jackass. Rachel could and should and will and HAS done so much better.

  18. 43
    Back up your post Says:

    Mariah, how the hell do you know so much about R&R relationship? I keep seeing posts saying she moved on, but I’ve never heard one news item of the kind. Also, someone is bent on spreading rumors that Ryan is a jerk and on drugs. There has never been anything to substantiate any of this.

  19. 44
    Mariah Says:

    Hah Hah! What do you want me to do? Have my mommy vouch for me? Believe what you want to believe. I will always have Rachel’s back. She’s private, so her current situation should remain private. I never said anything about Ryan being on drugs – but again, believe what you want on that one! ;) As far as Ryan being a jerk – I know he is nice to his fans and has a decent public image and that is great of him, but you don’t know private Ryan like I did. I don’t like how he treated Rachel. And that’s all I’m saying. Sorry!

  20. 45
    SAMANTHA Says:

    sigh..I always thought he would get back with Rachel McAdams…:( oh well..

  21. 46
    Haley Says:

    I wonder how he was bad to Rachel. She mentioned in an article that they’re still friends. Why would she be friends with someone who was horrible to her.

  22. 47
    Emma Says:

    I wonder the same thing Haley, but I never got the impression they were still really good friends. Plus, Mariah never said he was “horrible” to her, just that she didn’t like how he treated her. Could mean many things. When relationships end, there has to be a reason and you are going to side with your friend or family member. Her view of Ryan is probably skewed a bit. She only saw/heard the bad things. They obviously were in love at one point and then the relationship ended suddenly. And nobody knows the reason except all of those involved.

  23. 48
    #43 Says:

    Mariah, I was wondering what your relationship is to them to know all that. How was he so terrible if they remained friends? I didn’t mean to imply that you started the drug rumors.

    Exactly #46&47. I had always heard they remained close friends and someone even spotted them at a concert after they broke up. I can’t imagine someone who was treated badly by an ex would stay that friendly. Ever since R&R broke up there has been a lot of trashing of Ryan, which there never much was beforehand.

  24. 49
    jackie Says:

    ”Ever since R&R broke up there has been a lot of trashing of Ryan, which there never much was beforehand”

    let’s just say some of Rachel’s fans are so protective of her that is actually pathetic…
    these fans are the reason why RMO suck so much…not it’s moderators

    oh and there is also a sighting of them at a bowling alley with friends from late last

  25. 50
    jackie Says:

    oh crap…
    let me get it right

    oh and there is also a sighting of them at a bowling alley with friends from late last year….

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