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Eva Longoria is TCA Tempting

Eva Longoria is TCA Tempting

Eva Longoria answers questions during the ABC portion of the Television Critics Association Press Tour held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on Thursday in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 33-year-old Desperate Housewives actress explained why she had to gain weight and chopped off her long hair for her character Gabrielle Solis.

Said Eva, “[Creator Marc Cherry] told me last year before the season finale that we wanted her to have the mom haircut, and that she has let herself go because Carlos is blind, she’s had two kids, and she’s just really kind of let go of that vanity. We brainstormed with hair and makeup and wardrobe, and I cut my hair because I didn’t want to wear a wig once he told me how long it was going to last. So yeah, [it's] butt pads, stomach pads, boob pads,” Eva said. “I love it, because I come to hair and makeup now and it’s 10 minutes instead of two hours. I wake up and go straight to set.”

10+ pictures inside of TCA tempting Eva Longoria

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  • Lynda

    new hairstyle make her look really old………….:(

  • Lynda

    not a good hair style on her

  • lyndsayy.

    i dont like her. idk why,

  • Nick Lachey USA Fan

    She’s looking great for her age.

  • stephana

    2nd! shes pretty

  • Yasmine

    she looks like sienna miller in picture 9.
    i think the new hair cut is nice.

  • me

    A “Mom” hair cut is what Katie Holmes has not a sexy bob…..

  • nora

    Eva is the best, but, got to say, this hairstyle doesnt do it for her… apparently that is what they wanted,

  • Jimmy blues

    beautiful woman, she looks good.
    I have to say, though that women of a “darker” type like Italian or Spanish women grow old faster. They are stunning in their 20ies but then rapidly grow older, in a wonderful way of course.

  • Linda

    Looks more like Victoria Beckham’s hairstyle now. But it does nothing for her, she suits longer hair.

  • janet

    #9 The truth is the opposite White woman age so much faster than latina or black women what planet do you live in. All white woman who could afford it do plastic surgery or botox. stupid!

  • mkz


  • Eva fan

    Eva. Please grow your hair long again. It loooks so much better on you (and all girls in general for that matter).

  • vanessA LUVR

    eva longoria is so prettty hahah!

  • salma

    i love her she’s so sweet she looks stunning

  • Raichill

    It’s funny how a lot of people equate long hair with looking younger. As women age and their skin loses its firmness and begins to sag, long hair just hanging there can accentuate the sagging. Goldie Hawn is a good example of this. A shorter style is more flattering. But Eva has lovely skin and can still look attractive with longer hair.

  • susan

    i like this haircut on her! it frames her face better, lifts her cheekbones, and emphasizes her facial features.

  • heidi

    I know i sound like a perv not. But look in pics 10 and 13 it looks like eve is wearing “spank” or something along that line they are beige. They suck in your belly , butt, and everything. shes still a tiny girl.

  • nieman

    #9: It’s the other way around, Jimmy boy. The lighter the skin, the more prone to damage / aging it is . (Therefore Hispanics / Southern Europeans, Black, Asian & Middle-Eastern women look usually 5-10 years younger than Caucasian women at the same age) Sorry to spread the (bad?) news, but your statement (and generalization) is simply inaccurate. Any dermatologist would confirm.

    #1: As a general rule- shorter hair styles make people look (much) younger. You’ll never see a 45 – 50 year old woman with a modicum of style, wearing her hair past shoulder length. The older you get, the shorter the hair.. unless you want to look like a grandma.

    I think Eva looks classy, hip and really hot! I mean.. according to my (European) standards. Americans usually prefer longer / overdone hair styles on younger women, who end up looking over- flat-ironed / over-bleached/over-colored / over-styled / over-made-up barbie dolls, who seem to come right out of the hair salon, after spending the last five hours getting their “head” professionally done.
    ( = Not exacty the European definition of effortless and natural beauty.. lol)

    I think Eva looks fresh, tasteful and classy .. without the high-maintenance / I-have-just-spent-5-hours-doing-my-big-straight-shiny-hair vibe

    If she gets tired, she can still get extensions, like 90% of women in Hollywood. .. No big deal

  • Jimmy blues

    #11 + 19

    sorry to break the news to you but that’s not true. I live in southern Europe and Italian women and Spanish women in their 30s look MUCH older than white women in their 30s. In their 20ies it’s different though. Don’t know about women in South America. And I wasn’t talking about black women at all. That black women look younger than their age is for sure. Sorry if I offended you, ladies. Oh, and that dermatologist argument is B*lls**t. Another thing, why don’t you read your posts again before you accuse me of generalization! You did the same!

  • Emma

    Good makeup on all those double, triple, quadruple chins. Sure, right.
    I still can’t believe she made that idiotic film where she played the dead chick. She owes us all an apology

  • tell the truth

    Jimmy blues @ 07/19/2008 at 6:13 am
    Stop lying. White skin ages faster than skin of color.

  • Jimmy blues

    The truth? The truth is this “conversation” is moronic. I see what I see every day on the streets and a great portion of these women looks older… I am sorry. May be you just can’t handle it and feel offended?
    Face it, honey, just face it!

  • Alice

    I simply adore Eva! she’s very funny and smart!

  • Cutiepie

    #3, Iyndsayy, I agree with you. I dont like her either and I dont know why but she seems like she’s probably a huge diva bitch in real life.

  • chilindrina

    Spanish women are not white women? First news. Then I, being blonde, pale and blue eyed, as my mother and great grandmother, must come from another planet.
    The problem in many cases is not skin, is overweight or not caring about ones look. Darker skins grows old better than lighter skin of both exposed to the same amount of sun.
    But many women look older because they have kids very young and become full time mums, not caring about how they look (saying that I don’t mean it happens in all cases, but there is a tendency to that). In South America generally women have kids at a very young age, maybe not the new generations, but tradicionally yes.
    The rule is that the less developed one country is, the younger the mums are. In USA the inmigrants coming from poorer countries are mostly latins, which means you’ll likely find latin women looking older. In Europe is in reverse, and the older looking women are coming from east Europe, with very light skin.
    In Eva Longoria’s case of course she looks young: she is young, has the money and the time to look young. She has a beautiful skin, a skin all the spray tanned celebrities would kill for. I’m not a fan of her acting career though.

  • Jimmy blues

    # 26 That’s correct. I’m sorry, of course Spanish and Italian women are white. I got carried away by the rhetorics of the posts written above. What I meant was women with lighter skin. The assumption that heavier women look older is a cultural construct, though. It is how we grew up what we learned to find beautiful that determines our perception. This has not necessarily anything to do with the aging of skin. And being a young mother doesn’t make you look older per se. It is the circumstances in which you live that have a decisive impact.

  • gianna

    white, latina, Spanish, or what ever she is: this woman is ugly and looks old.

  • karinesatine

    Is it just me or is Eva saying that she needs 2 hours to be beautiful, but just 10 minutes are needed for her to be ugly ?

  • Vshizzle

    I have this haircut-I am not a mom-or with 2 kids….what the F ever.

  • mike


    “The 33-year-old Desperate Housewives actress explained why she had to gain weight and chopped off her long hair for her character Gabrielle Solis. ”

    That’s why she looks so bad.

  • dan dan

    i think if she do it wavy it will be very nice better than straight

  • mary

    I like the haircut, it’s cute.

  • art8fashion

    I thought that hairstyle looked like Mom hair when I first saw pics of it. The style looks much better in these pics.

    I’m not to much of a fan of the hair color.

    So it took two hours of makeup before now down to 10 minutes? What takes so long I wonder?

    I am an Eva fan BTW she has great style.


  • bsmitten

    Writers…I hate the 5 years forward thing. Why do this??? You kept us from experiencing some major times in their lives! PLEASE GIVE US OUR GABBY BACK!!!!!!! I wanted to see her tackle motherhood in the same poise and fashion sense that made her famous. I loved the way her character made me laugh, now it’s so pathetic. (By the way, how did she have kids when previous seasons they said she never could?) You have ruined the balance of characters on the show, already had a stressed out mom…Lynette. Why do need another on the show?? (Where are Lynette’s other kids??) Also, you should have let Mike and Susan be happy, why couldn’t we have one season where they really support each other?

  • bsmitten

    Also, what is up with Lynette’s hair? If she beat cancer over 5 years ago, why hasn’t her hair grown back? Get rid of that awful wig…she is beautiful lady who now looks freaky cause of that stupid wig!

  • Party pooper

    She look like Victoria Beckham with that hair. Thats NOT a compliment!!!

  • Jenn

    Eva is always beautiful, long hair, short hair, She is always THE Best !
    I like her very much, she is my inspiration, my model when I think about clothes, hairs, shoes….