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Christian Bale Puts On Brave Face

Christian Bale Puts On Brave Face

Christian Bale and his wife Sibi Blazic put on brave faces at the premiere of The Dark Knight at Coliseum Cinema on Wednesday in Barcelona, Spain.

The 34-year-old Welsh actor arrived in a 15-car motorcade and appeared calm in the wake of allegations he assaulted his mother and one of his three sisters at a top London hotel. Bale put on a happy face and did not speak to reporters and made no comment about the incident.

In box office news, The Dark Knight earned $24 million on Monday and $20.8 million on Tuesday. That means it just broke another record–the first film to cross the $200 million mark in a mere five days!

10+ pictures inside of Barcelona boy Christan Bale

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    his wife is kinda ugly, she has big gums!

  • aundrea

    well maybe he finds something attractive in her that some golding whore dosent have! she has been with him before this super fame came..

  • Helena

    Seriously, everytime I see his wife, she’s always in the same pose. Is she a Stepford wife?!

  • e.

    I think she’s beautiful. And I agree with #2. They have been together since Winona Ryder introduced them while filming Little Women. So she’s been there with him before he found success and now hopefully they will stay together through all of this muck his family is putting them through.

  • grbrebe

    LMFAO. hes ugly ;D

  • grbrebe

    LMFAO. hes ugly ;D

  • mike

    he’s not ugly…and i dont hink hes putting on a “brave” face…*eye roll* he’s just at the premier…everyone tries to analyze everything these days…

  • Helena

    #4, that’s very cute!

  • @#$%

    What? He’s fucking handsome. Shut up.

  • nina

    He is so ugly. look at that disgusting nose and mouth and creepy evil eyes.

  • pomme

    pretty guy!pretty wife! i want the same boyfriend but without his b***h mother!

  • Regina

    Stop being so superficial. I bet you people are the same ones who gush over those little boys, The Jonas Brothers.


  • flirtlikecrazy

    Ok so ya all are snow white, & prince charming, knock it off dumbarse!!!!!

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    ……… “brave face”? nōnɛ believes his jɛaloʊs ‘mōney/fame’ hungry mothɛr and sisteɹ. he’s prōbably laughing at thɛm.

    if my mother came 2 my hotel room talking ish ənd insulting my wifey i’d curse her ass out too. i’d probəbly evɛn punch that bish in the face. hell, i might punch my bish of ə mothɛr in the – face.. just fōr the ‘fcuking fun ōf it’!

    ōh yeah! the dark knight is still kicking ass.

  • meaw

    Hot doesn’t even begin to describe this fine, FINE specimen. Dayum. Makes me want to release my eggs.

    The only slight remark I have is his wifes wearing black all the time.

  • Bia Url

    lindoooooooooooooo *.*

  • riopa

    He didn’t do anything, so no need for a brave face. He’s the hotness.

  • TS

    He’s ENGLISH, NOT WELSH (his comment not mine)

    Bournemouth lads 4ever!!!!!!!!!!! (we went to school together)

  • sincerely

    his wife is ugly, she could’ve at least brushed her yellow teeth before going out like that

  • um

    #18, he IS welsh, btw.

    i think his wife is gorgeous and they seem really happy together.

  • ari

    This man is so sexy and talented.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    um @ 07/23/2008 at 7:21 pm #18, he IS welsh, btw.


    He said it himself – he’s English, bish! lmao

  • Ingrid

    #19, pathetic COMMENT. No one’s teeth are perfect unless they get veneers.

  • Caroline

    Now would he have made this appearance if he really was guilty? Nope. And the police certainly wouldn’t have waited a day to arrested him if the claims were serious. Good for Christian for putting this crap aside and supporting the movie and not letting fans down.

  • Gina

    This whole arrest business surrounding him is just insane. It’s good he is just moving on from it.

  • overrated

    Hot doesn’t even begin to describe this fine, FINE specimen. Dayum. Makes me want to release my eggs.


    Why, do you own a chicken farm?

  • meaw

    @ 26 – Duuh?!

  • pooky

    His mother must be a nut poor guy

  • lS

    His wife could of done something with her hair for god sakes cut it.

  • nikkita

    I wouldn´t say the wife is gorgeous, but very pretty…
    glad his putting this crap behind, way to go bale.. this made no sense from the get go.

  • TS

    Hampshire police……UKs finest…..should be charged with wasting police time.
    Verbal assault? When teens are being stabbed to death on our streets. Get real boys in blue. No wonder the public HATES you.

  • Liege Lansoni

    My God! No one supports more see the Sibi with those ugly black dresses and without grace. She really is very ugly, with ugly teeth and gums. That it should be very well make-up because it is make-up professional. I will not enter the discussion that perhaps it is a good person and everything else. But if that is ugly and dressed badly, that is true. The hair is always the same way. It gives me boredom when I look at it.

  • Jla

    Christian is innocent, and I am happy to see him out and about enjoying his success! As he should be!!

  • Jla

    For entertainment news with an interesting twist go here.

  • Christine

    He has no criminal record and leads a clean life, spending his free time with his family. His wife’s been with him before he ever became famous, stayed with him when they were homeless and living out of a car. No wonder he loves her so much–she clearly loves him. And they both adore their daughter.

    As to his mother, she has been largely uninvolved in his life since he was a teen. She provoked him by insulting the one person he loves, and he yelled at her. That’s it.

    I don’t understand any mother who would do to her son what she has done to him–file a criminal complaint against him just because he yelled at her. Now she’s damaged his reputation and maybe his career. Nice going, Mum.

  • ha

    first of all christian bale is hot & is accent makes him even sexier second of all hes been famous sine he was little not just little women havnt you ever seen Empire of the Sun or Newsies? & third why does everyone have to criticize is wife, you ever think not all guys are superficial shallow assholes and like personality??? and seriously post a picture of yourself up there and then you can talk trash about other people dumbasses =)

  • Michele

    I’m so glad the “Incident” seems to be fading away. People need to leave Christian alone and let him live his life in peace. If he’d done anything seriously wrong we’d have strong facts by now and not speculations.

  • @BB@

    i really think he deserves better then her, but then again she’s been with him way before batman and all this crazy media attention his getting, so I can see why he may be with her….even so….. he is SOOOO hot, as batman, as himself, as everything….

  • Uhhh what?

    Regina, grow the eff up.

    Why are you bringing the Jonas Brothers into this? Lame, much?

    You are being as superficial as people accuse their fans of being. They happen to be a good group – don’t slam things you don’t know about.

    (and I say this as an adult who was an original Balehead – he’d be the most mortified to even be ON this site)

  • LOLa

    Nice to see him smiling again! ;) :D :D

  • Batman rocks!!!

    I like them. She looks simple and he is a cool guy. He did a great job in Batman .
    Looking forward to his new movies.

  • Caroline

    come on. Have some class and leave his wife out of your trash talking. I mean geez, its so incredibly unnessesary and rude. She’s very pretty and you’re all immature and probably jealous. No one cares to think before they comment. Its mean and ridiculous. They seem to love each other very much. Period.

  • booooo

    now the idiot is smiling for damage control to show the world he’s a nice guy when he’s not

  • Lilly

    They are both ugly and phoney.

  • wendy


  • Miss::CulleN

    ohhh, i´m so in love of him… can´t describe the feeling (L)

    PS: i´m a woman and i think his wife is kinda pretty, and i admit I´M FREAKING JELOUS!! you people should do the same, they are a loving couple.. FACE IT!
    chaoo, foward to see the new movie :D




    Christian’s wife is FUG!! She never does her hair and always wears black.

    She would look a lot better if she fixed her teef (they can afford it), get a little whitening, see a hair dresser and a stylist.
    She just looks like BOZO the clown ever time she smiles.

    And as for staying with him, when a woman with no career is with a very famous star, why would she leave? And when they met, he was already a big star. To you 20 year olds, Christian Bale was a star since he was a kid. Batman just elevated it!

  • Mera

    yep she stays with him even if he’s wife beater because she has nowhere else to go.

  • Rach

    Dark Knight reviews are amazing!