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Audrina Patridge Launches Official Blog

Audrina Patridge Launches Official Blog

Audrina Patridge (in Birdie Jo) flaunts her bikini body while hanging out at the DKNY Jeans Beach House on Wednesday afternoon in Malibu, Calif.

The 23-year-old aspiring actress just launched her official blog, where she’ll be updating regularly about her life on and off The Hills. Her latest entry has a video of her and her sister Casey sharing some “interesting facts” about themselves. And in an earlier entry, she shared her summer playlist:

Katy Perry – “I Kissed a Girl”
Alkaline Trio – “Help Me”
David Banner – “Get Like Me”
Neon Neon – “I Lust You”

To read Audrina‘s newly launched blog, visit

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  • mike



    Alright can you say: how do you call someone who is too skinny and obviously has fake boobs???

  • sandie

    2nd:) weee… and gross boobs. natural is the way to go!

  • Martha

    ewwwwwwwwwwww shes uggglyyyy!!!!!!!

  • yikes

    I guess she quit her day job at sony or some music company…once her 15 min. of fame are up, what the hell is she going to do? I agree, her boobs look grotesque…I’ll just keep my A-cup and run with them than having such horrific looking boobs. so fake…invest your money wisely coz fame is fleeting

  • nikomilinko
  • nikomilinko
  • Shannon

    she looks good but thier was no need ti get her boobs done IMO she looked much better before!

  • Beckz

    AWWW shes gorgeousss.

  • wow

    terrible boob job

  • ewashley

    she ahs fake boob? how do you know?

  • Sarah

    Skinny people usually dont have big boobies.boob job

  • Helen

    number 11, everyone knows….except u i guess. she actually got her boobs done twice. she switched to bigger implants not long ago.

  • sabine

    oh, I’m disappointed! the jumping pic cleary shows that her boobs are fake. I kinda liked Audrina, but this makes me not like her that much anymore. fake fake fake :( Why can’t young people appreciate their (great), healthy, firm bodies and not have plastic surgery???

  • s

    She’s has fake boobs and she’s not very pretty. And she’s a reality t.v. star. Uh…boring

  • Marta

    awful boobs

  • hello

    when did she get a boob job?

  • ewashley

    aww okeei:( i tought she was naturally beautiful

  • Vogue
  • classACT

    great body minus the fake chi-chi’s. did you know she’s one of the natural blonds but colors her hair dark? weird. the black hair doesn’t work for her. she’s just not that pretty.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    i guess her last flopped thread wasnt enough. lmao

    this ‘thing’ looks disgusting. those could be the worst looking fake boobs ive ever seen.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    damn, that’s one ugly man.

  • justjaredneedsavacation

    her boobs are way too big.

  • Tealeaf

    She looked better before the boob job, why does her stomach look weird, She can’t say anything about Heidi

  • jerry

    Her body is great, should have left the boobs alone. She has a great natural figure, too bad she ruined it with those fun bags.

  • Hillsfan

    Her boobs are gross, at least both lauren and Whitney are naturally beautiful on the show.

  • sarah

    she’s a cutie girl she look nice with her bikini

  • suzy86

    Wait, she knows how to read and write?

  • 4 sure

    Scary Boobs!! # 28 suzy86 Thats too funny…

  • tia

    they are such famewhores all of them haha its kinda funny

  • billbob

    nice boob job!

  • Paloma

    I guess her new boobs take away the attention of her HUGE teeth.

  • talula

    Another graduate from the Heidi school of natural posing for the camera.

  • minime

    ok, i get it.
    she has fake boobs, so what?
    i am not for plastic surgery at all and yes thin girls usually have flat chests, but she is in the business. she needs something to get attention.
    lots of women have fake boobs these days.
    it’s like make-up. make-up is fake too in a way.
    but nobody thinks it is a bad thing…
    although, i agree she doesn’t look very smart.

  • Lei


  • superficialdiva

    Audriana is a hot chick but nothing more then that.

  • #34

    #34 i don’t think people are faulting her for the boob job they are faulting her for the HUGE boob job. big mistake. looks fruitcakish.

  • banana

    ok this is the first time i actually think her body looks good. but she is so trashy looking. and its so weird how when heidi got the fake boobs everyone went nuts but yet its so obvious she went under the knife too. but i think her body does look really good here. but thats it her face is gross. she does nothing for me.

  • ….

    Its obvious her boobs are fake.
    No confident in her body..
    So sad.
    Her old boobs were great before.
    Its like Heidi…

  • mdid

    we love you Audrina. your beautiful

  • LaurenCornad

    WOW… Audrina Sexy!!!
    Enjoy!!! She pretty sexy!!!

  • christian HAAS

    i think all you people who are bashing audrina are just jealous because she is probably the most attractive person in the spot light at this point and everyone who is saying she is ugly 1 if your a girl your clearly just jealous and 2 if your a guy theres no way your straight she clearly has a perfect body and everyone who is also bashing her about her boobs are clearly just jealous theres arent as big as hers and that she can afford to do it oh and her face is perfect as well
    -christian haas

  • davin

    I think she is BEAUTIFUL…Obviously people were not raised right. If you have nothing nice to say do not say anything at all.

  • rosie

    For any Audrina fans, check out the clothing line she was recently wearing: Whitley Kros…

  • angie

    honestly, i really Don’t think Audrina is pretty at all. Her fake boobs look very ugly. Her teeth is very weird looking. She wears so much makeup. She looks just okay with makeup on but she’s very ugly looking without it. There’s really nothing natural looking abt her. She’s completely fake from head to toe. And to top that off, I absolutely can’t stand her personality. She’s like a dumb brunette..very air head and ditzy. I’m not surprised Justin Bobby was able to take advantage of her and jerk her around. She doesn’t seem to know how to stand up for her herself .

  • Amber

    You girls that say she is ugly and has nasty boobs are all jealous!!!