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Katie Holmes Rocks Summer Scarf

Katie Holmes Rocks Summer Scarf

Katie Holmes showcases a summer scarf as she gets dropped off for her ongoing rehearsals of All My Sons at the Minetta Lane Theatre in New York City on Tuesday.

Tom and Katie have been making quite the splash for their matching button fly, sandwashed jeans that they sported on Sunday night.

DO YOU THINK we’ll see any other matching clothes for the Cruise clan?

10+ pictures insides of Katie Holmes rocking her summer scarf…

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katie holmes summer scarf 01
katie holmes summer scarf 02
katie holmes summer scarf 03
katie holmes summer scarf 04
katie holmes summer scarf 05
katie holmes summer scarf 06
katie holmes summer scarf 07
katie holmes summer scarf 08
katie holmes summer scarf 09
katie holmes summer scarf 10

Credit: Carlos Vila/Gardiner Anderson; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • Truman ooops I mean Jefferson

    Sorry again everyone, I forgot that I changed my name for the 193rd time. It’s now Jefferson.

    Again, I apologise for the stalker like comments that I make here.
    I ready do feel completely committed to giving the Cruise family all the assistance they need.
    And I do pledge my time and that of my cats.

    Could you all please look at the video I made for Katie?
    Do you think she’ll enjoy it?

    And anon #37, I really appreciate your feedback.
    Thanks for watching the video.


  • decaf

    #50 defap

    Your comments are SERIOUSLY becomingly increasingly disturbing.
    Are you currently in the care of $cientologists?

    Tom is a raging nut case.
    Have you seen the video where he is saluting the dead science fiction con artist at the $cientology awards ceremony?

    Highly recommend you view this and other videos where he actually reveals his true nature – he is baaaarkkking mad.

    decaf – inated

  • xfiles

    So Jackie O

  • fran

    very lovely and I wonna follow this attire of hers….

  • wendy

    I envy those who can watch her in NY. I wish her the best and she looks great as always. Wish the paps will let her breathe though.

  • sarisue

    The paps ARE her life and breath, wendy.

  • defap

    #52, I only state what I observe.
    If he acts differently (nut you said), for me if he does not hurt anybody, I don’t see the point to hate him or bash at him. He has his right to live as he pleases as long as he does not hurt others unfairly. It is a free country, remember?
    I know for some of you, your only goal for coming here is bashing at him. So, whatever you say won’t sound unbiased.

    No, I am not interested in Scientology. I am kind of “free-spirited”, but looks like I don’t like “free-spirit” too much now, looking Sienna, awwww.

  • rem

    # 46 Jefferson @ 08/26/2008 at 4:53 pm

    sweetheart d differnce between u n me is dat i’m not DELUDED LIKE U OBVIUOSLY ARE, rumor or not MAD MONEY was in production/was shot before TDK and she starred in it yet u want the world to believe she didn’t starr in TDK cos she wanted to be “home for a year with her child ” i think we both know who the IDIOT is now(YOU), do ur effing maths b4 u start rambling off next time ASS****

  • me

    No matter what she wears, she can’t “pull it off”. She always looks like she is trying too hard and trying to be something/someone she is not.

    Her hair looks like a shorter version of Edward Scissorhand’s hair “style”.

    Katie is very good at one thing…..making a fool of herself!

  • TrumanJeffersonisafreak

    Whew. For a while there, I was worried that Truman, Jefferson, etc. was just looking at Suri pictures and defending the alien parents. I’m actually relieved he’s checking out Katie for once. Typically, it’s Tom, and we all KNOW his feelings for Tom (cuddle, cuddle).
    I can now rest a little easier.
    He can be a freak all he wants everybody!
    Leave poor, dumb Jefferson alone!
    Where are you Mav??? You’re missing some funny Truman stuff!
    And thank you #58 rem….well put.
    #47 last statement was awesome. I’ll need to remember than when Jeffersontrumanidiot comes at me after he eats his dinner mommy fixed for him.

  • lee

    why is there a picture of her here every single day walking to work on her play wearing fall clothing in summer and those stupid sunglasses that make her look like a bug. take up a collection to get the girl a comb.

  • Jill

    Condemn bigots!!!
    They stink and spread hat!!!

    Condemn bigots!!!
    They stink and spread hat!!!

    Condemn bigots!!!
    They stink and spread hat!!!

  • Rescue59

    Yes Jill!

    I’m spreading my HAT now!!!

  • victoria

    I thought the article was on Katie’s scarf !!! Which is beautiful, by the way.. How in the world did we get to the Scientology issue AGAIN ??? Is scarf wearing part of their daily ” cult ” exercises ? I re-read the article and it was just on that ” summer scarf and buttonfly jeans “… But, NO, everyone has to get off on the subject of every little thingy.. AND, by the way, here where I live, the WHITE HOUSE/BLACK MARKET, has scarfs in that are beautiful like that, and they can’t keep them on the shelf. I see them on women where I live everywhere !!!….I don’t know why JARED insists on taking such smileless pictures of Katie, because on other sites, there are pictures of her smiling. I think he does it on purpose to STIR THE POT.

  • Mona


  • 90210

    She looks more and more like Mrs.Kennedy and even my mom agrees.

  • Megan fox rocks

    she looks cute and love the summer scarf

  • LuckBe A Lady

    “She looks more and more like Mrs.Kennedy and even my mom agrees.”

    Well, then it must be so.

    However, I didn’t know Jaime Kennedy was married. I guess KateBot was one of his experiments.

  • KrissyKitty

    Keep trying to hide that growing baby bump Katie…. I mean “Kate”
    ~ And some of these pro Tom-Katie posts are starting to sound a little too OBSESSESIVE…. I think someone needs to get a life, fast!

  • KrissyKitty

    and his 50 cats too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tia

    nice scarf. I like it.

  • rj


  • Rescue59

    “And his 50 cats too!!!!!”


  • To63

    Good, now you are admitting that you are bigot. This is good start for honesty.
    Condemn bigots!!!

  • Jefferson

    I don’t prove myself either wrong or a complete fool, #47. Just one who has always easily slams popular TomKat misconceptions and gossip and people get angry at me for doing so. I ask people constantly to find where I post unproven claims as fact or pretend to know the inside scoop on TomKat but you can’t. All you do is this lame ‘Look at your posts, we don’t have to prove anything’ schtick when YES, you do have to prove it.

    I never said I knew how she treated her bodyguards you moron! I personally feel (see what I did there? I prefaced my OPINION with ‘I personally feel’) that she’s nice to everyone given her reputation but I was only talking to a crazy person who came up with this ridiculous accusation based on nit-picks of a couple paparazzi photos.

    It’s not my opinion, #48. Yes. Those kids are popular but they’re the exception and not the rule. Also, Shiloh Jolie-Pitt and now the twins are much more popular than those kids ever were or will be in the media. Sorry but it’s true.

    No I haven’t, #49. Give me just ONE example.

    Was Mad Money a huge film where it required a huge media blitz where she would be very far away from her family traveling everywhere, #58?

    Yeah. I thought so. Now shut up. If Christopher Nolan and others said she wasn’t fired, then she wasn’t fired. I’d rather take their word than the word of a bunch of bloggers.

  • Samantha

    Wish she would grow her hair back long – she looks so masculin and gaunt.

  • Leilah

    Why such a sad little boy?

  • Rescue59

    So gay….

  • Elvia

    She is mad no??

  • melissa

    hey does anyone found the sunglasses yet??* ı really need a name..whats the brand?