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Brad and Angelina Jet Off With Twins

Brad and Angelina Jet Off With Twins

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt take their twins Vivienne and Knox along with the rest of their family as they arrive back home at the Nice airport in the south of France on Wednesday.

Maddox, 7, Pax, 4 1/2, Shiloh, 2, and Zahara, 3 1/2, all joined their almost-three-month-old twin siblings on the trip back to France.

Just on Tuesday afternoon, Brad and Angie were seen in New Orleans snuggling up together. Looks like there’s still romance after six kids!

10+ pictures inside of Brad and Angelina taking the twins out…

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415 Responses to “Brad and Angelina Jet Off With Twins”

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  1. 401
    ls Says:

    God bless Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt and their love union always.

  2. 402
    Rica Says:

    toy1 @ 10/08/2008 at 8:29 pm Rica….are you adding another chapter anytime soon? Love your stuff…


    yes ma’am…i’m working on it…just slow as usual. sorry and thank you.

  3. 403
    yesiam Says:


  4. 404
    yesiam Says:


  5. 405
    mary a Says:

    # 397 Oh yeah @ 10/09/2008 at 9:19 pm mary a @ 10/09/2008 at 3:34 pm

    Suck it !!
    i’m glad it’s real easy to find my way around this website so i can check all these aj threads and see what else people have been saying in reaction to my comments. i wish i had a big head and believed i was SO special that i could infuriate so many jj devotees who plain just hate my coming on this website and posting comments.

    anyways, I’M SURE YOU WOULD JUST LOVE TO SUCK ON ME. i will just quote the great simpsons and especially bart simpson and say “EAT IT”… so basically i win. you got it. by the way thanks for making my night.

  6. 406
    Stop blaming Brad and Angelina Says:

    Oh yeah,

    how can you not know why people hate Aniston? Its because of her rotton imbecilic fans who have been slandering Brad and Angelina for 4 years and always post hateful things and them and their children. People have had enough, and AJ fans are fighting back and giving you guys a taste of your own medicine and you don’t like it? What has Angie ever done to deserve such hatred and vile attacks on her? Nothing. She has not hurt anybody and she has done nothing but good. Thats why karma shines on her so well, and Aniston is getting all the pain she deserves. Have you and the Lunifers ever stopped to ask yourself WHY karma is so harsh on Jen? Ever stopped to wonder what she has done to DESERVE it?

  7. 407
    Stop blaming Brad and Angelina Says:

    Oh yeah, the reasons why people hate Aniston are many and varied (the way she treated Brad, her lies about kids, the fact that she is so cold, her bed-hopping, her tabloid manipulations, her bad acting etc etc ) but mainly because her vile and horrible fans have been slandering Angelina and Brad for 4 years and repeating tabloid LIES. They call her a homewrecker, when firstly there is no such thing as a *homewrecker* because it is not possible for a third party to ruin a marriage and also when its been proven that there was no affair. Lunifers say the most horrible and racist things about them and their family. They have started this grudge against Brad and Angie and all based on TABLOID LIES, and have kept it going for 4 years. This has meant Angelina and Brad fans have turned against Aniston by default, because of Aniston’s annoying and hateful fans, and the lunifers are now getting back a taste of their own medicine that they have dished out for 4 years, because Brand fans have HAD ENOUGH! The fact that Jen has so many immature, gullible and hateful fans says a lot about Jen HERSELF, in my book. People are now hating Jen BECAUSE OF her fans.

    What the lunifers should consider, is WHY is it that karma is shining down on Angelina and Brad and has rewarded them so well, while Jen can’t keep a man and is now loathed by many people because of her sl.u.t.ty bed-hopping and media-wh.0.ring. Ever asked yourself WHY karma is punishing Jen? Ever considered that maybe, just *maybe*, Jen might have been a cruel and vindictive person and have been the instigator and bad partner in the marriage, all along? After all, Karma believes it. And karma never lies. Jen is GARBAGE. Her fans are much worse, and are her own worst enemy.

  8. 408
    mimi Says:

    malibu @ 10/08/2008 at 5:48 pm

    So why are you here? Have to be pretty sad person or deranged to be watching sad people.

  9. 409
    periwinkle Says:

    shiloh is soooo blond and sooo cute!

  10. 410
    nice! Says:

    God, keep blessing and watching over the Jolie-Pitt family.

  11. 411
    Adulteryhater Says:

    Aww, how cute. The adulterers and their little brood of ********.

  12. 412

    I feel sorry for these kids – they must not know whether theyre coming or going. They have enough money time to buy a dream house and settle down already… gives those poor kids some routine and stability. Build some real memories – not all this nonsense.

    Hopefully they`ll do it soon – as the older kids in particular need to start to feel rooted and make some friends of their own choosing.

    Got tons of money, decide to have kids – i hope they do the best by them – and dont let their own egos get in the way and cause damage.

    Beautiful family – but they cant keep on the way they are – somethings gonna give.

  13. 413
    Danielle Says:

    My how big Zee and Shiloh is getting…I remember when the two of them were no larger than 8-10 lbs

  14. 414
    Ozone Therapy Yorkshire Says:

    Very nice information.

  15. 415
    Ron Johnson Says:

    They make such a cute family. It’s nice to see them together.

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