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Zac Efron is an Indo Board Beginner

Zac Efron is an Indo Board Beginner

Zac Efron didn’t stop for any of the online media outlets at US Weekly‘s 2008 Hot Hollywood Party… except for! (Thanks to all you lovely Zefron fans out there!)

The High School Musical hottie, who turned 21 this past Saturday, shared a little bit about High School Musical 3: Senior Year, his favorite birthday gift (it’s not from Vanessa!) and his plans for Halloween. And away we go…

JJ: What was your favorite prop from HSM3?

ZE: My favorite prop on set was a basketball. But my favorite one that I kept was Troy’s ring, his class ring.

JJ: You didn’t steal anything else from the set?

ZE: I tried! But the wardrobe is very strict, they keep tabs on everything.

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JJ: When you go online, what are the top three websites that you go online at?

ZE: Just Jared! Of course man, the only one. I check my email. That’s about it.

JJ: What was the first beer you had on your birthday?

ZE: My first birthday beer? (pauses) Whatever what was on tap. I honestly don’t know. It was in a glass…

JJ: What was your favorite birthday gift?

ZE: Ashley [Tisdale] got me an Indo Board! It’s a balance training tool… it kind of helps you with surfing.

JJ: What are your Halloween plans?

ZE: No plans yet. I’ll probably be handing out candy. (laughs)


The soundtrack for High School Musical 3: Senior Year is in stores now. The movies opens this Friday!

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  • lina

    firs?? love Zac

    Zanessa 4 ever

  • Carey

    i’m not his greatest fan, but that was a sweet interview. congrats jared :)

  • smdwh

    cool! can’t wait til Friday my kids are so excited

  • nat
  • nat

    Don’t you just think Zac is so much more comfortable these days when he is anywhere but with Vanessa. His bod language says it all!

  • angel

    luv it…
    HSM3 coming…

  • zanessa4ever


  • Nomnom

    Hi zac!

  • Lily

    Oh, am I first, really? xd
    On Halloween I’m gonna go to the cinema wit my friendz and watches horrors. From 6 a.m. to midnight. ;d
    <3 Zac. ;]

  • Kay

    hey body language experts, SHUT UP. haha. let the boy be.

    so excited for zac’s upcoming projects! CAN’T WAIT

  • elenee

    baby boo is lookin pretty shabby ;)

  • :]

    love himmm :]

  • elenee

    aaand, he won’t say vanessa’s birthday present because its private and it probably was his favorite ;)

  • alanah


  • MoNessa

    hey UKGIRL wot ya mean? Explain urself plz!

  • 123


  • Jazz Yazoo

    your shoes was stylish to the max! ! !

    i have to agree with ukgirl, vanessa is his soulmate

  • poppy

    Aww that was sweet. I swear that boy is obsessed with Surfing. Bless him, I bet he can’t say what V’s was…

    Thanks JJ!!

  • Adiore

    Awww yay he reads justjared! I have a similar version of the indo board he’s talking about. It’s fun, but hurts your thighs after awhile (which is kinda sorta the point) since you’re practicing your balance for surfing.

  • Chelsea

    i hope he had a awesome birthday, i wonder what vanessa got him.

  • zanessa/jashley

    He is ALWAYS looking fine !! When is he never…? Ha, I really want to know what Vanessa got him !! …I’ve never heard of an Indo Board before…hm, sounds like fun since it has to do with surfing :D

  • Nina

    Lovely interview, i hope he had a fun time at his party.

  • kikka!
  • dabigone

    Great interview JJ!! Zac really rocks!!

    JJ: what’s your height?

  • dabigone


  • gabby

    ^^ the movie is already out in the uk(:

  • http://- Yasemin

    I would know what vanessa got him !!
    Thanks for the interview :)

  • Andy
  • gina

    I bet kids would love to go trick or treating and have him open the door!

  • Dianne

    ouchhh… i feel bad for Vanessa… You mean Zac a gift from ur “VERY SPECIAL FRIEND” is not your favorite…oucccchhhhhhhhh thats really hurt.. Joke!!!

    I know whatever Vanessa give to you there is a single spot for that gift…

    I LOVE ZANESSA!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nadine

    The movie is awesome. Love Zac!! Him and V in the movie are just breath taking…truly beautiful. Those two have such great chemistry on and off screen.

  • rosielee9

    When as Zac ever said what Vanessa has got him for his birthday and I can’t see why this one would be any different, I dare say he thinks the world of whatever it is that she got him and of course it would be special in it’s own way as it’s from his girlfriend so it’s natural that whatever every body else got hm was special including Ashle’s as after all i t was his 21st and Vanessa’s would be special but with a very different meaning behind it.

    But ovioulsy people are going to make this out to be something and nothing again becuas he has singled out Ashley’s but when your put on the spot you think of the first thing and especially if it was a unusal gift they tend to stick in your mind.

    But either way I’m glad that he got the day he wanted and enjoyed his 21st without to much hassle from the pap’s.

  • http://justjared alcas

    zac will never talk about personal things he shares with vanessa, and it seems like it is working very well for them, good luck to them. i think we fans are a bit nosy at times (just kidding)

  • Jem

    Hsm3 is amazingg x

  • Curiosity

    Lovely interview…..

  • Malia

    Nice interviews with Zac, the seasoned politician. He should seriously consider running for political office in the near future. :)

  • jrfan

    Don’t get me wrong, but it’s nice to see he still retains his own identity. I’m gradually becoming a Zac Efron fan. It started when I saw him in a Firefly episode and that surprised me! He seems like a pretty cool guy and Indo boards rock!

  • val

    UKGIRL i totally agree with u!

    zac always seem to be avoid standing too close to vanessa at all the premieres. compared to ashley!

  • Curiosity
  • Tina

    I think everyone notices Zac with Ashley so much and JJ knows that so he post pictures or comments that get people talking. I have seen several pictures of Zac standing very close to Vanessa as a matter of fact the post on Vanessa, her and Zac were standing together. Honestly, any pictures of Zac with Vanessa are scrutinized so much to the point of being silly. I mean during this whole press tour they have done, there have been plenty of great shots with Vanessa and Zac and yet JJ does not always post those.

  • lina

    @ 41 do you mean this good or bad for Zanessa ?

  • vanguard

    There is no way I would tolerate my boyfriend saying his favorite gift came from another woman. I’m sorry if I were Vaessa I’d dump him. He has no sensitivity to her feelings at all. This man has a serious character defect-holding other girls when she’s standing next to him etc.

    Sorry Zac fans I don’t think he’a very nice to her at all

  • ohhh he is sooooo hooot

  • chris

    hahaha well i’ll be stoping by zac’s house for candy….

  • zaccarra

    For all you silly Zashley fans from yesterday – Z&V

    But I have to say I would be thinking about dropping AShley as my BFF-anyone ever notice how she’s always looking at him and now she’s got dark hair and wearing Vanessa type shoes and short skirts. She needs to give it a rest-he still seems to like Vanessa.

  • hititquitit

    i’d lovee to get candy from zac on holloween
    you think if i dressed like gabriella he’d give me a kiss lmao!
    jk jk jk jk

    but i love him he’s hot (:

  • wtf

    That was actually a really cute interview, J.J. Way to go! :D

    You asked new and funny questions. I hope you get to interview more celebrities, your questions are better than the ones other media outlets ask.

  • ♥zanessa-lova4life♥

    Ur so lucky Jared!
    Zac is totally awesome! I wonder what Vanessa got him for his BDAY! ;)
    haha GO ZAC!

  • Rachel

    #43 don’t be so dramatic! He said he liked the gift as it was something for surfing and he loves to surf, he just stated who the gift was from is all! As for him sharing what V got him I doubt he ever would, and we don’t need to know either! V is obviously happy with him, it’s not ur job to say whether she should stay with him or not. Zac is amazing but he is a guy, and they tend to flirt regardless! V and Corbin hug etc but nothing is said about that! They are all really good friends and it’s a beautiful thing!

    As for the standing close to V thing, some of you have obviously not seen the ZV moments I have at all the premiers and yesterday too! Go check them out, they are so cute!