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Daniel Craig Premieres ‘Quantum' in Paris

Daniel Craig Premieres ‘Quantum' in Paris

Daniel Craig heats up the Paris premiere of Quantum of Solace at UGC Normandie on Thursday in France.

On his arm was longtime girlfriend Satsuki Mitchell, who wore a strapless gown with gorgeous ruching at the bust.

“[Quantum is] a good follow up, it’s not a great follow up,” film critic Olly Richards said. “Casino Royale was this complete invention and just surprised everyone. … This goes slightly more traditional with the story – you’ve got someone trying to take over the world with a very bizarre plot that you can’t quite make sense of. But there’s still all of the things you love in there: There’s fantastic action, very beautiful girls, lots of stunts, some very very good stuff with Judi Dench.”

10+ pictures inside of Daniel Craig premiering Quantum of Solace in Paris…

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Photos: Julien M. Hekimian/Getty
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  • Hot as Shit
  • to 51

    i agree that she should stay away from the strapless dresses. but here’s the thing. i’ve heard people here in london say that daniel loves to see satsuki in a strapless dress. if he had his way, all the dresses for the premieres would be strapless. satsuki wore this dress to please the man she loves. afterall, it’s what he thinks that is important here. not what we think. i wouldn’t be surprised if there aren’t more strapless dresses coming up, either that, or dresses are backless; which daniel also apparently loves.

  • clara

    clear pic of shoes on lainey gossip – black with two wide straps across the foot with gold detailing so they match the bag – its the earrings that are wrong she should of gone for long gold danglies.

    did not know that dan likes strapless dresses – interesting – can’t remember heike in any strapless outfits (guess she must of told him where to put it ;) )
    satsuki must be very submissive as its the wrong shape her – breasts are too small and droopy

  • to 53

    what else have you heard that Dan likes? hiw did you ehar that he likes strapless dresses?

  • to clara

    i can see why, she has great shoulders and a lot of men like strapless dresses

    yes i would say heike would tell him to shove it



  • shoulders

    so the man IS visual and loves intelligence..she must have it going on old Satsuki!!!!!

    shoulders and back, esp lower back ,where she has the henna tatoo are erogenous zones…Daniel you old slapper…lol

    she looks great but if she stood straighter he boobs wouldnt appear as droopy

  • to 54

    10/31/2008 at 2:11 pm
    just because satsuki is dressing to please daniel does not automatically make her submissive. you haven’t stopped to consider the fact that satsuki also loves her strapless dresses.
    i’ve also heard here in london that if it wasn’t required as part of the contract signed by daniel; neither he nor satsuki would be attending any of the premieres this go around. so you can imagine how much either one of them cares what we think

  • to 58

    to 54

    why dont they want to attend? isnt it part of being a film star to attend these things? daniel should care about the fans!

    the fans want to see him, maybe not her, is it because she is pregnant? he certainly looked as if he wanted to be at the Royal premiere

    he does look though as if he really wants to be elsewhere most of the time and can understand because of his shoulder…but hearing that makes me long as he takes the money and buys nice houses, is that the case?

    i think i will forgo seeing QoS this time and wait until i can borrow the dvd from a friend

  • to 58

    You see? This is what I don’t understand from these stars.

    He said he would do anything to promote CR but now he feels he established as Bond, it seems, if that story is true, that he doesn’t give a toss. He does give out an air of “f**k when will this be over?” in most things he does now.

    I had a chance to go and stand outside for the QoS premiere but decided to forgo it. Glad I did because of the weather and a few stories that I have heard about the security detail there being less than courteous. I would like to think that given a choice he would want to turn up anyway.

    Listen mate, us fans put you there and in that lifestyle you’re used too so don’t knock us…the fall down is mighty hard.

    More and more I see these stars give us the “take the money and run” attitude as soon as they become mega A listers.

    I’ve admired Mr Craig for many years now since seeing him in Sylvia but have noticed through his interviews that a change has occurred.

    I also am disappointed that he didn’t pose with the other cast members in London. Surely this is required for a film premiere?Everyone was standing alone apart from him. I felt sorry for Ms Dench as Dan should have been a gentleman and escorted her but from what I’m reading, it was almost a PR stunt for his own relationship status instead.

    I do hope that that story isn’t true, what a let-down!

  • to 58

    If he gets his house in Regents Park repossessed (re: the comment in GQ was it?..”repossession? middle class”…blah blah)…then he might sing a different tune!

    Then he’ll probably turn up at the opening of door like he used many years ago wearing ripped jeans when the fame goes.

  • to 58

    you have to know that daniel craig is not the only “bond” to be less than thrilled with all the premieres he had to attend. sean connery said in an inteview that the premieres are the one thing he does not miss about bond. roger moore, at the beginning of his bond period, found them interesting but after awhile he was no longer thrilled with the idea either. pierce brosnan also has made no secret that he’s glad that part of bond is over as well. timothy dalton just plain hated them.

    while these premieres may look great and wonderful from our perspective after a while they get tedious. all the travelling between cities, watching the movie with fans for the umpteenth time, smiling for the cameras, always having to put on a good show can be exhausting.

    and no, sorry, it’s not required for daniel craig to pose with any of the other cast members of this film; or for that matter the next one as well. all that is required by his contract is that he show up and spend a certain amount of time on the red carpet smiling for the press. nor was daniel required to escort judy dench into the theatre. her own husband was there, that was his job. nor does daniel have to stand there forever and day shaking hands, signing autographs etc. etc. he’s made it clear he’s not going to.

  • to 61

    This was not a Bond premiere, It was a Satsuki coming out party!!!!
    Daniel took advantage of a highly visible event to promote his relationship, which I am not sure why he would do that since he seems to be so private. During he Access Hollywood interview the reporter is asking about QOS and the scenes in the movie and he turns and says – I am with the love of my life. Thats not what he was asked so why such a conscious effort to let his feelings be known. We want to see a movie and the fantasy character in it and Craig is ruining it with all his self promotion. This is a James Bond movie folks not the Daniel and Satsuki show.

  • to 61

    why on gods green earth should daniel discuss another woman in front of his long time love?? and yes you’re right it was satsuki’s coming out party. and the word here in london is that daniel did it on purpose. he was/is sending a very clear message to one and all. bond is a “fantasy” character that daniel is playing at least for one more film. he is not james bond. bond’s life is not his. his life is with satsuki; and was intent on sending the message. he has no intention of telling the world he’s sorry.

    you still haven’t gotten it. daniel does not care what you or i think; he never did. the message is right up there for all to see. he’s fullfilling the contract; attending the premieres with satsuki. smiling at press; standing there as they take pictures of him etc etc. but that’s all he’s going to do.

  • to above

    you are wrong
    he does care what people think or why bother creating such a big fuss
    he is a big attentionwhore
    thats why hes made a big statement about his private life

  • article
  • becky

    I’m confused why everybody is saying it was a “satsuki coming out party”, since he’s been on every red carpet with her for years. Shes his other half, everyone does it, why not the guy who plays bond!

    As for her wearing strapless dresses etc, i agree she doesn’t suit them completely, but if he thinks she looks wow in them and she likes it, thats all that matters.
    We can critisize from a fashion point of view, but why make it a personal attack on her and her character? “submissive” thats such a silly comment to make, any woman wants to wear what will make her mans eye’s pop out!

    Daniel shouting that he loves her at a premiere is insane!! wouldn’t that come in the same box as Tom Cruise jumping on Opera’s couch! I’m sure it didn’t happen like that. I read he was asked which was the best bond girl, by a presenter and he said he couldn’t choose then said the lady on his arm (satsuki)!

  • SEAN

    I think it is sad and pathetic when a person has to convince others of how great their relationship is. It seems wrong and egomanical.

  • vanessa

    i think they are a very classy couple- they are both really well dressed and look like they are very supportive of eachother. love her dress- and of course he looks amazing.
    im jealous of satsuki! but lucky girl…..!

  • record

    QoS has set a record in the UK for the biggest box opening of all time…just over $8 million…they predict it will rake in about $21 million over the weekend…

  • record

    Qos has set a all time record in France for an opening…

    Next Berlin…

  • tv

    Daniel to appear on Regis and Kelly Nov 12th!

  • Dan picked Olga
  • article
  • clara

    this thread has died a quick death people seemed to have lost interest in daniel craig

  • to clara


  • Mrs_007_2008

    I think both Daniel and Satsuki look wonderful here. She looks cold though. I think Daniel was just making it clear to one and all that he is in a stable realtionship with Sats and that no matter what no one is going to change that. They look so happy together and I hope that they are very happy together. I’m sure it can’t be easy living out of a suitcase for either of them.
    Can’t wait to see the film and anything else that Daniel has coming up after it. He is amazing!!

  • to clara

    i think it was a few things for me…one the post that he wouldnt be bothered turning up for premieres if it wasnt in his contract

    secondly, talking about his private life when he makes a song and dance about his privacy otherwise

    some comments he’s made in interviews which make him come across as very cocky

    and that his attitude seems to have changed since CR promotion time when he was trying so hard to be liked…now it seems that he feels why should he bother as he knows he’s popular…

    ego is one thing but maybe getting to big for his handmade italian shoes now

    i wont be seeing qos out of principle which is a pity coz i love his acting

  • to 76

    why does he have to make a point though that he’s in a stable relationship..that was clear for all to see as they have been together for 4 years odd…odd behavior for a “private” man..maybe satsuki got fed up of him not being more demonstrative in public as a lot of people thought there were not getting on, maybe he changed his mind about being private about her as he seems to talking a lot about her now?

    maybe something happened in their relationship and he felt he had to reprove his love?

    living out of suitcases is a choice, id love it


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  • brlin premiere

    Mobile Event Architecture by the Berlin company ZENDOME supports the German Premier of the 22nd James Bond film on 3rd November 2008.

    The Berlin company ZENDOME provides mobile architecture for the premier the James Bond film “A Quantum of Solace”, on 3rd November 2008, the most important film adventure of the year. Sony Pictures presents the German premier at the Potsdamer Platz where Daniel Craig brings glamour to the capital as the most famous secret agent in film history.

    In order to provide an aesthetically round evening for the film team and the German VIPs, Sony Pictures first invites the premier guests into the elegant semi sphere of the ZENDOME. In true Bond style they are welcomed exclusively in the geodesic dome before they meet the photographers and fans on the red carpet. This will make the event an extraordinary piece of art following the spectacular style of the British secret agent 007.

    The production designer Ken Adams recently received the Lucky Strike Design Award for the sets of some of the Bond classics. Like no other film worlds they stand for elegance, design and innovation.

    Guests for the premier party of Sony Pictures are going to be: the main character Daniel Craig, director Marc Forster, producer Barbara Broccoli, Bond Girl Olga Kurylenko as well as the actors Anatole Taubman and Jesper Christensen. Of course a lot of German VIPs will also be present when a glamorous night kicks off at the Berlin Sony Centre.

    Theatre release in Germany for “A Quantum of Solace” is 6th November.

  • angie
  • meursault

    love his sling -such minimalism
    he’s been looking ‘craggier’ than usual, tho, and why is it they look like they need to consume massive quantities of prunes to relieve constipation when they’re around each other!

  • to 82

    travelling does play havoc with the internal plumbing though…


  • to 77

    I would have to agree with you on those points. I was a huge Daniel Craig fan but his attitude lately have made me go off him. He is a great actor but fans today want great actor with great attitude to stay loyal. I am let down just as you are.

  • daniel lover

    I believe some fans are just being silly to “go off Daniel” now that he has stated his feelings for Sats. He is the same Daniel. I am anxious to see QofS and any other of his movies. People are analysing everything he does. Just give it a break and enjoy his acting.

  • pic

    is that a baby bump or just the way she’s standing?

  • to dl

    I think its his overall attitude that some people are reading about not the ‘I love her’ statement…

    It is for me anyway…totally overexposed both of them…and he, for me, has lost his edge that I saw in his earlier movies..he has become a parody of himself..I just watch his earlier movies and I am happy with that.

    Overpaid, oversexed and over here…

  • smashes CR
  • Bond in pain
  • sienna back on market
  • wrinkles,,6324937,00.jpg

    she has a lot of wrinkles for a girl of her age..sorry to say…they are deep too…better do something about those now Sats

  • To baby bump

    If you are correct and she is pregnant then the reports on her drinking alcohol at the Oasis concert and the QOS afterparty must be false or she is not being very responsible.

    She is doing a lot of travelling for a prenanant woman no? I would think that would be dangerous for her and the baby.

  • becky

    To BABY BUMP PIC and #92.

    I don’t think that small bump on her belly means she is pregnant, lol most women who are not models have a little excess flab on the tummy, also she could just be bloated! trust me i know, when i’m bloated i can look like i’m 3 months too!! hehe specially when the rest of me is very slim, it shows a lot.

  • dan and sats

    I think next year Daniel will get married or around the New Year as 2 years ago they got engaged.

    I think most def they will have a baby as he takes a year off .

    They will move into their new house as Mr and Mrs.

  • dan and sats

    ..if of course the baby isnt on it’s way already!


  • dan and sats

    Him mentioning her is a precursor to their marriage and baby

  • clara

    to #77

    i understand what you mean
    but, i think, deep down he was always a superficial attentionseeking man with a veneer of faux intellectualism.
    he’s always wanted the leading man role in big hollywood movies
    he got very lucky when he got the bond role
    where would he be if babs broccoli didn’t fancy him?

  • Lexxie

    Satsuki looks stunning yet again, keeping it simple but elegant and classy. She looks beautiful no wonder Daniel has been declearing his love for her.

  • to 97

    still taking his clothes off hoping that that would get him somewhere…

  • clara

    yes, if only he wasn’t so small