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Jennifer & Violet are Ted & Fred

Jennifer & Violet are Ted & Fred

Jennifer Garner and 2-year-old daughter Violet Affleck dress up as canine friends Ted and Fred from Peter Eastman‘s “Big Dog . . . Little Dog” book series.

Jennifer, 36, matched Violet in her costume, donning a green sweater with the name ‘Fred’ across the middle of it. Ted & Fred are two lovable dogs who are also good friends, although they are very different. Fred is tall and rather bumbling; Ted is short and more capable. When they go camping, they often have their own preferences and ways of doing things.

The mother-daughter duo was also out and about this afternoon picking up last minute Halloween decorations.

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  • Amanda

    LMAO. So cute! She’s such a good mom!

  • Aly pokry

    Jennifer Garner é uma bela mãe, como sempre foi uma otima atraz!

    Te adorooo

    Parabèns ;P

    ALysson Pokrywiesky Brasil

  • lizzie

    she’s not pregnant, that’s a pillow lol
    she wants to keep Ben so she will find any way ihihihiih

  • abby


    Jen is such a good mom, I love how she dotes on her daughter. So cute and she isn’t afraid to be goofy.

    Great mom.

  • denise

    that’s cute :)
    i don’t know why people say suri is the cutest kid, I actually think she was cuter as a tiny baby
    I reckon Violet is one of the cutest, as is Matilda

  • Angela

    Aww… I could have guessed that Jen is a mom that reads to her daughter and encourages her to be interested in books. As opposed to Katie Holmes who seems to encourage a narotic overdressed little girl.

    I bet if Suri was with Jennifer for six months she would be normal!

  • susiebella

    omg soooo cute.

  • yaya

    violet is so freakin precious.

  • Karen

    Awww so normal all celeb moms should be like her

  • Janey

    Violet is sooo adorable.

  • Lilly

    This is the cutest! Jen is a great mom and Violet is adorable. Love them!

  • Suri Cruise

    Please Miss Jennifer,
    Come to New York and ask my mommy to let me live with you and play with Violet!
    I want to go to school with Vi.
    I want to be potty trained and wear big girl undies just like Vi.
    I am so sick and tired of barley milk, but it is the only thing my mommy feeds me.
    Otherwise, my mommy will jam me with ice cream and cupcakes. my teeth are hurting now.
    And I am freezing here.

    Come help me out of here, please!

  • boogie


    look…no blanket…no putting hands over ears, etc..and acting and looking like a normal child should.

    Katie Cruise needs to take lessons from Jennifer!

  • http://s ha

    # 3 lizzie @ 10/31/2008 at 9:17 pm

    is that what u do to keep your bf or husband?

  • tina

    LOL ouch. ^

  • WHY???

    So cute. I love that fact that she and Ben lives normal lives despite the fact they are celebs.

  • WHY???

    So cute. I love that fact that she and Ben lives normal lives despite the fact they are celebs.

  • FroFro

    LOL! Thats great! I guess gone are the days of electric blue vinyl minidresses and stilettos! If you ask me it was a great trade off, although I do miss Alias ALOT!

    I think Violet is the cutest celeb kid too! Go Jen!

  • a

    I agree FroFro!

    That book was my fave as a child!! Love the costumes!!

  • Dear Jen

    Whenever I’m sad, I look at a pic of you and Violet Smiling and the day cheers right up!!! :)

  • Lisa

    What a cute and original costume, it looks comfy too.

    I love seeing Violets cute smile. She seems like such a happy little girl.

    Don’t forget, Ben is hosting SNL this weekend. Wouldn’t it be nice if Jennifer could make a “cameo” on a skit. It’s been a while since we have seen her on TV.

  • Amanda

    LOLOL so cute!!

  • Adoring Fan

    OMG! I love these two more and more each day. Jen is so much fun and Violet and Ben are so lucky to have her in their lives. I have really missed them and wondered where they were. Thanks very much JJ for these adorable pics of my favorite mum and daughter duo.

  • Ray Palmer

    Because she’s cute, #5. That’s why they say it. All babies are cute.

    You should stop comparing, #13.

  • FroFro

    When is her next child due? I think she is one of the best actresses out there. Maybe someday we will see her on something fun again. Alias was awesome.

  • FroFro

    @19 – is that the book where they all eventually meet up together in a big tree and have a party? Haha! I loved that book too!

  • Susanna

    Violet is cute when she doesn’t smile and show her teeth which are the worst baby teeth I have ever seen on any child. Jen needs to get a life of her own, she wears Violet barettes in her hair and now dressing up in matching halloween costumes. LAME. Barrack Obama was also out with his daughter trick or treating but you didn’t see him wear a costume. It’s a good thing Violet is going to have a brother or sister because it means Jen will be less obssessed with her.

  • Adoring Fan

    To # 27 Susanna, since when is spending quality time with your child considered an obsession? Lots of parents dress up with their children for Halloween. What rock have you been living under? Is that what made you so narrow minded and bitter because your parents didn’t spend enough time with you? FYI, your comment about Vi’s baby teeth is very immature. Get some professional help and join the real world.

  • sunshine

    that is the most adorable thing ever. jen is super mon. i adore that family =)

    i think #27 has issues & is pyscotic

  • Indonesian Girl

    so cute :-D
    it’s really nice to see Violet is walking :-P

  • Love Suri

    Check out all the haters on this board, psychos hating on a Suri Cruise, who is cuter than Violet. Leave Suri alone she’s just a child like Violet Affleck, it’s not her fault who her parents are, stop hating on the children of celebrities.

  • ADORABLE ^_^

    she’s the best mom :)

  • ben/jen fan


    Well, I must live in a “lame” neighborhood, and be “obsessed” with my kids too. Many times I would put on an eye patch when kids were dressed as pirates, an antena as the kids dressed as a Ladybug, and more.

    Oh, and I guess I can go in the “need a life” category also. As, just the other week I bought a scarf to wear only for it to be taken by my daughter. Many times while trying to get her to wear something in her hair I would put something in mine. Doesn’t mean a mom has a problem. It means a mom is being a great mom.

    Further, I guess you can sign me up for the loney bin as I play Rock Band with my kids, and try to show a natural interest in the things they are doing. Do they laugh at me trying to play their games, sure but we have fun with it. Do I know when to back off and let them play with friends? Yep, sure do.

    So if doing those things makes me a bad mom, then fine. I don’t really care what title or what you want to give to an “involved” parent. Call it what you will, but I would rather spend some time be interested in my kids.

    Cute pictures, every inventive costumes.

    Can’t wait for SNL tonight!

  • i love ivanovic

    this shit is disturbing
    jennifer is getting ugly really fast
    btw horrible costumes

  • Mrs. Jones

    Jen Jen is a good mom, she and Ben are good parents. Violet is a well adjusted little girl.

    Unlike that freak-show Tom and Katie have going on in their household.

  • Dana

    To Susanna
    Just because jennifer loves her daughter so much doesn’t mean that she is obsessed it is the greatest feeling in the world to see someone who loves their child so much. So you can say what you want but if you don’t like her then stop checking her website.

  • Dana

    Dear Jennifer
    Will you please do another alias series or something similar of the sort because you werejust amazing inthat show no one else in the world could have played Sydney Bristow as you did. Please do not give up this wonderful talent that you have because it would be a great loss to the world.


    Jen should joing Brothers and sisters.. since MR. GETTY ,RON RIFKIN
    ALIAS..But having 2 children it might be hard..

    But she will be back to promote 2 movies next year… Ghost of girfriend past… and the Ricky Gervis movie…

    It looks like she was at a halloween party.. judging by the party favor..

  • nams

    hehe that’s pure genius :D

  • Daria

    Jen and Violet are in New York City and could you imagine Violet dressed up in a flimsy little party dress, bare arms and legs and ridiculous cold looking dress shoes? No, she’s in comfortable pants and sneakers…and why? Because her mom knows how to be a good parent.

  • Daria

    We don’t hate Suri. We just want her parents to put a coat on her.

  • Jane

    Lizzie, Jen is due at the end of the year. Ben married Jen, nothing to do with trying to keep someone. You’re pathetic. LMAO!

  • Jane

    Susanna you are not a dentist. Who cares about baby teeth, when they are going to eventually fall out anyways? You have a weird obsession with this child’s teeth.

    Jen does have a life, being in your child’s life is part of that. You obviously don’t have one to criticize the parenting skills of someone you don’t even know. Talk about LAME. Many parents dress in matching costumes, I saw plenty yesterday. It’s usually mothers who are more into the dressing in costume thing than fathers, anyways.

    Being a good parent has nothing to do with being obsessed with your child. You obviously have a deep obsession with these people since you type the same stupid comments on every Jen post.

  • http://!E Mother hen here

    Susana ,I am so glad Jennifer Garner is a Hollywood crazy mother obessed with looks and who would have her little girl’s teeth bleached aand stuff. She is a baby with baby teeth.
    If her perms do not straigthen out by 12 ,then Jennifer will have her get braces.

    I am not a fan one or another of Ben Affleck or Jennifer Garner. I liked Afflecks’s movies. JENNIFER ‘s little girlis always smiling and laughing and is so secure and that Jennifer is just a GOOD MOM. Good Hollywood moms it seems and I mean by this who really are putting the kids first ,not doing crazy things to their kids, doing normal kid things and spending kid time and letting their kids be wit other kids etc.:
    Halle Berry
    Nicole Kidman ,except the Scientology crazy people will no tlet her see Connor and Bella.
    Heidi Klum
    Bridget Moniyhan
    Jennifer Garner
    and even Crazy inSelf-obessed Posh Victoria Spice Beckham. Her three boys do go to a noraml school, private ,but still, and she lets them be boys and doe not keep them in public. She should talk to Kaite.

  • Phil

    Love Suri — Nobody is hating on a child they are hating on her parents. You’re the psycho obsessed with a child. Creepy. Suri isn’t cuter than Violet. I think they are both equally cute.

    I Love Ivanovic — there is nothing disturbing about it. It’s called parenting. You’re obviously very disturbed to find something wrong with this and have never experienced parenting. Jenn isn’t ugly at all. You probably are. The costumes are cute, your comment is horrible.

    Lizzie’s comment is obviously about how she tries to keep her boyfriend. LMAO!

  • blah

    re: denise (#5)

    omg yes violet is def one of the cutest babies and so is matilda.
    suri not so much lol

  • please

    look @ Jen parading her kid for the camera, Jen even smiles for them, she’s not a normal mom, she’s going for the photo op! Sick, sick, sick, sick!!! (And Jen looks FUGLY too)

  • jim


  • diana

    I feel sorry for Vilolet her mother is always exploiting her and parading her for the paparazzi, Violet thinks that’s normal she even smiles for the cameras whenever she sees one. A good mother would try and protect her child from the photographers, but jennifer garner sees Violet as something she can use to make herself more famous. Poor Ben, Jennifer Garner is a mediaho just like JLO. Ben really tries to protect his daughter and give her a normal life, but this is not possible because of his wife exploiting their daughter all the time.

  • Frida

    This is adorable. Jennifer is the best mother ever =) And I will not even comment on the sick negative comments ’cause they’re just ridiculuos.