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Rachel Bilson & Hayden Christensen: We Voted!

Rachel Bilson & Hayden Christensen: We Voted!

Rachel Bilson and boyfriend Hayden Christensen vote together for Presidential hopeful Barack Obama in Los Angeles on Tuesday afternoon.

The 27-year-old actress toted around the Jimmy Choo “Diane” Bag.

Rachel recently sat down with InStyle UK and said this about her style: “I don’t usually wear expensive things. It’s crazy. You’re like, $1,400 for shoes? I wait for the sale. Honestly, I really like to be comfortable. But I’m not prejudiced against any clothes.”

Hayden, also 27, is currently filming Bone Deep to be released in theaters in January 2010.

10+ pictures of Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen at the voting polls…

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rachel hayden voting polls 01
rachel hayden voting polls 02
rachel hayden voting polls 03
rachel hayden voting polls 04
rachel hayden voting polls 05
rachel hayden voting polls 06
rachel hayden voting polls 07
rachel hayden voting polls 08
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  • uhm


    Everybody who wants to vote, does it.. no big deal.

  • lore

    she is so pretty =)

  • Kay

    hayden’s canadian. he definitely didn’t vote. he probably just came for moral support.

  • o brother


    And he is the biggest media ***** ever for someone that’s supposed to be private.

    How utterly tasteless for RB to wear a dress worth that much when there are people hungry all over. She is the WORST.


  • April

    Oh so it was a two for one deal. Two idiots out and only one vote. We can only hope it goes that way all day.

  • salma

    they’re so cute together i like how she’s so tiny comparing to him
    i think she’s 5’2 isn’t she??



  • brooklyn

    yeah, I don’t think Hayden voted…he’s Canadian, born and raised in Vancouver!!! =)

  • ed

    So a young man is enthusiastic about supporting his girlfriend and is supportive of the democratic process in the country where he works and lives most of the time and then happens to get photographed by someone who wants to sell his picture because they’re making a living – and he’s a media *****?

  • Naima

    Umm ok the Dr. King t-shirt is a bit much to say the least, as an Afrikan American this is a proud day for all of us but somehow I agree with other posters that he’s a media whore. Sorry this isn’t genuine to me…

  • joseph

    I am gay

    voted mccain

  • lucylou

    Hayden’s mother is American so he might have rights to dual Canadian/American citizenship.

  • Oh

    i love his “i have a dream” Martin Luther King’s shirt :D ……i’m kinda jealous of her because she got my man lol but she’s cute and they make a sweet couple so ya.

    OBAMA ’08!!!!!! [ i hate the fact that ppl compare Barack to Kennedy and Luther King ! :@ i know that it would be really SOMETHING that he wins, i mean like REALLY but let's hope no bastard will do something stupid for his convictions ...ahhhhh this world..time hasn't done anything to some brains]

    anyway, go obama!!

  • Rancid

    Oh GWAADDD!!!! :lol:
    These two are the biggest losers and media wh*res around! A very important election and they make a mockery of by parading themselves around. Rat$hit can careless about politics. Showing up in a tight black dress on a rainy day. It did rain in California some today and no jacket? Nothing but a show off and the dress is too tight on her or looks it BTW! :lol:

    Trashden has stepped to an low time low. On one of the most important day’s in a American and Trashden makes a mockery out of it having the paparazzi take pictures of them at the voting both. Sad, pathetic and disgusting. Hayden is truly lacking respect for our country and shame on him. Trashden and Rat$hit are truly rancid. Go back to Canada Trashden! Boo! Boo! Boo! Take your Media wh*ring roadkill with you! ;)

  • mccain 08

    GO MCCAIN. hahha.

  • Arriecay

    WTF with all the haters you are just jealous because he has a career and you dont because all you do is go on the internet and trash people because you have nothing better to do with your pathetic life!!

  • quest for knowledge

    He still can’t vote duel or not he isn’t a citizen here and if you listen to the X17 the man asked hayden if he voted and he didn’t respond then said I’ll give you my sticker then was told HE CAN”T VOTE and the pap said Oh MY BAD..And there is no proof he changed to be a US citizen mom or no mom..He was sporting her around b/c she needed him for press attention

  • linda

    It rained early this morning here in LA. Its been sunny all day since then. No need for a jacket. Rachel’s outfit was fine. And Hayden is looking very nice as well. Its good to see that he can occasionally tie his shoe laces.

    Lovely couple. They’re going to make off-the-chart BEAUTIFUL babies.

  • s

    to the haters, the more you hate them, the sweeter they are

  • black radish

    He’s a liar and this t-shirt is a misleading advertising.

  • bob

    These two look like they’re posing. Any opportunity for a photo op.
    Rachel’s PR really tips of the paps, I’m convinced more than ever.

  • linda

    Posing? Is she not supposed to vote or something?

  • God Bless America!!

    I have to agree with Rancid! JJ and some of the people are dumbass’s! Hayden cannot vote! Look at the recient video on X-17 with them at the polling place. The paparazzi guy offered Trashden his voting sticker and Hayden declined.

    I see Rachel’s PR’s are out defending the media wh*ring couple on this pathetic thread. Sad. This really convinced me Rachel PR team and paps are going back at it and Hayden going at it has reached his all time low. They are an item though. Hayden would have been tired of all the $hit from Rachel if. he was so private. Hayden is just a lair is all.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    ..i’m glad to see hayden still looks like 10 bucks.

    i like the t-shirt tho.

  • bella

    Who cares

  • toni

    Rachel needed Hayden to hold back all her fans or maybe she needed him to tell who to vote for. Or she was jealous that he has three posts today and wanted to make sure you remember she is the papparazzi target. The competition who can get the most posts begins.

    Love how she dressed up to vote like she was going to a party. Nobody where I voted was dressed like that. In fact nobody where she voted was dressed like that (just by the pictures I saw.)

    He looks stupid going with her when he can’t even vote. Should have stayed home.

  • samanta

    ★★★★E★★★★★★★ Copy and paste. VOTE OBAMA!!!

  • kate beckinsale is 2 hot

    not looking 2 bad rachel
    i hate ur boyfriend though, i admit he has a cool t-shirt but that bape cap looks really bootleg

  • lisaB.

    UGH i am so sick of seeing rachel’s ugly face..she needs to go away!! no one is falling for that stupid fake relationship she has with him!! i love hayden though!! can’t wait to have a baby with him^^ :D

  • cantinflar

    Funny how she says : “I don’t usually wear expensive things. It’s crazy. You’re like, $1,400 for shoes? I wait for the sale. Honestly, I really like to be comfortable. But I’m not prejudiced against any clothes.”

    …yet her purse is about $1,500…….*sigh* . Clothes…purses…same difference.

  • Diana

    i love them :)

  • WhosDat
  • liss

    Cute couple

  • voice of reason

    @32 from the pictures you are talking about Hayden is not carrying anything so I doubt he was drunk, more important he can’t vote he is Canadian and obviously is not wearing a vote sticker.


    @ Rachel needed Hayden to hold back all her fans or maybe she needed him to tell who to vote for. Or she was jealous that he has three posts today and wanted to make sure you remember she is the papparazzi target. The competition who can get the most posts begins.

    LOOKS MORE LIKE IT to these new set of losers!

  • amanda

    everytime i see her i think of adam brody.

  • jacinth


  • Sundown35

    What a great looking couple.

    @32 Do you think the only reason people go into a liquor store is to buy liquor? I visit a liquor store around the corner every day and I don’t even drink. Get a clue.

  • Frank

    That dude gets all the hot girls.

  • gwyn

    If Rachel spent more time trying to improve her acting than always tipping off paps and hooking up with her leading men, she’d be a better actress instead of this girl who is always photographed for her clothes and not much anything else

  • crapshack

    @26 – Or she was jealous that he has three posts today and wanted to make sure you remember she is the papparazzi target. The competition who can get the most posts begins.

    Same thoughts here that those Junkper/Tankper/Thumper (what else?) duo are now in a CONTEST on who can get more photographed doing the most useless/wortless stuff. Media-ho begets another media-ho isnt it?!

    And its OFFICIAL now so brace yourselves for another HW jungle!

  • ladymac

    Media Whores?

    Oh right, absolutely!! They’re photographed doing such terrible things …. like hanging out on a movie set ….. buying groceries …… going to a polling booth on election day …… and of course, my personal favourite, …… walking on public sidewalks!!! Don’t these 2 know any better?

    Why aren’t they out doing normal things …….. racking up DUI’s, popping in and out of rehab, getting hot n’ heavy in popular restaurants and nightspots, like the rest of the Young Hollywood crowd?

    Don’t they any idea how to behave in public? LOL

  • verity

    SAME old pants that HE wore on his previous photo opps & lately at the liquor store just the other day… can never imagine how that pants smells by now – ICKS!

  • http://Justjared ivyleague

    @14 ~ Rancid

    Cosign! I couldn’t have said it better myself.
    Their PR machine is totally tipp’ng off the paps. It’s pathetically eff’ng lame that they’re using the election to pimp their snore of a relationship. A-holes.

    And, as usual, they both look like dishevelled a&&. Those blue shoes she’s sportin’ are ALL wrong!

  • @ 42

    You’re forgetting that doing too much normal things and being photographed EVERY time means that the paps were called. Think about it. No where near enough blogs and people actually care about these two to warrant such attention from the paps. Most don’t even know who Bilson is to warrant calling the paps for her alone and Christensen is such universally hated among most people that they wished that he would disappear not help him to stay in the public eye. Actually ask the people around you in area whether they know them. The landslide majority will go “Who??” until you mention Star Wars and then, only then, they will recognize Christensen. Demand for them isn’t high enough to warrant it. They had to call the paps themselves for all those “normal” outtings making them NOT normal anymore but pathetic.

  • dang

    Ladymac, you don’t have to behave badly to be a media whore. There’s a very incestuous relationship between blogs like Jared’s and the paparazzi and the handlers of these celebrities. If you think these photos are accidental and the paps just happened to be there, then you were born yesterday. It’s not just Bilson but Katie Holmes and Hayden Panetierre and so many others like them

  • mz Sass

    I love Hayden, love the shirt but it obvious why he picked that shirt on to wear on this day.

  • @ 46

    I concur 150%. You hit it right on the head of the nail. :)

  • marisa


  • Tammy

    I know what Obama would probably think if he ever cared enough to know that this twit supported and voted for him…..”Gee, thanks for the vote I really appreciate it….but do me a giant favor. Quit telling people you voted for me. You’re scaring away other people and their support. Just keep the fact of your vote for me to yourself. Thanks.”