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Gerard Butler Takes Date To Arcade

Gerard Butler Takes Date To Arcade

Gerard Butler and a gal pal go on a date together at the Santa Monica Pier arcade on Monday night on Ocean Front Walk, Calif.

The 38-year-old Scottish star and his probable new lady love had a blast, laughing and smiling the whole time. The pair played a game of air hockey together and other fun arcade games. Looks like the twosome won quite a few games from the number of prizes tickets they’re holding!

TMZ has a video of the couple kissing. Gerry may have snagged himself a gorgeous one!

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Photos: INFdaily
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  • sO OVER HIM.

    I am so over him.


  • angelina

    Is she black or Spanish? Either way she is really pretty.

  • missy

    She looks Blasian to me aka black asian.

  • marie

    he is so cuteee

  • Hi5

    He sleeps around and has the “fat gene.”

  • nyob

    Pretty girl, in an unusual sort of way. Good for him.

  • ember heart

    She is gorgeous, love her hair

  • t

    she looks bi-racial. maybe black and white.
    whatever she is, she’s gorgeous. and he a has a few pounds to lose. haha

  • Maya

    She is pretty. He sure don’t want Jennifer Aniston dry old azz. I’ll bet he is disgusted by her.

  • Cathy

    This guy is such a loser. From the rumors running around he is kind of creepy. I guess this girl decided that she wanted more than the pre-paid gift card from him.

  • Anita

    Cute pictures. They both look like they are having fun. Thanks Jared for posting them.
    On the down side (for me, LOL) Gerry does seem to have an eye for mixed race girls. I’m white with blond hair and blue eyed so I guess I’d never be on his radar. Sniff, sniff, sniff.

  • Tintangel

    Very pretty. I guess Jasmine Burgess is history.


    B-b-but where’s the fugly Chin maniston??? I-I-I thought HE was HER new man! oh, what’s this you say?? Aniston’s agent offered him the same kind of contract deal he did John Gayer, but Gerry said – ‘Sorry, Stephen, I’m straight and I don’t like no-talent ugly women addicted to plastic surgery, who are guaranteed to freak out next week when they hit 40.’ Pass LOL :lol:

  • Janelle

    She’s pretty. Go get it girl!

  • LoneWolf

    BOY!!!!-with viewing that TMZ vid……. IMO, though he was goin’ along with it he didnt look as into the kiss as she was and she was really not lettin’ things go….dunno, who thinks this is “THE ONE”

  • British Latin American

    angelina, how does she look ‘Spanish!”

  • Smidge

    Wow no taste in women there Gerry. None whatsoever.

  • Tintangel

    #15- What TMZ vid?

  • sO OVER HIM.

    More like pretty ugly. I bet she takes debit cards…haha

  • Tintangel

    Okay. Saw the video.For a man as private as Gerry, this seems very
    much out of character.

    It’s also one hell of a coincidence that Tmz and other razzis just
    hapened to show up at some obscure arcade in Santa Monica.
    I smell a set-up.

    Have the gay rumors started up again?

  • Justine

    There is nothing fat about this man! He has a muscular body unlike the skinny men all over Hollywood. Gerry is a real man and apparently one hell of a kisser. This chick is cute and very very lucky! You just know this man gets it when ever and with whoever he wants it from!!!! He is sooooooooooo FINE!

  • weird

    checked out the tmz video – there is something weird about this. i am not usually one of the conspiracy theorists but: (1) he never gets caught with a girl, much less making out with one (2) he looks directly at the camera after the kiss (3) they apparently go their separate ways after a kiss that says they are not going their separate ways and (4) she is right there to speak with the paps afterward. this is very unlike him. could be legit and, if so, good for him – she is very pretty. but it is very odd for him.

  • LoneWolf

    #18 (Tin) go in on and f it isnt the first one one the page, enter Gerard Butler in the search spot…..BTW read the 5 comments espically the 5th….

    What is he doin’ this is past grabbin’ at straws….IMO

  • jenni

    If he’s out there showing it off… isn’t the real deal. He keeps his private life private and the only public kissing he does is up on the silver screen. Get real people, she’s razzi window dressing and JJ fell for it hook, line, and sinker….and so did TMZ. ROFLMAO!

  • Tintangel

    Thanks LoneWolf. See my comments at #20.

  • BerrybABE

    Why does there have to be a set up or a story behind what is going on here. This is a man on a date with a woman in Santa Monica. The paps swarm this area all the time. They were there playing games and it takes nothing for a passerby or store front owner to inform the paps that a celeb is there and then they are on the spot to shoot them kissing. Big Deal! Gerry is private and I doubt he knew he was being filmed or photographed and today is probably upset about it. When he looks up we have no idea if he is looking at what he thinks might be paps or some person in the arcade that might have got his attention. In any case, if he did notice the paps, which it sems he might have, notice he then did not go on with the kissing and they left seperately. Most likely they hookedup later – how could you NOT after a kiss like that.

    Gerry is SMOKIN HOT!!!! My freakin LORD!

  • Anon

    Gerry has a charming personality and he’s fun to talk to and fun to hang with. I really do not know if he is gay, straight or bi, but they could very well be just friends and decided to put on a show for the paparazzi. There are so many paps now a days, they are everywhere like lice or roaches! LOL! And the camcorders and camera phones are so small and easy to have. People freelance and then sell stuff to X17 and TMZ and Splash.

  • Shell

    Bind Item

    Which A list action star is paying big bucks to an unknown female actress to be his girlfriend for the next two months while he is doing press for his new film. He wants a girlfriend to talk about and not the increasing questions about his sexuality

  • sO OVER HIM.

    # 26 BerrybABE @ 11/11/2008 at 1:18 pm

    A passerby to inform the paps? Like people just have paparazzi phone numbers in their speed dial.

    Gerry is private and upset about it? You fans are idiots. You don’t even know this man. So silly acting like a bunch of grade school girls even making up characteristics of your fantasy dream man.

    Just cracks me up.

    I have been over him for a while. You too will wake up and smell the bs gerry is always cooking.

  • Tintangel

    #26. Ididn’t realize that an arcade on the Santa Monica pier was now a celeb and razzi hangout.

    It’s also interesting that INF is the source of the photos. The photog
    that Gerry allegedly punched works for them. Perhaps this is some sort of out-of court settlement. He agrees to “pose” for photos. There are a few too many coincidences involved.

  • sO OVER HIM.

    Okay I just saw the TMZ video. Grown ups don’t act like that. He is 39.

    How many men Gerry’s age DO YOU KNOW that would act kissy kissy like that in an arcade? HOW MANY? Think about all the MEN you know 35-45 that would act like that? CAN’T THINK OF ANY CAN YOU?

    Men at 40 do not exhibit pda’s like a lovestruck hormone pumped up teen ager would.

    Most professional men with careers don’t act like that in public. Maybe a quick peck on the lips.

    He purposely did this because of the gay rumours.

    That is it.

  • sO OVER HIM.

    ps. Balthazar Getty is 33 so please don’t bring his name up in defense of Gerry’s amorous behavior. Plus party of Getty’s angle was to piss off his wife.

  • Dannie

    So Over Him,

    Wow, did Gerry break your heart or kick you to the curb? For someone who is so over him you sure are spending alot of time preoccupied with is lovelife. Why don’t you get a life and move on. Gerry has millions of female admirers around the World, he can do without your stalkerish comments.

    As far as this being staged, why? He has gone this far and long in his career without having to PROVE anything so why should he now have to set up a kissing match at the arcade. ….by the way, passerbys in LA do have some pap contacts. They advertise for people to get a small fee for leads of celeb sightings or pics or even videos as someone had mentioned. I have no reason to think this video is staged, that would be lame and Gerry is not the lame celeb type who eats this shiat up. He is private and it seems he was just on a date with a nice girl and that is that. Get over it already you all sound like a bunch of jealous freaky x-girlfriends.

    Boy is Hot thought, have to admit that. That is one hot as hell kiss!

  • Jackson

    “grown ups don’t act like that” So at 39 you can’t kiss someone you are dating or married to? That is the most ridiculous comment. Homeboy is on a date with a hottie and they shared what seems to be a passionate kiss. That is exactly what grown ups do!. He wasn’t feeling her up in public or in a window at Starbucks, he was tucked in a corner of an arcade thinking it was private. I bet this man is so hot in bed, he oozes sexiness and kisses like a real man. This girl seems nice too. I hope they are having a good time. Enjoy Gerard!

  • tammy

    She is gorgeous???????


  • karen

    I have such a crush on him since my BF took me to see RocknRolla. He is so gorgeous!!!!!!! That accent is amazing and this girl is enjoying herself. They seem really into each other.

  • Rudy

    Men with big thighs do it for me. First it was Russell Crown in Gladiator then Gerry Butler in 300. This man has what I call the perfect male masculine body. He is thick in all the right places and I bet she knows even more about his ummmm, thickness than any of us will ever know. Hot Damn, I want me some Gerry Butler!

  • sO OVER HIM.

    Jackson @ 11/11/2008 at 1:56 pm “grown ups don’t act like that” So at 39 you can’t kiss someone you are dating or married to? That is the most ridiculous comment. Homeboy is on a date with a hottie and they shared what seems to be a passionate kiss. That is exactly what grown ups do!. He wasn’t feeling her up in public or in a window at Starbucks, he was tucked in a corner of an arcade thinking it was private. I bet this man is so hot in bed, he oozes sexiness and kisses like a real man. This girl seems nice too. I hope they are having a good time. Enjoy Gerard!

    Hey Jacks its a slow work day okay.

    1. He kissed her like that because of the paps.


    3. He was acting! duh!

    Dannie @ 11/11/2008 at 1:51 pm

    Yo Dan, even Robertson Blvd is a ghost town unless someone calls the paps and tells them a star is there. So what if I give a different point of view about Gerry? I just became over him this week after I saw the stupid Rooster hat. I am trying to find a new celebrity boyfriend now. I think Hugh Jackman after I see Australia should do the trick :)

  • val

    This one is attractive. Her features are nice. She has no makeup on. I can imagine that if she were made up, she would be very hot looking. A little foundation and especially eye makeup. She has nice symmetrical features. She’s biracial for sure. He likes black women I think like Chris Noth.

  • shygirl

    So nice to know that he is “dating” and having fun. :) Maybe he decided not to be so private after all and wants to show the world his new girlfriend.
    She is pretty.

  • Poor guy

    Another mixed girl that doesnt look better than Halle Berry or Paula Patton

  • YoYo

    OMG ‘sooverhim’ is a crazy biatch! If you hate Gerard so much then go stalk Jackman or whoever, I am sure Gerard could care less. Doubtful any of this is staged. If he wanted to stage something he would go to the Ivy like Jen Anniston or back to Robertson Blvd not some arcade. Also, TMZ said they were there for a while playing games. That gives the paparazzi plenty of time to make the scene. Alot of stars love this crap scene, but not Gerard, he is from all accounts a very class guy. When have you ever heard an ex-girlfriend of co-star say one bad thing about this guy? N E V E R!

  • Bay

    It does seem pretty out of character for Gerry to be making out in public with a girl..

  • Kellie

    Take me now Gerry! TAKE ME NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • GB is HOT!!!

    Love those jeans he is wearing! He really has such a great solid body. I bet he kisses great and has a hard body, gives great hugs and treats his ladies with care and respect. I love how they didn’t leave together. Gerry is not cheesy enough to do that or show that. He is very private and respectful of this girl. Awww, he is so sweet!

  • ebonyrose

    Everyone here got angry with me a few weeks ago when I said the man has a preference for women of color, especially if that color is black. Now you have proof. Many British men love women of color and Gerry is no different.

    I knew he wasn’t with Aniston or Diaz because he only dates white when that’s all that’s available that evening. He likes tall, dark models and this woman definitely qualifies.

    He shouldn’t have a restaurant or production company, the man should have a modeling agency. But he shouldn’t suck face in public at an arcade where there might be children around. That’s a bit thoughtless.

    BTW – I wonder if the tanning salons in Southern California are fully booked now. LOL!!!

  • Dr. Love

    OMG! I love seeing Gerry kissing on the street or out in the open. He is so careful about these things, but it was just a matter of time before he got caught. Gerry is A-list now and a major pap target so his days always getting away with hiding are in the past. He cannot avoid his popularity and the demand he gets from the public. Nothing staged here, why would he even bother. He is hot hot hot hot hot hot. Dines with Ms. Anniston and dates A-list and model types. He is having fun. Why not? He can and should. Love you Gerard!

  • Emma

    #46, kissing at night in an arcade is not going to corrupt children! You are a moron! Considering what kids see on their TV’s and video games that is like a Disney movie. Get a life!!!

  • Gerry ROCKS

    Strange that there are no images of them kissing, only a video. That tells me that video was independent and bought by TMZ.

    As far as being out of character by kissing in public, it does seem a bit strange, but then again, Gerry is all over the place now especially after the Anniston rumors so he may have kissed women many many times in public but no one was caring enough photo or video it. Now he is a hot commodity and some say replacing Clooney as the hot bachelor of Hollyweird. This tells me that this was just Gerry being Gerry, he most likely had NO IDEA they were capturing this on film. He would not do this for the paps, that is for sure!

  • LOL

    OMG, you cannot be serious with the comment that kissing in a public arcade is going to affect the kiddies. That is so funny, LOL!!!!!!!!! Yeah, Gerry Butler is single-handedly corrupting our youth by kissing in public :)