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Taylor Swift Beats Jonas Brothers Record

Taylor Swift Beats Jonas Brothers Record

Taylor Swift just broke a new record with “White Horse,” a track from her new album Fearless that was featured on the season premiere of Grey’s Anatomy.

The soulful song will debut at #13 on Billboard’s all-genre Hot 100 singles chart this week, giving the 18-year-old country cutie her 6th Top 20 debut of 2008. This breaks the all-time Billlboard record for the number of Top 20 debuts in a calendar year by any artist.

The previous record with five Top 20 Debuts this year was held by her ex-boyfriend Joe Jonas‘s pop-rock group, The Jonas Brothers.

Taylor‘s other five songs that made the Top 20 include “Change”, “Fearless”, “You’re Not Sorry”, “You Belong With Me” and “Love Story”.

Fearless also sold 592,304 units in its first week of sales (her last album sold 3.5 million). Comparatively, the JoBros sold over 525,000 units of their latest album, A Little Bit Longer (their last album sold 1.5 million).

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  • Jenna

    i love them both! but gooo taylor! and joe broke up with her on a 25 second phone call! taylor said it on the ellen show

  • Jenna

    i love them both! but gooo taylor! and joe broke up with her on a 25 second phone call! taylor said it on the ellen show

  • kasia

    go taylor! ;]

  • alex


  • Débora (brasil)

    OMG , love them all , (LL

  • alex

    to #1
    that’s technically true but, it’s not joe’s fault because he didn’t end the phone call; taylor did because she didn’t want to hear what he had to say and she was pissed off.

  • swan

    boo. i bet half the people who bought fearless hadn’t heard of her until she started dating joe jonas – she totally got the jonas bump and now she’s being all bitter and dramaqueen all over joe. whatever. she sucks.

  • LolaSvelt

    They’re all so talentless. Disney has really gone downhill.

  • Linds

    haha suck it jonas brothers!

  • ew

    the jonas brothers helped her a little bit just a tad maybe like 2 percent. the rest she earned by herself i love her album. oh my gosh jb;s do not suck. taylor is a liar sometimes taylor ended the phone call cause she didnt want to hear the rest. what a biyatchhh. and what joe did was wrong too. i love jb and taylor =]

  • izabella

    that’s awesome!!
    congratulations Taylor!! ♥

  • UM

    to swan #7
    are you dumb? she was a country breakthrough before she started dating joe jonas. don’t make stupid assumptions because you’re a jobros fan. most people would agree that taylor swift is the more musically talented one, anyway, so i don’t know where you got the whole “she sucks” thing.

  • Jackie

    at # 7 and 10#

    her first album actually out sold any of the JB albums…
    so she doesn’t need JB OR Joe to sell her albuns

    but you’re right about one thing JB did help her become more known among little kids and girls who now hate her…and I doubt those represent even one third of her sales

  • Amanda

    YAYYYYYY!!!!! i am soooooo happy for her and her absolutely amazing success!!!! she totally deserves it!!! she has grown sooo much as a singer, artist, person, songwriter since her first cd came out and her new cd shows that beautifully. her vocal and songwriting talents are soaring ahah she is the most talented young country female artist of today!!! glad that she has beat the Jobros on some records haha because she deserves it and is, in my mind,much more talented than them, or actually i guess its pretty hard to compare them since they are both talented in their own ways!! i mean who cares that Carrie Underwood beat out Taylor for CMA awards female vocalist of the year for the 3rd year now, carrie deserved that and now taylor has this and deserves this and they both have their incredible success!!!

  • Amanda

    P.S. practically all im listening to these days is her new cd isnt it soooo great??? i cant stop listening to it!!!! PA (Pennsylvania) PRIDE!!!! haha she is from Reading/Wyommissing PA and im from New Hope, PA in bucks county right outside of Philly soo im super proud to call PA home because of her!!!! she is amazing!!!!!!!! GO TAYLOR!!!!

  • Amanda

    i think im gonna wear out the CD soon…hahaha okay im gonna stop typing messages on this i think everyone is prob sick and tired of it and annoyed by now and got my point a long time ago…lol

  • Ann

    regardless no one should break up with someone over the phone!!! grow up

  • Jackie

    YEAH Ann!

    I guess only some JB fans and Joe himself doesn’t get that this is what makes him the bad guy…

    not how long the call lasted -although ANYONE would have hung up on a guy who just dumped you
    not why it was done

    but HOW it was done

  • mary

    the jonas brothers need to relax. i dont like them at all because they think the are all that. RELAX

  • jo

    number 7, are u stupid or what? i bet u r young. only teengirls buy JB’s cds. Taylor has fans ranging from 6 to 80.
    people buy her album cause the songs are good.
    Lame excuse from Jb fans!!!

  • julie

    SCREW THE JB!!!!!

  • anna

    #20 you are soo wrong, I know lots of girls in their 20s who boys jonas brothers albums. the only reason taylor got a litle bit more copies sold is because she has been around way longer. plus, the jonas brothers still have tour records over her.

  • sweet

    taylor has been around way longer? are u kidding? her debut album came out in 2006
    and she deserves to sell more than those brothers who will be forgotten in 5 years

  • Jackie

    anna , actually her 1st album was released on 2006…same as JB’s ”It’s about time”

    and JB actually have been aroud longer than her , not the other way around
    on 2005 they already were opening for big acts while Taylor only started to become famous and tour mid 2006

  • kay

    Yes! I;m happy for her. She’s way more talented than those Jonas Hoes.

  • Jackie


    hahahahahahah totally!

    but I give at the most 2 yrs for JB to be forgotten
    their current fans will get over them
    other cute boys will replace them

    and Taylor is actually respected as a musican, she is respected as a country artist whie JB are seen by most as eye candy…
    I doubt they would have as many fans if Joe and Nick weren’t cute

  • Rei

    What’s the point of you comparing their album sales, Jared? I really wish people would stop with this whole Taylor vs Joe thing. How or why they broke up is no one’s business and sites like JJ further pitting them against one another is just as childish as Taylor’s public digs at her exes. I thought you were more mature than that, Jared. For a second, I thought I was reading Perez Hilton. Why can’t you just congratulate Taylor on having a successful album, period? Jonas references NOT included. People really need to grow up.

  • umm

    Not news.

    WHo cares, records like that are complete moronic and useless. If you pick at the details enough, anyone can give themselves a “record”.

    And her album sales beating theirs is not a surprise. Taylor’s first album sold more than all 3 of the Jonas Brother’s albums combined.,,20237714_20241212_20545201,00.html

  • Kayla

    22 anna, you are sooo sooo wrong. don’t open your mouth when you know nothing. jonas brothers has been around longer than taylor.
    haha some people are just THAT dumb.

  • tia

    jared u make it sound like her last album sold 3.5 in a WEEK. but that was like over 2 years. anyways, i LOVE her and i bought the album! i freakin hate the jonas fags





  • Sara

    WOOT! Go Taylor, I knew she would have the #1 album :)

  • lexi

    they both are good artists. but taylor obviously has way more longevity. the jonas brothers ARE a boy band, and no matter what they’ll go out of style soon. their in a genre where teen girls love them. and teen girls grow up. taylor’s in a genre where she’s loved by teen girls, little boys, grandparents-she has a much bigger appeal. plus i think her music is a little more relateable. her songs help girls (and lots of people) get through tough times, and usually tell whats on your mind. the jonas brothers songs-their music is relateable, but not as good as taylors. anyways, i think Taylot is AT LEAST a better songwriter. i mean she had a songwriters credit and 14-NONE of the jobros and that at 14.

  • Liz

    That’s cool….but they did spend two weeks at the number 1 slot and she’s not going to go that….I wonder if Beyonce will beat them….

  • rebecca

    i highly dislike taylor, but to those who called her a liar. technically no. she didnt say that he hung up on her. all she said was that he broke up with her over the phonecall that lasted 27 seconds.

    she didnt specify who hung up first though.

    so yes, i highly diliked her, before all of this 2. and i dont think she’s all that pretty. but hey thats my opnion. i do like some of her songs. otherwise. blehhhhh

  • tia

    all taylor haters are jonas brothers fans. like seriously. most of the ppl who dislike her have no valid reasons. if she cant sing, then how has she sold 4 million cds? if shes so unnatractive then why do so many guys like her? i mean, come on. this girl is amazing. no point in being a hater or being jealous. shes about to take over. get ready.

  • nessa

    she only gets that many sales, because a bunch of little girls get their parents to buy the album for them!

    little kids don’t know anything about what a good singing voice is! they’re just like “thats a pretty voice” which is half of american girls.
    i dont get taylor swift.
    she sounds crappy live

  • Vanessa

    Go Taylor! Haters can go suck it!

  • Tiara Connell

    heyy i love your songs there awsome you have an awsome voice and i look up to yo love yah taylor swift

  • lauren

    good job taylor.
    i love her album WAY more than jb’s.
    but thats just my opinion.

  • dianel

    Taylor is one talented young lady I’m happy for her

  • sensible

    I can’t stand her. Whiny vindicative immature twerp.

    People bought 10 copies each of her album (they blogged and said they would) because they felt sorry for her after she misled and garnered undeserved sympathy for herself.

    While Love Story was a fine song and she has both the old time country music fan base as well as younger teen girls, I think it would have sold well on its own. But as far as the huge numbers, they wouldn’t have been that high without her ‘sympathy’ sales and I don’t respect or put much stock in that.

    I for one can’t listen to any of her songs anymore without cringing when I think about the true Taylor that I’ve come to know in her interviews. She shouldn’t have spoke about it to the public in interviews. If she was really ‘hurt’ she should have confided in friends and family to get through it. No, she was being spiteful, whiny and vindictive in trying to lay all the blame at his door when all he was ready to do was move on.

    Topping the charts fully on merit. uh no not by a long shot. And by the way, that CMA performance was awful. It’s a good thing the ‘album’ had lots of takes.

  • Me




    Oh come on. He’s lucky to be rid of her! Joe deserves much better than her.

  • Jackie


    really really seems like a joke

    ”nessa @ 11/19/2008 at 7:48 pm she only gets that many sales, because a bunch of little girls get their parents to buy the album for them!

    little kids don’t know anything about what a good singing voice is! they’re just like “thats a pretty voice” which is half of american girls.
    i dont get taylor swift.
    she sounds crappy live

    and the fact JB are mostly on Disney Channel , Radio Disney and Tween mags means what?

  • get with it

    jenna, that 25 second breakup story was another one of her ‘not love stories’. She hung up on him, so he didn’t call and break up with her in 25 seconds. She just didn’t like that he wasn’t that into her anymore, so she turned into a baby, hung up the fan, and then ran onto Ellen to try to get everybody to say ‘awwwww poor taylor, bad Joe.’ Unfortunately, it worked and she got some sympathy and more publicity (which turns into sales) and probably had lots of fun stirring the pot. I think I heard her say bashing ex-boyfriends was ‘fun.’ What a loser.

  • bamm

    taylors fearless CD sucks. i am sorry but she has done better. this cd was more like a step down. i WAS a fan, but not anymore. she is childish.


  • eLLA.

    im sooo happy 4 taylor!
    i luv her and she desverves this
    jb, well =p
    those where some pretty big #s 3.5 mill to 1.5


    AGREE ‘ SENSIBLE “….They are ALL over-exposed in my opinion, which is death to anyone trying to be the most popular and the favorite……..YES, they are talented, BUT, enough is enough…..Taylor showed her immaturity when she dished about her break-up call, just to get more attention and sympathy….When Jessica Simpson started dishing out crap about her lost love and the aftermath, it backfired on her, dropping her popularity to a low point..( USA Today ).
    Taylor should have kept quite…..She should learn from Jessica Simpson and Denise Richardson, that spilling the beans is a career killer!

  • CBloss

    I find this simply hilarious!!!! ^_^ Way to go Taylor! Gotta say that I’m pretty proud of her!

  • stefani

    This alone proves that Taylor did not need joe or the jonas brothers for publicity. I’m an avid jonas fan, but I always find that argument ridiculous because she has ALWAYS done better than them.

    Congrats Taylor!