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Orlando & Miranda Get Very Venice

Orlando & Miranda Get Very Venice

Actor Orlando Bloom and girlfriend/model Miranda Kerr, take a romantic pre-holiday vacation in Venice, Italy on Monday.

The pretty pair held held hands and walked arm-in-arm together as they enjoyed the sights and snaps photos around town.

The 25-year-old model was the first Aussie signed to Victoria’s Secret and two others (Abby Lee Kershaw and Sarah Stephens) joined the group for its most recent fashion show. Watch out world! The Aussies are taking over!

10+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom getting very Venice…

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miranda kerr orlando bloom venice 01
miranda kerr orlando bloom venice 02
miranda kerr orlando bloom venice 03
miranda kerr orlando bloom venice 04
miranda kerr orlando bloom venice 05
miranda kerr orlando bloom venice 06
miranda kerr orlando bloom venice 07
miranda kerr orlando bloom venice 08
miranda kerr orlando bloom venice 09
miranda kerr orlando bloom venice 10

Credit: Big Pictures; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • heyyyyy

    they are so cute :)

  • Helen

    They are kinda cute. That’s right Orly go for the young chick. He sure didn’t want Jennifer Aniston’s old azz.


    LOL. ” HELEN “…They are cute..hope it lasts !!!..Wish I could spend MY vacation in Italy…..Oh, well, nice to dream, isn’t it ?

  • anthony

    I don’t think Abbey and Sarah signed anything, they were just in the vsfs. Love Miranda

  • JOY

    Ouu they are cute together!

  • OOTC

    He looks boerd, he’s not even smiling like he did days ago when he was away from this…. thing.
    He hides his hands inside his pockets so he doesn’t have to touch her.
    Poor Orlando… ¡FREE ORLANDO NOW!

  • awww

    In Venice and in love.
    Beautiful couple.

  • Gran Canaria the sequel

    Walk walk stop pose click. Turn to the left walk pose smile click. I think we have seen this before.

  • meme

    I love Miranda’s bag!! Does anyone know who made it?

  • HAHA

    Oh the haters just can’t stand it, can they?
    They had themselves convinced that these two had broken up because he was in Russia for UNICEF, instead of Miami for the taping of the VS show. Now they show up arm in arm in one of the most romantic ciries in the world.
    Looks like you haters were WRONG! AGAIN! Or should I say STILL!

    Oh, and meme…it’s Prada, I believe.

  • Blomey Harde

    @ #10

    Hi! I’m a hater, but I wasn’t convinced they split up or anything. Their bonds of fame whoring are far too strong. :)

    Also: You did not just type the phrase “the most romantic city in the world” into your comment! What a nerd! My bad. You typed ‘ciries’ instead of ‘cities’. So that means you’re a typo-prone nerd. The worst kind of nerd, actually.

    One more point: Kinda funny how Orlando couldn’t drum up any vestiges of affection for his soon to be dingo bride (barf!) in one of the most “romantic ciries [sic] in the world.”

  • @10

    I was just thinking the same thing and was so happy to see these photos! I love these two together!

    Yes meme, that is a Prada bag Miranda has.

    Thanks again #10…… nanny, nanny boo boo haters lol!

  • Gran Canaria the sequel


    Not hatin’ just pointing out that they are as predictable and poseable as Ken and Barbie. Or an old couple with not love lust left. I wish they would really famewhore it up more! Its time for a sex tape on the internet. I’ve been wanting a good comedy to watch for a while.


    Did you really just say “nanny nanny boo boo”? If your babysitter heard you talk that way you would get your mouth washed out with soap.

  • OMG!

    I just love this couple!!!!!!!!!

    They are cuter than any Hwood couple out there! People are just so jealous of Miranda and thats why they say mean things about her!

    I bet they will spend Christmas together somewhere really romantic. He should take her to Aspen skiing, or to Switzerland even better!

    These two are hot hot HOT!! and just melt the snow whereever they go!

  • MK face for radio

    Oh look! A has been and a sell out. You pick which is which cuz they are interchangeable.

  • I love this couple too

    They just look so beautiful together. I just love them, they are both just so pretty. :-)

  • meme

    HAHA (#10)- What’s the name of the bag?

  • ?

    Can she get him a job?

  • taylor

    She is a doll.

  • @11

    Calling people out for typos…really?
    And then using the term “nerd”?

    And I don’t know. Strolling arm in arm, or with his arm wrapped around her waist looks pretty darned affectionate to me. You call it “famewhoring”, I call it a romantic vacation.

    Hate all you want. That won’t change a thing.

  • Orlando Bloom

    Orlando Bloom looks so cute, great to see him on a romantic break in Venice.

  • yep

    I love them together.

  • sharif

    Cute couple..I like them

  • stanley

    Amazing couple, they are so cute together

  • vanessa

    Orlando looks so contented and so he should be. She is beautiful

  • smiley

    Love Miranda, love her coat

  • tracey

    Whoa!! it looks cold but they look cozy

  • ichabod crane

    @ Vanessa

    “It is no magic – It is what we call – optics – separate pictures that become one in the spinning. It is truth – But Truth is Not Always Appearance.”
    - Ichabod Crane – Johnny Depp – Sleepy Hollow

    The man is affectionate with every female he comes across – go onto elf lady and see all the pap pics of him walking with “friends” – of all ages – every single female i have ever seen him with he had his arm around – must be quite some herram he is building there

    you think I’m jealous of a situation like that – Had my fill of that F***ing Shit years ago – from some other jack ass

    Much rather be Pumpkin Head’s girlfriend – ever see those horror films

    check them out sometime

    thanks to guys like Orlando – and every other Jack Ass that has crossed my path in the 37 years i have been alive – Pumpkin Head is far more sexy and has a much more beautiful soul – than any other I have ever come across

    unfortunately he is only in the movies – maybe – who knows – just wish he couldn’t only be resurrected to hurt those who have hurt others – that’s what i like about him – he only goes after the ones that deserve it – Karma’s a Bitch Ain’t It

    all i know is

    things aren’t always what they seem

    cest la vie – that’s just the way it goes – sometimes


    Imagine the kids

  • Kurt

    Miranda is so beautiful

  • Gran Canaria the sequel

    Once again, it appears they are not there on vacation just wallowing in adoration of each other as if the world around them didnt exist. NOOOOOO. She is there on a shoot, and he is there for the free vacation for himself. I guess I was right Gran Canaria the sequel. So when do the nood pics show up? I still say they need to step it up a bit and do a sexx tape. Paris Hilton needs some anti-climatic competition.

  • belinda

    Im so glad they are still together! He deserves a nice girl like her. She is so beautiful and sweet



  • madison

    orlando and Miranda are so cute together. i love them both and can’t wait for them to get married

  • so sad

    so sad to see that Orlando’s once promising career has been reduced to nothing but posing for the paps with a cabbage patch-faced panty model.

  • Rose

    “Watch out world! The Aussies are taking over!”

    Haha, we so will be soon. Just wait :p

    Theyre so cute together <3

  • OMG

    She has got her shippers working overtime today. I guess she is still pissed that he blew off her big night to party with vodka and women in Moscow. In these pictures she looks as though she has his ball^s in a vice and is slowly but continually turning the screw. And what is happening to that chicks face, pretty soon it will be hanging down to her shoulders.

  • I wish he was mine

    Orlando and Miranda seem like really nice people when they are interviewed. It’s a shame people say negative things when they really are uneducated. Sad really as the people who thrive on saying nasty things become the joke.

    Miranda is stunning and Orlanda is HOT!

  • KylieJAMES

    The bag Miranda is carrying is a Prada bag – cute hey?
    They look like they are having fun and are in love and are so cute together. I agree, how beautiful will their children be?

  • Miranda kerr

    i hav pikturez of orlee wif a donkie

  • @28

    Bitter, party of one, your table is ready.

    Yes, Orlando is affectionate with everyone. But he doesn’t fly around the world to be affectionate with anyone but Miranda. They are a couple. Get over it. Your (apparently) sad life will go on.

  • question

    If a has-been actor and a famewhore model didn’t invite the paps to record their meetings, would they cease to exist?

  • chantelle

    @35 & 37 obviously you are back at it again. Same story, “Miranda and Orlando hater” just a different day. You always type the same, say the same $hit but pretend to be someone different everytime yet you acuse others of doing that.

    I repeat, in case you didn’t hear it last time – you must have been a terrible child who didn’t receive any love and your mother must have hated you to be such a $itch! GET A LIFE FOR GOD’S SAKE BEFORE YOU MAKE US ALL PHYSICALLY SICK WITH YOUR STUPID STUPID STUPID SAME OLD BORING #HIT!

    I see in the last post that you even pretended to be me! You poor lost soul. You have even pretended to be Miranda, Matthew (Miranda’s brother), people who have met Miranda and had “such a terrible experience” and how many other aliases, that is, ignorant idiots who have some nasty comment about Miranda and Orlando have you pretended to be? Be honest now, oh sorry, I know that is not possible. Why don’t you tell us who you really are? actually, let me think about it, NO, please don’t as no one cares about who you are as you are just some poor pathetic little person trying to be somebody that you can never be or will never be and as a result youtake your insecurities out on people who are actually making something of their lives and making a difference in the lives of others.

    I bet Miranda and Orlando are not the only ones who you dump #hit”on. I bet you bag out every one who is ever successful – why because you are a loser . I want you to know sweet lips that bagging Miranda and Orlando won’t give you what you are after – we can see you and we can see that you are one in the same with every stupid, ridiculous comment you make so go crawl into your little hole and bury yourself for good.

    Nothings’s changed – you are still the usual idiot who obviously doesn’t have a life other than checking on what Just Jared has to say about someone you hate so much but obviously can’t get enough of.

    Conversely just keep posting your ridiculousness and proving to everyone just how foolish and stupid you really are.

  • Lara

    he looks simply bored and unhappy in this pics! Sorry.

  • karibikqueen

    I don´t now where did the pap now thats Orlando and Miranda
    stay in venice?
    and i think they onyl a couple not more.

  • ah – young and in love

    They look marvelous together. To those that want to make me believe he’s miserable I say bull. How much deciphering of photos are you expertise in? Got some FBI agents here?

    If it is true that Miranda has hired people to say nice things about her here, I must run to look in my mailbox because my check is way overdue.

    To those who spew the hate but insist they are not jealous….once again I say, bull.

  • safe and secure

    So nice to see that they have been together for over a year and look so secure together.

    The fact that they can meet up in Venice after their respective obligations have been met shows a real commitment to each other. They look comfortable together – another sign of a real relationship.

    Contentment and security – things sadly lacking in the world – including on this board.

    Good for them!

  • http://justjared poor loons

    NO HOPE LOONS HE WON’T DATE YOU no matter how many now months of your pathetic life you spend bashing miranda kerr it’s been a yer now GET OVER IT GET A LIFE they are dating YOU WON’T CHANGE THAT FACT

  • mia

    Why do you, not objective admirers, call all of us who are not so convinced in the unmeasured love between two of them, the haters? I am not the heater. I hate nobody in my life. But, I think we can tell our opinion. Compare the photos from Moscow with this from Venice. In Moscow Orlando was shining. Happy smile, relaxed , no tension. On the photos from Venice with Miranda his body is tensed. He is not smiling. Hands in the pockets. The same like all photos in front of Primitivo bar in another Venice ( LA) few weeks ago. He is simply not relaxed with her. He looks like he is ordered to accompany Miranda , and he obeys his duties. I agree that their potential children could be cute and beautiful. But, I am not sure that they are together for the right reasons. Fame and money. Not enough for successful relationship. And for sure, not enough to have children together.

  • vodka for him

    Miranda, smiling : “Look at us Orly! We are so cute together. I love our photos together. We look like a real couple!”

    Orlando, not smiling: “Don’t bother me woman. I am so bored. How long do I have to pose with you for the paps that you called. Oh, I wish I could stay in Moscow enjoying vodka and other girls. I am frozen, I keep my hands in the pockets. OMG, what happened to me? What am I doing here?”