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The Beckhams Hit Dylan's Candy Bar

The Beckhams Hit Dylan's Candy Bar

Soccer stud David Beckham has his hands full as he carries his two youngest sons — Romeo, 6, and Cruz, 3 — into the Broadway show Jersey Boys at New York City’s August Wilson Theatre on Friday afternoon.

Moments earlier, his wife Victoria Beckham walked into the theater as she held hands with their oldest son, Brooklyn, 9.

Earlier in the day, the Beckhams picked up a few sweet treats at Dylan’s Candy Bar on the Upper East Side. (The candy shop is owned by Dylan Lauren, the daughter of designer Ralph Lauren.)

15+ pictures inside of the Beckhams hitting up Dylan’s Candy Bar…

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beckhams dylans candy bar 01
beckhams dylans candy bar 02
beckhams dylans candy bar 03
beckhams dylans candy bar 04
beckhams dylans candy bar 05
beckhams dylans candy bar 06
beckhams dylans candy bar 07
beckhams dylans candy bar 08
beckhams dylans candy bar 09
beckhams dylans candy bar 10
beckhams dylans candy bar 11
beckhams dylans candy bar 12
beckhams dylans candy bar 13
beckhams dylans candy bar 14
beckhams dylans candy bar 15
beckhams dylans candy bar 16
beckhams dylans candy bar 17

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  • Russian girl

    Beautiful family!
    Amazing kids!

  • g

    i dont care what anyone says they look like a nice family
    They are always all hanging out and even though posh is always dressed up it doesn’t matter they do cute activities togather

  • Lana

    i love the beckhams… their kids are SO cute and they look like cool parents. happy family!


    cruz is so funny LOOKING, shame he got his mums side of the gene pool

  • M

    hey I was just across the street from Dylan’s I didn’t see that happening this afternoon.

  • BC

    Love the Beckhams.. always doing stuff with the family. It’s so sweet how Brooklyn holds his momma’s hand. You have to love Posh for always stepping out in stuff the rest of us could never pull off.

  • Womenajza´

    podivej se! jsou úplně good-looking a vážně famosní!!

  • YasminO

    Cute kids, My favorite is Romeo, hes is the cutest kid out of the 3. but Cruz seems to have a out going personality

  • Raichill

    Romeo looks to be the most delicate of the 3 boys. Brooklyn and Cruz look like typical boys but Romeo seems more feminine.

  • gaby

    awww sooo cuteee. romeoo is adorableee i luvv himm :)

  • manda

    looooool awwwwwwwwwwwwww!! and there goes david with his signature look [sighs]

  • manda

    ill give it to victoria she sure knows how to dress her kids

  • sarah

    Romeo is the cutest little boy!

  • kristupa

    agreed. Romeo is the most good looking among them. He looks like his father while Brooklyn and Cruz more like Posh. But who knows, they’re still pretty young, and their face will change with age.
    Cruz for me is the cutest among them…he’s very adorable.

  • boogie

    gosh! victoria is hilarious!

    Dressing up in a gangster outfit do go to the candy store.

    she’s such a show off .

    Just wait until she has a girl…if it happens. It will be worse than dressing up Suri. Wanna bet? LOL

  • Duyen

    they are such a cute family

  • lol

    They looks great especially the kids. But why we don’t have the junk food and sweet police we have in other threads here? LOL

  • Colleen

    I love them.

  • chloe

    Romeo is going to be SUCH a little heartbreaker when he’s older. Adorable kid =D

  • tyu

    Brooklyn Beckham is exactly like his mother, in that he never smiles and looks like a spoilt smug little brat.

    Romeo doesn’t need to be carried every where, he’s got legs. David should stop treat him like a Jolie-Pitt kid. They can’t walk on the pavement in case they get their second hand sandals even more dirty.

    Victoria Beckham looks absurd.

  • Poshness

    I love this family, those kids are gorgeous. I love that VB takes so much pride in her appearance. She always looks fantastic, posh and polished, and her husband and kids as well. I adore them


    Gee, they are NOT being slammed for actually ” carring ” their children……Tom and Katie get crucified for carrying Suri ANYWHERE….Why must Victoria wear that stupid and unattractive man-hat?….did she raid Samantha Ronson’s closet…They do NOT look good on anyone…even very few men…

  • rosebud

    Lordy—cannot that bitch EVER smile?? She just acts like a witch. Would want HER for a mother???

  • stella

    #8…are you speaking Czech?? Because if you are, I know what you said! haha let me translate it

    “Look! They are completely good-looking and seriously famous!”

  • stella

    I agree with # 24. How do you guys find Victoria Beckham endearing and a role model when the lady looks like she is going to kill everyone. She never ever looks happy. Always tries wayyy to hard to look perfect when out in public. She must spend an hour everytime she goes out making sure her hair fits perfect with her heels and make-up. And the kids look like brats

  • Jill

    I saw a bunch of people standing outside Dylan’s early this afternoon. I wondered what was going on in there.

    I can take or leave the Beckhams but I LOVE Dylan’s Candy Bar!

  • M

    I don’t get why people are against them (and other celebrities) carrying their children.. Honestly, if I had to bring my children past tons of photographers and stuff, I’d cling to them for dear life. Especially younger kids who will run off on a whim, but also the older ones, because it looks like sort chaotic.

  • I LOVE Brooklyn

    The money shot would be:

    Brooklyn Beckham
    Maddox Jolie-Pitt
    Rocco Ritchie


    Talk about money shot extrodinaire; HW jr royalty. Forget Detroit cuz this is the future BIG 3. Forget a pic of the mama’s together. The boys shot together will get you broke off for real!

  • boogie

    ha- Victoria is just missing a Uzi machine gun with her accessories!

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    beck’s is def. the top pops around.

    …i wish that silly bish would stop pretending to be from nyc.

  • skarld

    Later that evening, the couple went to see Jersey Boys.

  • Jen

    She looks like Carmen Sandiego here.

  • limoen

    i love how protective brooklyn always is of his mommy.
    always leading the way.
    even more so than his dad.
    he is going to be a strong fine man one day.

  • Steph

    Never took notice of how CUTE Romeo is!
    Seems both Brooklyn and Cruz get most of the attention… but IMO, Romeo is def. the cutest of the three.

  • Courrrrrrt

    ROMEO OH ROMEO!!! this kid is darling…i mean, he is SOOO dang cute and hes only like 5, hes just gorgeous!

  • heel toe

    I like the Beckhams. I agree, even tho Victoria is so over the top, that is who she is. But more importantly she is always with her boys and they act and look like a loving family. No PR cheap photo ops with the kids. The Becks do not in any way act like Tom and Katie.
    The Beckham boys always look happy.


    Beckham circus out again. They are so full of themselves, he always try to look like some rugges he man – and then he speaks and tells you everything about him. She is just a fucking joke – She should be in the circus. Awful family, they dont know how to look casual and do casual things with their family, look at Gwen Stefani, the Afflecks, everything they do with their kids LOOK NATURAL this lot looks like publicity stunts. UGH

  • Joe

    I Think BrookLyn is The mosT Handsome ^^
    Love his smile..
    and he really grow up!!

    But Lovecruz n romeo too !
    what a Wonderfull family

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    …grown women sexy attracted to little kids. lmaooooo sick.. ;pathetic biishes.


    Well at least this time the Cruises weren’t with them.. so that because of the Cruise royality they don’t have to walk 4 feet behind them..

  • CeEH

    your insult against the beckhams are getting kind of old
    Victoria is not a bitch, she is not angry she just simply doesnt like her smile so she doesnt use it
    she dresses the way she dresses because it’s how she feels comfortable
    why don’t yu have a go at anyone else for their sense of style
    i know i could’nt pull that outfit off if i tried, so really all you sound like is jealous wannabe’s
    the other day you had a go at them for not going out enough with their kids,
    then its their using their kids for fame
    and now its why are they always carrying their kids …
    Victoria (Posh) is famous from the Spice Girls , and her fragances etc etc etc.
    David is a famous footballer, who is rated for his people skills
    And yeah like M #28 said if i had to go past the paparazzi with my kids i would cling on to them
    stop hating on victoria
    just cus she doesnt bare her heart and soul to the public does not make her a bitch, she human , shes rich, and shes private
    (its not as if she chose to go America, give her a break she left her home, moved her kids, and left her friends and family to support her husband, that is NOT the makings of a bad woman)
    i’m not even a huge fan of the beckhams, but i know they are good parents
    and all this hating just gets tiring after awhile
    i fink they feel the same, cus david dnt look to happy bout the paparazzi ruining his family day out .. if i was Posh id wear a hat too , (hide the dirty looks id be giving)

  • somebody

    LOL..very well said CeEH #42!!! Long live the Beckhams!

  • Bla

    Poor boys….They have a mom that cannot focus on something else than her (creepy) looks, it must be terrible to live in such a weird world…
    Brooklyn looks sad all the time.
    They’re rich alright, but happiness is not striking as a feature….No big news, but, heck, it’s better to be born in a normal family….

  • chiea