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Jessica Simpson & BFF Ken Paves Eat Out

Jessica Simpson & BFF Ken Paves Eat Out

Jessica Simpson and BFF Ken Paves are spotted after eating dinner at Mastro’s Steakhouse in Beverly Hills on Tuesday night.

The pop-turned-country singer is eager to start touring with Rascal Flatts in mid-January, telling the Chicago Tribune at her Fancy fragrance launch in Chicago: “I can’t wait to be a part of their show and let everyone know that I do actually sing and I’m not just in tabloids.”

She went on to express: “I am a very shy person, but I do believe that God has blessed me with a gift that I need to share. I always wanted to be entertaining in some way. Whether it’s cooking dinner for a best friend or [onstage], I try to do it up right.”

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Photos: Craig Williams/WENN
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  • eh

    What’s up with her lips!!

  • BELL

    Nothing wrong with her lips, she just outlined it with lipstick to make it look bigger. You try see her pics when she arrived in LAX without makeup, her lips looked normal…..

  • Clarkwood

    Memo to Jessica: Back in the day, yes, you sang. Sadly, the whispering you do now is not singing. Sorry.

  • bejeebus

    an open letter to miss jessica simpson from an annoyed female on behalf of all the men in the world (probably including the gays):

    your only “gift” is located in your bra. so until you are ready to “share” that gift from god, please stfu b/c your lips look like they are in pain and need a break….especially from your cat in heat singing.

    all the men in the world…and maybe all the women in the world also

  • AJ

    Chestica has had injections to her lips that make them look funny. I wish she would have an accident and lose her voice or break both her legs. I am so sick of her. She says she can sing, she is religious, she prays, she cooks. She is a downright liar. For my Christmas present, I want her to lose her voice permanently. Please break up with her Tony Romo. He is such a wus.

  • bejeebus

    yes, he IS a wuss. did you watch the cowboys game? that douche ALWAYS chokes when it comes to crunch time…and after he screws up he always makes this stupid constipated face. that’s why he and chestica are a match made in fecally compacted heaven. they proly give each other colonics for fun….i bet ken helps them spread their butt cheeks.

    okay, i think, i’m going to make myself throw up with this potty talk.
    i’m naughty…time to quietly say a hail mary in the corner.

  • gerard Vandenberg

    Do you really think God want to bless you?
    be sure: HE’S NO EXORCIST, dumbie!!

  • mimi

    I get annoyed by just looking at her.

  • Lynn

    Cooking dinner???? Calling take out isn’t considered cooking… I wonder if she knows this?

  • ella

    I’ve always just wished this woman would go away, but lately it’s been fun to see what new thing she’s done with her face, lips, etc. It’s like watching a really slow-motion train wreck.

  • Queenoftrashin

    Do trout lips project the sound?

  • Taranga

    She’s a total has been. No one cares anymore Jess. You’re stupid!

  • KIM

    If you do not like her then why are you idiots clicking on the post and making dumb a** comments. Grow up and get a job. She will continue to make money and you retards will continue to be jealous and have negative things to say. if your life is that sorry for you to make comments about someone you do not know and will never see then you should just end your miserable wasted lives NOW.

  • isabella

    i just wonder why tony didn’t work it out with carrie underwood how does a man go from beauty (carrie)to the beast (jessica)? men can you answer how ??

  • linea

    what happened to jess? i used to think she was the prettiest little thing it’s a shame that she is looking all used and washed up.

  • !

    KIM SAID SO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Vivien

    Yes, she is all washed up … in the category of “has been”. Last report was that she was playing in casinos and bingo halls. I’m sure that paparazzi was called so that she could get her picture taken when leaving that restaurant. I agree with another commenter – the only talent she has is in her chest. Also, please stop injecting your lips – it’s really looking comical!

  • Cate

    Jessica go cook some one a meal because you have NO TALENT- same for your sister-

  • Clarkwood

    @ #14….He went from Carrie to Jess because she (Jess) shared her “gift” with him. He’s a guy…what do you expect?

    (But really dragging Carrie into it again….blah, blah. She’s moved on and doing great! ;))

  • JJjWalker

    She has had lip injections, two nose jobs, two boob jobs, and her chin reduced.

  • http://Heaven King James

    She has a gift…his name is KING James 777 is much better then 666 :)) thats heavens mark…and she has a gift…she is Diamond Jessica….i am Diamond Jim…..we are both Gifts :))) he to give y’all a real message :)))) think you know what it is :)) ?
    King James :)) forever
    yours Jessica :))

  • ilovecowboyfootball

    Dear some of you mean people,

    Whatever you want to say about Jessica, fine, say it. This article is about her and not Tony. LEAVE TONY alone. This article has nothing to do with him so quit throwing him under the bus.
    Tony rocks and as cowboy fans, we are so Blessed to have him. Tony is greatness…

    Signed, ]

  • bella

    OMG what has she done to her face . . .she looks so plastic.

  • j

    “I can’t wait to be a part of their show and let everyone know that I do actually sing and I’m not just in tabloids.”

    No, Jessica, you don’t sing. Your caterwauling and panting sound more like an obscene phone call than singing.

    You are nothing more than a loser who used to be on a reality show who calls the paparazzi every chance she gets.

    The whole world is beyond sick of you and I long for the day when even the tabloids stop answering your calls.

  • lAUREN

    BELL = KIM = ilovecowboyfootball

    Looks like Chestica’s #1 Fan !11!! is out for the kill today! You are the only person who still loves this bitch. Trust. WTF did she do to her face? Please DIAF, K? Thanks.

  • move the crowd like moses

    i hate it when she talks about god in every one of her comments
    im pretty sure he knows ur thankful by now, just stop it
    i think she’s an airhead so i will never like her
    her outfit is ok….

  • move the crowd like moses

    o yah and ur lips look like they got injected with something

  • ali

    im definitely sick of jessica now! shes old news.

  • anonymous

    Try this one. I hear Jessica’s luggage is about to be returned to LA this week. The team wants Jessica gone. Tony can’t play ball & handle the Jessica drama both. He goes or Jessica goes. If there was a relationship don’t you think she would have stayed in Dallas while Tony is under all this pressure but not Jessica. She got the boot. he didn’t want her there.

  • loud whispers

    Tony and Jessica are split. Word is Carrie and Travis are also split. Wouldnt it be nice to see Tony and Carrie together again? You have to admit, they looked cute together. Tony was brainwashed for too long and finally came to his senses. Good timing now that the Cowboys are making their move to make the playoffs.

  • Amanda

    WOAHHHH botoxed muchhh??? plastic surgeryy on lips much?h hahah

  • ew

    her lips are absolutely disgusting. i have a theory. every girl in hollywood or elsewhere is really super insecure if they can’t be happy with what God gave them. Her lips were FINE before. another disfigurement,

  • Trust

    # 13 – You’re the one who needs to grow up. You’re telling people to kill themselves because you don’t like their opinion on a blog. How sick!

  • yourmom

    She annoy’s the s**t out of me. I would NEVER but anything with her name on it and have stopping at Macy’s because of there stupid a** commercial. She is not the only one I choose not to support I have a long list these days. I refuse to support people with no talent.

  • yourmom

    oops, I meant stopped shopping at Macys.

  • omg legend


  • marionana

    She doesn’t seem happy, possibly trouble in paradise….???? It appears the bump on her nose has magically disappeared….simply, amazing….:-)