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Barack Obama is Shirtless

Barack Obama is Shirtless

Barack Obama goes shirtless as he and his family — wife Michelle, and daughters Malia, 10, and Sasha, 7 — vacation at a beachside compound in Kailua, Hawaii on Sunday.

It was recently announced that Rev. Rick Warren will deliver the invocation at Obama‘s swearing. Hollywood is basically up in arms over the decision.

Rihanna was also announced as a performer for the inauguration charity ball.

For the full set, check out more Barack Obama family photos.

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  • xavier

    Besides, if this would have been a white family, then it would be no buzz at all… The man is fit and enjoying a vacation… Stop hatin on his family!

  • Eloise


    Its not their fault the paprazzi follows them around all the time. Its actually dangerous. I’ve never seen any President followed around by paparazzi before. They need to back off. This is the President, not some Hollywood celebrity.

  • Kiki

    They deserve a longer one in my opinion. And hell yes show the president shirtless. Ah…first thing to remember that they are human beings. it’s about time we get real people in the white house. let’s keep our fingers crossed that Washington won’t change them too much. It’s going to be tough!

    Showing off a strong healthy body is a good role model this country needs. Now….if we can just kick that smoking habit….hmmmmm baby steps…baby steps.


    Barack and Michelle, you look great and Michelle I can tell you Mrs. Frist lady the brothers we like what we see.


    Most black women’s physical traits are having hips and butts

  • Nelesha parker

    Wow, Obama looks great! I am so relieved that he is one that doesn’t care what yous say and think about him…I love this family.

  • Phe

    The whole family looks real good…they are on vacation for goodness sakes!!! everybody who has a problem with Michelle……yeah, I’m sure you look like a supermodel 24/7 too!!!!! Get with it people they may be the first family…..but they are still human!!!!!

  • Phe

    The whole family looks real good…they are on vacation for goodness sakes!!! everybody who has a problem with Michelle……yeah, I’m sure you look like a supermodel 24/7 too!!!!! Get with it people they may be the first family…..but they are still human!!!!!

  • Ready for CHANGE!!

    I’m sorry, but this is absolutely ridiculous! Just because he’s going to be our next president, he shouldn’t enjoy time with his family??

    You people need to get over and get a life!!

  • http://yahoo Lynette

    Please stop hating. The first-family is beautiful and yes Mrs. Obama is a full figure beautiful woman and yes she has a scarf on her head. Get over it!!!!!!

  • Life

    #83 You are the ignorant idiot and uneducated fool. A#@. Way to go Corey to cool.

  • mELI

    It’ll be nice to have a hot president in office!

  • P. Ritch

    Give the man a break, he’s a real person that deserves to enjoy the beach without a shirt like every other male in the world. Gosh people, start enjoying your life, what’s the big deal? I’m sure if it were a law that states that the president elect must wear a shirt at the beach then he would abide by the rule! Peace and Blessings!

  • P. Ritch

    Give the man a break, he’s a real person that deserves to enjoy the beach without a shirt like every other male in the world. Gosh people, start enjoying your life, what’s the big deal? I’m sure if it were a law that states that the president elect must wear a shirt at the beach then he would abide by the rule! Peace and Blessings!

  • bellina skalije

    y’all people are stupid, racist, and crazy and very jealous and devious. You don’t have to be white to compliment barack obama u dumb bitch. first of all, barack is the most good looking guy out of all the presidency and future presidencies. and im black and indian,arab and im not racist toward this election. people who arent negative are jealous cause there not goood looking like barack and they probably dont have a goodlooking wife with hips unlike you guys. and a beautiful family which probably some ur families are ugly like shit. so stop criticizing and start appreciating. and susan if you put michelle in a dress and u in a dress everyone will pick michelle cause she has a wonderful figure and you probably dont. is nice to see real beauties now because now people are trying to have fake boobs with no hips and thats unattractive like sarah palin who is a skinny white shit with no hips. yea halle berry look good with him but michelle has a better nice figure than her you can’t deny. i love them so much and i cant wait what they will bring to the white house for us americans. hes are president now it will be nice to have some respect not only towards him but towards his family.

  • Ray

    Let’s hold our fire. Give him a chance. So far nothing bad has happened. Wait and hope for the best.
    Yeah, he is a fine specimen as seen without a shirt

  • Ray

    Yeah, a fine speciman without a shirt.
    Well,he is a handsome man!!!
    Lets give him a chance!!!

  • India

    It will never be inappropiate for a man to go to the beach shirtless. It is the beach! WTF! I guess people expect him to get in the water fully clothed. That is just senseless and gives dumb people a reason to have something to say. Who cares.

  • Teresa

    Yay!!!!! A president that is in good health and good shape! The future looks real good!

  • Corey to cool

    Thanks Life

  • blue goose

    Ok, somebody needs a life. The president elect and his family are humans, people. Where is it written that they are not allowed to enjoy a vacation or go to the beach? Where is it written that if they go to the beach, they should all dress like nunns!

    I cannot believe that this country is so filled with hate that some will waste so much time over things that don’t matter. I’m sure that some of you bible thumping critics are freak in bed and on the streets, morning, noon, and night. Hint…Jerry Farwell, Jim Baker, and a host of other ministers. So get a life. Only God sits high and looks low. Man cannot and will not be on the same level as the Father Almighty so with that being said, stop being judgmental of others and look at the person in the mirror. Fix that person first. Otherwise, the Man that sits high and looks low will be the judge and jury over all our lives.

  • Here comes a corrupt country

    This is a discrase to america. Still, we STILL do not see his birth certificate. Why would you ppl elect somebody who isnt even a citizen? This countrys done.
    were not gonna be able to say God Bless america anymore, or Merry Christmas. Because the “obama god” saves us all” No he doesnt. He isnt a messiah. Hes a mistake that you people are going to be regretting. Could you imagine George Washington doing this?


  • Corey to cool

    #123 you should read more, He is America, He is Christian and the only people who thinks he thinks he is a messiah is crazy red christian nut cases like you. You dont like black people do you? It’s sad you would pick Bush who is as dumb as a rock over a very smart man because his name is a lil weird and his skin is a lil dark. You should move to another country and take you family with you because no one wants you here.

    And yes I could imagine George doing some as human, as normal as swimming at the beach, even with the big white wig on. You act like he doing porn.

  • rache

    Amne Obama!!!! Show the world that there are Intellegent,well fit people out there. Be Proud of what God gave you.And think ,we could of had th old man and a dimwit in office.I woulod not like to see McCain or Palin on the beach.*eewwww the thought* LMAO
    But anyway…”If you got it,show it!” My God bless and keep the Obama family safe!
    Merry Christmas and Happy New year!

  • aurea

    AMEN #122!

    Wow, I’ve never seen a president look that fit before, look at those abs!.

  • samantha j vairo

    R u kidding, we have politicians solicit young boys on the internet, arrested for embezzelment and still in office and americans are actually outraged by our president elect for being human!! What now because he holds the most prestige position in America, which let me remind you we voted for him to obtain, he cannot enjoy family time without explaining it to the people. I find it outrageous with Christmas approaching people actually have nothing better to do with their time. Here’s a thought, those of you in which have responded, where’s the gratitude you have a computer to type on, electric to run your computer, a roof over your head to keep your computer and electric connected. All of you that have the time and energy to muster this negative energy, shame on you. Take time be still and look around and be appreciative. Our president elect is about to walk head on and into one position, which if put into perspective would give most normal people a migraine just thinking about, so give the man a break for not only will it take a toll on himself but also his family.

  • joy

    what’s with the doorag on michelle’s head?

  • Don

    Wow…bambi is thin, but has bitch tits. Wierd. I can’t believe this man will be president, why didn’t we just an underwear model or something, he would have just as much experience, less ties to corrupt political machines, and you could all gawk endlessly about the celebrity in chief and how great he is until the cows come home.

  • danny d

    Don –
    No experience and corrupt? Before you start casting ridiculous accusations, why don’t you review a few basic facts:
    –the man has more legislative experience than several past presidents, including Abraham Lincoln
    –the man was a previous Constitutional Law professor at Unversity of Chicago–which means he probably won’t institute completely unconstitutional practices (Patriot Act anyone) as his predecesor, G.W. Bush
    –I know your boys Hannity, Limbaugh, and Savage are trying to make something out of nothing with this Blago scandal, but please try understand….at no point has the president-elect or any member of his staff been implicated in any unethical or illegal activities. You may want to try a little more research before making foolish statements.

  • #1 Fan of Malia and sasha

    i loev malia and sasha obama, they are so cute and so unaffected by how famous that they actually are. I bet they are so excited about moving into the white house, it must be so cool having a dad who is the president of the US. I watched them on election night and i couldn’t help but smile because they are just so adorable.

    I also love their style, they both dress so pretty for how young they are, i read that malia already chooses her own clothes for her public appearences and she is only 10 years old, if she dresses that good now, just think how amazing she will look when she’s older. And sasha too im sure she will look equally as amazing.

    They all deserve a good vacation and i hope they had a really good time and were not chased by the paparazzi the whole time because they should be allowed quality, private time as a family to just relax.

  • wow

    wow he is in great shape!

  • ekk

    yea hes definitely the hottest president ever

  • sadaa

    barack obama is not hot shirtless keep ur shirt on PLEASE NOONE WANTS TO SEE THAT

  • sadaa


  • sadaa


  • توبيكات كرتون

    He looks amazing! Good for him for picking that bible-thumpin’-nut-job. He’s forcing everyone to the table and it’s good to include everyone, even the rightwingers. That’s how you build consensus.

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