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Rachel Bilson is a Bistro Babe

Rachel Bilson is a Bistro Babe

Rachel Bilson grabs lunch at Dusty’s American Bistro with her little sister, Hattie, and a gal pal in Silver Lake, Los Angeles on Tuesday afternoon.

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When asked what she’s looking forward to this week, Rachel recently said, “The things I look forward to about the holidays are staying at home and eating all my mom’s food and cookies.”

Sounds good to us! Yum, yum.

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Credit: Star Pix/Jeff Steinberg; Photos: INFdaily
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  • wish

    Nice to see her having fun with her little sister. That ia rare thing to see her visiting her.Hope she have a nice christmas with her family.Hope to see you in the movies next year.

  • lakers fan in boston

    rachel is just way 2 cute!!
    i love her, i really like the way she is dressed except that jacket or whatever it is, it’s really ugly
    her sister kinda looks like her as well
    happy holidays rachel!!!
    love u

  • shanda

    Hope you have nice christmas and Happy new year.And enjoy little sister and your mom’s cooking. Have a nice evening as well.

  • pig in the mud

    good stay at home in LA wher you belong

  • pig in the mud

    i really wish she would wear jeans that didnt show off her saddle bags. a fashionista ought to know a woman needs to wear jeans that flow away from her hips.

  • fashion

    fugly talentless midget again
    jj stop it with her, ruining my holiday

  • kate

    Rachel Must Die! Hayden hopes to use their intelligence to find the smart girl. Rachel is so selfish that you can not spend the Christmas with Hayden, but she can remember when it wants to promote. I bet that Hayden is not happy in that relationship. Back to the idiot of Adam, Rachel! I hate you and Adam, but make a perfect couple: losers!

  • Leah

    Is that her stepmom with her?

  • atlqueen

    You are super wierd! One moment you hate the girl and the next you want to see her in the movies next year? Girl, are you bipolar or something? No, seriously.

  • Madonna


  • John

    @ #5

    What saddlebags? This chick is HOT and has a great ass.

  • voice of reason

    @altqueen your comments always make me laugh, have a great Christmas.

  • shanda

    @attqeen its christmas and i have the right to change my mind about her ok.Can’t keep being mean to her.Are you so i wish everyone a merry christmas a happy new year.I made promise to bash her anymore and comment on her less.

  • wish

    That was a friend speaking for me i was busy.But wish you all a merry chrismas anyway.Try to be nice atlqeen And not bash rachel so much or others.

  • atlqueen

    @Wish Shanda Real World and whatever else your name is
    How many different screen names do you have? It doesn’t matter because we will always know who the hell wrote it. And you’re right you can change your mind about her all you want. But I bet the moment you see her with HC again you’ll be b!tchin again. See ya girlie!

    You have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year your self!

  • kat

    like the jacket…:)

  • sharon

    last post was BEANIE BABE and this post is BISTRO BABE maybe the next one should be BRAINLESS BABE.

  • lenn

    Happy holidays to everyone!

  • ameli

    Love Rachel


    Happy holidays Rachel!

  • shuellen

    What a HOMELY sisters!

  • sumo

    Hattie is so cute! She and Rachel have the same eyes. Must both look like their dad. Hope they have a great holiday.

    And hope you all do too!

  • trevise

    It’s a real shame that this broad can get a lot of press for no other reason than she probably has a great damn publicist; where she once again proves she is all BUT substance. An infinite empty package vessel & a blank slate. Her facial expressions run the gamut from A to B.

  • juniper


    Yeah a “real kind of babe” that is a harebrained wackadoodle & the true epitome of despair and ennui. The End.

  • Soraya

    She’s AWESOME!
    That post makes my day awesome!
    I loveeee Rachel <3 and stop blaming her just because she’s dating Hayden ! If youre an Hayden fan, you should respect his choice!
    And he has good taste!!

    Merry Christmas everyone!!

  • voice of reason

    @Soraya I’m a Hayden fan and have NO problem with Rachel being with him like you I wish them the best. I think and it’s JMO that she is what he looks for, Rachel loves her family, she stays out of trouble and although I don’t know her she must have something that Hayden finds interesting after almost 2 years.
    He does have good taste——-finally(lets not mention the whole Sienna thing)

    Besides his family likes her so Rachel must be doing something right. MERRY CHRISTMAS

  • rachel4ever

    Happy Holidays Rachel!!
    You and your family rocks :)

  • Bah Humbug!!!

    Yawwwwwwnnnnnnn!!! ZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!! :roll: I see the a$$ kisser’s are back out once again or, crawled out of their rock. How nauseating. Thanks for the lovely Christmas barf! ;)

  • Surimi

    Rachel must be doing something right… She refused some inappropriate advances?

  • voice of reason

    @Surimi-what inappropriate advances?

  • Funkey

    She is a HAS BEEN if she was ever a WAS the only time there is comments is when JJ has knowone better to follow around.

  • Blow And Go….

    Inappropriate advances? Let me tell you all about it. Bilson probably gave Liman head to get the role in Jumper. Get it? Otherwise, her acting is no go or blow! Yeah…..She’s a has been.

  • jane

    I think she is in Canada, has no more pictures of her.

  • jane

    I think she is in Canada, has no more pictures of her.

  • periwinkle

    She (along w/ the wimpy boytoy) could even to the moon… forever.

  • periwinkle


    She (along w/ the wimpy boytoy) could even “go” to the moon… forever

  • TPL

    They are in Barbados, something about wanting to make sure she’s not preggers before he dumps her. But they did not spend Christmas together and he still won’t stop stalking me or the men I date.

  • caribou

    Exactly jane! They are in Blue Mountain for ski vacation.
    Sorry Tom.

    LMAO Just kidding! who cares? there’s nobody here.

  • aberfitch

    @ 31& 32

    She’s a has-been?! Just when it did happened that RaTchel became a “legit & genuine” hot property and had been credited solely on her own in HW? Don’t think I had slept on that.
    A NEVER BEEN could be far more appropriate.

  • juniper

    @ #36

    Odd looking & acting coupley (i.e. TomKat) like them are also been awaited to “Planet Xenu” I think… they might opt to go there if there’s a sudden change of their holiday vacation – lol

  • in the know

    they are just friends. they arent getting married etc. its all bollocks!
    he invites all his clos friends to stay at his place. they arent atttracted to each other in a romantic way. he knows the type of person he wants and she isnt it.

  • youtube

    e Talk Feb 6-8 – Hayden in Egypt

  • toronto

    they had a fling. they arent serious

  • nina

    How long does a fling lasts?

  • atlqueen

    Oh Nina, please don’t listen to the dumbass remarks. They are in serious denial. Just laugh and keep it moving.

  • toronto

    yes because queenie knows everything. everyone who opposes her is a dumbass. you guys are hilarious. you have no clue. have a nice day jackass’ go back to your dreamworld, im out

  • voice of reason

    A fling Toronto that lasts almost 2 years? interesting thought.

  • atlqueen

    You started it miss Toronto. Who really knows everything.

  • how is she an actress

    I think this film critic hit the nail on head

    Christensen is fine, but again, I’m not a hater of his. If you do hate him, this movie won’t change your mind. Jamie Bell seems to be having fun as the rebellious and wild Griffin, who knows just about everything about “jumping”. But I am getting real sick of Rachel Bilson, that ***** from THE O.C.. She’s the love interest and I can’t see why. Her face is gross! But even if it was someone else in the role, it wouldn’t have worked. The movie has so much going on in such a small amount of time (under 90 minutes) that the addition of a love story just sucks the energy out of the movie.

  • how is she an actress

    aJumper is junk, a halfway decent premise destroyed by some of the worst hiring choices in the history of motion picture personnel. In a realm which sees Michael Rooker, Diane Lane, Samuel L. Jackson, and an unrecognizable Tom Hulce as an afterthought, we get a trio of talent that’s one-third winning. Only Billy Elliot‘s Jamie Bell inspires any interest. His character crackles the way the others stumble and fall. The rest of the triptych is indeed downright poisonous. Christensen proves he’s the worst actor working today by turning David into a one note non-entity. He’s so uninvolving that even terminal insomniacs find his efforts snooze-inducing.

    But it’s nothing compared to OC cupie dolt Bilson. Looking like a bad computer photo reconstruction of what Maxim thinks is attractive, and using her open eyed performance style for everything from happiness to hurt, she’s wish fulfillment as the walking dead, a plot point that can’t payoff because we could care less what happens to her. She shares no chemistry with her costar (not that Christensen could combine scientifically or sensually with any breathing human) and constantly reminds us of how hackneyed the overall approach to this project is. Something with this large a scope needs actors of equal size. Bilson and Christensen are incredibly small community college thespians at best.