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Reese & Jake Make It To Melrose

Reese & Jake Make It To Melrose

Reese Witherspoon and boyfriend Jake Gyllenhaal look happy together as they shop at Ralph Lauren in Melrose on Tuesday.

Jake will be one of the presenters at the 66th Annual Golden Globe Awards, this Sunday, January 11.

Before they went shopping though, Reese, 32, and Jake, 28, stopped by the doctor’s office first. While on the way to the office, Jake smiled for the photogs while Reese was snapped having a very surprised look on her face.

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  • sweet

    They are such a cute couple.

  • Ivana

    Agree with you sweet.

  • Miranda

    Why the Reese and Jak over-kill. Must be that Ryan and Abbie have got married, or that someone’s threatening to out Jake.

    Whichever, can it please stop, very few people really care one way or the other about these two idiots.

  • Efron is gay


  • Efron is gay


  • honeybunch

    she looks pregnant…hmmmm???

  • Miranda

    If she’s preggers, lets hope she conceived after Jake’s birthday because she was certainly knocking back the red wine on that night. Also wasn’t she drinking beer at the Lakers game. Not the most responsible way to carry on for someone expecting.

  • reese is phony b!tch

    Reese isn’t shouting at paparazzi today?
    She’s all smiles?

    Stupid, fake cow.

  • Chuck

    she looks fugly…

  • Jake is gay


  • gerard Vandenberg

    The finally came to town: ” THE WITCH OF MELROSE”, folks!!
    (that weird HAWK-chin)

  • slambang

    I love him!!!!!!!!! If he’s happy, that’s all that matters (tho’ she gets on my nerves).

  • slambang

    Meant to add: I can’t wait to see his cuteness at the Golden Globes!

  • meg

    She has such an awkward body. Ryan P must have put some sort of curse on her because she looks perma-pregnant.

  • Henrietta

    Reese and Jake will probably be married by the end of the year – they look so homey together :-) Look great though!

  • wish

    Wish they would go away.All this media attention mean one things. The relationship will soon be over.

  • pete and repeat

    Not these two again.

  • Julia

    Love them, keep them coming.

  • Anon

    The beer was in Jake’s hands most of the time. I only saw her in one picture taking a sip. My mother drank a glass of wine once in a while when she was pregnant with my brother, and he’s nine now and just fine. I don’t think Reese is Pregnant. Just because she is wearing a loose top. It doesn’t mean anything. Of course we aren’t Americans.
    Wine is part of our culture. We know how to handle it.

  • Remington

    *yawn* More Reese and Jake fauxmance overkill. I can live with the hat, what he needs to get rid of is the ugly itchy overbearing boring beard. Then he’ll look a whole lot better.

  • kel


  • another day

    More boring photo ops.
    More Reese and Jake bullsh!t.

  • The Economist

    In this bad economy the only reason the paps, gossip sites and rag mags haven’t tanked is all the business the Reese and Jake fauxmance is hiring them for!

  • Anon

    You people kill me. You say you’re bored with this “fauxmance” yet you keep coming on these threads to post and act all ugly and nasty.

    You are the phonies. You are haters. You must have rotten lives.

  • stellartes

    i think she is pregnant….out comes the loose shirt!

  • Katy

    The extensions look great, help balance out her chin. The short bob was too much.

  • BP

    Brangelina has nothing on these two. These two are the biggest media whores I’ve ever seen. That must be some bearding contract.
    They’re probably really shopping for Baby Tile.

    And just because we’re bored with this phony couple doesn’t mean we can’t express our opinion on them. Hell, we can’t get away from them because we’re being bombarded every few hours with new pictures.

  • Jake G

    “The extensions look great, help balance out her chin.”
    No, only a paper bag over Reese’s head would help.

  • Noelle

    They are so cute! Thanks for posting so much about them lately JJ!

  • it’s official – Reese sucks!

    E! online
    Zac Efron, Tom Cruise, Reese Witherspoon and Eva Longoria Parker are among the many A-listers who received Razzie nominations.


  • Jake

    Take it from me, Reese don’t suck.

  • Lola

    while some people have a particular driver these two must have a particular paparazzi.

  • y2k

    A face only a paper bag can fix. LOL

  • http://Q Francesca

    I see the “cute” brigade is out in force. the idiots whose vocabulary conists of one word. Anyhoo, I expect soon baby will make it three. Oh wait, there are two other kids. So baby will make it three. Maybe Reese will have to buy a bigger house. Three kids and at least three servants, a cook (when Jakey is too tired) a nanny, and a general handyperson. Maybe more. Wonder how the Jake kids will get along with the Ryan kids when the time comes. Potential conflict.

  • Grand Theft

    The fauxmance must not be paying off with job offers. Jake and Reese are having to steal video cameras now, I guess to pay for all the coffee and shopping. But they aren’t very good at it, X17 has pictures. They better start saving up quick for that bail money they gonna need.

  • The oldy woman

    The oldy : After many photos oped with BIG FAKE SMILE, sitting front of the window for a private moment (Jake B-day), an entertaining KISS at the Lakers game WHAT NEXT!!!!!!!

    Jake : hmmmm well, I’m going to be one of the presenters at the 66th Annual Golden Globe Awards, this Sunday, January 11.

    The oldy : Yeahhhhhh!!! Great, it will be our first red carpet appearences together as a couple!!! :) I have to buy a new dress for the event!!!!

    Jake : After the rolling of shovel that I gave you people will not have stopped speaking about it!!!! :)

    The oldy : And People would think that we’re cooler than Ryan & Abbie
    and we have sooo much fun than these two

    Jake : Much more cooler, funnier, sexier, smarter and genuine

    The oldy : Don’t forget prettier!!!!

    Jake : Yeah We have much fun than Them :)

  • ben

    LOL Oldy Woman

  • The oldy woman

    Reese was snapped having a very surprised look on her face. chek it out!!!
    She is act like she’s alarmed, surprised, annoyed, pissed…at the paps for following?! did she? HELLL NOT
    RW lovers,stans and fans make me LOOOOOOOOL!!!!
    After many photos oped with BIG FAKE SMILE, sitting front of the window for a private moment (Jake B-day), an entertaining KISS at the Lakers game. SHE CAN’T ACT LIKE SHE’S VERY PISSED AT THE PAPS.
    if they went at the Lakers basketball game it’s only to be seen on public and kissing, NO WONDER PEOPLE KEEP THINKING THAT THEIR RELATIONSHIPS IS FAKE!!!!
    It’s been a while that we saw her with her childs, I guess she have more time to spend with Jake than her own childs ( she’s said she’ll be with her childs 4 xmas) but we saw her much of the time with her boyfriend!!!!
    A great mother you say?! A great mother put her childs first not her boyfriend especially after filing for divorce!!!!!!

  • anonymous

    I like this couple, but I prefer Ryan & Abbie, they are more relaxed. :)

  • I’m So Bad

    “A face only a paper bag can fix. LOL”

    A bullet to the brain would be even better. LOL

  • X

    I think Jake went to try the suit (or smoking?) to GG.
    He is gorgeous anyway.

  • shelby

    I am so sick of these two and all of their photo ops lately. Talk about fame whores. You are starting to see more of them then anyone else. They are sooooooooo boringggggggggggg. At least with Angelina and Brad they have their kids with them most of the time and they are always doing different interesting things.

  • Jo

    Is that all they ever do is shop?? zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Rachael Taylor

    reese looks like a midget beside this guy. how tall is jake? I don’t think he is that towering, but beside her makes him looking like a 6 footer wow!

  • se

    Angelina Jolie is another Hollywood %whore§ whose practice nepotism like Jake Gyllenhaal. Both ocupied the take place of real actors and actresses. Both are mediocres!
    Angelina had lot of lovers included a homosexual afair with a women!

    The children of the shantytown Hollywood have no future! They have the same culture, the way of life and mentality of poor people of people of 3° world.

  • Jimmy

    How long after all this did they part? It didn’t last all that long, did it? Wonder what happened. I suspect he got tired of wooing her with no results.