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Tom Cruise Shows His Hand in Seoul

Tom Cruise Shows His Hand in Seoul

Tom Cruise participates in a hand-printing ceremony before a huge crowd of fans in Seoul, South Korea on Saturday (January 17).

Along with filmmaker Bryan Singer, the 46-year-old actor is in Seoul to meet with Korean fans and promote his latest film, Valkyrie. (Korea is the only Asian country the two plan to visit on this tour).

Tom has visited Korea three times before, to promote “Interview with the Vampire,” “Mission Impossible 2″ and “Vanilla Sky.”

10 photos of Tom Cruise showing his hand inside…

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cruise hand seoul 01
cruise hand seoul 02
cruise hand seoul 03
cruise hand seoul 04
cruise hand seoul 05
cruise hand seoul 06
cruise hand seoul 07
cruise hand seoul 08
cruise hand seoul 09
cruise hand seoul 10

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  • * VICTORIA *

    Since those movies did NOT do as well, as he hoped, maybe Tom should quit visiting that country……….The more he tours, the less his movie’s attract attention…….People unfortunately just come out to see Tom, and do NOT care about his ” promoting his movie “…………
    ( he said himself, these movie’s did NOT meet ” his expectation’s ).

  • * VICTORIA *

    Since those movies did NOT do as well, as he hoped, maybe Tom should quit visiting that country……….The more he tours, the less his movie’s attract attention…….People unfortunately just come out to see Tom, and do NOT care about his ” promoting his movie “…………
    ( he said himself, these movie’s did NOT meet ” his expectation’s ).

  • Amy


  • angie

    Such a fame-bot. He’s a lost cause.

  • mr. orange

    wow. he’s truely amazing.
    it’s so thrilling.
    just… wow so awe-inspiring.

  • Soap is good

    he looks good here but I dont want to see his movie

  • enough w/ mr color trolls

    Mr. crooked smile strikes again!!!!

  • not me

    Lately he has been looking so well. Really, almost like in those days. Gorgeous, indeed.

  • Bobby

    I think Tom needs to do a holocaust film. Like ricky jarvase said!

  • once in and again…..

    He has lost ALL sex appeal!!! He looks so generic and plain with absolutely nothing special. Completely wooden.

  • Jonathan

    Korea, may I ask you a favor? Please keep him.

  • LuckyL

    Lol, when the west fails you, go east.

  • LuckyL

    Lol @ his forehead being unable to furrow.

  • dianel

    Tom is one of the best actors and sooooooooooooo good looking

  • Sony

    Bryan did the great movie. Tom and all cast did amassing job. If you are not bigot you will enjoy this movie.

  • GlamBeckhams


  • Sarah

    you know you lost your celebrity status when……………

  • Elsa

    i love this crazy midget !


    no rest for the mad man :)

  • dani

    Wow, his plastic surgery is so noticeable these days. Lord. He looks nipped, tucked, lasered, and lifted.

  • bebe

    He looks good. Why shouldn’t he travel to Korea to promote his movie? All the big movie stars travel the world to promote their films. That’s how they become international super stars.
    #1, What are you talking about? All of the films that were listed were big hits.

  • lakers fan in boston

    another day in korea
    may he will actually stay!!!
    hopefully he leaves katie in the us so she can escape =D

  • Fourplay

    Look, ma, I made a plaster hand print in kindergarten today!

  • lizzie

    I miss Seoul, It is a weird city but so different that so interesting too !
    I envy Tom short Cruise lol

  • gay

    Bryan Singer is openly gay. No wonder they are touring together.

  • mi

    Shut up haters!
    Love you Tom!

  • mi

    Shut up haters!
    Love you Tom!

  • Mr. Brown

    Those movies were box office hits and I’m pretty sure he would never say such things about his movies, #1.

    Are you serious, #20?

    That’s offensive, #25.

  • Cane

    He’s just a big ol’ flamin’ goober :)

  • lee

    His plastic surgery looks pretty good. Whoever did it was worth the money. Is Katie there with him?
    Bet Mr. Blonde knows.

  • http://TomCruise joss

    I was there last night and OMG.. It was so crowded that I was pushed outta there and was thankful the peeps did that OMFG, I even lost My BF and 2 friend’s there!!LOL it was so flippin’ crazy.. Tom Cruise being short made it worst lol ( no effence)

  • boogie

    LOL lee # 30

    lol lol lol

  • itstruagain

    Tom, stop enumerating all of our comments and protesting.

  • gerard Vandenberg

    The first option was his entire person on TILE.
    …………BUT THIS “DWARF” WASN’T AMUSED, folks!!

  • dido

    ı love tom and can’ t wait for valkyrie ans no:1 you are sick

  • dani

    You bet I’m serious Mr. Brown. You are absolutely deluded if you think this man hasn’t had recent cosmetic procedures. Many blogs are discussing it, the tabs are questioning it and it probably won’t be long until one of the publications you feel imparts legit news mentions it.

  • Denise

    God, he’s sooo magical!

  • Mr. Brown

    Any idiot could tell you that she’s not there, #30. He’s never had plastic surgery.

    Blogs, #36! Oh my! Idiot…

    Funny how someone saying he disappeared to have plastic surgery has spiraled out of control.

    Yeah. Some tabloid recently wondered if Cruise as well as Angelina Jolie and other celebrities have gone under the knife and even they have said he hasn’t gotten any.

  • tommy girl

    of course he had plastic surgery or botoxed to the max. There is a big difference his current and 3 months ago photos

  • * VICTORIA *

    ” MR. BROWN “……Tom once said, he ” had hoped the movie would have generated more revenue “…….I read it on another site, last year…This is NOT made up….he was just talking in general after Mission Impossible came out…….Tom blamed his ” over promoting “.
    I was NOT bashing Tom in any way……It just seems that people come out to SEE HIM, and NOT for his movie promoting……..I was stating that maybe he should stay home and leave Seoul alone…..Apparantly, that country has NOT helped him in any way, in this regard….They are just infatuated with him, IN PERSON…….
    We get along, ” MR.BROWN “, and I think you know me better than that…..Have a nice week-end…

  • NOT mr blonde pink orange grey

    Mr. Brown is…………

    !Another SCIENTOLOGIST to the rescue!!!!!

  • dani

    Mr. Brown, you have consistently refused to compare pictures of him now with pictures of him a year ago. If you did you would notice a few differences that could only be due to cosmetic enhancements. Almost every movie actor, television actor, singer etc., who wants to stay in the public eye and pull from a young fan base uses something. Why are you so vehement that he does not? Of course he is never going to admit it. Most of them don’t admit to do anything. Do you honestly think their faces and bodies are totally due to not smoking, eating right, exercising regularly and leading a clean lifestyle? Haha.

  • Mr. Brown

    He looks exactly the same, #39.

    Link me please, #40. Enjoy your weekend too.

    I’m not a Scientologist, #41.

    Why do you say I’ve consistently refused to compare before and after pics, #42? He looks exactly the same as always. Why are you so vehemently against the fact that he simply lives a clean lifestyle and ages gracefully? Even your silly tabloids can’t deny that he looks like he hasn’t had plastic surgery.

    By the way, of course he’d look different a year later. It’s called aging.

  • GI Jane

    I know too much about Scientology to ever be able to like or respect him again. It’s a dangerous cult and he is still trying to drag people into it. I won’t spend another dime on him because I don’t want my money going to the cult.

  • baby


  • baby


  • ellie

    Well I saw your movie and Tom Cruise is still in my book one of the best actors ever.. You did a great job, and your still so gorgeous.

  • backlash on trolls

    lowlives are dying with envy


  • lurking

    true talent and gorgeous

  • donna

    Thanks Jared…:)