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Michelle Obama Debuts Inauguration Dress

Michelle Obama Debuts Inauguration Dress

Incoming First Lady, Michelle Obama, heads to St. John’s Church with President-elect Barack Obama on Tuesday morning prior to the Inauguration ceremony in Washington D.C.

Much has been made about the First Lady’s inauguration dress — which designer she will choose and how the outfit could set the done for her White House style. The L.A. Times takes a look at previous First Ladies and their outfit choices for the Inauguration of their husbands.

Larger picture of Michelle Obama‘s outfit inside HERE.

Michelle Obama chose designer Isabel Toledo for this Inauguration outfit.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Michelle Obama’s Inauguration outfit – YAY or NAY?

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michelle obama inauguration dress

Photos: AP Images
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149 Responses to “Michelle Obama Debuts Inauguration Dress”

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  1. 76
    mfr Says:

    Is she pregnant?

  2. 77
    kathy Says:

    I love the dress, she does her own thing, her body is tight…Barack is white? are you serious # 49 ?.that is the joke of the day…

  3. 78
    Ali Says:

    She looks wonderful. What a proud moment and how elegant they both look – aware of the significance and honoring it beautifully.

  4. 79
    Trishy Says:

    Wonderful, amazing inauguration! Have loved Michelle’s outfits for the pre inaugural events and thought she looked amazing. What happened today? She is a stunning and beautiful woman and whoever designed and styled her outfit today should be shot! It was awful. Dreadful.
    After the fabulous camel and black ensemble and the black and purple both of which were F A B U L U S S, she stepped out today in this matronly, awful outfit.

    I love the first family, they are incredible and so I would like to be Michelle’s stylist from now on. :)

  5. 80
    bleah Says:

    Tree trunk legs.

  6. 81
    kitykat Says:

    lalalove says it’s not okay to discuss race, yet it’s okay for him/her to insult a former president in whatever manner he/she chooses. can you say HYPOCRITE?

  7. 82
    Ha! Says:

    She’ll be offered help with dressing herself soon enough. This was as bad as the dress she chose the night he won the election. Girlfriend needs some help because she’s a very pretty woman and can look a lot better than this.

  8. 83
    anonymous Says:

    GRANDMOTHERLY!!!!!Ugh. We know she means business.

  9. 84
    whatever Says:

    The Dow is down 233 points. I thought the Messiah was supposed to change all of this? Can people stop celebrating and get out of lala-land? Where’s the promised change? Where’s the hope?
    What a bunch of baloney and people need to wake up and not depend on a president (Dem or Rep) to fix their lives.
    The new prez ain’t gonna pay your bills, yo!

  10. 85
    Proud Says:

    Who cares what she is wearing; it is a great day to be an American!

  11. 86
    lillian Says:

    i love the Obamas. They are both BEAUTIFUL people! Michelle’s dress definately a WINNER!

  12. 87
    yikes Says:

    Michelle looked great today. I love her dress and the coat. The ensemble, including the green gloves, was very well put together. BUT those teal emerald green SHOES clash! How could she have not picked a better color pair of shoes. Oh horrors were it not for the fact that they are down on her feet, where few can see them.

  13. 88
    ~*CaThErInE .M. ViLLa*~ Says:

    Beautiful Outfit very Lady Like

  14. 89
    Peach Says:

    I liked the outfit, the color was great on her and at the luncheon she removed the coat and that was a cardigan under it.

    What is didn’t like was the fit, the shiny stockings and the lining in the coat.

  15. 90
    LuckyL Says:

    God Bless America!

  16. 91
    LuckyL Says:

    Lol, ignore the racists, bigots, and sour grapes y’all *rolls eyes*

  17. 92
    G-girl Says:

    the President looked distinguished as always, and she looked as she always does… out of her league. Very nice dress, but it didn’t fit her figure properly… and the kelly-green shoes with olive-green gloves – yikes! She needs to contact Angela Basset’s stylist for direction…. and someone please teach her how to walk like a lady!!!

  18. 93
    lalalove Says:

    lalalove says it’s not okay to discuss race, yet it’s okay for him/her to insult a former president in whatever manner he/she chooses. can you say HYPOCRITE?


    If you’re going to attempt to counter my argument, please come with a bit less accusations, a bit less ignorance, and something thought through. Please refrain from putting words in my mouth. Do tell, when did I insult a former President?
    In addiction, I believe I said (and I’m paraphrasing here), “…when are we going to stop looking at a man’s race, and that King’s speech has still not yet come to past”.

  19. 94
    lalalove Says:


  20. 95
    obamaisahalfbreed Says:

    I couldn’t care less what the heifer wears.
    THIS white man has worked his fingers to the bone for years for this country’s government and is now ready for the “change”.
    So how about this: I stop working now. I file for welfare, free housing, free utilities, food stamps, and free education (for my childrens)while all the ghetto rats take a true step forward to take care of my white butt and all the other white folks that paid the ghetto rat’s debts for all these years.
    We don’t have a President. We now officially have a half-breed clown with a low IQ running the country. Unfortunately, he’s partially white, but since the blacks all ignore that, so will I. He’s nothing but a patsy, a puppet, and a huge joke to stir more hatred among the races. Hysterical. Like shooting goldfish in a barrel. My wife and I made a small fortune selling screen print tee-shirts with his stupid face on them with nothing but the word “Change”. It’s taking advantage of the idiots, yes, but it’s what everyone wanted, so just to prove my point of race vs. issues, I sold over 500 of those crappy, cheap shirts in less than an hour. I can stick his image on a toilet seat and it will sell because idiots don’t think about what it MEANS…they just see the pale “color” of his face (not many black traits…small lips, nose, ears) and buy, buy, buy without regard how they will pay their bills. Oh yeah, that isn’t a problem…it’s already paid for.
    The blacks wanted “theirs”….now I want “mine”.
    I’m just happy to be able to blame the black man for my woe’s now.
    BTW…he did the WORST job repeating the oath. Yep…it’s going to be a great four years.
    Wake me in 2012 when the joke is over.

  21. 96
    atcs Says:

    Since it looks like a buttonless coat, would have liked to see the lining either match the coat, a paler color of same, or be a really fab stand out color. Shoes and gloves to match lining or contrasting color . IS THAT A SEAM I SEE IN THE LINING? The seam in the lining should NEVER show. The lining should ALWAY be sewn with the seams facing in, not against the body. Don’t know who actually sewed this coat, but they need to be fired. Other than that, Mrs. Obama looks great, the color looks good on her.

  22. 97
    LuckyL Says:

    Some people need to re-read McCain’s concession speech, especially his own party.

  23. 98
    Anastacia Says:

    very nice!! the color suits her^^

  24. 99

    Brad is it pure jealousy, or just plain ignorance. I would like you to post a picture of yourself; but since it’s about an intelligent, classy, and beautiful woman it’s obvious that you know nothing about such matters. Her size and what she is wearing is not important. It’s the role of the First Lady to ignore people like you and the rest of the haters. It’s probably not about her size at all. Cowards rarely tell the truth, that would be too much of a brave thing to do. You’re hiding what’s really in your heart, and the ugliness of your heart just reared its ugly head. Thank God everyone does not think as small as you do.

  25. 100
    groundcontrol Says:

    Awful material. Like a 1960 cocktail dress. Tacky.

    The lines of the coat and dress were fine.

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